Best Garden Spade for Digging

Best Garden Spade for Digging Reviews [2020 Update]

Looking to buy the best garden spade for digging?


Peoples use plenty of tools to make their work easy. It is beneficial for shifting soil, planting, transplanting, perfecting the edge of the lawn, trenching, etc.

They have sometimes used it as a survival kit, such as snow removal, mud, etc. Garden Spade for example is a part of life.

It is the most important aspect that makes your life better and easier. A Garden spade’s primary function is to dig soil, generally in autumn and winter however a spade is useful during the year.

Here you will find the best garden spade reviews and guides.

Best Garden Spade for Digging Reviews

1. Nupla SS14L-E

The Nupla SS14L-E Ergo power sharp drain spade shooters have patented a heavy-duty steel blade of 16 gauges. This blade will enable you to take forward-turned steps for better foot positioning, and a hollow back design.

This super featured shovel has the extra-large 48-inch long, sturdy handle, and it’s also designed with an efficient over-sized end that enhances your grip for better control and gives you extra strength.

The handle is constructed of polystyrene core fiberglass wrapped in a polypropylene sleeve that adds strength to it. The handle is weather-and chemical-resistant at 100% and has exceptional reliability and longevity.

You’ll get the extra-long handle with the outstanding leverage, and it’s good for both your hip and back. It will boost the work experience, as it is meant to be used on a line.

This heavy-duty blade is suitable for digging rough and hard soil, and even the tough dirt clods can be easily destroyed with less effort. It doesn’t have any visible maintenance so you can comfortably store it.

2. Bully Tools 92711

The most featured shovel on the market is the Bully Tools 92711 Floral Spade. This floral spade includes an American Ash D-grip handle which, while working, provides incredible strength and is also designed with a closed back. The help rib and extended long ferrule during digging generate high energy.

This spade is made of extremely robust 14 gauge steel. The super sharp blade measures 6.5 inches by 8.5 inches with a stiff, 31-inch handle that can give you the extra power and control you need.

The handle is made of triple-layer reinforced fiberglass handles that are weather-resistant and chemical proof. This floral spade has been crafted with unique user-friendliness.

The closed-back design allows you to dig in the region of the debris because; it prevents the scrap from stuck when digging. While working in the rough and tough soil it will never let you down.

Ideal for gardening, planting, building drains, and working in the tough clods of soil. Lightweight construction makes it easy to lift and carry and is also useful for prolonged use of time.

3. Kenyon 49045

The Kenyon 49045 All-steel Landscape Lighting Trencher can be the ultimate choice for you if you’re looking for all the steel made trenching spades. This heavy-duty steel trenching spade. This is the kind of a strong shovel that never gets down while rigorously and spontaneously digging.

It is patented with the design of the T handle which provides much energy and power. The end of the handle is covered with reliable, comfortable material that gives a great grip and you get the extra power to lift and use it efficiently.

The 45-inch handle is also exceptionally good for your hip and back as you don’t have to bend your body when digging.  As a result, you’ll be able to do work for longer hours.

Because this shovel is made of high-quality steel there is no flexing problem. The strong, sharp square-shaped blade is ideal for hard digging. Its efficient blade is 8-1/4 inches wide and closely 10 inches long with a powerful step of 1-1/4 inches.

4. Fiskars 46 Inch Steel D-handle

Another great product from the popular Fiskars manufacturer is the Fiskars 46 Inch steel D-handle square garden spade. This spade isn’t perfect for digging but good for edging and trench cutting.

The blade is large enough to penetrate tough soil or break down tough clods of clay.  In edging new beds or fixing old garden borders, this spade is much better. This is a lot straight as the spade of transplantation.

The product measurements are 47 x 7.2x 4.8 inches but weight is just 4.8 pounds. It has a D-handle that makes it easy to grasp, and you can even use both hands without damaging your hand. It also has an extra foot ledge so you can use those to create pressure and apply your weight easily without damaging your feet.

This is a lot straight as the spade of transplantation. The overall size is 47 x 7.2x 4.8 inches, but only 4.8 pounds is the weight. It has a D-handle that makes it easy to grasp, and you can even use both hands without damaging your hand. It also has an extra foot ledge so you can use those to create pressure and apply your weight easily without damaging your feet.

The spade standard is welded and well crafted. All Fiskars spade is backed by a lifetime warranty and mostly they all use the same steel tool. Therefore they are longer lasting. So if you want to make your scenery look great, this spade is a must-collect item.

5. A.M. Leonard Classic Full Strap Spade

Length of the blade 13 inches. The blade tapers approx. 7.25 inches. 6 inches. Full design of the strap. Grip length of 27 inches. The lift for the blade is 2 inches. It’s weighing 7lbs. Single directional rivet maintains top strap and D-grip metal, eliminating the prior model’s side D-grip rivet.

Fewer holes/rivets enhance general strength at this connection. Not too big to interfere with the work, but if required (Product #AMFP) can relieve foot strain and accommodate a footpad.

Includes: powerful one-piece D-grip welded metal with a full-through rivet at the grip, single-directional rivet retains straps and D-grip, shock-absorbing American Ash handle core, beveled blade for optimal angle to provide sharpness and durability.

