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Best Chainsaws of 2020

Chain saw is designed to make your life easier, but one chain saw doesn’t fit all. Maintain your garden, cut firewood, or taming tall trees in the forest, there are several different types of chainsaws and various sizes come in.

In this guide, the top seven best chainsaws models on the market will be presented for specific jobs, such as general maintenance or industrial use.

And if you want to know what chainsaw is going to work for you and if you want to find out more about certain chainsaws, please read the comprehensive guide.

Best Rated Chainsaws on the Market

Best Chainsaws for the Money Reviews

1. Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

The rancher Husqvarna 455 is a strong chainsaw model for serious as well as hobbyist users. Despite its commendable cutting ability, the saw draws power from its special x-torque engine body.

The chainsaw is also very light, making it easier to handle and ideal for prolonged use periods and due to its strong engine power.

The saw can cut through the wood with ease and speed the existence of a vibrating damping mechanism on this also ensures that during use you will make smoother cuts and experience less fatigue. The company is also known for the quality of its products.

And this means that when you use this great chainsaw, you should trust your ability. Even the chainsaw comes with a separate cleaning system for air filters.

The technology also makes the chainsaw consistent with the recommendations of the Carb California Air Resource Board.

This also gives consumers the comfort that the air filter is not washed all the time. By the way, the fact that the saw has a centrifugal air purification system that eliminates the larger debris until it gets to the air filter helps a lot.

2. Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw, PR5020

A few chainsaws can stand up to two-stroke gas has to deliver when it comes to the raw cutting capacity. The engine features what manufacturers call oxy power engine technology, ensuring you’ve got a little extra power in case you need it.

Because of his power, the saw for more challenging work. One may use this chainsaw to fall trees. Sweep and handle difficult woodcutting jobs with ease, and think about how hard to start chainsawing.

It promises to make a difference like other great Poulan chainsaws to own this Poulan chainsaw.

This model has an effortless pull start system eps which is assisted by spring. For easier starting, the pulling start method needs 30 percent less power.

This feature decreases the starting effort and the chance of engine damage caused by the nature of the engine flooding is also something you can anticipate when using this product which is a comfort buyer.

3. Echo CS-590 20″ Timber Wolf Chainsaw

Echo cs 590 timberwolf chainsaw god is a mechanical beast that’s well-suited for advanced wood cutting. Chain saw features 59.8 CC 2 stroke gas-driven chain giving it the ability to slice through wood with ease and precision.

The start rope is fitted with a decompression valve which will make it easier to pull the rope when it starts off. The functionality is additionally supported via a click.

The electronic ignition system features a saw. The chain is automatically oiled. The automatic oiling is also customizable for greater flexibility.

The saw also has vibration management and quality control. In case of a kickback, we are free to use a chainsaw that has a chain braking feature.

Even the saw is built ergonomically for good user experience. The inclusion of high-quality vibration control improves comfort.

4. Makita XCU03PT1 18V X2 (36V) Cordless 14″ Chain Saw Kit

Makita is one of the most known names in power tools, and its 14-inch chainsaw promises to continue its strong cordless tool tradition. This does this by simultaneously making use of two of the Makita 18V batteries to produce a total of 36 volts.

Ironically, this makes a very strong chainsaw easy to carry against small gas-powered saws. Brushless technology from the other power tools from Makita has tricked down to this chainsaw, meaning you also get a longer lifespan and improved battery efficiency.

We were pleased to see that all of this created a very strong yet almost silent chainsaw. You can’t make a sound in between the cuts. This saw makes only a fraction of the noise that you get from a gas-powered chainsaw, even during use.

We liked the Makita Chain Saw variable speed release. This gave us more control over our cutting and produced a better overall cutting experience. But the battery life didn’t make us as happy.

Despite the brushless motor ‘s enhanced battery capacity, we were quickly burning through batteries. Only the lithium-ion can not keep up with this hungry chainsaw’s power demands.

5. BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch (LCS1240)

This is an electric cordless chainsaw. But with its serious cutting power, this black & decker power cutting tool offers more than just improving maneuverability.

Currently, the chainsaw has continued to be among the market’s leading chain saws. It is also ideal for both live and dry woodcutting, and with speed power and efficiency I can do this to spike on a pack.

The saw promises to produce a trouble-free production. The performance of the saw to go down its battery power, therefore, becomes depleted.

