How to Grow An Allergy Free Garden?


Spring is the season of new life, florals, and great weather. But not all look forward to this time of the year. In Fact, An Allergy-Free Garden despite the inviting weather and natural beauties in our gardens and park, there are some who stay inside awaiting the next season. Hayfever has afflicted almost all of us at one time or another, and the garden is usually always the culprit.

Find out how to get ahead of your pollen problems and grow an allergy-free garden.

Keep your lawn in check

You may not think the lawn will turn on you in Spring, but your grass holds a lot of the pollen that floats around the air. Ever had a play on the grass with your pet or child and then stood completely sniffly and red-nosed? Keeping your lawn healthy with irrigation supplies by SunshowerOnline will keep it in top shape, and will allow you to mow it more often to take the length of the grass and remove the chance of pollen getting caught up.

It goes without saying that you should look to see if someone else can mow your lawn during this hayfever period. The irrigation system will also be wetting your grass every day so the pollen isn’t building and lying in wait. Time your yard activities around the watering so that you can play on freshly dry grass.


Bloom-free plants

Sorry folks, if hay fever hits you hard then you may want to think twice about which plants you have in your yard. You can still pick the ones you like, but you should be picking from a hayfever-free plant list. Think shrubs, ferns, and good old cacti.

As it happens, these plants are in season all year round so you are choosing greenery that will serve you through each season. If you can’t possibly walk away from those stunning flowers that you have been eying off at the nursery, find a space in your garden that you can plant them that is far from the house and in amongst your other plants.

Less green, more texture

A few decades ago it would have been blasphemy t consider a garden that wasn’t anything but grass, plants, and flowers. These days? It’s not out of turn to see marble, wood, stone, and bark in front and back gardens.

Depending on the severity of your allergies, you may want to consider cutting all the risk and having a design-led and mixed textured garden. This setting actually makes entertaining quite easy so there is a dual benefit. But most importantly, it allows you to be outside in the elements without having to cover your face or sneeze immediately.

Make it purposeful

Hayfever is unfortunately not going anywhere. So, maybe it’s time to look at your allergy-free garden in a new light. Instead of being a place for plants to grow and bloom, why not also make it a place where you can seek nourishment from. Planting a fruit and vegetable garden will bypass any obligation you may feel to fill it with other greenery, and you will more than benefit from the fruits of your labor.


There is so much to love about those warmer months. It’s a shame that we can’t all anticipate Spring and then spend the months garden-bound. Fortunately, there are ways to make your allergy-free garden experience an enjoyable one that won’t render you out of action. It all comes down to research and having a little bit of creativity, and there is no need to sacrifice style and preference too much.

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