Best Garden Shears [2019] Buying Guide

Best Garden Shears [2019] Buying Guide

Here we present you the buying guide of the garden shears. We want to make your purchase easier and help you find the best garden shears for you.

Also on frequently asked questions, you will find answers in our guide. Furthermore, you will also find on this page some important information that you should pay attention to if you want to buy garden shears.

the essentials in brief

  • A garden shear can be used in contrast to a hedge trimmer for much different work in the garden.
  • Branches, as well as rose bushes, box trees, and other cultivated plants, can be worked on with the shear
  • You can differentiate shears from different criteria such as total length, cut thickness, weight, and grip material.

Review of the Best Garden Shears

1. gonicc 8″ Professional Ratchet Anvil Pruning Shears (GPPS-1011)

Professional built using SK-5 Steel, which meets the highest standards and provides precision for each cut. Ideal for light trees branches, rose bush, shrubs, and hedges. The shears are made of high-quality chrome vanadium steel and the special reinforced design makes them stronger and stronger.

The settings of the ratcheting mechanism multiply the power of your hand by up to three times. The ratcheting mechanism clicks and moves to the next setting as you cut through a branch, creating ever-increasing pressure as you cut. The ergonomic design for both left and right-hand use is friendly, while the cushioned anti-slip handle is strong, lightweight, and comfortable.

2. Extra Comfortable Professional Pruning Shears 8 inch with Extra Sharp Blade

Pruning is a gardening chore that is necessary. But it may be a breeze with a good set of pruning shears. These Yoninet pruning shears are the best tool for the job, whether you control and shape the growth of shrubs, bushes, and trees, remove dead or injured branches, or cut some flowers to bring home.

These shears ‘ sharp cutting blade and bypass action will ensure that you always get clean cuts, leaving your plants healthy, with no crushing and the smallest possible wound. The sponge-covered handles are extremely comfortable and provide a secure and strong grip for both men and women.

3. A.M. Leonard Professional Pruning Shears

Features flat, extra wide handles to offset finger and palm pressure to make you feel comfortable. The high cutting blade of carbon steel is extremely sharp and finished with a hard chrome finish. Equipped with non-slip vinyl grip, mechanism of slide lock, the groove of sap and handles of solid aluminum. Cutting capacity of 0.75 inches; total length of 8.5 inches; shipping weight of 0.5 lbs.

4. Eraimp Professional Pruning Shears Stainless Steel

The super sharp blade is resistant to rust. Well built sharp stainless steel blade that would cut branches of Flowers Tree and so on. For every household, the most elegant Garden scissors! In performance, affordable and comfortable excels. Inoxidable steel Spring to avoid fracture and deformation. Safety lock makes it easy for the Scissors to store and keep away from or avoid hurting children.

5. Carise Garden Pruning Shears Flower Scissors Hand Straight Leaf Trimmer Candy Color 

100% Brand new, high quality. The blades are heavy duty and will remain sharp for a long time, crafted with stainless steel, strong and abrasive resistance. Ergonomically designed plastic handles fit your hands nicely. A professional sharp, reliable pruning shear that requires less energy while you enjoy gardening. Suitable for professional floral arrangement, floral branch, floral art, potted landscape pruning, garden, kitchen, flower shop, everyday life, etc. Easy to clean the blade after use.

6. Mtn Tree Professional Grade Solid Aluminum Garden Shears from (Rose Gold)

If you’re looking for the best pruning shears in the garden, don’t look any further. These anodized aluminum pruning shears from Mtn Tree is lightweight, strong and beautiful. This will give you years of faithful service. These are aluminum grade aircraft with Ti coated high carbon steel blades that is Sharp, precise, and powerful.

Don’t just take our word for it, use them to cut something as light as paper, then go out and trim that cumbersome tree. From delicate jobs to all overgrown, they’re going to do everything.

7. Leonard Forged Bypass Pruning Shear with Vinyl Grip

Because of its substantial forged construction, it offers extreme durability. The design of the Leonard forged blade and handle provides superior strength because no connections, pins or fasteners can loosen or fail over time. With the finely ground cutting blade and slender ground hook blade, the quality continues to deliver sharp, clean cuts.

By keeping sap and debris away from the cutting edge, the hook blade sap groove improves cutting efficiency. The traditional pruner design has been updated by adding a vinyl covering that provides increased grip, steel insulation, and keeps the pruners visible if they are placed on the job. Cutting capacity of 1 inch, the total length of 8 and 3/8 inches.

