Best Garden Hose Reel

Best Garden Hose Reel

It can be an excellent way to relax and have fun to spend time working on your lawn. It’s not always as good to put everything back, particularly when you have to spend time and energy putting away long, tangled garden hoses and taking up plenty of room when they’re loose.

Leaving instruments out at the end will make your garden look chaotic and distract you from all the difficult jobs you’ve put into making it look wonderful. Hose reels are really helpful instruments to make your lawn look smooth and clean as well as to look after your garden hose.

The reel of the tube will prevent the tangling or kinkling of the tube, which implies it is less probable to break or be blocked. Also, some of the reels safeguard your hose against the weather that will maintain it stronger for longer.

There are lots of different hose reels on the market, and when you don’t understand what all the advantages are, it can be daunting to decide which one to purchase. This guide will assist you to understand the best garden hose reel for you by explaining their advantages and why they might or might not suit you.

Garden Hose Reel Reviews

We recommend some of the best quality products which will never disappoint you with their performance.

1.Liberty Garden Products 704

The Liberty Garden 704 cast aluminum Wall Mount garden hose reel winds and stores your hose in vogue. The durable aluminum frame has spiraled flourishes and comes in your selection of powder-coated end choices, brass fittings, 125-foot hose capacity, and Convenient high storage tray.

Liberty Garden Hose Reel 704 wouldn’t it be nice that you can get a perfect companion for your gardening while staying with you for a long time. This hose reel will make it easy for you to wind up a hose without getting it tangled.

How lucky you will feel when you are introduced to a gardening tool that well pampers you by making your gardening as easy as taking a breath. You will be impressed by its manageable personality. You will consider yourself lucky when you decided to buy this product.

Due to their exceptional features, this is one of the Best Garden Hose Reel is becoming a member of many households. With their attractive antique design and pleasing bronze colors, this hose reel will look more like a decoration piece than a gardening tool.

Made the pot of aluminum metal, this hose reel has become the deâ€șnition of lightweight. You will have no problem in carrying them around as it seems like the weight equal to feather, so you don’t have to worry about injuring your back anymore.

The handle has been preferred as the winding mechanism is this hose reel so you can quickly wrap the hose around it without getting it tangled. Now you don’t have to use your hands to perform this tedious task.

As it comes fully assembled, you don’t have to go through the mind-boggling process of putting the parts together. You can put it to work as soon as you take it out of the box. It comes with a storage shelf where you can store your other gardening tools.

2. Suncast CPLPTW175

Suncast PTW175 Mocha Wicker Hose Reel can hold long hose without causing knots. No part of this hose will be left unrestrained on the ground or in mid-air. Tired of getting hose reels which will not accommodate your hose because of its limited capacity, then you don’t have to look for it anymore.

A sturdy resin material is used to the hose reel will not lose its looks because of harsh weather and you can leave it outside without any worrying about its condition. The Suncast Mocha Wicker hose reel comes with a slide hose guide that makes it easy for you to wind and unwind without tangling it.

Now you don’t have to spend waste your time adjusting your hose. The Suncast hose reel will make gardening fun and exciting. You will look forward to your gardening when this hose reel becomes part of your gardening family. With its exotic components, you will experience comfortable gardening.

It will prevent giving your garden or garage an ugly look. The hoses are completely hidden inside the hose reel compartment. You won’t see any part of hose laying around when you are using this hose reel.

It’s wicker design easily becomes part of your impressive garden. You don’t have to worry about hose reel destroying your impressive garden reputation. This hose reel comes fully assembled and you have to find a spot for which will suit its good looks. You will be disheartened by its performance and abilities.

3. Liberty Garden Products 703-1

Liberty Garden Products 703-1 is 200 feet capacity and massive quality builds this excellent for serious home – garden enthusiasts. Serious home gardeners do not have to simply accept poor-quality “consumer” equipment.

This Industrial-Grade Reel is ideal for tiny areas as well as patio’s, decks and condominiums, yet sturdy enough for extended use. This unit mounts easily to any surface and ships fully assembled, prepared for installation.

If gardening is your passion, you cannot compromise on the cheap quality hose reel. You will need the one which will fulfill every wish regarding hose reel. The Liberty Garden hose reel also perfect for commercial use.

