Top 6 Best Cordless Snow Blower for Heavy Snow in 2021

Best Cordless Snow Blower for Heavy Snow

Snowblowers at any version are demandable in the harsh snowy weather. But still, there are a lot of preferences of the consumers.

As snow blowers come with different systems and features, the most convenient snowblowers remain without cords for some apparent reasons.

While gas snow blowers are high maintenance and not eco-friendly, cordless snowblowers save the environment by being built up with eco-friendly materials.

Also, lithium batteries generate more power than cordless snowblowers and make them utterly efficient like the traditional corded snowblowers.

Again, the electric snowblowers are featured with extended fussy cords which cause trouble by getting tangled. So, the cordless snow blowers are getting on the first position of the buying list of the consumers.

Hence, we’ve come here to deliver you some of the best cordless snow blower for heavy snow after doing a lot of research and exploration so that you don’t get puzzled by the whole collection of cordless snow blowers in the market.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top 3 Picks:

Best Overall
Husqvarna ST224P, 24 in. 208cc Two-Stage Gas Snow...
Runner Up
YARDMAX YB5765 Two-Stage Snow Blower, 6.5 hp,...
Also Consider
Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 243cc Electric Start 26-Inch...
Husqvarna ST224P, 24 in. 208cc Two-Stage Gas Snow...
YARDMAX YB5765 Two-Stage Snow Blower, 6.5 hp,...
Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 243cc Electric Start 26-Inch...
Brand Husqvarna Power Source Gas Powered Item Dimensions LxWxH 41.75 x 22.75 x 25.75 inches Item Weight 198.6 Pounds Engine Displacement 208 Cubic Centimeters Wheel Size 15 Inches
Style: Two-Stage Size: 22" Brand YARDMAX Power Source Gas Powered Item Dimensions LxWxH 47.2 x 42.9 x 22 inches Item Weight 161 Pounds Color Orange Engine Displacement 196 Cubic Centimeters Number of Speeds 7
Brand Troy-Bilt Power Source Gas Powered Item Dimensions LxWxH 49 x 29 x 35 inches Item Weight 190 Pounds Engine Type 4 Cycle Engine Displacement 243 Cubic Centimeters Number of Speeds 8
Best Overall
Husqvarna ST224P, 24 in. 208cc Two-Stage Gas Snow...
Husqvarna ST224P, 24 in. 208cc Two-Stage Gas Snow...
Brand Husqvarna Power Source Gas Powered Item Dimensions LxWxH 41.75 x 22.75 x 25.75 inches Item Weight 198.6 Pounds Engine Displacement 208 Cubic Centimeters Wheel Size 15 Inches
Runner Up
YARDMAX YB5765 Two-Stage Snow Blower, 6.5 hp,...
YARDMAX YB5765 Two-Stage Snow Blower, 6.5 hp,...
Style: Two-Stage Size: 22" Brand YARDMAX Power Source Gas Powered Item Dimensions LxWxH 47.2 x 42.9 x 22 inches Item Weight 161 Pounds Color Orange Engine Displacement 196 Cubic Centimeters Number of Speeds 7
Also Consider
Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 243cc Electric Start 26-Inch...
Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 243cc Electric Start 26-Inch...
Brand Troy-Bilt Power Source Gas Powered Item Dimensions LxWxH 49 x 29 x 35 inches Item Weight 190 Pounds Engine Type 4 Cycle Engine Displacement 243 Cubic Centimeters Number of Speeds 8

Top 6 Best Cordless Snow Blower for Heavy Snow 2021 – Reviews

As snowblowers demand a large sum of money, buying snowblowers wisely will bring justice to your money. Don’t waste an immense amount of money on nothing. There are a bunch of snowblowers waiting in the market to attract you.

But it is you who has to pull out the best one among them. That’s why you have to insert some legit information, features, and functioning about the different types of snowblowers.

Before checking the elaborate version, let us represent a precious and concise table of the products we’ve chosen. In this way, you can have a clear vision of the cordless snow blowers.

#1. PowerSmart DB2401 – Best Overall

PowerSmart Snow Blower, 18-INCH Cordless Snow...
  • VERSATILE FUNTION: The snow blower designs for quick snow removals on mid-sized driveways, walkways and other residential or commercial places. Quickly finished snow removal of your driveway, sidewalks, patios, etc with a 18-inch clearing path.
  • POWERFUL FEATURE: Up to 11-inch of clearing depth with 180 Degree rotating chute for desired snow displacement, which allows you to change snow throwing direction and distance. The 2200rpm battery powered snow blower maximize the snow removal performance.
  • MOTOR TECHNOLOGY: The cordless snow blower maintains free brushless motor technology and make it effortless to start and maintain. No gas, oil or tune-ups to make it quiet. The Cordless Snow Blower with safety design can prevent accidental start-up and quickly stop the spinning auger and impeller when you release the handlebar grips.