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6. A.M. Leonard Spade with Straight Handle

All steel spades are now accessible for additional leverage in a lengthy straight version! We added a long handle to our high-quality steel spades by common request. In AML orange for visibility, powder-coated alloy steel offers elevated power without excess weight.

For high tensile strength, the blades are heat treated and are equipped with turned steps for convenience. The back blade is flat, decreasing the buildup of soil, and the edge of the spade has a steep taper to cut through roots and hard soil. The welded 1.5 “tubular handle is smooth, 50” long from the turned step.

7. Radius Garden 201 PRO

The PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Spade is the ultimate landscaping workhorse instrument based on a 120-year-old nursery spade model. With this dream spade, transplant shrubs and tiny trees, cut roots and dig profound tight holes. Super powerful blade of stainless steel. Carbon steel shaft embedded in resin.

Extra-wide, elevated, safety and efficiency step forward. Patented Natural Radius O-Handle Grip ergonomic offers additional leverage, decreasing stress on the hand and wrist. Made from a cozy non-latex, polypropylene, and thermoplastic elastomer.

8. Truper 31202 Tru Pro

29-inch fiberglass handle for balancing and controlling with d-grip. For peak toughness, heavy-duty 14 gauge steel blade. The reinforced insert-feet resin in the handle offers the power of 400 lbs. Rivetless, crimped-steel collar ring, the neck, and handle are solidly connected. Thick, protective sleeve fiberglass handle prevents splintering.

Best Garden Spade for Digging – Buying Guide

Best Garden Spade for Digging


Spades feature three handle types: the D-ring,0-handle, and the T-handle. The handle with D-ring allows a firm hold. Although most D-ring handles are made of wood, the newer versions are made of “man-made” material, resulting in a soft feel.

D-handles tend to increase their control and leverage. On Radius spades,0-handles are popular and are best suited for harsh grounds. Eventually, the T-handles may be considered; although they are back in fashion, they are not as robust and flexible as the D-handle spades.


The material used to build the spade will determine the instrument’s durability. We recommend you pick a stainless steel or carbon spade. Stainless steel is resistant to robust rust and corrosion. These are voluminous though and will require a lot of effort on your part.

For a fact, most of the stainless steel blades are welded onto the flange, and that is their weakness.  In contrast, carbon is more durable and lighter than steel.

Nevertheless, it is not resistant to rust or corrosion and is unlikely to form a strong weld. However, as one is strong to rival stainless steel a spade with a carbon steel blade and a socket forged.


A spade shaft may be made of wood, metal, or fiberglass, and nyglass. Hardwood shafts have been commonly used as they have the highest weight to weight ratio, and are perfect for shock and vibration absorption.

These splinters, though, and aren’t as durable as metal and fiberglass.  Wood is susceptible to water as well. Metallic handles, in comparison, are durable and form the best blade joins. These are however not suitable for shock absorption and are unpleasant to use in hot weather as they are great heat conductors.

Eventually, fiberglass combines the best of both wood and metal but, if it breaks, it flexes under pressure and is difficult to replace.


The American spade has a pointed shovel blade that is easier to drive, making it ideal for rough work. Compared to this, the English spade is rectangular with a smooth edge and is best suited for digging square trenches. Finally, we have the Irish spade in front of us which focuses force on the soil and is best for deeper digging.


Finishes help protect the spade from wear and tear from the elements. Epoxy powder is used on steel by coating the grounded steel with highly charged epoxies. We can also recommend coatings made from Teflon and Gloss. The coat does wear out with time, though.


For durability, pick a spade whose socket and blade are forged by hand from a single piece of metal. In addition, choose a tool that has a strapped handle connection, as these are the strongest. In addition, select a piece of equipment that includes shoe protectors.


How do I maintain my garden spade?

It is wise to clean it regularly to keep your garden spade in top condition and ensure it gives you years of use. Soil left on the shaft and blade can cause rusting of the metal parts, and rotting of wooden parts.

You can often brush the dirt off your spade, especially if it is inoxidizable steel. Always caked-on mud, however, could also require a good wash with hot soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and store in a cool dry place.

Many people keep a bucket of sand in their shed mixed with a drop of linseed oil. After use, they then push each of their tools into this bucket and this protects the metal against rust.

Even, you should be careful to only use your garden spade for appropriate work. Garden spades are not built to dig up debris or large tree roots and if you attempt to do such heavy jobs, you may be damaging your machine.

How do I take care of my spade wooden handle?

If your garden spade has a beautiful wooden handle, you’ll want to take care of it so it retains its beauty for many years as well as being durable.

Clean the handle with medium-grit sandpaper twice a year, in the spring and autumn, and then rub a generous amount of linseed oil into the wood to make a protective, waterproof barrier.

Make sure to store handled wooden tools in a cool, dry place. You can normally buy a replacement part if your wooden handle breaks. These can be installed simply, usually with just a few screws.


We’ve picked the best-featured spades on the market that are both robust and incredibly laborious. All of the Spades are weather-resistant and patented for use throughout the year.

All are made by the esteemed manufacturer and goods kept in 100 percent condition. These Spades with the latest design and good efficiency have multipurpose use and great flexibility.

Besides the questions, you should count on it.  This best garden spade for digging will make your work life fun and relaxed and make it beautiful around you. Surely by buying these great Spades you’ll get the high value of your dollars.

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