Best Leaf Blowers for Large Yards

The 7 Best Leaf Blowers for Large Yards Reviewed [2021]

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If you are a professional you might have some idea, but for those who are just starting it can be tough to find the best leaf blowers.

That’s why we are here to rescue you. Instead of choosing from hundreds of different products let us present you with the top 7 Best Leaf Blowers for Large Yards.

Before going into the reviews, you can also check our comprehensive buying guide at the end.

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With that said, we suggest reading the full article for in-depth information and finally, make a well-informed decision for yourself. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Best Leaf Blowers for Large Yards Reviewed in Details

1. Hitachi RB24EAP

It would be hard to find any person, who hasn’t heard of the brand Hitachi. Well, it’s no surprise how they are still growing with leading-edge innovations in the electronics and power tools industry.

The Hitachi RB24EAP is one of their succeeding proof and the most powerful handheld leaf blower in the market right now.

This might seem too good to be true but wait till you see the specs. For this size, it’s an extreme machine. It’s quiet, incredibly lightweight, and gets the job done regardless of the challenges.

The blower features the all-new PureFire technology with a 23.9 cc two-stroke engine. What is it mean? For a starter, the new tech significantly reduces carbon emission and increases efficiency.

With its highly efficient engine, the blower puts out whooping 441 CMF of air at 170 MPH speed. Whether you’re covering a small or a large space, it won’t be a problem for this handheld blower.

It usually a lengthy task whenever you are on a spring-cleaning duty. And heavy tool tends to weigh you down before you finish your job. Thanks to the lightweight design of Hitachi RB24EAP, now you don’t have to.

Most blowers have so many fancy features, at some point, you will feel overwhelmed. Here Hitachi taking a more simplistic approach with just only a two-finger lever for throttle controls. That makes it easier to use and the best blowers for leaves under any circumstance.


  • Highly portable.
  • Powerful gas engine.
  • Single Lever operation.
  • Great Air volume and pressure.


  • No significant cons.

2. BLACK+DECKER Electric 3-in-1 Leaf Blower

Black + Decker is another renowned power tool manufacturing company. Started in 1910, it’s has become a brand that every homeowner appreciates for productivity and how reliable they are.

Speaking of reliable tools, wouldn’t it be nice to have a few extra options that help your daily cleaning chores? What if all that goodies you can get at an affordable price, let’s say less than 100 dollars?

Well, we are not pulling your legs nor do we get this from a tooth fairy. The fact is, Black +Decker’s 3-in-1 Electric Blower delivers just that. And, if you are looking for the best leaf blower under 100, this is a good place to start.

This is a large 3-in-one leaf blower machine. You get a vacuum and Mulcher option along with the blower. Just attach the necessary accessory to convert the blower into a powerful vacuum, in just a matter of minutes without any tools.

Many people think an electric blower can’t keep up with a gas-powered machine. But this 12 amp motor closes the gap significantly with two variable flow speeds of 180 & 230 MPH. that’s pretty intense for any blowing or vacuum work.

The Black + Decker’s 3-in-1 Electric Blower is capable of producing 385 cubic feet-per-minute with only a 69dB noise range. For its size, it’s impressive and could be considered the best cordless blower for your backyard.


  • Affordable
  • Low noise operation.
  • Significantly lightweight
  • Perfect for a small backyard.
  • Comes with additional accessories


  • Not suitable for cover large spaces

3. Husqvarna 965877502 350BT

Among all the leaf blowers in the market, the Backpack type is the most powerful one. And these are much expensive than other handheld blowers.

From the point of value, you’re getting the best blower out there. When it’s time for cleaning, you just strap it on your shoulder and go on about your day and finish the job with one swoop.

With Husqvarna 350BT Backpack Blower, it’s much easy to get rid of dead leaves as well as heavier particles like debris and sands from a large area. If you are on the market for the best backpack leaf blower for a hardcore task, this would worth every penny.

Husqvarna developed its X-Torque engine for the ever-competitive market. This sophisticated engine reduces 60% emission and 20% fuel efficiency that good for both you and the environment.