As our top choice, we’ve pick Power Smart DB2401 lithium-ion cordless snowblower for its stunning features. This snowblower kit is a mixture of top-notch landmarks and slaying functionality and an affordable price range. Compared to a corded snowblower, this production of smart power manufacturer is leading the whole market.

With premium and rechargeable batteries and compatible chargers, the snowblower is wholesome. It requires no gas, oil, or electric trouble. One safety switch is committed to starting the whole kit. The snowblower comes with the safest cocoon for the battery pack.

The sharp auger is made with plastic that can cut the hard ice thoroughly. Just one pass and half of your driveway are cleaned.

The adjustable chute helps to throw the unwanted snow to the directed path. Also, the compact size brings more maneuverability to the product.

The handle tells a lot about a snowblower, and this snow blower comes with an ergonomic handle to provide optimum comfort.

However, the lightweight snowblower is attractive as well. The batteries help a lot to produce more energy, and the cordless feature makes the work easier.

Overall, PoweSmart DB2401 cordless snowblower has some great characteristics to be the first choice for anyone. The lightweight and trouble-free system make the snowblower demandable both for the elderly and professional contractors.


  • Durable and generates immense energy
  • Sturdy look
  • Auger cuts up to 18-inches wide and 11 inches deep-rooted snow
  • The chute can throw snow 30 feet away in the determined direction
  • No requirements for gas or oil
  • No trouble with tangled wires
  • No need for the electric connection
  • Can provide 2200 rpm’s
  • Comes with a sleek black version
  • Can work 25 minutes at a stretch
  • Eco-friendly features
  • Handles keep the hands from being fatigued


  • Doesn’t offer a headlight
  • Battery requires the right facility to charge up

#2. EGO Power+ SNT2102

EGO Power+ SNT2102 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Snow...
  • Peak power technology combines the power of 2 ego power plus 56-volt batteries
  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • 21-inch clearing width, clears 8” Snow in 10 Car Driveway

As it is assumed that gas snow blowers are more efficient than cordless rechargeable snowblowers, the traditional thought is almost broken by this battery-powered EGO Power+ SNT2102 56-volt cordless snow blower.

With its tremendous compatibility, the snowblower can tackle harsh and unfriendly snowy weather.

Generated by a high effective brushless motor, the snowblowers are ideal for clearing away all the snow from the decks, pavements, driveways, and other required places.

Without doing any damage to the pavements and decks, the snowblower runs like a horse.

This cordless snow blower is the first invention of EGO Power+ manufacturer to which they have given the same energy point as a gas snowblower. Also, the auger is so pointed that it produces more power to the engine and makes it robust.

The ergonomic figure makes the snowblower more demandable. Also, the two batteries embody the power and help you to make a tremendous experience in the typical snowy weather.

In fine, the EGO Power+ SNT2102 cordless snow blower has the capability of running like a gas-powered snowblower. Though the snowblower lacks in some cases to be the ideal model of a snowblower, it almost nailed it.


  • Gas snowblower like performance
  • No trouble of noise, smell, and fuss
  • Easy bearable service
  • Ten car driveway cleaning service
  • Auger can cut 21 inches wide, and 8 inches intake deep snow
  • The chute can throw snow up to 35-feet away
  • Hassle-free service
  • Tremendous color combination
  • Can clear heavy and wet snow
  • Easy start push button
  • One hour nonstop service of the batteries


  • The snowblower provides the best service when it is at full speed
  • No headlights are provided

#3. Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18

Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18 48-Volt iON+ Cordless Snow...
  • Questions, Text 563563 to chat directly with a Snow Joe Joe expert
  • POWERFUL: 1200 W brushless motor clears up to 14 tons of snow per charge
  • DURABLE: 4-blade rubber-tipped steel auger clears a path 18” wide x 10” deep in a single pass

As a manufacturer, Snow Joe always slays in producing the best kind of snowblowers of the different systems.

Like this, Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18 cordless snow blower is another creation of this manufacturer which has the best features with extreme advantages.

The greatest thing about this manufacturer is that it doesn’t let the body parts lack in anything. For example, the auger that they provide is made following the ultra technique. Also, the chute is made with the chute crank so that you can move it as per your wish.

This snowblower is more concerned about protecting the environment by keeping it away from being amalgamated with unnecessary carbon in the air.

The magnificent brushless technology has made the snowblower worthy of any side.

With the advantage of the headlight, Snow Joe knows your preferences more than anything. Also, you can always add up more power to your device by adjusting the ion+ plus option of the S set.

Thus, you can make your own happiness and create a trouble-free companionship with your snowblower.

The overall feature of this Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18 iON+ cordless snow blower has a very much convincing landmark that will compel the customers to buy one.

The offerings of this manufacturer are tempting, and thus it would be a great choice for any consumer.