Every component, which is added to this hose reel, is there to facilitate you in gardening.  You will enjoy its performance along with your gardening. It should give its best performance for a long time and won’t fail to work when you need it most.

It should keep you satisfied with its looks and qualities. Every quality mentioned above is present in this hose reel. Its simple design gives it a sophisticated and professional look. This hose reel has the capacity of storing up to 200 feet of 5/8″ hose.

You will not have any disturbing thoughts about your hoses development knots as there will not be any piece of hose left on the ground. Thirteen gauge steel construction has been used in this hose reel to make it lightweight and durable.

Its durability will make sure that it won’t lose its qualities in a short period, and its lightweight will make it easy for you to carry it around. All brass and galvanized fixtures ensure that every part is fixed properly and doesn’t get loose or fall apart.

Durable powder finish makes sure that hose reel does not become a victim of corrosion and rusting so it can show its ability for an extended period. It comes with inlet hose to make it easy for you to maintain the hose and keep it tangle-free.

4. Liberty Garden Products 713

Liberty garden 713 occupies less space and still can perform like a professional is everyone’s dream. This reel has steel construction, a sturdy powder coat rust resistant end, brass, and galvanized fittings. Holds 150′ of 5/8″ hose.

The connected storage tray is ideal for holding watering accessories. trendy and functional! Comes fully assembled simply add the handle. This hose reel can easily be attached to the wall, so you don’t have to make a special place on the ground for it.

You just have to hang it on the wall by using nuts and screws and let it do its work by itself. This compact hose reel will show you the abilities which you haven’t ever dreamt of. Don’t you haven’t ever dreamt of? Don’t be deceived by its small size.

Liberty-garden-71 3-hose-reel has a capacity of storing 150 feet of 5/8 inches hose without any difficulty. You won’t have to force it to store the long hose. It is one of the first hose reels which can be installed on the wall and also allows 360-degree rotation.

You can unwind or wind hose in any direction which is suitable for you. It comes with a detachable handle so you can choose whether you want to use your hands to wrap the hose, or you can use the handle to do a similar job. To assist is storing gardening equipment, this hose reel comes with a storage shelf which will allow you to put your gear in safekeeping.

You don’t have to make special space for the equipment in your home as this hose reel will do that job for you. It also comes with a five-foot leader hose so that hose reel can be attached to the nearby faucet.

5. Suncast Aquawinder 125-Foot

Suncast Aquawinder 125 feet capacity hose reel primary purpose is to facilitate your gardening techniques as much as it can. Without any complaint, this hose reel will be there for you bearing every weather condition.

Its aim is to extend the life of your hose by protecting it from wear and tear so that it won’t develop any leakage. Furthermore, it wants to present the hose in such a way that you don’t have to struggle with its knot.

You can make it work on its task as soon as you pull it out of the hose reel. To save your time that you waste on performing tedious tasks related to hose reel, Suncast Aquawinder Hose Reel will do those tasks for you. This hose reel will make 125 feet of 5/8 inches hose disappear in its compartment.

You will never see the trace of the hose until you pull it out of the hose reel. As it is made of durable plastic, its body does not develop any cracks when it is placed outside at high temperatures.

Suncast Aquawinder wood-like texture makes it easy for it to blend in your garden. With just a flip of the lever, you can wrap the hose around the hose reel without using any handle or crank. Water powered automatic hose reel winds the hose around hose reel when you cut the water supply.

Smart track hose guide will adjust the hose neatly around the hose reel without getting it tangled. You don’t have to set the hose around hose reel when you are winding it as a smart track hose guide will do that for you.

6. Strongway Parallel or Perpendicular

The Strongway hose reel has an easy installation process. Its kit comes with screws for mounting it on studs, together with a set of masonry anchors. These make its assembling and installation much easier. It features mounting hardware, which allows you to mount it either parallel or perpendicular.

The Strongway Parallel/Perpendicular Hose Reel is well designed using quality materials. It has an attractive look and easy to use.  Its performance and quality finish have made customers using it, to recommend it and provide positive reviews. It is easy to use, and you have the option of setting for either right or left-hand operation.

Best materials- the device is made of quality materials that make it authentic. The high solid metal body leads to long-lasting performance and hassles free maintenance ensured. It does not leak- the fittings of the device are done appropriately, making it leak-proof.

