The 100+ Best Gardening Blogs for Beginners of 2021

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I wanted to share some of the best gardening blogs for beginners to follow. The content always introduces fresh ideas, provides practical advice and inspiration for gardening, and continually involves readers with comprehensive illustrations of the latest gardening trends.

I love seeing how other gardeners grow foods, plants, veggies. Pinterest is one of my favorite places to see gardeners in action, but it’s nice to read more detailed posts about how to grow food, garden design, or online permaculture.

Personally, I’ve created this list from various gardening websites that always get their hands down in the dirt.

Best Gardening Blogs for Beginners

Some of these are organic gardening, flowering, or vegetables. There are also some excellent blogs about homesteading that also write about gardening.

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The 100+ Best Gardening Blogs for Beginners to Follow in 2021

Fine Gardening

This website lives in accordance with its name. They regularly publish decorative gardening content. Fine Gardening offers comprehensive data on setting up a beautiful garden, increasing flowers, and greenery. They also teach home gardeners about gardening alternatives, garden design and designs, and maintenance of the garden.

Their blog content also highlights inspirations for gardening to motivate home gardeners to keep their gardens and aspire to explore other gardening fields. The Taunton Press, the founder of Fine Woodworking magazine, is bringing us Fine Gardening.

Get Busy Gardening

This blog is for you if you’re new to home gardening. Get Busy Gardening releases blog content on easy gardening projects that can get you started on your home gardening trip.

Home gardeners are encouraged to be resourceful and creative by their practical, eco-friendly, and inexpensive gardening style. It is so simple to follow their question posts and DIY articles that they drive readers to enjoy recycling and upcycling.

Garden Rant

Garden Rant is the place where a deeper appreciation for gardening can be developed. Their hilarious content is as entertaining as they are informative. They provide the latest gardening expertise and reviews of the hottest gardening tools and products.

They also post videos on how to do this and write about plant care and identification. Their creative, light-hearted approach to blogging certainly makes every person from all walks of life more attractive to gardening.

Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy is a blog that encourages gardening as a hobby’s therapeutic impact. This blog is run by a lady named Stephanie who, as she recovers from paralysis, used gardening as a treatment technique.

Not only does this website feature gardening tips, but it also includes recipes that you can follow from your edible garden when cooking the products. Not only that, there are many articles on the website that teach you about easy craft projects that can make your garden look better.

Organic Lifestyle Magazine

The content’s focus on the health and environmental advantages of organic farming and gardening is one thing that makes this blog exceptional. Many of their content speaks of health problems caused by synthetic chemicals used in fruit and vegetable farming and cattle farming.

It has a lot of really inspirational papers on health and wellness, particularly for those who want to begin taking better care of their bodies and complete well-being.

Sustainable Gardening Australia

SGA stands for Australia’s sustainable gardening. This blog offers significant data on how sustainable gardening will restore environmental equilibrium.

Their content emphasizes the accountable techniques of gardening, not only for Australians but for practicing everyone. SGA seeks to raise awareness and develop a stronger knowledge of the importance of local food production as a response to food shortages.

Cold Climate Gardening

This blog page is about effective gardening in locations with brief seasons and severe cold climates, as the name of the website indicates. Cold climate is really difficult because you have to beat an uncontrollable climate variable.

Fortunately, this blog is about many practical methods to safeguard your crops and your entire garden from the biting cold and dryness created by blizzards for home gardeners in cold areas.

The English Garden

Visit this gardening website for a steady supply of inspiration from the garden. They feature the UK and Ireland’s loveliest gardens.

This website also offers extensive articles to assist home gardeners in better comprehend crops. Home gardeners understand with this which crops grow best in each season and soil type.

Garden Ambition

For beginners and those who hesitate to try gardening for fear of failure, Garden Ambition is the ideal website.

You can discover a broad range of useful papers discussing a range of subjects related to garden maintenance, growing particular crops, and improving productivity. It also offers extensive reviews of various garden tools and facilities.

You Grow Girl

You Grow Girl is a place for all plant and garden enthusiasts, readers and writers, cooks and eaters, wonder-ers and wanderers alike, and curious souls alike, although the name is addressed to a girl.