  • Extremely sturdy and powerful
  • Emits no carbon in the air
  • No trouble of tangled cord
  • Only 40 minutes for required charging to get fully charged
  • Auger clears 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep –layered snow
  • 20 feet away throwing snow from the chute
  • Advantage of having headlights for nighttime work
  • Can plow 700Ibs snow per minute
  • 48v of snow-shredding in the tough weather
  • Requires a very little assembling


  • Batteries require the right voltage for the charge

#4. Greenworks 2600402 Pro

Greenworks Pro 80V 20 inch Snow Thrower with 2Ah...
  • Ultimate performance 80V Li-ion systems delivers greater efficiency with up to 45 minutes of run time with 2.0 Ah battery
  • Quiet, maintenance free brushless motor technology
  • Quickly clear your driveway, sidewalks, patios, etc with a 20 inch clearing path

With sleek color combination Greenworks, the manufacturer represents the cordless version of snowblower named Greenworks 2600402 pro-80-V for clearing the deep-rooted snow from your driveways quietly and effectively.

The efficient feature of the snowblower has some mind-blowing features. With the energy of brushless technology, the capacity of the snowblower is notable. Also, unlike other branded snowblowers, this Greenworks snowblower comes with LED headlights.

It just eases your work twice. With the rear part of the tires, the snowblower can go through or glide the slippery surface with more resistance.

Also, the wheels are the most significant part of the snowblower as it holds the full load of the back part of the device.

The easy setting handle offers comfort and advantages at the same time. The crank of the chute helps it to adjust in the required manner of the users.

In fine, The Greenworks 2600402 Pro 80-V 20-ich cordless snow thrower with its dual LED light lamps helps a lot to the users for doing their job any time. Also, the sleek outlook and compact size of the snowblower also let women run it like a horse.


  • Delivers very calm and quick service
  • Auger cuts 20 inches wide 10 inches deep clearing advantage
  • Chute discharges snow 20 away to any direction
  • 45 minutes of long service
  • Enough light for the night-time work or early morning work
  • Can load up several pounds of snow at a time
  • Easy setting handle
  • Comes with an easy start process
  • No trouble of long extended cord
  • Super maneuverability


  • Doesn’t properly work if the batteries are not kept a room temperature

#5. Earthwise SN74016

Earthwise SN74016 40-Volt Cordless Electric Snow...
  • Battery-operated Earthwise snow thrower with 16" clearing width, 8" clearing depth, 32' snow throwing distance
  • Powerful shovel machine with a quiet and reliable 40v brushless motor; 4Ah Earthwise battery and charger Included
  • Efficient snow blower motor that moves 300lbs of snow per minute

With a completely different appearance than a traditional snow blower, this Earthwise SN74016 40-volt cordless snow shovel is famous in the market for the easy conducting process.

Though snow shovels don’t resemble snowblowers, the amazing capability of the kit is determined to produce as much energy as a compatible snowblower.

This snow shovel has a standard height and compact design which helps the users to maneuver it with easement and comfort. The ergonomic handle and the height of it resist the users from bending much.

The powerful batteries and the rear wheels together boost up the optimum energy of the snow shovel.

Though snow shovels require a little more time to clear up the driveways and other important places than a snowblower, this snow shovel is featured with high-performance functions.

Also, these snow shovels work far better in the areas like pavements and decks and clear better than a scrape bar of a snowblower without injuring or doing any damage to the ground. It also has the auger, chute, and other parts with a small size.

Turning eyes from the traditional snowblower for those who search for snow shovels to clear the short-width driveways, Earthwise SN74016 40-volt cordless snow shovel is the best option for them.

You can easily run your machine like a stick and get a huge result out of it.


  • Provides superb runtime
  • 16 inches wide and 8 inches deep clearing auger
  • 32 feet thrower chute
  • Provides spotlights for enlightening the spot
  • Ergonomic handles reduce fatigue from the palm
  • Sleek silver and green combination
  • Offers tempting warranty
  • Removes hassle to happen
  • Can move 300Ibs snow per minute
  • Creates no fumes in the air
  • Provides a quiet job effectively


  • It takes more time to clear snow in the long yard driveways

#6. EGO Power+ SNT2100

EGO Power+ SNT2100 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Snow...
  • Battery and charger not inclued.
  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • 21-inch clearing width

EGO Power+ always has this popularity for providing the best kind of snowblower no matter if it’s a cordless or corded snowblower.

However, as in this article we’ve pulled out the best cordless snowblower, here we are presenting EGO Power+ SNT2100 21-inch 56-volt cordless snow blower with premium features.

Like the other snowblowers of this manufacturer, this snowblower has parts and tools that are made with premium materials and standard basics. The battery-powered engine is so vigorous at work that it can clear up to several cars wide at a time.