Durable and strength- the materials employed in the construction of the device are reliable, making it last for long without breaking. Sturdy compact design it well built, making it withstand even cold weather during winter. Easy to mount the device features mounting hardware and comes mounting screws, making easy to mount either parallel or perpendicular to the wall.

7. Suncast RSW125D Aquawinder

Suncast RSW125 has an easy installation process. Its kit comes with screws for mounting it on studs, together with a set of masonry anchors. Along with its high-quality performance, it comes with stunning looks which will increase the beauty of your garden.

You won’t regret spending money on this product. You won’t regret spending money on this product. This will treat your hoses like a baby and will make sure that it doesn’t get harmed. No batteries are needed for its auto rewind systems.

The only thing that it requires getting power is water. When you close down the supply of water after completing your daily gardening routine, the hose reel will automatically wrap the hose around it.

To make your gardening routine more convenient, you just have to ⁄ip a lever to start its automatic rewinding system. A smart track hose guide system will allow the hose to wrap itself around hose reel without getting itself tangled.

You don’t have to stop the automatic system midway through the process to adjust the hose as this feature will make sure that the hose is wrapped neatly. The Suncast auto rewind hose reel is durable resin construction can handle every kind of weather and won’t become a victim of harsh conditions. It will retain its original attractive shape for an extended time.

Best Garden Hose Reel 18. Yard Butler ISR-360

This yard Butler ISR-360 hose reel is designed for people who don’t want to drill holes for wall-mounted models or need the frequent immovability of wheeled models. The ISR-360 Free Standing Hose Reel rests comfortably next to shrubs, sits on the patio, deck, or transported to the bed of grounds maintenance vehicle.

The materials used are of high quality and cannot break easily. You have warranted no leak and break since the device is well built using quality construction materials. The yard Butler ISR-360 Free Standing Hose Reel is made of super heavy-duty materials.

Also, it has a sturdy design, which ensures it does not leak even a single drop. Besides, it has excellent finishing and functions as expected. This model is a freestanding model designed for individuals who need various portable models or do not want wall-mounted models. The hose reel has proved to be the best and of quality.

It has outstanding features, which have made it reliable and on-demand in the market. Sturdy and compact design and quality materials, making it reliable and of high performance. Lightweight, hence portable, and easy to use.

It can be utilized even by petite individuals since it does not require high arm energy. It does not leak or break easily. The materials used are of quality, and the technology applied to the device is durable with perfect performance.

9. Suncast PW100

Suncast PW100 hose reel also provides some strength quality than another reel. This hose reel willing to work every part to keep your hoses in a protected environment. To make your gardening techniques exceptionally comfortable, so you take more interest in planting different plants.

PW100 reel has 100 ft hose capacity motor driven hose reel provides the ultimate In reeling convenience, backup crank operation, Tilt-out storage bin, handle, foot pedal function for easy.

Its attractive design will give a classic look to your garden amplifying its attractiveness. Easy link system allows you to save water by providing the watertight connection between hose and hose reels.

It comes with a leader hose which establishes a direct connection between reel and faucet. Every part is already attached when it comes out of the box so you can put it to its designated work without wasting any time.

10. Yard Butler SRWM-180

As the name Yard Butler suggests, this hose reel is there to serve you and your hose in the garden. With its attractive antique look, you won’t be embarrassed to show it off to your friends. The reel is a swivel shape that will allow you to remove or wrap the hose without facing any hindrance.

Instead of feeling it a burden, you will enjoy handling it as it is easy to use. Yard Butler SWRM 180 won’t create a mess when storing your hose and will make sure that it doesn’t damage it. Its crank and handle will allow you to wrap the hose around it with ease.

It takes less space in your house as it can be mounted on the wall. Moreover, its heavy-duty bracing system allows you to hang it on the wall and protects the hose reel from getting sagged under the weight of the hose. It makes it easy for you to use its handle to turn the hose on it by providing a firm grip on the handle.

To increase its durability, steel has been used as its primary material as it does not get easily dented and scratched and retains its original shape for a long time. The non-rust finish has been given to this hose reel to prevent any rusting and corrosion on its body even if you put it outside so it can show its best performance every time you put it into use.

Furthermore, it allows you to swing it in 180 degrees direction so it would be easy for you to wind the hose.