The chainsaw relies on an Oregon bar and chain and parts, both delivering super cutting efficiency and additionally reducing vibration amid reliance on battery power. The chainsaw is capable of cutting 60 pieces of 4 by 4 pine lumber before requiring a recharge.

6. Tanaka TCS33EDTP/12 32.2cc 12-Inch Top Handle Chain Saw

You need because of its wide 14-inch blade and a powerful purifier motor. The chainsaw was designed to offer both professional and powerful performance. Tanaka promises with his chainsaw that you will get clean cuts too.

The designer has made significant efforts to make the machine lighter by weight. Despite the powerful engine, the lower power-to-weight ratio means that when using this chainsaw you should not get as tired.

As you would normally have with a wood cutting tool similarly driven to the response. A frontal anti-vibration feature, this comfort, and convenience of use.

The saw also has an integrated lanyard that will make it easier to bear, for example, while climbing trees. With this chainsaw that is due to the side access chain tensioner, you should expect to get a quicker experience in more convenient chain adjustment.

7. Husqvarna 460 Rancher 20 in. 60.3cc Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 460 rancher with a 20-inch sample blade and a powerful two-stroke 63 cc engine promises better cutting experience than other products in its class.

This is because the chainsaw has a cool torque engine that should give it a similarly powered chain-saws greater cutting capability.

The chainsaw additionally relies on a three-piece crankshaft for extreme reliability and long service life. The handles are comfortable to keep well-balanced in weight, even when cutting from odd positions for the more, in the chainsaws, so that it is easy to grip.

Its ergonomic design and simple maintenance experience will also make it ideal for other premium salsa home cutting work.

In addition, the 460 rancher has a revolutionary start feature, and the chain saw has a combined choke stop control feature that helps to quickly start and reduce risk.

And with its Vibration Control feature, users should expect less fatigue and usage performance during use to achieve greater stability.

Like other saws made from high-quality materials, the longevity of this chainsaw would also be a welcome attribute to ensure lasting use.

How to Choose the Best Chainsaws?

Having a quality chainsaw that really performs well means taking the time to properly analyze its features based on your needs.

We have therefore selected for you the characteristics that you will do well to consider in order to have a reliable device capable of meeting your expectations.


This is the first thing to consider before buying a chainsaw. The type of chainsaw varies depending on the use for which the appliance is intended.

In other words, depending on the intensity of use and the work to be done, such a chainsaw will be more suitable than another and obviously more efficient.

Therefore, a battery-powered chainsaw is best suited for occasional use and for performing small jobs. Its power is generally between 500 and 1000 watts.

The electric chainsaw on the other hand, with its average power of 1,500 to 2,000 watts, is suitable for domestic use. You will need to have an extension cord or an electrical outlet nearby to use it.

A thermal chainsaw is reserved for intensive professional use. Its power can reach 7000 watts, and it is capable of limbing, pruning branches with large diameters. It is the loudest of all, and undeniably the most powerful.


The chain plays a big role in the operation of your chainsaw. You should, therefore, be interested in the type of chain available on the model that interests you.

If you have a thermal model, a chisel or chipper chain is to be preferred, while if you have a less powerful model, performance is guaranteed with a semi-chisel.

Remember to also check the length of the guide bar and the speed of rotation. Be vigilant and make sure your chainsaw chain is easy to tighten or replace.

Features and options

Features and options greatly influence the performance and capabilities of your chainsaw. Some are more than important and deserve special attention from you.

Take an interest in the ease of starting the machine and the speed of the brake release. The safety options available on the device are to be studied as well as the simplified chain lubrication.

Also, remember to see if the handling is easy. To do this, estimate the weight of the machine. It generally varies from 2 to 7 kg.

An ergonomic handle ideally having an anti-vibration system allows easier handling. We also appreciate that the device is more or less silent, a sound level of less than 90 dB is a plus.

Robustness and maintenance.

Given the working environment for which it is intended, a chainsaw must be robust. The user feedback can help you get an idea about the strength of the device and the reliability of its system.

It is also important to afford a device that is easy to maintain. Maintaining a petrol chainsaw is more difficult than that of other types of chainsaw. So choose a model that does not require the use of several tools during maintenance.


What type of chainsaw do you need?

There are basically three types of chainsaw: petrol models, electric chainsaws, and models that run on a battery.