You Grow Girl is a website project that talks about fresh types of gardening methods for those seeking to redefine the connection between the modern world and nature.

This project is aimed at promoting exciting, explorative DIY approaches to gardening without traditional ideas being restricted.


For all nature lovers, is a horticultural project. It has evolved to be a blessing to the magical world of nature with its abundance of data on gardening. The website shares a lot of data on distinct edible and ornamental plant varieties and species.

Although the website has an old-style atmosphere, there is still a lot of fun and humor to give. You’re going to be entertained in many different ways, such as pictures, videos, and even doodles. Gardening is not usually seen as a hobby on this website. It’s a lifestyle, and that’s what makes it special and unlike any other.

Hobby Farms

This website is a website that places importance on growing healthy, organic food in a well-kept, sustainable farm. It provides a lot of guides and advice on DIY farming for both small and big-time farmers.

Gardeners Journal

Gardeners Journal is a tiny gardening business owned by employees that have grown to be among the world’s finest. In reality, for social, environmental companies, this business is one of the best in the world.

The website, managed by avid gardeners, introduces garden-tested and environmentally friendly products and shares practical gardening advice items.

Plant Care Today

Plant Care Today offers comprehensive data on plant care at all levels for plant and garden enthusiasts. Their in-depth papers cover lawns, landscapes, gardening, pests, and diseases as well as common ways to enjoy crops every day.

Founder Gary started growing his plant a career in an orchid nursery in the early 1970s and later set up his own business increasing company. Plant Care Today’s objective is easy-helping individuals with crops to become more effective.

DIY Garden

DIY Garden is Clive Harris’s famous UK-based gardening blog. He covers everything from basic gardening to creative DIY projects such as building a garden bar, such as lawn care advice. Outdoor space in the UK tends to be much lower, particularly for those residing in towns or extremely populated regions.

So, one of his blog’s main goals is to help UK homeowners with small gardens be a little more creative and make their garden a miniature haven! His advice on landscaping, plants, and trees, and the privacy of the garden is worth reading.

Likewise, if you have kids, he has some great little tips and tricks for gardening with little and cool DIY projects like sunken trampolines and garden race tracks. DIY Garden is a great resource and a great contributor to the garden blog scene in general!

Fantastic Gardeners Blog

The team behind Fantastic Services runs the Fantastic Gardeners blog-your one-stop shop for all professional home services in London and the UK. Every month the blog features hot gardening tips and all-around information about your garden, served in a friendly and easy-to-grasp manner. If you’re a child in gardening, this is your blog for starters.

For those who care about their homes and gardens, this website is full of helpful data. It’s incredible, just by following DIY measures, how much you can do on your own!

What’s great about this website you can always ask a query or join their discussion groups or forum if you think you need assistance or more data. Admins are always happy to help or search for you in addition.

Outdoor Garden Care

Outdoor Garden Care is a website aimed at helping fresh and established gardeners make the most of their gardens and lawns. The gardening abilities presented in it are practical, inexpensive, environmentally friendly. DIY (Do It Yourself) is all their outdoor gardening and lawn care articles and blog posts.

The papers are simple to read, simple to follow, and informative. In principle, when it comes to outdoor gardening, the website seeks to encourage fresh and established gardeners to be creative and resourceful.

If your garden is bigger than a courtyard but smaller than an acre and you want it to look beautiful, pursue this blog with hardly any moment or money. The Middle Sized Garden is about helping you to reflect your own personal style in your garden.


GrowVeg is a gardening blog devoted to people interested in planning and landscaping gardening. It is a website established in 2007 and run by the UK-based business Growing Interactive.

If you’re searching for the most interactive and up-to-date applications and technology for planning your garden, the specialists behind this website will definitely be of excellent assistance.

They give extensive garden planners, guides, and newspapers. Oh, and they’re also on television! You can watch it on GrowVeg.TV their exciting videos.

Amateur Gardening

If you consider yourself a gardening enthusiast, then Amateur Gardening is the correct place to get fundamental gardening data. It is a website that publishes a weekly magazine for gardening.

Amateur Gardening is regarded as one of Britain’s well-loved gardening websites with over 200, 000 readers a week. It features inspirational gardening stories, forward-thinking innovations in gardening, and practical tips for gardening.