8. ARS Needle Nose Hand Shear 2in Stainless Steel Blades 7 1/2in Overall

Designed precisely to pick fruit, cut buds, collect vegetables, and pick flowers. Characteristics of razor-sharp blades combined with very comfortable handles. Made of stainless steel,2-inch razor-sharp blade. cutting; overall length of 7.5-inch Stainless steel resists rust and operates smoothly.

9. GROWNEER 3-Pack Pruning Shears Gardening Hand Pruning Snips with Straight Stainless Steel Precision Blades

The precision blade of Stainless Steel is durable and ideal for cutting, shaping and other quick snips on small plants. Spring-loaded pruning shear is built to open automatically, which greatly reduces the fatigue of the hand. An ergonomic rubber grip design adds hand fatigue to your overall comfort.

Built-in safety lock keeps the razor-sharp blades closed securely until you are ready to open them. These pruning snips are perfectly designed to be used with ease whether you are handed right or left. After each use, clean the blades. During multiple uses, it will remain sharp and is very easy to clean.

10. Hand Pruning Shears Garden Tree Scissors Pruner

The ergonomic design requires little hand strength to cut thick stems and limbs up to 3/4 inches in diameter with a non-stick-coated high carbon steel blade that can be easily re-sharpened. By increasing the leverage to 700 percent, most of the work is done by the pruner’s ratcheting action. This essential piece of hunting gear is lightweight and compact, easy to carry in a vest or pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions of Garden Shears

What do I use pruning shears for?

You use a secateurs or shears for different works in the garden. You operate the small pair of scissors with one hand and cut mainly individual parts of the plant.

Suitable for smaller jobs at the following locations:

  • Cultivated plants
  • rose bushes
  • Branches and small branches
  • box trees
  • Cleaning plants, remove shoots

The secateurs or shears are often called pruning shears or hand pruners. These names are not completely correct. The secateurs have so many names because their field of application is so extensive.

Yes, after pruning shears, you can cut different thick branches. Pruning shears with cutting thickness of 15 millimeters up to a maximum of 25 millimeters can be found on the market. The cutting thickness indicates how thick a branch may be in order for the scissors to cut it.

This video provides great tips on how to use secateurs or shears:

What kind of secateurs are there and which ones are right for you?

Basically, you can distinguish between four types of secateurs:

  • Anvil Secateurs
  • Bypass Pruner
  • Japanese secateurs
  • Hand hedge trimmer

In the following section, we would like to introduce you to the different types in more detail to help you with the purchase decision. For this purpose, we will introduce you to the functionalities and the resulting advantages and disadvantages of each species.

How does the anvil secateurs work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The anvil pruner consists of a movable blade and an opposite rigid metal plate, the so-called anvil. To cut you lead the blade to the anvil. The use is easy and pleasant since you have to spend little strength.

  • Suitable for strong branches and thicker branches
  • Easy handling
  • Less power has to be spent
  • Unclean cuts
  • Risk of injury to the plants

The anvil pruner is unsuitable for precise work. By squeezing the plant, you will get a rather unclean cut, which can easily hurt sensitive plants. For this reason, this type of secateurs is suitable for cutting thicker branches and large shrubs. Therefore, this type of secateurs is also called pruning shears.

How does the bypass pruner work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The bypass pruner consists of two sharp blades. While exercising, you can slide the two blades past each other, similar to household scissors.

  • Clean and precise cuts
  • Suitable for delicate flowers
  • Plants are not injured
  • Not suitable for twigs and branches

The bypass scissors are particularly suitable for precision work, as the sharp edges enable clean and precise cuts. That way you will not hurt the plants. It is ideal for cutting delicate flowers such as roses or tulips. Therefore, the gardening tool is also called flower scissors or rose scissors.

Unlike the anvil pruner, the bypass is not intended for thick branches or branches, but only for fine work.

How does the Japanese secateurs work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The high-quality Japanese secateurs are made by hand. Both blades are made of carbon steel. This steel ensures that you do not have to sand the blades so often. They are also easier to sharpen than the cutting ring made of stainless steel.