Being a back-mounted blower, design and comfort play a vital role. With its well-engineered belt design, one can use the full force of blow without any strain, fatigue, or discomfort in the back. Sometimes Even the lightest backpack leaf blower fails to do that.

This2 cylinder engine can throw an insane amount of CFM rated at 692. It’s a beast of a machine compared to other handheld blowers.

Naturally, with high-end tools, you get a lot of control features to make your job more pleasant. Variable fan speed, air purge, grooved nobs, adjustable tube length, all these add up in the long session.


  • Low carbon emission
  • Variable speed control
  • Low vibration on your back
  • Perfect leaf blower for large yards.


  • Not capable of vacuum

4. WORX WG545.1

Here is another one of the best electric leaf blower in the market for you. Due to the increasing demand for eco-friendly electric tools, WORX decided to share its glory with its WORX WG545.1 cordless electric blower.

At first look, you won’t be able to comprehend much, apart from its narrow design. But do not let looks deceive you, as you will be surprised to see the power it packs within. And all the different attachments also indicate various uses in the field.

Airspeed is an imperative aspect of any air blower. Despite the appearances, this blower can shoot air at 120 mph. it would work well on front porches, driveway other small cleaning stuff.

Being this portable, the blower makes you want to use it everywhere. That’s why it comes with some unique attachments to fill your needs in small and narrow places. You can even use it to inflate appliances with the right nozzle.

Thanks to the lighter design language weighs about 3.5 pounds. That’s not only aid in maneuvering but also helps in storing it safely.

It’s an electric blower, of course, it comes with a powerful 20v battery. With only 5 hours of charging time, you can move damp leaves and particles, and other heavy debris with ease. Plus all the WORX power tools share the same battery pattern.


  • Ultra-portable.
  • Easy to store.
  • Two-speed control.
  • Various attachments for most pneumatic tasks.


  • Not suitable for longer task

5. Craftsman B215

It’s true that professionals use a backpack or walk-behind blower to cover substantially large places. But technology has been moving forward and innovation along with it. Now powerful tools are available at smaller packages, just like the Craftsman B215 leaf blower.

And, when it comes to choosing one of the best gas leaf blowers for the money, there is plenty to like about the Craftsman B215 2 cycle blower too.

Apart from being affordable, it has a powerful low-emission engine and easy-to-use features to get the job done for you.

The 2-cycle handheld leaf blower features a high-performance powerful 25cc engine. It can produce airspeed up to 200 mph, with an impressive 430 cfm density which is highly effective to take on medium to large yards.

This Craftsman B215 leaf blower features a two-finger throttle that weighs about 11 pounds only. As a result, it is very easy to use and will reduce your hand fatigue too. The lightweight machine also comes with a variable speed throttle so that you can exert more power with better control.

You can also avoid carrying more fuel or reduce downtime as the translucent fuel tanks will allow you to easily see and measure the fuel usage.

With the extended nozzle, you can expect precise blowing from it and clean dogged leaves and debris effortlessly.


  • Very affordable
  • Comes with spare oil
  • Portable & easy to use
  • Variable speed adjustment
  • The nozzle gives access in hard to reach areas


  • Could be noisy
  • Troublesome 3 step activation (prime. Choke & pull)

6. Poulan Pro PR48BT

If you confuse yourself trying to figure out which is the best commercial backpack leaf blower then Poulan Pro PR48BT is perfect for it.

This machine gives you plenty of blowing power, features an ergonomic design, and offers supreme comfort requires for professional yard cleanup. And, all of these don’t come with a hefty price too.

The blower equipped with a fuel-efficient 48cc two-cycle engine. These engines can be used in commercial spaces like schools, colleges, or parks along with your house. Apart from high durability, this engine is perfectly capable of meeting the growing demand with less effort.

No doubt this machine can pull some wonder with a maximum 200 MPH velocity and 475 CFM of air volume. The blowing power is enough to handle any work you throw at it.