How To Choose The Best Garden Hose Reel

Choosing the best cheap garden hose reel which is convenient for your home as well as perfect for your garden hose is tough but not impossible. You have to keep a lot of factors in mind while buying a hose reel, so your precious money is well spent.

Considering that hose reels are there to make your usage of hose convenient and comfortable, buy a garden hose reel which will not disappoint you with its performance. Buying a hose reel has to be given a lot of thought, and the factors mentioned below will make sure a positive outcome is guaranteed by your purchase.

Hose Length

All these hose reels are intended for separate hoses of varying lengths. Some are not big enough to hold a longer hose, so before you purchase, this is worth considering. If you have a wider garden and need a longer metal garden hose, make sure your hose reel is made of sturdy, durable materials and is large enough to readily store the correct quantity of hose.

All you need to do is evaluate the length of your garden from where the tap is situated to ensure that you have sufficient hose and a suitable hose reel.


The materials and design of the hose reel are worth considering depending on what you are using the hose for. If you have a larger tube and you frequently use the hose reel for multiple purposes, you will want to make sure that you have a hose reel that can withstand the use. Hose reels come in many distinct materials, and some are more expensive than others.

If you water crops and do not move the hose reel, you can save cash and purchase one produced from more inexpensive products. That said, always purchase the best you can afford to understand you’re going to have a product that’s going to last.

Portable or Fixed

Whether your hose reel is portable or fixed depends on what you need to use it for. If you’re going to need to move your hose reel, you’re going to want one that’s easy to do. Some wall installed hose reels can be separated from their holding position and carried around which provides you the best of both worlds as long as you are ready to perform them by side.

Others are equipped with wheels and specifically intended to be transported to make it much simpler to move them. The only downside is that they can be less stable than the fixed hose reels, so it’s always worth making sure they’ve got a wide wheelbase and a robust frame to make sure it doesn’t overturn.

Retractable reels

This sort of tube reel is particularly helpful when you have a big garden and a lengthy tube. It will also save you energy after each use by rewinding the tube in location. They are quick and simple to run, but in the first location, they sometimes involve more power to relax than other types of hose reels.

Some hose reels come with various types of accessories, and others don’t. If you already have everything you need, you don’t want to purchase a hose reel that comes with stuff you’re not going to use as it’s going to be a waste of cash and just clutter your garden.

If you know, you’re going to need extra equipment that you don’t have yet, so it’s going to be particularly useful to get a hose reel that comes with nozzles and fittings so you don’t have to go out and purchase these stuff individually.

Manual or Automatic?

The manual hose reel is a sort of reel on which the water pipe, used for the irrigation of gardens and vegetable gardens, can be wrapped up thanks to the use of a simple crank. It is a simple product to use and certainly very very cheap.

Despite this, it is not an excellent model because to be able to wrap the tube at best you will need some time and patience. The automatic hose reel is definitely a better choice. This coil, in fact, allows the tube to wrap at its best, without any kind of obstacle, automatically in fact.

You do not have to wait more than a few seconds to see your pipe ordered and you do not even have to waste energy, a little help in the garden which in our opinion is very interesting. Most automatic models work spring-loaded. The spring hose reel has a very simple operation.

Wall Mount or Cart

The wall mount hose reel is really very practical. You can fix it to the wall with the brackets you already find inside the package and so you will no longer have any problem remembering where you put it the last time you used it, always there in the same place, always at your disposal. The hose reel must be able to move about 180 degrees so as to allow you to get to irrigate every area of your garden without any kind of difficulty.

The Wall mount hose reel is now available for very long tubes, but those who are in possession of large gardens in our opinion should opt for a hose reel with cart, in this case, the garden hose reel can, in fact, be moved to the areas where it is really necessary. Two versions are available, one without wheels and the other with wheels.

The wheel-free version has a thick ergonomic handle and non-slip rubber that allows you to lift the hose reel to take it where you want. The hose reel with wheels, on the other hand, has practical wheels that can easily slide even on the lawn and offer even greater practicality.

Hose Reel with Hose

Some models of automatic garden hose reels available on the market are sold directly with the hose to water the lawn, the plants, the flower beds or the vegetable garden. This is without a doubt the best version. The hose reel with a hose is, in fact, ready to be used and even the first use will be very simple for you.