If you have questions and clarifications about gardening, at lunchtime during weekdays you can reach the Amateur Gardening team for an hour of “gardening queries. ” Tim Rumball, its editor, is spearheading the good team that brings this website to success.

Back To My Garden

Back To My Garden is a gardening website that discusses almost anything associated with gardening, including advice from professionals, gardening authors, sustainable gardening, flowers, fruits, vegetables, garden pests, and more.

If you’re looking for a website that offers fun and interesting blogs with terms that don’t go too technical, then this is the best gardening blog to follow.

It is owned by Universal Profit Inc, which has an easy yet inspirational objective— to help its readers understand and explore their gardening passion.

Backyard Boss

Are you the kind of person who enjoys learning new outdoor ideas, gardening projects and tools, and outdoor activities? If so, you’re in the right spot. The website consists of writers and editors considered to be experts in grilling, gardening, designing, and landscaping.

The website is praised for its comprehensive comparison and product review articles that help narrow down people’s search for the best garden tools and equipment. Backyard Boss also shares content on barbecue recipes and projects to help you improve your outdoor space.

Big Blog Of Gardening

Big Blog Gardening is your go-to website if you are interested in reading subjects on vegetable gardens, flower gardens, and lawn care.

Todd Heft, the website’s founder, is a goal-setter who wants to encourage their readers to begin their gardening voyage without relying on pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and other damaging chemicals.

Todd Heft also published a book entitled “Home Grown Tomatoes: The Step-by-Step Guide to Delicious Organic Tomatoes In Your Garden,” which you can buy on Amazon.

About The Garden

This website based in Australia publishes instructional publications that encourage readers to do gardening. It also encourages and provides advice on gardening in locations where climate changes frequently, such as Northern and Central New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.

Con Searle distributed the first copy of the magazine About The Garden for the first time in 1997. The website has since attracted more and more readers and is known as one of Australia’s most credible websites. The Garden is specialized in organic products such as the use of fertilizers of cow manures.

Balcony Garden Web

“Revamp Small Garden” is the slogan of the website that provides readers with a definite idea of what the website has to deliver. Balcony Garden Web is a website for gardening that offers readers creative thoughts on balcony gardening and urban gardening.

If you have quite a restricted room in your house but still want to know about gardening a few tricks or two, then the Balcony Garden Web is the ideal gardening blog to follow. Gardening thoughts, gardening guides, flowers and blooms, and DIY garden themes are some of the common subjects it addresses.

Gardening Products Review

For all gardening tools and machinery reviews, is your one-stop site. The creative and brilliant team behind this effective website believes that if you don’t use the best and most appropriate tools, a gardening journey won’t be successful., with that in mind, includes everything you need to understand about your gardening tools. It features in-depth information on garden hand tools, power tools, product guides for gardening, and product reviews.

The Garden Plot

The Garden Plot is a garden website run by the Garden Media Group, specializing in the release of high-quality blogs and PR campaigns on the garden, home, horticulture, landscape, and outdoor life. The Garden Plot is motivated by a mission to provide appropriate and interesting gardening data to its readers.

They are also interested in working with other gardening enthusiasts. Thus, readers and supporters are encouraged to share their gardening books and blogs with the site.

Robinson Love Plants

A garden enthusiast Amelia Robinson owns Robinson Love Plants. Amelia is an accredited plant lover. Since she was five years old and up to the present, she has been taking care of her own gardens.

She teaches individuals today about the garden, crops, flowers, and associated subjects. The website provides a range of articles under distinct classifications on various subjects and provides more than just fundamental articles.

It also answers the hardest questions and explains the responses in the easiest, most comprehensible manner. The website provides different categories of guides, including guides for plants, pests, and tools.

Growing A Greener World

Growing A Greener World is the award-winning TV show’s official website featuring green living, organic gardening, and farm-to-fork food. Like its TV series, this website focuses on inspiring individuals through gardening to make a difference on our planet. features diverse articles collections in various categories. The website also shares helpful DIY articles on stuff that can be achieved at home, apart from gardening tips.

