How to Choose a Good Wheelbarrow

Every real gardener should have a wheelbarrow on their must-have list! This is an essential garden tool that takes the load for you, making your life easier!

This excellent tool is used in nearly every country in the world for construction, road work, and landscaping. For your use, you can transport supplies, compost, tools, or debris to and from the garden with this!

For a quick history, do you know wheelbarrow was actually a military secret of China? It was used to move supplies and wounded soldiers during battle.

So when you’re driving dust with it, you may feel like you’re in a war zone fighting for your country, lol!

Anyway, if you still don’t have a wheelbarrow on your buying list, the discussion about wheelbarrows below might convince you to buy one!

How Wheelbarrows Share Your Burden?

You might, or might not find a friend to share your burden in life, but this tool here always be there to share your load in the garden.

You can move dust, tool, or any other supply from here to there with minimal effort.  If you had to do this without a wheelbarrow, you would have to invest 3 to 4 times more energy in it! It’s a savior.

The interior of a medium-sized wheelbarrow is large enough to hold tools and carry supplies to the garden in one trip, saving you energy and time.

During harvesting season, you may fill your wheelbarrow with seeds, and compost, and move them quickly to another corner of the garden.

When the time comes to collect fruits and vegetables, you may once again seek help from your barrow, and it’ll help you to collect fruits or vegetables from all over the garden and move them to your living easily.

If you buy a heavy-duty one, you can use it to move broken bricks, topsoil, and concrete as well.

Sometimes you might need to do this, so buying a tough one while buying a wheelbarrow is a good idea. The brand “Jackson” is the best of this type of wheelbarrow.

Some wheelbarrows named aero cart also have multi-functional abilities. These can be used as a plant and rock mover, hand truck, and dolly as well.

How to Choose a Good Wheelbarrow?

One of the most straightforward tasks in your gardening life is moving your wheelbarrow, even with a pretty lot of load. They are very simple to operate, as they are made very simple.

Wheelbarrows are made out of a tray bolted to two handles and two legs and have a wheel underneath.

It’s that simply made. You just need to feel the tray up, take the handle and push it, it’s that simple job giving a good outcome.

So, if you are convinced that wheelbarrows are a useful tool, easy to operate, and pretty cheap as well, the only thing that might stop you from buying one is the lack of knowledge to buy it.

Here’s a quick guide to help you pick the best wheelbarrow for you!

The material it’s made of:

Buy one made with good quality plastic such as polyethylene. If you need to move heavy stuff like brick and so, go for ones made of steel.

Types of Handles:

Wheelbarrow handles can be of different types. Go for one with an ergonomic handle made with steel/good quality wood.


Decide considering how much stuff you’ll need to carry! Don’t buy the fully tight one, buy the one a little bit bigger than you need.

Resistance to Rust:

It should not be vulnerable to rust. You can ensure that buying one made of good material, such as polyethylene for plastic.


You might also look for a wheelbarrow online to know more about how to choose a good wheelbarrow.

If you have any queries, you may ask in the comment section. I’ll be happy to answer. I hope you’ll buy the perfect wheelbarrow for you soon to make your life easier.

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