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When it comes to carrying loads whether for your construction or yard projects, a good wheelbarrow will do you lots of good. Many individuals lack proper knowledge on selecting the best dual wheel wheelbarrow in the market.

And with the very many wheelbarrow brands, the whole thing becomes even more complicated. I have noticed how every brand tries to market themselves claiming that their brand is the best.

Like literally, there is no advertisement claiming that their brands are inferior. Now, if all brands are superior what will happen to individuals who want to purchase a genuinely superior wheelbarrow brand?

Best Two Wheel Wheelbarrow Table

That’s where I come in as a professional adviser, and for you to choose the best dual wheel wheelbarrow brand, you will need to come up with factors to consider. The below review together with your things to consider will help you in selecting the best brand.

Things to Consider – the Best Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow

Trust me; you need to turn a deaf ear to all the wheelbarrow advertisement and come up with the factors that you will need to consider before making any purchasing. The factors will help you ease your brand selection.

Rust Resistance

Most individuals would prefer having a wheelbarrow that is rust resistant since rusts make wheelbarrow ugly and unattractive. So it’s very important to know whether the model you want to purchase is rust resistant or not.

Easy to Clean

I don’t think there is a person who would love to have a wheelbarrow that will take more than 45 minutes cleaning it up. Especially when it comes to cleaning it up after work when one is exhausted. So having a wheelbarrow that is very easy to clean is very essential.


Most individuals would love to have a wheelbarrow that has a much smaller footprint since they occupy very limited space. They also come in handy when it’s in use so using it becomes very easy and simple.

Heavy Duty Performance

Most people love to have a wheelbarrow that is capable of handling heavy duty works. But they are other individuals who love light performing wheelbarrows and is capable of handling light work.


Some individuals love having a wheelbarrow with front braces or side braces. While other people prefer having a wheelbarrow without any braces at all. This varies from one individual to another.

Recommended Best Dual Wheelbarrow

After a thorough research on various wheelbarrow models, I was able to come up with this list with the following models topping my list.

1. Marathon Residential Wheelbarrow

The marathon brands are always the best when it comes to their general style and design. I always find them intriguing and love how to manage to combine both class and elegance.

Marathon residential wheelbarrow
Marathon Residential


Equilibrium State Wheels

The wheelbarrow is always at equilibrium state. I love how it’s balanced even when it’s not being used and also when am using it I can make turnings or lift the wheelbarrow easily without making it topple over.

Strong Steel Frame

The marathon wheelbarrows are known for their durability. Thanks to its durable powder coated steel frame that makes it possible for the wheelbarrow to have that required long lasting effect. Believe me; it can serve you for generations if given proper care.

Air Filled Tires

The wheelbarrow uses tires that are usually filled with air which makes it very easy to use. I love how the wheelbarrow operates when the tires are filed with air since it’s able to operate smoothly.

Smaller Footprints

With just 12 x 24.2 x 37.6 inches regarding its size dimensions, the wheelbarrow will occupy less space in your garage. I love how it’s very economical to space when it comes to its storage.

2. Ames True Temper Dual Contractor Wheelbarrow

The somehow simple yet classy look makes this amazing wheelbarrow stand out. The brightly colored body also makes the eyes pop out which is quite attractive. I think it’s a sexy wheelbarrow model.

Ames true temper dual contractor wheelbarrow
Ames True Temper Dual Contractor

Hardwood Handles

I must confess that I have a thing for woods. I just can’t resist this wheelbarrow because of its not- hard to notice handles. I love the brown wood color and the way it’s gentle on my hands.

Easy to Clean

After a rough day doing your yard activities, the last thing that you can need is having to scrub the wheelbarrow over and over aging just because it’s difficult to clean it up.

Well, this is not the case for this wheelbarrow, it’s always very easy to clean, and with 10 minutes tops, you will be through cleaning it.

Easy to Use

It’s usually very easy to use since it doesn’t have much weight when empty. Even if it’s loaded, it’s still very easy to push around making it possible for one to work for more hours.