This website for gardening includes almost everything. From edible gardening, hobby farming, urban farming, good organic cooking, preservation, and canning of harvested plants and crops–the site has received it all fairly much.

Joy Us Garden​

Joy Us Garden is another garden website. Joy Us Garden’s owner, who introduces herself as Nell, created this website to share her outdoor passion. The website provides lovely gardens, flowers, and plant photographs.

Like the previous website, there is also a TV show on this website. It posts weekly blogs, shares tips on gardening, publishes books, and designs accessories for gardening. Furthermore, Joy Us Garden provides local greenhouse air plants and gardening tools.

IGardenPlanting, like most of the websites on this list, is also a private website. What’s distinct from the remainder? Well, this website is the fruit of the years of the owner’s long gardening experience. You can, therefore, ensure that you will receive the most reliable and efficient data.

The subjects of IGardenPlanting’s gardening manual cover indoor plants, herb gardens, lawn care, landscaping, garden instruments, fruits, and general subjects. The website also features various types of gardening tools where gardeners can choose from a variety of choices.

Growing With Plants

Growing With Plants is a personal, two-way website: the more professional and the less professional. The website acts as a seasonal newspaper of the gardening experience of the owner.

It also introduces practical gardening projects that are inspiring. The words are articulated in an accurate, thorough way so that the ideas can be readily grasped by everyone.

The website is proven to be a credible website after receiving numerous reviews and prizes. The website owner, Matt Mattus, offers services such as testing plants, curating products, and designing special projects for gardening.

Shary Cherry

Shary Cherry seeks to provide the readers with helpful gardening advice. As the header of the home page says, everything is growing with love. Shary, the website owner, shares her enthusiasm for gardening and her love for it.

Gardening and landscaping may be the blogs of the website. You’ll see a collection of gardening-related items in the gardening tab. On the other side, the landscaping tab offers guides and advice on how to take care of the landscape’s beauty.

Grow Gardener

Grow Gardener provides gardeners with complete information. They share data on crops, flowers, fruits, and vegetables from their blogs. In addition, it introduces how-to gardening items in every gardening chore to guide gardeners.

Most importantly, in separate gardening projects, the site provides the distinct types of gardening tools and facilities required for each assignment.

Live Love Fruit

The website encourages a highly raw, plant-based lifestyle for the most fundamental purpose. Carly Fraser, the website’s founder, was inspired by her own weight loss story.

Carly wants to share her knowledge about losing weight as she succeeded in her weight loss program to fulfill her lifelong passion of being able to help others.

Her blogs mostly speak about good recipes, weight-loss promoting exercises, and other health-related facts like the advantages of consuming fruits and veggies, and how they can mitigate your risk of most deadly illnesses.

Gardening Wizards

Emily adopted gardening after spending 10 years as a journalist. Her writing abilities are fully employed by Gardening Wizards and she writes hands-on guides on indoor gardening and crop rearing.

This blog is a great tool for gardeners at the beginner level, particularly those who love to be refreshed on vital plants like portobello mushrooms.

California Gardening

One of the first YouTube channels I ever found when it came to gardening in California Gardening. From his videos I’ve learned so much–they’re peaceful, informative, and packed with useful advice.

The Horticult

They take amazing pictures. Seriously, if only for the images, you have to check out their blog. But they are also master designers as well as gardeners because their oasis in the backyard looks like a heavenly slice. The New York Times has since recognized its blog as one of the finest internet gardening blogs.

Floret Flowers

I believe the Benzakein family is living a dream that many of us inhabitants of the town fantasize about: leaving the town and moving to a rural region to live a more simple life.

They did this intentionally, gardening, raising livestock, and growing flowers. The family now operates a tiny online store, flower-growing workshops, and an incredible farm and flower life blog.

Small Town Gardener

Marianne’s blog has a charm I haven’t seen these days in many gardening blogs. Although she is a master gardener, she maintains that she has not been “blessed at birth with a trowel in one hand and a couple of clippers in the other.”

Although I may beg to differ, there is no argument that she has tons of experience in a variety of gardening environments. Practical advice you can apply directly to your garden, regardless of where it is.

Mother Earth News

For decades, Mother Earth News has been around and is a pillar of organic gardening, homesteading, and sustainable living ideas.