The models without tube instead are not ready because first you need to insert the tube and in some cases, this could result in a considerable waste of time.

Materials and Design

Mostly, hose reels are made up of plastic and metal. The most common metal used in the making of the hose reels is aluminum and brass. Rusting is the primary cause of damage to internal parts so make sure heavy-duty die-cast aluminum is protecting the interior of aluminum hose reels. Brass swivels are preventing any harm to brass hose reels.

Plastic hose reels should be durable enough not to crack at high temperatures. Furthermore, you should buy a garden hose reel which will make your garden look attractive. You don’t want your garden to get a touch of ugliness because of your hose reel. As they are many eye-catching designs available in the market. So it might be easy for you to choose the one which matches your garden.

Winding Mechanism and Capacity

Hose reels allow you to wrap the hose around it using a hand, a handle, or it will have a feature that will wrap hose automatically. You have to decide which method suits you best. If your hose is not too long, you can adjust the hose on the hose reel using your hand.

If you find it difficult to use your hands, then you can use hose reels which come with a handle, which will make wrapping of hose easy. For commercial purposes, an automatic winding mechanism only needs you to press a button, and it will do all the work for you. Similarly, you have kept the size of your hose in your mind when buying a hose reel.

If parts of your garden hoses are left unwind, then your money is wasted on useless hose reel as you will face the same problems when you didn’t have the hose reel. Your hose reel should accommodate every part of the hose reel without any hindrance.

User-Friendly Features

What good is the garden hose reel if you don’t understand it. Hose reels that come with the complex system are tough to use as you cannot know what they are trying to say. As the primary purpose of the hose reel is to wind your hose around it, then you don’t need extra features which will only make hose reel more complicated.

Choose the top hose reels which will allow you to use it without taking an I.Q test. These guidelines will provide you support the product which will not let your hose laying around in the form of a snake. By following the tips mentioned above, you will quickly come across hose reel which will be ideal for your hose as well as your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does a Hose Reel Work?

They all operate slightly differently depending on the sort of hose reel you have. Essentially, all tube reels are intended to maintain your tube smooth and clean, so it’s prepared to use when you need it without getting tangled or harmed from being left on the floor.

What are the Benefits of Using a Garden Hose Reel?

There are numerous reasons for you should maintain a hose reel to your garden. Here some benefits that is why each gardener needs the garden hose reels for their gardening. One of them, the topmost benefit could be it expands a hose’s lifespan.

Whenever you work on along with that the hoses lay down the floor it progressively hurts the hose’s performance and frequently causes leakage. With its help, you could prolong its service life is up to many years. You are going to be capable to remain more safe and secure.

Best Garden Hose Reel 2

Due to, a nicely designed, the reel can lower the prospect of gas, oil or water leakage. At times once your hoses are only lying around, there’s a strong possibility it might lead to leaks and suffers harm.

With a garden hose reel, you can steer clear of the options. You’ll be capable to take care of the hose better. Rather than moving a heap from one facet to another, it is possible to control the hose by simply reeled up. The hose reel will make your garden surroundings appear more organized and beautiful.

Why Do You Need to Buy A Garden Hose Reel?

By offering a hose reel, gardening enthusiasts avoid the tedious tasks related to the handling of the garden hose. Unwinding, moving and wrapping after use then becomes simpler, especially since leaving it on the floor means exposing it to the risk of punctures, or even premature aging. In addition, a scattered hose is a threat for toddlers who go back and forth in the garden.

The garden hose reel is shaped to properly store the garden hose. By allowing a simpler run, it is an alternative to a simple wall mount, whose role comes down to storage. It deprives the user of the practical aspect in terms of the management of the length of the hose to unroll.

Winding the hose manually is tedious, especially in the case of a long hose. The self-winding system then reveals all its usefulness. For tight budgets, crank models are also recommended. Equipped with a drum on which are arranged the turns of the hose, they allow a considerable saving of time during the winding.

It is better to buy a hose reel than to buy the reel and the hose separately. From the entry-level models, we already have a hose length of 15 to 20 m, complete with a set of watering connections and a gun.

The durability of the hose is also guaranteed with a hose reel. Indeed, many models are equipped with wraparound frames, which let out only the connecting end and the gun. The hose is thus protected from the risks associated with UV.

Which is the Best Garden Hose Reel for You?