  • Blades made of high-quality carbon steel
  • Allows easy sanding of the blades
  • Suitable for sensitive plants
  • Regular oiling
  • Not suitable for thick branches and shrubs

You should handle it carefully with a Japanese secateurs. Make sure you keep them dry to avoid rusting the hardened blades. If you should not use the Japanese garden tool for a longer period of time, regular oiling is advisable.

Just like the bypass, you can use the pair of scissors to cut delicate plants, their individual leaves, and thin twigs. Thick branches are rather unsuitable for the Japanese secateurs.

How does the hedge trimmer work and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The hedge trimmer is ideal for nurturing and shaping your hedges, bushes, and shrubs. With its two cutting blades, it resembles ordinary household scissors. The length of the hedge trimmer can be up to 60 centimeters, with the blades make up about 30 inches of the total length.

  • Suitable for hedges, shrubs, and bushes
  • Easy handling
  • Regular grinding
  • time intensive

The hedge trimmer is used as a normal plier. Use both handles to squeeze the opposing cutting blades together. With low muscle power and the resulting leverage, you will achieve your desired results. You can use the hedge trimmer to cut both thin and thicker branches.

In order to trim your hedge and shrubs into the desired shape, you should have a lot of stamina. Working with the hand hedge trimmer is time-consuming. In addition, you should regularly grind the blades to ensure a clean cut of the blades can.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Garden Shears

In the following, we would like to show you the factors by which you can compare and evaluate secateurs. This allows you to better assess the offers in the market. So you see, which product suits you best.

Overall length

It can happen that plants in the garden are more difficult to reach. Maybe they are surrounded by many branches. In order to be able to work well also such places, your secateurs should be as handy as possible.

The total length of the scissors provides an indication.

The longer a pruning shears, the harder you reach with it also overgrown places.

We compared lengths of pruning shears. At present, there are pruning shears with different lengths in the market. The smallest pruner was 15 cm long. The largest scissors were 28 cm long.

An example: You want to get to the right place in the fine rose bush. You can easily imagine that this will be difficult with a 28 cm long pair of scissors.

Cutting thickness

Do you fear that your new secateurs will not make the thick branches in your garden? Then you should inform yourself about the average thickness. Here you will find the facts worth knowing.

The cutting thickness is more important than the technique with which the secateurs cut.

Regardless of whether the pruning shears work double-edged, with the bypass system or the anvil technique – the cutting thickness tells you how big the cutting power of the scissors is.

We compared information about the cutting strength of pruning shears. Currently, there are pruning shears with different cutting thicknesses in the market. The lowest cutting thickness was 10 mm. The highest cutting thickness was 25 mm.

For example, some strands of your forsythia shrub have died. You must, therefore, remove them. The dead branches are about 15 mm thick. You can cut these branches with pruning shears that have a cutting thickness of 15 mm or more.


Do you feel pain in your wrist after working with your secateurs? That could indicate that your secateurs are too heavy. To prevent this from happening in the future, you should be concerned with the weight of your pruner.

We compared details about the weight of secateurs. There are currently different degrees of secateurs in the market. The lightest secateurs weighed only 124 g. The heaviest secateurs, however, had a weight of 340 g.

Take into account the weight of the pruner when buying, so you do not have to complain unexpectedly about pain on the wrist after work.

Handle material

The handle is the nuts and bolts of secateurs. The handle material consists of most plastic scissors. However, plastic does not mean cheap plastic. There are big differences in quality.

The price of secateurs provides an important indication of whether the handle material is high-quality plastic or cheap plastic.

Pay attention to the price and other information from the manufacturer to the handle. If a handle has many functions, then this is usually an indication of higher quality grip materials.


The handle material plays an important role in order to use the secateurs also good. Most secateurs are made of a plastic handle material.

Facts worth knowing about pruning shears

Are secateurs, rose scissors and flower scissors the same?

In the hardware store and especially on the Internet you will find many different garden tools. Sometimes their names are very similar. So you do not know whether the products are all the same or different?

Here is an overview:

secateursIs an all-purpose machine for small jobs in the garden.
Rose scissors/vine scissorsIs a high-quality secateurs. Used for cutting roses and vines.
Flower ShearsIs the working tool of florists. Not suitable for the garden.
hedge clippersIs a larger device for hedges and shrubs. The hedge trimmer is often operated with a rechargeable battery.
Pruning shears/secateursIs a big plier for cutting off thicker branches. Is operated with both hands.
Grass shears/lawn scissorsCuts the grass in the corners where the lawnmower cannot get up.

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