Root Simple

Root Simple is an enormous inspiration for me. They have a podcast, books, and all kinds of homesteading data, growing their own food, and living an all-around simpler life. There’s something here for everyone.


I would have overlooked a flower blog in the past because I used to grow only edible plants. I have come to grow more ornamental plants these days, and Flowerona is a source of inspiration.

North Coast Gardening

I would live on a homestead in Oregon in another lifetime. That’s why Genevieve’s northwest Pacific gardening site is so attractive to me. It satisfies a hunger I have not yet completely saturated myself.

The Mini Garden Guru

If you’ve never heard of a mini garden guru before, your go-to resource is Janit’s website. For years now, she has been pioneering the way in this sort of gardening, and seeing her creations is amazing.

Our Little Acre

I’m in whenever I can spy on how a homeowner lives. The site of Kylee is a great look at how on her acre of land she produces food. She also has an indoor plant decoration book that you can check if you’re searching for inspiration.

Epic Gardening

For a more sustainable food future, the Epic Gardening mission is to promote urban gardening, hydroponics, and aquaponics. Kevin developed Epic Gardening to share his interest in hydroponic gardening and viable food manufacturing with anyone who wishes to know more.


Whether you are a new gardener or have years of experience, you will find ideas, inspiration, and advice to grow your best garden ever. The Fixer Upper family has restored their own garden room, complete with potting house, chicken coop, and lovely raised beds. Learn about plants more.

Better Homes & Gardens

With our gardening tips, create the perfect front yard and backyard landscapes. We’re going to inform you about the lovely annual, perennial, bulb, and rose flowers, as well as trees, shrubs, and floor coverings that put on a gardening display year-round. … Grow in Your Garden ancient roses.


Learn how to garden like a professional with expert data and advice. For each garden task, browse how-tos and tutorials, plus gardening tips in each season. Grow wintergreen plants for a Winter Color Splash.

Bonnie Plants/Gardening

Bonnie Plants is a major vegetable garden or herb garden plant supplier. Help you with your plants with expert gardening tips.

Kids Gardening

Learning the basics of gardening with your children or students will help you thrive in your school or home garden! Basic gardening for children and adults.


MorningChores wants to assist you to become more self-sufficient by not only offering practical but also trustworthy guides and inspiration generated by individuals who also think in this lifestyle.

MorningChores wants to open up all the data and stories you need to understand in order to develop a flourishing garden, raise good livestock, build stuff on your own, save cash without pinching pennies, and learn fresh abilities to make your life simpler.


Garden Ever aims to make a dream garden. The GardenEver shares his interest with anyone who wants to learn more about gardening tips & tricks and garden supplies such as carts & wheelbarrows, greenhouses, etc.

The Daily Gardener

You will discover plenty of ways to teach you fresh abilities on this site as well as advice on how to care for distinct kinds of lawns and crops.

Their gardening love, however, does not just end in the soil. They also like taking lovely plants and using them in patio designs to build a functional outdoor room.


GardenAware has always been a lover of gardening, and Charles and Shadae Zacker love gardening so much that yard work has become a component of their daily tasks. Charles and Shadae Zacker, so often in their free moment, share thoughts and speak about gardening.

This website is intended to be a source of education and data for beginners and sophisticated gardeners, offering them top-quality data about gardening.

Yard Care Life

Yard Care Life is intended to assist the average homeowner in sorting out what kind of grass seed to buy, products required to bring it down and keep your yard. They feel that all their study can benefit you in helping to create an informed, unbiased evaluation of the item can be the go-to resource for the average homeowner seeking to form their yard.


MyGardenPlant is a place to grow fruits, vegetables, flowers in your garden for gardeners who enjoy gardening. We’re going to give advice on gardening, advice on lawn care, and more. MyGardenPlant enables you to always begin planting and growing indoors. Stay with us and learn how to correctly start gardening.


Gardenknow has been developed to share with your personal experiences on everything linked to gardening, from product reviews to gardening problems. We think you’re never done studying when it comes to gardening!