The snowblower offers high participation in the working period. Also, the two battery power boosts up the whole energy level and provides a fine experience to the users. The efficiency of this snowblower is evident.

However, the lightweight and easy conducting process has made the product popular and a perfect one for the senior citizens of the snowy country.

As the adjustable handle doesn’t let your waist bend much, it actually keeps you away from having back pain.

EGO Power+ SNT2100 21-inch 56-volt cordless snow blower has an overall good impression on the consumers who are looking for a premium branded snowblower.

With landmark and great people’s opinion, this snowblower is one of the recommendable ones for every snowblower seeker out there.


  • Sturdy and premium looking
  • Smart handling procedure
  • Augers clear 21 inches wide and several intake inches deep-rooted snow
  • 35 feet away throwing snow
  • Controllable auger helps a lot
  • No-fuss and fear of bursting as it is cordless
  • Provides superb comfort
  • The easily adjustable handle makes it easy to not bend more
  • Reduces back pain
  • Robust construction for better energy power
  • Emits no fumes to corrupt the air


  • Battery requires the right preservation

How to Choose a Cordless Snow Blower?

Snowblowers that come without a cord are generally powered by batteries. As a snowblower has to put a lot of energy to clear a driveway at a stretch, the effect of batteries should be impressive.

Otherwise, down-market batteries will be a loss project for a whole snowblower. That’s why the following buying guide will help you identify the right cordless snow blower. Check them out.

Size and Weight

Size and weight should be considered as these two characteristics will tell you if you can bear the snowblower to your yard or not.

However, a compact-sized snowblower is always recommended as it reduces the possibility of occurring accidents. Also, small or medium-sized snow blowers can clear from the small to medium-sized driveway with a great easement.

Again, weight does matter for many consumers, especially those who are senior citizens of the country. The lighter the kit, the easier it is to maintain. If any light-weighted snowblower is featured with standard tools, better not miss the chance of buying it.


Tires are important things to be checked on. As large tires are good for gliding on slippery snow, it is better to check the size of the tires.

Also, large tires boost up the energy of the engine and help to complete the work in the expected time.

Also, small tires make the whole snowblower brittle and fragile. Most of the important load depends on the tires. That’s why to get the strongly built snowblower, and large tires should be noticed properly.


Most of the cordless snowblowers run by the energy of the batteries, and that’s why it lacks in giving more power to the headlights to light up.

But some snowblowers come with enough battery efficiency and this helps to add a headlight in the darkness.

Some cordless snowblower offers dual headlamps for better vision. It depends on you if you need a headlight-added snowblower or not.

If you are a night-time worker go with the snowblower which has a headlight on it. And if your eyesight is poor, go with the dual headlamps offering.


Handles are another significant body part of a snowblower. An ergonomic handle can reduce the chances of happening fatigue in the palm.

Also, an adjustable handle can make your work easier. The heated handles are more comfortable, and they keep your hand warm even in harsh snowy weather.

There are several questions that consumers ask before buying a snowblower. Summing up those questions, we’ve come with the following FAQs for a better understanding.


#Q1 Are cordless snow blowers worth a shot?

Cordless snow blowers have some tremendous features which allow customers to buy them. As corded snowblowers come with a long-entangled cord, it always makes trouble in getting stuck in the plug point of the electric socket. But the cordless snowblowers never put you in any such condition.

Again, gas or electric snowblower creates a lot of unwanted noise. Some of the gas snowblower spreads fumes, smells, and smokes, which pollutes the air big time. On the other hand, the cordless snowblowers work quietly and don’t create any fuss.

#Q2 What should one look for when buying a cordless snow blower?

Cordless snow blowers have a different kind of market value. They come with the setting of the battery and charger. And, these two things are the most significant things to be checked out. The power and performance range of the battery should be checked out first.

Then check out the charger if it has any defect or not. Also, check out how compatible the charger is. The charge time is also counted in this case.

#Q3 Can a cordless snow blower beat a gas snow blower?

While gas snowblowers create unnecessary noise and fuss, cordless and rechargeable snowblowers do their job keeping themselves calm and quiet. Again, the gas snowblowers require more power to be conducted, and they seem to be very heavy.

On the other, the cordless snowblowers slay in these cases. They require minimal effort to conduct their work and also, they are very much light weighted. So, cordless snow blowers are far better than gas snow blowers.

Final Verdict

In fine, cordless snow blowers are recommended in recent years for their outstanding development and amazing features.

By choosing the best cordless snow blower for heavy snow, you can easily tackle the tough and rough snowy weather and lead a happy trouble-free life.

As there are many cordless snowblowers with defects, it’s important to go through the whole article and insert some useful information about them.

However, you can always pick our best choice which is PowerSmart DB2401 Lithium-Ion 40V Cordless snow blower, and make your life easier anyway.