Best Electric Snow Shovel for Wet Snow

The 5 Best Electric Snow Shovel for Wet Snow Reviewed [2021]

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Snow shovels are great tools for the snow thrower. The residual layer of snow after milling can be cleared with a snow shovel.

Usually, the edges of a snow shovel made of aluminum or steel, and the stem of the blade made of plastic or wood. Plastic snowplows are the cheapest. Steel or metal models are the most expensive but have the longest life.

With regard to seniors especially, and adults generally, using the Best Electric Snow Shovel for Wet Snow rather than clearing snow manually can go quite a distance towards reducing health risks throughout the winter.

In a Hurry? Here is Our Best Pick:

Best Electric Snow Shovel for Wet Snow – Reviewed

1. Earthwise SN70016

ir?t=juel 20&l=li2&o=1&a=B017DZMONUYou may want a snow thrower that can cover up a slightly wider range than many of the industry models. The snow thrower Earthwise SN70016 has a 16-inch cutting length. It has a powerful 12-Amp engine.

This thrower is a bit noisy but it gets the job done more quickly than the other snow throwers we’ve got here. 14 to 16 inches is definitely much better than the average of 13 inches that most small snow shovels come with.

This electric shovel is perfect for heavy snow due to the powerful motor. You may want a snow thrower that can cut deeper when you live in a place that experiences heavy snowfalls.

The Earthwise SN70016 is recommended because it slices up to 8 inches deep. It also has a 30-feet greater throwing range. This power shovel will clear it in layers if you have snow accumulating deeper than 8 inches.

There’s a big wheel. The advantage of this scale is that all types of surfaces are easily moved by the snow thrower. Sometimes in the garden, the walkway, asphalt, or on the wooden deck, you may have an uneven wall.

You might need a snow thrower to cover all surfaces without a hitch. Often you think the pressure you apply on the main handle is not enough in the case of deeper snow. For more help, you may need a snow thrower with an extra handle.

SN70016 has the main handle, which for long hours of work is ergonomic in nature. It also has an additional support handle. The benefit of this extra handle is that it helps you to apply more pressure and more quickly clear the snow.

While one of the devices we use a few too many times a year is a snow thrower, we all want t to be reliable. The material used in its construction is therefore very significant. The SN70016’s handle is made of steel. The advantage of using steel is that it is very solid, robust, and has a corrosion-preventing coating.

With this unit, except for one, it is difficult to identify any drawbacks. It may be a little harder for beginners to mount because it comes with more parts than most snow throwers. Maybe the cord is meant to be longer than 16 inches, but it still works for us.


  • Has a high clearing rating of 430 pounds per minute – good for areas with heavy snowfall
  • Clears a broader path than most snow throwers – 16 inches means faster work
  • It is easy to use – Once put together, it is simple to operate
  • Long throwing distance of 30 feet
  • The price is quite good considering all the features it comes with
  • No need to keep pressing the thumb button once it starts – release and the motor stays running


  • When clearing the snow in strong winds, the snow will blow it back onto the path that you have cleared.
  • Not sure this is a downside, but it is definitely not a pro

2. Greenworks 2600802

This brand is considered a strong and reliable alternative for a smaller electric shovel with a cutting length of 12 inches and a cutting depth of 6 inches.

The two paddle auger helps drive this lightweight, 14 lbs, contraction forward, making the job easy to clear and stress-free. It glides well across uneven decking surfaces and patios, downstairs, and effortlessly across walkways, ideal for smaller areas.

While restricted by your selection of cord length and proximity to the plug, the quick-start button makes it easy to start working whenever you are ready without having to pull any cords.

Snow is hurled in the direction of your machine, like most electric shovels; between 10 and 15 feet depending on the heaviness of the snow.

It can also clear the smaller spaces easily and is a great choice for any of the different height laws as the handle can be fully adjusted. Combined with a dual handle, the lightweight model makes it easy to navigate and get into the areas in which you need snow removed.


  • Easy to lift while working if needed
  • Very lightweight
  • Simple to assemble
  • More powerful than expected


  • One directional chute
  • Snow is propelled slightly high

3. Snow Joe 320E

Prepare for Winter with a Compacted Snow Joe Snow Shovel! The Snow Joe 320E electric snow shovel was created to easily remove snow coming from steps, decks, patios, and also sidewalks.