We thought this would be a good place to share some of our experiences in the past and future. We really hope you will find our content beneficial and our main objective is to create a beneficial effect on the gardening scene and assist our readers to develop their gardening understanding.

Inspiring Plans is a website that helps you live a lifestyle that is more self-sufficient. We want to assist you to develop lovely spaces for happier, viable living, from growing your own food to living off the grid.

It’s not about shutting yourself off from society to become more self-reliant. It’s about being able to look after yourself, your family, and your friends. And don’t rely on anyone else to take care of you. You can improve your life with a little inspiration and a plan.

Gardeners’ Magazine

Gardeners ‘ Magazine is about sustainably increasing thick nutrient food in their own backyards. Whether you have a tiny container garden, these methods and tips can be applied to grow more food with fewer funds.

Essential Home and Garden

So you will discover articles, gardening guides, best lists, and many other kinds of product articles on Essential Home and Garden that contain well-researched data and our honest views. You are provided with this data in a manner that is simple to read and simple to discover the data you are genuinely looking for.

Gardener Corner

James G. Craig is an enthusiast of gardening creating GardenerCorner. Splits his free time between growing vegetables, preening his gardens of flowers. And blogging on the website of Gardener Corner about his experiences.

Urban Organic Yield

Urban Organic Yield founder Lindsey wants to assist you to learn how to grow your own food. We want to demonstrate to you that healthy, organic food can develop even beginners. Even if you live in a tiny room, you can do it without a garden. is my gardening experience diary and a knowledge notebook that has been collected over the years. Even though they have a lot of experience, discovering and learning is always something fresh.

Own The Yard

Spencer Haws, Own the Yard’s creator, your one-stop site for all your backyard thoughts, backyard reviews of products, and a place to assist you to create the finest backyard experience.

I’ve found along with the manner that there are so many products, landscape thoughts, instruments, projects, and activities that we’re considering for our backyard that I wanted to share some of my trips.

My objective for the site is to share what I’m learning as I live backyard life (whenever possible) and to discover the finest goods, instruments, or thoughts.


All you need to learn about machinery for outdoor energy. Reviews of products and guides such as chainsaws, blowers of snow and leaf, lawnmowers, trimmers. As well as comprehensive gardening advice and guidelines resources.


Emily Taylor, a long-time backyard enthusiast. There are millions of individuals out there who want their backyard and garden to be appealing just like their front yard.

This is precisely the place where you can learn not only the most helpful and productive methods to grow your own vegetables, flowers, but also some incredible tips to take care of them during the rough climate.

Whether you’re perhaps a beginner who never grew up before or an experienced gardener with tons of precious knowledge, this blog is intended for everyone to exchange data and get answers to all your issues!

Garden Loka

Garden Loka blog is intended to provide readers with overall gardening data and to show my learned tips and tricks. This website gradually extended my understanding over the years and discovered inexpensive methods to feed and maintain a garden without spending too much cash.

Greenery Guide

Welcome to GreeneryGuide, your lawn and garden source for everything. We are committed to providing you with the very best of reviews and helpful articles on lawn care, focusing on quality, usefulness, and uniqueness.

Better Lawns & Garden

Better Lawns & Garden is a team of professionals in the fields of lawn, garden, and home DIY. Our team has knowledge in a broad spectrum of building, lawn care, and other projects related to housing and garden, and employees are excited to share their experiences and suggestions with you!

Color Gardening

ColorGardening is a website that shares gardening data in blog forms, reviews, articles, and manuals. With a selection of articles in various categories, the site welcomes you. In specific, the website’s home page presents featured articles as well as articles lately published.

There are three archives on the site: vegetables, herbs, and gardening. A classified, more structured list of papers is presented in each archive. This website’s content is described in a straightforward yet understandable way.

Gardening Easily

Gardening Easily is passionate about exploring and writing about gardening, fashion, lifestyle, baby, outdoor, home improvement, etc.

A great place to find unbiased reviews of gardening products as well as tips and ideas for gardening. The task of this website is to inform and help home and beginner gardeners with daily inspiration posts, advice, tricks, and pictures so they can grow better-tasting foods, veggies, herbs, crops right at home.