Just like selecting the best garden hose, a storage solution also has plenty of design options. Four fundamental kinds of garden hose reels are available–wall-mounted, cart, retractable, and stand-alone. Consider where you are going to maintain it, how much hose you have, how often you are going to use it and how powerful it needs to be before you purchase a fresh hose reel. All these (and more) variables will play into your choice, which is your best garden hose reel.

Wall Mounted Reel: Wall attached garden hose reels can be either perpendicular or parallel, or both. A parallel mount pulls the garden hose along a wall side, and the perpendicular mount pulls the garden hose directly out from a wall. If you don’t have to bring a reel to separate places with you, you might find a wall-mounted device the best choice. Keep in mind that you’re going to have to mount this style to a wall, so if you’re not comfortable or able to do that, you might want to take a distinct style into account.

Wheeled Cart: A cart hose reel holder provides you with the comfort of moving your hose reel to various places. Carts are perfect for users who don’t want to leave their hoses outside–they can roll their hoses inside a garage or shed readily using the cart holder.

For a bigger yard, they are particularly helpful. Many carts can hold a hose of up to 400 feet (or more). Professional landscapers and those working in plant nurseries and business gardens tend to prefer hose carts for gardening. A good cart reel has pneumatic tires that make moving on moderately rough terrain easy.

Stand Alone (Box): A stand-alone hose reel box is an ideal one for those who choose not to add a reel to a house wall but are looking for a storage system that can hold a lot of hoses. Another benefit of storage box style is that they can be built to mix in with your landscaping to maintain them out of sight and conceal the hose. It will also be protected from the elements because your hose is stored in a container.

Retractable Reel: I am a big fan of the retractable reels of the hose. Usually, they come with their own hose, nozzle, pivoting mount and some are even portable. You take the hose out and then, without having to crank a handle, you can auto-wind it back in. For heavy-duty jobs, I wouldn’t suggest retractable style hoses, but they’re good for a light, fast job. Usually, the hoses are about 85 feet lighter.

How to Hook up a Hose Reel?

It’s an easy task to put a hose on your fresh hose reel. First, it’s best to straighten your fresh tube to get rid of any bends to make winding on the hose reel easier. Insert the female end of the hose into the reel’s internal drum through the opening guide and thread it onto the water coupling. Firmly tighten with pliers, so there are no leaks, but be sure to be soft to prevent breaks.

How to Put a Hose on a Hose Reel?

Once the hose is attached, you can start winding it onto the reel’s drum to ensure that the hose is wound in even coils to prevent tangles and kinks.

How To Maintain the Garden Hose Reel?

Be sure to prevent cross-threading when attaching the garden hose to your spigot or guide hose. The metal threads of the hose coupling can cut plastic water-system threads and cause continuous leakage if you do cross-thread. Check for O-rings that are faulty.

Check your website guide or maker to verify the right replacement O-ring size you need. Detach the reel from the hose, remove any buttons with a screwdriver, remove the shield and install the fresh O-ring.

Oil the bushings and spread it over the knob, shaft, bushings, or any other part by smearing degreaser on a paper or fabric towel. Before adding a final lubricant coat, let it seal and air dry. If the garden hose reel has spent the winter in storage, make sure to bring on the rubber gaskets a little bit of silicone grease.

They should be substituted if there are any dried out or missing gaskets. Drain all the water from your hose and reel and store it inside if you’re preparing for winter. If you are unable to carry it in, be sure to disconnect the reel from the spigot, remove any attachments or nozzles and remove any remaining water.

Most producers suggest that the garden reel be disassembled at this stage and sprayed with a transparent coat that protects the finish. Personally, I suggest that you were carefully clean and paint it after each season using transparent acrylic paint to prevent rust and protect it.

Final Verdict

We hope the list helps you pick the Best Garden Hose Reel according to your budget. Do keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a “perfect” component, that’s why each hose reel is built to suit the needs of different consumers. We have added hose reels that are for budget-oriented consumers as well as the hose reels that are for gardener’s elites.

After researching and consulting some experts in this field, we came to the conclusion that Liberty Garden Products 704 Decorative Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel is one of the best garden hose reels in 2019 on the market that powder-coated finish is applied to this product. So it does not fall victim to corrosion and rusting and will assist you in gardening for an extended period.

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