As users have varying needs and preferences, it was necessary to bring devices of varying capacities to the market. This way everyone can find the model that best suits their own needs. As such:

Petrol chainsaw

Made for big jobs since it is very powerful and its general configuration is solid and suitable for jobs whether occasional, regular, or intensive. Concretely, an electric chainsaw is made to cut down and limb trees, but you can also use it to cut your logs.Makita Easy-Start Petrol Chainsaw | Mark Hunter | Flickr

Running on unleaded gasoline and oil, with a 2 or 4 stroke engine they can not only be taken anywhere but in addition, they do their job without being asked.

Corded electric chainsaw

Made for individuals who have moderate but fairly regular needs. Corded electric chainsaws can easily tackle medium-sized branches and they are also suitable for debitage.pila, advertising, studio, equipment, cutting, chainsaw, work Tool ...

For them to work well, you will simply need to have an electrical source nearby.  This is not necessarily appreciated by users because it is easy to get your feet tangled in the power cord.

Cordless electric chainsaw

Works with a rechargeable battery. It is designed for small one-off needs. Battery models can complement the work of hedge trimmers and given their configuration, they have quite limited performance.

Thus, the battery models are mainly intended for delimbing shrubs or young trees. In addition, it should also be noted that battery chainsaws offer limited functionality due to the relatively low battery life.chainsaw, saw, tool, power, stihl, blade, chain, machine | Pikist

Before buying a chainsaw, first of all, determine your actual needs, because if you choose a battery-powered model to take care of the shrubs in your medium-sized garden, you will quickly be disappointed with its performance.

Likewise, if you rely on a thermal model for your small garden, it will never be able to give its maximum.

Which chainsaw for which type of wood to cut?

To avoid damaging a chainsaw, it is imperative to be aware of the type of wood it can treat. By the way, you should know that there are four types of wood:


Such as far, pine, larch, or spruce. A thermal model will do just fine if you have to work on this kind of wood. However, for jobs as basic as limbing and debitage, you can use a wired electric model.


Such as oak, beech, olive, walnut, maple, or ash. Here too, it is a thermal model which is generally suitable, but for an electric model could be satisfactory in case of delimbing or debitage.

It would be better not to go for a battery model. Its performance cannot be up to what is required. You may be exhausted and frustrated in the end.

Semi-hard deciduous wood

Such as chestnut or fruit trees. If you have to work primarily on this type of wood, a wired electric model will do. You don’t really need to bother with too powerful a device like a petrol chainsaw.

Soft hardwoods

Like birch, willow, aspen, or linden can be worked with a classic electric or battery-powered model. They are quite easy to cut.

In addition to the nature of the wood, you will also need to consider the density and diameter you will be working on. Indeed, the length of the chain guide as well as the power of the device you choose depend on it.

If you have different types of wood in your garden or in your field, it makes more sense to choose the device that will be suitable for the wood that is more difficult to treat.

NB: If you want good quality logs, it is better to opt for soft hardwoods for easy lighting, and to choose hard hardwoods to keep the fire going.

How to maintain a chainsaw?

A chainsaw is a sturdy device, but for long-lasting use with full performance, it must be maintained regularly and above all correctly.

Indeed, it is not only about its longevity and therefore the profitability of your investment, but also your safety. The maintenance of a chainsaw is done in several stages.

As you already know, petrol chainsaws are the most demanding in terms of maintenance. However, most aspects of maintenance relate to any type of chainsaw.

  • Check the safety devices before each use: the braking system and the emergency stop system.
  • Make sure that the chain is strong and well lubricated before using the machine, so the unit can easily cut wood. When not properly lubricated, the chain will not have the ideal rotational speed.
  • Checking the oil and fuel level in the case of a thermal model, this is important for the proper functioning of the chainsaw.
  • Turn the chain guide over so that the device is easy to use; the fluidity of the chain is also at stake.
  • Clean the engine, the filter foam, the chain, and the guide bar chain after each use.
  • Check the quality of the crankcase and its cleanliness so as not to damage the engine.
  • Check that the air filter is well maintained and that the exhaust outlet is always clean. The starter and the spark plugs should also be checked regularly.

How to use a chainsaw safely?

The chainsaw could not be more practical, but if handled improperly, its use can be dangerous and cause serious damage. We have therefore studied the precautions to take to use it safely.

First of all, you must carefully read the user manual supplied with the device. It is full of important and useful recommendations for the proper use of your garden cleaning tool.