Garden Betty

Garden Betty combines two related topics, somehow: edible gardening and outdoor adventure. Edible gardening talks about taking care of edible crops–generally fruits and vegetables–in the garden, collecting them, and cooking them for meals.

On the other hand, outdoor adventure is included in this site due to Linda, the Garden Betty, and the site’s owner. She likes to surf, swim, and skate. Actually, such a random game is a mixture of two very distinct subjects.

Well, as the site talks about more random topics including recipes, home, backyard chickens, work, parenthood, and many others made by random thoughts, everything is still about to be really random.

Veggie Gardening Tips

There are organic gardening practices in Veggie Gardening Tips. While other websites promote the use of chemicals, this website adheres to natural plant gardening and organic plant growing, avoiding the use of chemicals of all types.

In this website, the how-to guides and other planting techniques do not use chemicals and include only organic materials if needed.

The website also discusses ornamental plants, plants planted in gardens, and decorative landscape projects. Expect to know about crops and gardening a large time in Veggie Gardening Tips.

Urban Gardens

Urban Gardens speaks about the entire gardening cycle — from seed planting, gardening, harvesting, cooking, and serving. Sometimes the site includes styling, design, and landscaping on a different scale from food production.

Five distinct archives are available on the website: finding, creating, experiencing, greening, and consulting. The website redirects you to a classified collection of papers falling on the clicked archive when you click on one choice.

Sumo Gardener provides guidance on plant care. It provides gardening data. Some papers on this page may also offer guidance on the equipment to be used, the instruments to be carried, the best seasons to harvest, and the measures to be taken under varying weather conditions.

There are also internet gardening stores on the internet, where gardeners and garden lovers can choose from a multitude of shopping options.

Garden Collage

Garden Collage is a fresh kind of gardening lifestyle publication. Our task is to take the garden from the farm to the fire escape into the life of people.

Digging Blog

Digging blog, cool gardens in a warm climate, a blog where Pam Penick shares all she can dig up her gardening goodness, not just in Austin, but wherever she goes.

Espoma Blog

Espoma is the leader in organic natural gardening products, including plant foods, lawn foods, and mixed potting. Our task is to provide the lawn and garden sector with the best quality, most efficient, natural, and organic products.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Welcome to the gardening and gardens blog of the Almanac! We have plenty of guidance and inspiration to assist you in your backyard, whether you’re a starting gardener or a green thumb.

Look through this page for a multitude of subjects, including vegetable gardening, herbs, fruit, flowers, houseplants, containers, and more.

American Meadows Blog | Flower Gardening Blog

Wildflower seed blog, wildflower bulbs, wildflower seeds, bulbs, wildflowers, perennials. American Meadows is one of North America’s most respected online wildflower seed retailers, perennial plants, and flower bulbs. Helping individuals generate more than 30 years of their dream gardens.

Gardener’s Path

The objective of Gardener’s Path is to take you the best of all about gardening, from beginner tips to the more sophisticated green thumb gardener. Learn more about planting and constructing your soil for particular circumstances such as shade or direct sun. Tips to troubleshoot pests and plant diseases.

The Survival Gardener

David is a genius of horticulture author and mad. The blog of Survival Gardener concerns Permaculture, Food Forests, Homesteading, and Survival.

A Green Hand

A Green Hand for all your organic living, organic gardening, and beauty inquiries. We know the effort you are putting into leading a good lifestyle and taking care of your body and mind, and our objective is to create everything simple for you by offering data that responds to all those racing issues through your mind.

The Sunday Gardener Blog

The Sunday Gardener is about growing flowers, vegetables, plants, shrubs, and gardening all things. Best tips and counseling down to earth. The monthly newsletter from the Sunday Gardener is full of gardening ideas and tips on flowering shrubs and plants.

Try Backyard Farming

Try Backyard Farming is a website showing ordinary people how to integrate permaculture and methods of urban homesteading into their urban or suburban lifestyle.

We will show you how to use old-world concepts and modern techniques in the style of permaculture to supercharge your organic garden at home.

Leek Garden

Leek Garden is a blog about subject home improvement & gardening, share about home improvement & gardening experience, tips, the trick to all people.