It comes with adjustable shoulder straps that fit all user types and help distribute weight evenly across the shoulder and hip. This along with the back padding provides excellent support and reduces strain at your back.

The cruise control is conveniently located and feature a variable trigger to help you regulate the speed depending on the load.


  • Maximum comfort
  • Flexible and precise control
  • Large fuel tank for longer operation
  • Heavy-duty engine for superior blowing


  • A bit noisy at full speed
  • Require mixing gas and oil

7. DeWalt DCBL720P1

Choosing the best lithium-ion leaf blowers is your passport to save money and the environment by cleaning the yard. Unlike gas-powered blowers, they do not produce noise and spillage when also save you from awful maintenance.

Due to these conveniences, such tools are becoming popular nowadays especially among DIY homeowners.

And, if you like to get the best one, we reckon the DeWalt DCBL720P1 cordless blower. Considering its features, we couldn’t resist ending our list by reviewing this outstanding product.

Many believe electric-powered blowers can’t compete with the gasoline models in terms of power. But that’s not the case here due to advanced brushless motor technology. It is efficient and never fades as low power making it suitable for different assignments.

It features a rechargeable lithium-ion (20V MAX 5.0Ah) battery. This makes yard chore fun without annoying fuel mixing and fumes from a gas leaf blower. Additionally, you will get a charger eliminating your needs to buy an additional one.

You might think a tiny battery cannot produce excellent run time, but this machine can outperform your expectation. Thanks to its innovative axial fan design, it can last up to half an hour for each sweep.

You will get a good amount of air (400 CFM) at a good speed (90 mph), enough for removing leftovers from medium to large yard.

With a variable trigger and speed lock, you can enjoy additional control over the power and adjust it to your assignment.

Last but not the least, it is a lightweight and ergonomic blower to reduce stress on your arm. You also have a convenient grip, a removable nozzle, and a cordless design to help you maneuver freely around the yard.


  • Great run time
  • Highly portable
  • Greater mobility
  • Versatile leaf blower


  • Limitations over cleaning wet leaves or clogged gutters

Best Leaf Blowers for Large Yards – Buying Guide

Leaf blowers considered to be the most essential tool for homeowners, who have backyards. And, in this age of rapid technological advancement, air blowers have come a long way in terms of innovation.

Honestly, not all air blowers have the same capacity to finish a task. Nor they are meant for every level of consumer.

Air Blower Types

In order to get the best out of an air blower, first, you need to understand the types and then all the components that come with it. Let’s start with the type-

  • Handheld Blower: These types of blowers are the most compact and lightweight in design. For that reason, some of them fall short in performance. But still, there are some good machines that not only do small cleaning tasks but also up for large tasks.
  • Backpack Blower: These are the mid-tier blower machine. They are pretty powerful and most suitable for a big task like long driveway cleaning, yards, and front porches cleanup. Usually, backpack blowers are a bit expensive compared to a handheld model.
  • Walk-behind Blower: These are the top-tier blowing machine. Generally, these are used in big commercial places, in large fields, or on the streets. The machine is equipped with a heavy-duty engine to cope with long and intense work.

Operation Method of Various Leaf Blowers

Now the types are out of the way, let’s discuss the operation method or in other words, the operating power source of the leaf blower.

  • Battery: Most portable handheld air blower runs on battery. That’s the magic behind this small blower tool. The battery volt rating is not that high but enough to finish a small to the medium cleaning task. Due to limited battery power, you won’t be able to do any extreme tasks for a long period.
  • Corded: Well most electric leaf blowers can be turned into a corded blower machine. The only downside is the dangling cord restricts your navigation. As long as you plugged into a generator or a power outlet, you are good to go for a long period.
  • Gas-powered: A blower that operates on gas power is the most versatile as far as performance goes. All the types of blowers have the gas-powered version for convenience and durability. That’s why gas engine blowers are the most common among all types of air blower.

Important Facts About Blower Machine

Now comes the important part, the components. Each leaf blower consists of a few major components that determine the overall capacity of that machine. Let’s break into each fact about the components for easy understanding.