Unlike gasoline designs, the Snow Joe 320E will be powered electrically ­, therefore, it is both effortless to start off and environmentally safe. It has undergone demanding quality management assessments in order to benefit from its UL acceptance.

The Snow Joe 320E is one of the dearer electric snow shovels regarding its size and clearance capability available on the market at this time. However, I really do suppose it’s fairly priced irrespective of that.

It has a solid motor that can deal with huge jobs over many winters devoid of burning out, and it has handy perks, for instance, a powerful LED headlight and also ergonomic design.


  • Lightweight design
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Clears 400-pounds per minute
  • Really affordable
  • Decent 2-year warranty


  • Can not adjust the direction the snow is thrown

4. Snow Joe 323E

Throw out your shovel! The Snow Joe In addition 323E electrical snow shovel is made to clear snow from patio’s, steps, and walkways. The 323E boasts a robust 10 amp motor and could toss snow around 33 ­feet.

The Snow Joe 323E is precisely engineered to have a patented again ­saving curve to ease user strain and reduce fatigue. Weighing lower compared to 15 kilos, the Snow Joe 323E is gentle enough to maneuver around your home.

Snow Joe Plus 323E is actually CSA rated and has a two-yr warranty. The measurement and capacity of the snow shovel should be considered. A snow shovel may differ from small to moderate to large-scale snowfall shovel sizes.

One ought to usually take into practice they should use the exact measurement of the snow shovel for that right job to stay away from getting broken simply. For Use with of sixteen Gauge Extension Cord. Includes a 1.2 W direct Light. Compact form in which cuts a 13 ” path and 6-inch Deep. 2 Year Warranty.


  • Can run multiple passes over deeper snow
  • Bits of help cut work in half
  • Removes wet snow


  • Wind may blow thrown snow
  • Auger can throw rocks
  • Deep heavy snow may be too much

5. Snow Joe iON13SS

Snow Joe ion13ss is a 40­ volt cord­ free snow shovel with a power supply and charger like a completely new open field unit. Ideal pickups on decks, ways, patios, and sidewalks. 40V several.

EcoSharp regular lithium­ion battery gives nearly 52 minutes of whisper-quiet function time. No pull wires, gas, oil, tune­ups, carbon emissions, or tangled extension cords. The Snow Joe iON13SS begins immediately while using the easy push of a button.

It’s light­weight and compact design. Equipped that has a heavy ­responsibility, 2 ­blade paddle auger, the ion13ss throws snow approximately 25 feet, clearing some sort of path 13 ­inches vast by means of 6­ inches deep with just about every pass.

ETL accredited; Whole ­12 months warranty; Strength Star certified. The Snow Joe iON13SS Cord­ free Snow Shovel’s powerful 500W brushless power plant is capable of shifting approximately 300 lbs of snow per minute.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Massively powered motor
  • 2-year warranty
  • Clears a lot of snow


  • A little expensive
  • Snow dispensing is not the best

Best Electric Snow Shovel for Wet Snow – Buying Guide

In the following, we would like to show you which criteria you can use to compare and rate snow shovels. This will make it easier for you to decide which device is right for you and which one is not.

The material of the Shield or Stalk

The material of the device mainly determines the quality of your product. You can choose between 4 different variants: plastic, wood, aluminum, or steel.

Plastic is the cheapest option. Plastic snow pushers are among the lightest on the market and are therefore best suited for women and for elderly and/or weak people.

The quality is not very high. The snow clearing blades made of plastic can be easily deformed, that is, they give in wet snow quickly and break. Snow shovels made of wood are an upgrade compared to the plastic version. They are more robust but also have a limited lifetime.

Our research shows that snowplows made of plastic and wood are best suited for uneven surfaces. You should, however, make sure that plastic and wooden blades have metal reinforcements on the edge. Otherwise, the slides will wear out quickly.

Aluminum buckets are an upgrade compared to plastic and wood. They are more robust and durable. However, they have a high weight and therefore require a lot of effort. Steel or metal snow shovels are extremely robust but have a very high dead weight.