Richard Jackson’s Garden | Gardening Advice Blog

Visit the Garden of Richard Jackson for the recent gardening tips, inspiration, news, videos, and how-to from Richard and their friends gardening guru.

The Impatient Gardener

Master gardener, amateur compost, sailor, magazine editor, training paddleboarder, Erin’s blog for the Newfoundland dog owner/food supplier. The Impatient Gardener involves a lot of gardening, a bit of DIY, throwing in a couple of true lives. Living cottage and gardening for those who can’t wait.

Gardenerd Blog

The Gardenerd Blog is your source of information on organic gardening that will help you transform the landscape, public space, and containers into a more satisfying and productive garden.

Learn how to grow your own food and discover solutions through our blog posts, newsletters, and weekly podcasts to answer your organic gardening questions.

Enchanted Gardens

Enchanted Gardens is a landscape design company that in Metrowest Boston and Cape Cod that produces distinctive, private gardens and botanical gardens for customers.

Go To 4 Gardening

An online resource with helpful tips and advice from specialists like Pippa Greenwood for Gardeners. Gardening Tips, advice, and ideas from both experienced and novice experts such as Pippa Greenwood and a whole community of gardeners.

Growing In The Garden

Sharing the garden inspiration with Master Gardener and helpful tips to grow your own garden.

Gardening Leave

You’re my gardening fellow enthusiast there! My name is Whyte Michelle. I’m one of the U.S. farming powerhouse states from North Dakota. From an early age, gardening has always been a part of me. I belong to an ardent farming family. In fact, before them, my parents and their parents relied solely on agriculture to make a living.

Growing Family Blog

Growing Family, written by Catherine Hughes, is the UK home and garden blog that shares thoughts, inspiration, and advice for busy family life.

Tending My Garden

Tending My Garden is an in-depth, informative organic gardening site that helps you get past the hype and overwhelming of most of the books and sites’ how to.’ Theresa Martz, 38 years of organic gardening in Virginia, teaches you the easy stuff you really need to succeed.

The Enduring Gardener

The Enduring Gardener, a like-minded garden enthusiast-friendly community. Stephanie Donaldson’s organic gardening blog. We like to maintain up-to-date on the recent trends, crops, and goods in the garden. Enjoy our thoughts for garden design, inspiring articles, and guides.


For every level of skill, a website with DIY garden recipes, eGardenGo helps you design like the pros. Its distinctive instruments enable you to concentrate on foliage, texture, and shape to generate incredible crop combos that will become the foundation for a lovely garden that will delight you throughout the year.


Looking for your first garden to start? Dreamley seeks to assist you to make the most of your outdoor room, regardless of how little time you have.

Savvy Gardening

Savvy Gardening is a place where fresh gardening voices come together to reveal the horticultural world’s charms and fascinations.

It is a place where art and science play together beautifully, where you will find curious musings about everything from voodoo lilies and cucamelons to wheel bugs and Vietnamese coriander.

Savvy Gardening exists to offer innovative solutions, new ideas, enlightening research, and a solid dose of sensible advice to fanatical (and newbie) gardeners of all abilities and persuasions.

Nature And Garden

Nature & Garden is a website dedicated to gardening and seasonal recipes for every gardener. Thousands of gardening tips will assist you to learn more about crops, whether you’re already an expert, a keen amateur, or a complete beginner.

You will also discover cooking and baking seasonal ingredients that will link your vegetable patch, garden, and kitchen to provide good, sound pleasure for everyone.

Veggie Gardener

Veggie Gardener is devoted to a home garden to everything linked to increasing vegetables. For one gardener, what began as a side project has become one of the biggest internet gardening resources.

Grow Organic

Grow Organic is dedicated to preserving the environment by providing you with state-of-the-art, cost-effective supplies of organic growing and the information and tools you need to use them.


There has been a significant increase in the number of interested individuals who want to attempt gardening. Not all of them, however, understand the best areas to begin and be guided properly.

This list of more than 100+ best gardening blogs for beginners is therefore specially curated to assist all gardening newbies out there. If you have plenty of time to spare, why don’t you instead do something active, enjoyable, and worthwhile?

I hope this list will provide you with the best data you need and upgrade your gardening project. Have you previously visited any of these blogs? Share your experiences!