Next, make sure you have the right protective gear like goggles, gloves, or earmuffs. Some brands ship the device with these protective accessories, but not all. So make sure you have them before you simply try out your chainsaw.

You can then check that the device is ready for use. For this, you must check the safety devices, the quality of the chain, and the guide bar, and also that of the crankcase and the engine.

In short, you will need to maintain the device before using it and for its own sake, you will have to do the same after each use.

Then, when you have finished checking the technical aspects of the device and having equipped yourself with the recommended protective accessories, all you have to do is start your work.

Before starting the machine, stand up straight, engage the chain brake, and then release it to work with the machine.

Above all, stay focused on what you are doing and never place the device above your shoulders to avoid accidents and also to ensure precision is always there during all your work.

When you are done with your job, remember to clean the chain and guide bar, especially if you are working with softwoods.

Of course, you will need to make sure to do this after the device is cold. Whichever model you choose, you will always need to be vigilant while using it; always keep in mind that a chainsaw is a dangerous tool!

How to remove resin from a chainsaw chain and how to get rid of all the waste on the chain?

To properly clean your chain, you must, therefore:

  • Make sure that the chainsaw is switched off without the risk of accidental starting;
  • Disassemble the device to extract the chain guide and the chain;
  • Use a special tool to dislodge wood debris from the chain (any tool that will not damage your machine);
  • Clean the chain and the guide bar with soapy water or a specially dedicated degreaser;
  • Dry the chain with a paper towel to prevent it from rusting and do the same with the guide bar;
  • Finally, reassemble the chain guide and the chain on the device.

In addition, you also need to sharpen the blades of your chain so that it can continue to cut wood well: this is important. Besides, the frequency of sharpening a chain saw depends on how you use your machine.

However, care should be taken to sharpen the blades of your chain regularly. To successfully sharpen the blades of your chain, you must make sure that it is tight on the guide bar.

Of course, you can sharpen it manually, but your best bet is to acquire an automatic sharpener so that you don’t miss out on this very special activity. You can also go to a specialized professional.

It is also important to lubricate your chain saw chain, as an unlubricated chain will do considerable damage to the engine.

Even if it is true that some chainsaw models have an automatic chain and guide bar lubrication system, the fact remains that other models without this option must be lubricated manually. For this, choose from the oils that the manufacturer will tell you.

How to maintain and clean a chainsaw chain?

The maintenance of the chainsaw chain is very important to ensure the longevity of the chain and the proper functioning of the chainsaw. Good chain maintenance involves cleaning before and after each use.

Before use, you just need to clean the chain with a dry cloth. After use, cleaning the chain saw chain will be a bit more complex since the chain will be filled with trash.

To properly clean your chain, you must:

  • Make sure that the chain saw is stationary to prevent it from moving during cleaning.
  • Disassemble the device to remove the guide bar and the chain.
  • Use a special tool (eg a brush) to dislodge any wood debris from the chain.
  • Clean the chain and guide bar with boiling, soapy water, or use a toothbrush and degreaser for faster cleaning.
  • Dry the chain with a paper towel to prevent rusting and do the same with the guide bar.
  • Finally, reassemble the chain guide and the chain on the device.

In addition, you also need to sharpen your chain blades so that they can continue to cut wood well. Besides, the frequency of sharpening a chain saw depends on how you use your machine.

However, care should be taken to sharpen the blades of your chain regularly. To successfully sharpen the blades of your chain, you must make sure that it is tight on the guide bar.

Of course, you can sharpen it manually, but your best bet is to acquire an automatic sharpener to avoid damaging the chain. You can also go to a professional specializing in this area to save time and energy.

It is also important to lubricate your chainsaw chain because an unlubricated chain is never good for the engine.

Some chainsaw models are more practical than others because they have an automatic chain and guide bar lubrication system. If your model must be manually lubricated, be sure to use the oil recommended by the designer.


The Husqvarna 460 ranchers 20 inch is the best chainsaws by its good performance which allows it to quickly overcome large branches. In addition to these good performances, there are various technologies that facilitate their use.

No wonder this device is among the best available on the market.

Whatever type of chainsaw you use, protections are essential to prevent any damage in the face including wearing a helmet with a goggle, non-slip work gloves, tight-fitting clothing with anti-cut reinforcements as well as safety shoes.

Before use, it is important to read the user manual carefully to avoid any incident during your work.

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