  • Air Pressure: It doesn’t matter if your blower has an electric motor or the latest fuel-efficient engine. If it fails to deliver the minimum airflow, you will have had time moving dead leaves.

The air pressure in the blower machine is measured in Cubic Feet per-Minute, in short CFM. It means how much air your motor/engine can push through in one minute.

For most small tasks 300 CFM is more than enough and if you wish to do a large task 500CFM is a bare minimum.

  • AirSpeed: MPH or Miles Per Hour represents the airspeed in a blower. Depending on the task you are doing, you may need high speed or low speed. Many manufacturers provide a regulator to adjust speed according to your needs.
  • Added Function: Some leaf blower machines can pull air as well as blowing. With this feature, you can do some vacuum work right after you move the leaves to a place. If this is something you need, you should consider it before buying a blower machine.
  • Attachments: Leaf blowers can do many things besides just blowing leaves. With the right attachments, you can do numerous pneumatic tasks like inflating, dust cleaning and so much more. So, make sure the blower you want has the proper attachments.
  • Noise: The power tool tends to make a lot of noises. Whenever there are moving parts and air pressure involved there will be noises. Some manufacturers implicate different muffler technology to reduce the noise level. Nonetheless, you should always use safety headphones to protect yourself.
  • Weight: Most Electric blowers are lightweight due to fewer components in the blowers compared to the gas blower. The backpack blowers are the heaviest ones.

Although the strap design always helps a lot, you should keep an open eye on your weight limit. Well, the balanced weight gives you comfort and ultimate maneuverability.

  • Warranty: The leaf blower is like an investment for your tool inventory. Generally, the manufacture provides various years of consumer warranty.

But be sure to read the full terms and policies of the manufacturer. Also, make sure all the components are under warranty.

Some company offers Limited warranty meaning it would only cover some aspects of circumstances and for specific parts. It’s best to get the full warranty in case you ran into issues in the future.

Electric vs. Gas Powered Leaf Blower

Many house owners feel confused when it comes to choosing between an Electric vs. Gas-powered leaf blower. From the house owner’s perspective, it’s understandable that both blowers seem to do the same work.

But the electric ones are convenient and environment friendly. On the other hand, gas-powered blowers are loud and heavy, they emit CO2, and need fuel to run. After considering all the things, it appears that electric blowers are the best option.

But wait there’s more to it than just a simple comparison. You may argue the electric blower has evolved in so many ways. We also believe the same, but the thing is all the benefits of electric blowers are still revolving around the smaller day to day task. In a continuous intense task combustion engine is the best choice.

Therefore, it comes to the point, where it all depends on your needs and preference.


Is the leaf blower dangerous?

In general, all power tools are dangerous, if you operate carelessly. Air blowers shoot a high volume of air at great speed. So, aiming it at the wrong thing can cause damage or injury to an individual. Apart from that, manufacturers always make air blowers following various safety rules to minimize any health or environmental hazard.

Are electric leaf blowers any good?

Electric blowers are very convenient and compact. If you need to do some small cleaning tasks around your house on a daily basis, it doesn’t get any better than this.

What is better in a leaf blower CFM or MPH?

For a leaf blower CFM rating always comes first, it’s the amount (volume) of air coming out of the pipe. Greater CFM handles the bigger area. On the other hand, MPH (miles per hour) is the speed of air burst to move out hard objects and goes hand in hand to brings better efficiency.

How long do cordless leaf blowers last?

If you take good care of an air blower, it will serve you long enough. Although from time to time, some blowers may show issues. It could be manufacturing defects or other unforeseen flaws.  But don’t worry, that’s why you have such a long warranty with each air blower.

Final Thoughts

As the old way of doing things are slowly changing, leaf blowers aren’t considered to be a luxury anymore. It’s more of a necessity now. Being able to clean the yards of dead leaves puts a lot of mind at ease. That said, we hope you liked our best leaf blowers for large yards reviews and able to take away key information.

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