How to Create a Perfect Backyard Playground for Kids?

Backyard Playground for Kids

Think back on your own childhood. You likely have countless memories of running around in your backyard playground. In fact, you may have spent whole afternoons (especially in summer) playing out in the yard until your parents called you in for dinner.

Today’s children spend more of their time in front of a screen than outside. But with a little planning and the help of garden maintenance and landscaping experts, you can create a backyard playground for kids that will give your kids the ideal backyard for outdoor activities.

Check Out These Eight Great Tips of Backyard Playground for Kids Outdoor Activities!

1. Safety must be a priority.

Aside from making sure that your child will enjoy playing in the yard, their safety must also be ensured. As such, you must create safety guidelines and establish a plan on how to implement your safety rules even before the landscaping project starts.

Here are things you can do to ensure safety in your lawn and landscape:

Fence your swimming pool.

Australia has laws governing pool enclosures. Also, the use of drowning prevention safety features has been mandated. In fact, the introduction of pool fencing laws resulted in a decrease in the number of kids drowning in home pools.

Putting up a fence between your swimming pool and other areas of the yard will allow your kids to enjoy other features, including the playground, patio area, and the basketball court. This also guarantees that they will remain a safe distance from the pool area.

Install high-quality, non-slip surfaces.

Some of the prime locations where your kids can trip, slip or fall will include the walkways, swimming pool decks, and patio areas. Hardscape surfaces will only do little to prevent this. Thus, you must consider using non-slip, non-skid surfaces like pavers in areas where your kids are most likely to run and play. Don’t forget the surfaces that are likely to get wet.

While this may not prevent all accidents that could happen on hard surfaces, installing non-slip options can limit injuries your kid can suffer after a fall. Scraped knees aren’t just the issue to deal with. It is also possible for your kids to fall and slip into the water, which must be avoided.

Avoid planting harmful and toxic plants.

It may be tempting to plant calla lilies, daffodils or azaleas in your flower beds. But these plants, including holly bushes and mistletoe, can be toxic to your child, so they are better left in places where your little ones don’t play.

Furthermore, avoid prickly landscaping options like sago palms, agave, and cacti. These may be some of the most sought-after options because of their unique appearance and high drought tolerance, but your kids may accidentally fall into one of these prickly plants.

Remember that these plants have sharp features, so keep those away from areas frequented by your kids and pets.

2. Designate play areas ahead of time.

When planning your landscape design, you must think about where the child’s play is best suited. Determine how much of your yard will be allotted for yard games, or which corner is ideal for a swing set while staying within viewing range from your home.

It is paramount that you designate play areas so you will know where your kids will be spending their time. Point your little ones to these areas and identify which ones are off-limits. For instance, tell them that they shouldn’t go near the pool area without adult supervision.

Educating your little ones about safety and respect for the landscape will keep them from any harm as well as instill values for growth and development.

3. Create a secret garden.

A secret garden, whether it is tucked between hedges or behind a grove of trees, will provide the ideal play area that can become a fairy hideaway or a castle garden in your child’s imagination. This will certainly bring a smile to your kids’ faces, especially if they prefer solitary play or love to read surrounded by nature.

And once your kids are asleep, this area can easily be transformed into a romantic retreat for parents. All you have to do is to bring out your comfy chair cushions and a few lanterns.

4. Install a bat house.

In most backyards, birdhouses are popular options. However, your kids will think you’re the coolest parents if you choose to install a bat house instead. These boxes may be placed in trees around your yard, welcoming bats to stop by and stay for a while.

This will allow your kids to watch the bats fly around in the evening. Also, your yard will benefit from these natural insect feeders.

5. Plant colorful and fragrant flowers.

You must plant flowers that will add color and fragrance to your yard while attracting wildlife. Remember that butterflies love fragrant flowers. And when there are colorful blooms, hummingbirds will also be attracted to your yard.

Adult visitors will surely enjoy the vibrant hues while the kids will delight in sneaking up on butterflies and watching hummingbirds.

6. Build a garden with your kids.

Planting a garden with your little ones is an excellent way to teach them about nature, how to take good care of living things, and where food comes from. When you plant some easy-to-care-for vegetables or those they love to eat, they will enjoy spending quality time with you as they learn valuable gardening lessons.

If you find it too difficult to convince your child to eat vegetables, you may find that they’ll have renewed interest in fresh produce if they’ve grown it themselves.

This small garden can be a part of a bigger garden to give your kids a special area while you cultivate various different vegetables or herbs for your family’s meals.

7. Maintain proper supervision at all times.

Giving your kid’s yard space of their own comes hand in hand with providing proper supervision. For instance, you have to design a raised patio space overlooking the entire yard.

Feel free to apply your taste for both art and safety by thinking creatively. Consider incorporating an attractive surveillance area. There is no excuse for you not to enjoy an elegant garden party while your little ones run on the lawn.

8. Invest in professional lawn mowing and gardening services.

A trusted local lawn mowing team can help maintain your child-friendly garden. They will keep the grass at the best height to promote growth and ensure safety and maintain the growth and health of other vegetation on the property.

Regardless of what type of landscape your family has, professional lawn maintenance and pest control services are necessary for keeping all plants healthy. With experts on the job and you with more free time, you can definitely enjoy your child-friendly yard as well by playing ball and building sandcastles with them.

Final Verdict

Creating a child-friendly yard will involve a bit of planning and professional help, but the effort and time you put into creating safe and easy-to-care-for outdoor play areas are worth it. Creating a secure environmental backyard playground for kids to explore is crucial for development and learning.

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