NonCorrosive Tray

It has a non-corrosive tray that guarantees one that it’s non-destroyable. So one can use the wheelbarrow for a very long duration without any worries which I must admit is impressive and amazing.

3. Lifetime Two Wheel Wheelbarrow

I always find this wheelbarrow design very interesting; I think its designers are trying to take wheelbarrows to another whole new level.

I totally love how everything is designed to perfect details giving this wheelbarrow an amazing face lift.

Lifetime two wheel wheelbarrow
Lifetime Two Wheel

Weather Resistant Steel Frame

Forget about the sensitive wheelbarrow frames which are never durable; this enticing wheelbarrow is designed to withstand all weathers which is very intimidating to other brands.

Low Center of Gravity

One thing I always love about this low center of gravity thing is because am sure that the weight load it can carry is large. Plus it’s very stable despite it being overloaded which is the reason why I even love this model more.

Ingenious Design

Trust me; this model is worth it 100 times. It has an ingenious design that distributes 15 % of load weight to the handles. So using it is very simple and easy, and you will never experience tiredness after work.

Wide Wheel Base

The wide wheel base is essential since it provides the wheelbarrow with more stability. It also carries the extra 85% weight load which is distributed to these wheels thus allowing greater load carry

4. Ames True Temper Foot Contractor Wheelbarrow

Nature lovers always love to have a nice backyard lawns and flowers. And just like me, I think having a good wheelbarrow like the Ames model very handy when it comes to my daily business in my yard.

Ames true temper foot contractor wheelbarrow
Ames True Temper Foot Contractor

Front Tray Braces

The front braces are always very handy when it comes to wheelbarrows. I love them since they offer extra protection for the wheels in case the wheelbarrow accidentally slides away on sloppy terrains.

Heavy Duty Bearing

The wheelbarrow is designed to withstand heavy loads. And for this case, it can easily carry stones, cement, gravels and other heavy weight materials which is very effective when it comes to its performance.

Size Dimensions

The wheelbarrow has a 60 x 79.5 x 34.5 inches when it comes to its size dimensions. So it has a smaller size and storing it has never been a challenge to me. I can squeeze it in my small garage space that is left unoccupied.

Corrosion Proof Poly Tray

After cleaning the wheelbarrow, there is usually some small amount of water left behind. And if not taken care of they can be damaging. But for this wheelbarrow the left-out water is never damaging at all since its corrosion-proof.

5. Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow

Having a wheelbarrow is one thing but having the right model of a wheelbarrow is what is important. The dual wheel model is such an amazing brand that will never be a disappointment to you.

Dual wheel residential yard rover wheelbarrow
Dual Wheel Residential Yard Rover

Load Capacity

It’s always very important to have a wheelbarrow that has a maximum load capacity of 300 lbs. I don’t usually have much load to carry around, but I find this wheelbarrow’s load capacity very handy in case I get huge load chucks to carry. It’s just about being handy.

Loop Handle

One thing I love about loop handles is their versatile nature. I am always able to pull or push the wheelbarrow. At least am not restricted to one particular pull or push position which is liberating.

Dual Tires

It has amazing dual tires that are centrally placed allowing easy balance especially when lifting or turning the wheelbarrow. The dual tires are 13-inch tube type that are filled with air. I love how it makes the wheelbarrow work effectively.


Just like any other steel framed wheelbarrow, this amazing model has a powder coat that makes it very durable. I love it since I can use one wheelbarrow for a quite longer time duration which is handy.

Final Verdict

So if you are looking forward to purchasing a brand new wheelbarrow from whatever purpose you wish for, any of these models will serve you right. Trust me they are customized to suit your needs even if you want to use it for your yard activities or construction projects.

Don’t rush into purchasing any beast dual wheel wheelbarrow, purchasing a worth it and at the same time make sure it fits your overall needs.

I believe with the help of this review and your list of this to consider, purchasing the suitable wheelbarrow model will never be a concerning issue to you anymore.

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