The force increases ann, but the susceptibility to material fractures decreases. It’s best to use aluminum and metal snow pushers for smooth surfaces. But you have to expect scratches and scratches on the snow blade.

Overall Length

For tall people, it is advisable to pay attention to the length of the snow shovel including stalk when buying. This can vary very much.

You can buy snow plows from a length of 120 cm. Extra-long products are up to 220 cm long. Buy your product suitable for your body to avoid back pain. Let yourself be advised best in the specialized trade.

Blade Width

If you have to clear up a lot of snow, especially in a short time, you need a snow shovel with a large blade width. The most common leaf widths are between 40 and 60 cm. You should choose your bucket width according to your local circumstances. For sidewalks a small width is sufficient.

For a yard or garden, you should resort to a larger model, which may be higher in price and also requires more power. Also, pay attention to a raised side guide when purchasing your snow shovel. This effectively prevents the snow from slipping when lifted off the bucket.


The height of the weight plays a role, especially for older persons. You should realistically assess your own physical strength before buying to buy the right snowplow.

You can buy light plastic models from a kg. The heaviest devices are around five kilos. Here, however, we exclude the snowblades with the motor, because their weight is once again significantly larger.

Handle Shape

In addition to the straight-shanked snow shovels, models with ergonomic handles are also available today. In addition to the style handle, a distinction is made between the following handle shapes: Y handle, D handle, and bow handle. The simplest variant is a handle.

This is not a real grip, but simply the handle, which is attached to the snow blade. This type is inexpensive but difficult to handle. The Y and D handles are ergonomically shaped handles.

They make handling easier, especially when you do not just push the snow aside but “stack” it on a large pile. The last variant is the bow handle. Such models are also referred to as snow pans.

This handle allows you to maneuver the device despite the large blade width. At local retailers, snow pushers are offered with exchangeable handles. So you can easily change them depending on the circumstances.


You will find snow shovels with the motor on the market. We recommend you not to buy such products, but instead to buy a snowblower. Snow clearer with engines is significantly more expensive.

Their performance is not comparable to a “normal” snow shovel. It is much faster and more effective. We recommend that you think about buying a snowblower. The snow is not only pushed aside but immediately thrown away.


Rarely do you find rollers on a snow shovel? In some cases, they support you at work. Roles allow you to work more efficiently and faster. Without constantly having to bend over, you can push the snow aside.


What is an electric snow shovel?

And on the lighter note, an electric snow shovel can make clearing snow off your own deck, sidewalk, or porch stairs easier and faster ­so much in order that it will be a nearly enjoyable experience.

Why electric snow shovels, not gas-powered snow blowers?

Electric snow shovels will also be considerably easier to make use of than snow blowers. You won’t need any mechanical skills to maintain an electric snow shovel carrying out well.

Whereas snow blowers ­­ particularly gas powered as well as two-stage snow blowers ­ will need you to perform periodic maintenance. You will find no spark plugs to alter or air filters to wash with an electric snowfall shovel, and you won’t ever have to worry regarding changing the oil.

You also won’t have to keep smelly gasoline cans or messy oil cans inside your garage. All you need is definitely an extension cord that can reach the finish of your walkway or even driveway, and you will be ready to start clearing snow.

What are the benefits of using electric snow shovels?

Pushing an electric snow shovel that doesn’t propel itself is not really terribly difficult. It is unquestionably easier than pushing the manual shovel through the large snow.

Some electric snow shovels come designed with LED headlights, which can be advantageous if you discover you have to shovel snow within the early morning or late afternoon if you find not enough daylight to see what you do.

Others have conveniently warmed handles, which is an excellent bonus. Auxiliary handles help you to move around the electric snow shovel much more easily.

I highly recommend buying one which has a locking mechanism for your own extension cord so it doesn’t pull out while you’re clearing snow. As an electrical snow shovel adds many more accessories, it can have more expensive, but the added convenience will probably be worth it.

Final Verdict

In each case, the best electric snow shovel for wet snow would have been a lot easier for individuals with disabilities, senior people, or those of us who don’t have the necessary strength degree to clear snow by hand.

If you do not have access to a particularly large front yard, or if you have to keep your walkway or deck free from occasional snow accumulation this particular winter, an electric snow shovel is what you want.

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