Backyard Slopes: Time to Get Creative in 5 Easy Tips

Backyard Slopes

One of the things many people have to deal with when they have a backyard slopes. It’s impossible for everyone to have a perfectly flat terrain at their disposal. And this can be quite a problem when you start landscaping your outdoor space.

However, even though it is a challenge, it is not an impossible mission to get the perfect backyard that you want. Just consider it a fun and creative way to renovate your exterior space and use that uneven landscape to your advantage. If you are wondering how to do just that…

Here are some backyard slopes tips that will surely help and inspire you.

Create layers

Use the slopes to your advantage and be creative with landscaping. San Diego citizens certainly know what that is like since Southern California is known for its slopes. They use plants to achieve hillside stability and create an attractive exterior for their houses.

Start off by diving your slope into horizontal levels and each will present a small garden fortified with stone walls. Even the soil on each level and plant the plants you want starting from the lowest to the highest to create the layers. Pay attention to the type of plants you seed with regard to the sun, weather and how much time you can dedicate to gardening.

Build a porch

Building a porch is a perfect way to expand your home to the exterior in your backyard. The great thing about the porch is that it will turn into a terrace on the sloped terrain and you will get an amazing view. Place a comfortable seating set there, add a fire it and several potted plants and you will create your perfect sanctuary from the urban world.

built a porch

Swimming pool from heaven

If you finally have a chance to build a swimming pool, why not choose a luxurious exterior design. Make the top level a spot for a hot tub, and use the one below for a swimming pool. This way you will always be one step away from dipping in the cool water or enjoying the relaxing time in the hot tub.

swimming pool

If you have a substantial budget, you can create a layered swimming pool with a small waterfall. This actually means that you will have more than one pools which you can design differently. This doesn’t have to be overly expensive and is perfect for sloped terrains.

Pave the walkways

Sloping terrain is tricky since it is more susceptible to erosion and they tend to lose the topsoil during heavy rainfall. Australian homeowners are proud of their exterior space and you will often find a lot of creative ways they designed their paths. By using quartz and granite pavers Sydney homeowners achieve a permeable surface which is ideal for rainy weather.

For example, add steps to your path to make it less steep and interesting. Use granite tiles to build the outer walls of the steps and then pave them with quartz, just like the pathway. With greenery on both sides of the walkway, you will get a natural environment without any heavy construction efforts.

Create Zones

Zones will help you to organize your sloped backyard into different spaces you can use for various purposes. Consider using the principles of the Japanese garden designs and give room for natural elements like paths made of pebbles with lanterns and water features. Create a zone for seating with a pavilion and the one for relaxing with Zen garden which combines aesthetic and functionality of space.


Creating Backyard slopes may seem like too much work, but it’s an excellent chance to be creative and plan a gorgeous landscape. Even if you are on a tight budget, sloped terrain could actually be an advantage for design. Choose different plants for achieving layers and create zones to maximize the use of space, and soon enough you will have a backyard of your dreams.

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