Best Garden Spades

Best Garden Spades

Here we present you all of us closer garden spade guide. We have put together detailed information on the net. With this, we want to make the purchase decision easier for you and help you to find the best garden spades for you.

Furthermore, you will also find some important information that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a garden spade.

Garden Spades Reviews

1. A.M. Leonard Spade with D-Grip Handle

These spades of all steel are among the top choice for use in nursery and landscape. Has high-quality steel construction to resist rusting with a powder-coated handle. Welded at the blade, without breaking to manage big projects. Has turned steps in pushing a spade into the soil to comfort the foot. 15-inch blade tapering from 7-3/4 inches to6-inch (width), with a D-grip handle of 27-inch.

2. A.M. Leonard Classic Full Strap Spade

Length of the blade 13 inches. The blade tapers approx. 7.25 inches. 6 inches. Full design of the strap. Grip length of 27 inches. The lift for the blade is 2 inches. It’s weighing 7lbs. Single directional rivet maintains top strap and D-grip metal, eliminating the prior model’s side D-grip rivet. Fewer holes/rivets enhance general strength at this connection.

Not too big to interfere with the work, but if required (Product #AMFP) can relieve foot strain and accommodate a footpad. Includes: powerful one-piece D-grip welded metal with a full-through rivet at the grip, single-directional rivet retains straps and D-grip, shock-absorbing American Ash handle core, beveled blade for optimal angle to provide sharpness and durability.

3. A.M. Leonard Spade with Straight Handle

All steel spades are now accessible for additional leverage in a lengthy straight version! We added a long handle to our high-quality steel spades by common request. In AML orange for visibility, powder-coated alloy steel offers elevated power without excess weight.

For high tensile strength, the blades are heat treated and are equipped with turned steps for convenience. The back blade is flat, decreasing the buildup of soil, and the edge of the spade has a steep taper to cut through roots and hard soil. Welded 1.5 “tubular handle is smooth, 50” long from the turned step.

4. Radius Garden 201 PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel

The PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Spade is the ultimate landscaping workhorse instrument based on a 120-year-old nursery spade model. With this dream spade, transplant shrubs and tiny trees, cut roots and dig profound tight holes. Super powerful blade of stainless steel. Carbon steel shaft embedded in resin.

Extra-wide, elevated, safety and efficiency step forward. Patented Natural Radius O-Handle Grip ergonomic offers additional leverage, decreasing stress on the hand and wrist. Made from a cozy non-latex, polypropylene and thermoplastic elastomer.

5. Truper 31202 Tru Pro Garden Spade

29-inch fiberglass handle for balancing and controlling with d-grip. For peak toughness, heavy-duty 14 gauge steel blade. The reinforced insert-feet resin in the handle offers the power of 400 lbs. Rivetless, crimped-steel collar ring, the neck, and handle are solidly connected. Thick, protective sleeve fiberglass handle prevents splintering.

How to Choose The Best Garden Spades

In the following, we want to show you how you can compare and rate garden spades. This will make it easier for you to decide if a particular tool is right for you or not.


Garden spades are of one piece and therefore take up a lot of space. Folding spades can be folded up to save space. In addition, they are often supplied with a protective bag for the spade blade.

Whether you decide on the benefits of a folding spade depends entirely on how much you trust the stability and workmanship of the selected model. After all, any tool that consists of changeable and moving parts is easier to break than one with constant parts.

If you are only going to make shallow digs in rather loose ground, you can confidently get a folding spade. If you also expect harder, stony soils, it may be worth taking advantage of the space savings and carrying an extra durable spade.

Blade shape and Blade width

Blade shape and Blade width sustainably determine the methodology of the garden spades. Broad round Blade allows a larger excavation but is due to their long edge more difficult to drift into the ground. Spade Blade facilitates penetration into the field, but move only little overburden at once. Larger Blade shapes allow you easier penetration into the field but at the same timeless recording function.

Total length and weight

The overall length of your selected spade affects handling and transportation. With shorter, handy spades of around 40 to 60 cm in length, it can work well in tight environments.

Longer spades from 70 cm need much more space but offer more leverage. If you are only concerned with the good stability of your spade, folding spades are unbeatable, because they can be folded to the fraction of their utility weight.

Additional functions

If you simply need a functional excavation tool, then a garden spade for your purposes is enough. However, as not every floor is free of stones and roots, folding spades often have additional practical functions, such as a hoe or saw, with which you can clear these obstacles out of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a folding spade?

Practical, but less stable – the folding spade. Folding spades can be folded down on one or two hinges (on the spade blade and on the handle) and can, therefore, be reduced to up to one-third of their usable size in order to store and transport them in a space-saving manner.

Like all tools, which consist of several, not permanently mounted parts, even a folding spade tends to break more easily. While most manufacturers pay attention to the stability of their materials used in the quality inspection.

But even the most resistant models are not recommended for continuous use in solid or stony soils. A folding spade should, therefore, be used primarily in loose and less profound excavations.

The folding spade is most often used in camping because the size is limited to a few centimeters. Folding spades are ideal for transporting due to their size.

How much does a spade weight and how long is it?

Spades must be as heavy as necessary and as stable as possible. Fixed mounted field spades take up more storage space than a folding spade.

Garden Spades are on average 70 cm long. Folding spades, on the other hand, can be folded down on the blade and thus reduced by an average length of 50 cm to half. Most models of both types of spades weigh about 1 kilogram and are therefore good in the hand.

The weight should play a major role in the purchase. It’s best to try out what weight you can handle best.

What types of spades are there?

Basically, one can distinguish between two types of spades:

  • Garden Spade
  • Folding Spade

In each species, the structure of the spade is different, creating individual advantages and disadvantages. Which spade is the right one depends above all on the planned use, as well as on the condition of the soil?

To help you with your decision and to find an optimal spade for you and your purposes, in the following section we will introduce the two different types of spades in more detail and clearly list the advantages and disadvantages.

How do the garden spades work?

Garden spade consists of a handle, – this can be made of different materials, such as wood or metal – and the spade blade. These three components of the garden spade are firmly mounted and thus cannot be disassembled.

Due to its solid construction, the garden spade is very stable. It can also be used without problems even in the hard field. In addition, the garden spade is ideal for digging deep holes.

However, a garden spade can be somewhat bulky for transport, since the length cannot be reduced as with the folding spade. This is why the garden spade is much more cumbersome than other types of spades.

How do folding spades work?

Folding spades also have the same three components as a garden spade. They also consist of a grip, handle, and blade. In contrast to the garden spade, however, a folding spade is not permanently mounted.

He has one or two hinges, mostly on the blade and partly in addition to the handle. This allows you to fold a folding spade to half or even one-third of its original length.

Folding spades, which used to be used primarily in the military, are now used very versatile. Folding spades are especially popular with campers, as they are very small and therefore do not occupy much space in the tent.

Folding spades can also be of interest to motorists since they can easily remove snow or mud around the car. When digging in the loose ground or when not digging too deep, the folding spade is always perfectly adequate.

This variant of the spade is therefore particularly handy and easy to transport, as a lot of space can be saved and the device can be easily worn by folding. If larger distances between the individual excavations must be covered, a folding spade is, therefore, more practical than a garden spade.

If you fix the blade of folding spade at an angle of 90 degrees to the handle, you can easily convert it to a hoe. Folding spades can therefore also be used in many ways.

Due to the possibility that it can be folded, however, the folding spade is not as stable as the garden spade and can thus easily buckle or break. For working on hard ground or for digging deep holes, the folding spade is therefore not optimal.

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