Top 5 Best Outdoor Benches in 2021

Best Outdoor Benches

Whether it is a garden or a balcony, the time to travel with the imagination and create your ideal environment is never too much.

For all moments of the day, we would need our own corner, in which to relax and carve out some time for ourselves.

As simple as it is, a beautiful outdoor bench is what it takes to make a corner of the house that previously appeared bare and unused.

So what are you waiting for, start reading our review to find the best outdoor benches that suit you!

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top 3 Picks:

Best Overall
Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box for...
Runner Up
Best Choice Products Steel Garden Bench Loveseat...
Also Consider
Best Choice Products 50in Steel Garden Bench for...
Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box for...
Best Choice Products Steel Garden Bench Loveseat...
Best Choice Products 50in Steel Garden Bench for...
Material Plastic Frame Material Wood Color Brown / Brown Brand Keter Item Weight 29.7 Pounds
Material Alloy Steel Frame Material Alloy Steel Color Brown Furniture Finish Bronze Brand Best Choice Products
Material Alloy Steel Frame Material Alloy Steel Color Black Furniture Finish Cappuccino Seat Height 16 Inches
Best Overall
Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box for...
Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box for...
Material Plastic Frame Material Wood Color Brown / Brown Brand Keter Item Weight 29.7 Pounds
Runner Up
Best Choice Products Steel Garden Bench Loveseat...
Best Choice Products Steel Garden Bench Loveseat...
Material Alloy Steel Frame Material Alloy Steel Color Brown Furniture Finish Bronze Brand Best Choice Products
Also Consider
Best Choice Products 50in Steel Garden Bench for...
Best Choice Products 50in Steel Garden Bench for...
Material Alloy Steel Frame Material Alloy Steel Color Black Furniture Finish Cappuccino Seat Height 16 Inches

Top 5 Best Outdoor Benches 2021 – Reviews

I’ve picked five outdoor benches from my experience. With the in-depth analysis, you’ll get to choose the compatible one for your need.

#1. Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box for Patio Furniture – Best Overall

This is a chest, so in addition to the classic sitting function, it also offers storage space for gardens or veranda objects with classic and rustic style combined with the light color makes it an ideal product for terraces and country houses or villages.

It is made of “look and like” plastic that collects the qualities of wood and the durability of plastic, suitable for two people and with a lined seat, to be fully enjoyed.

The chest has a capacity of 256 liters and a metal lock with padlock and side vents to avoid harmful moisture stagnation. This is the first amazon choice also thanks to the value for money.

#2. Best Choice Products Steel Garden Bench

Best Choice Products Steel Garden Bench Loveseat...
  • VERSATILE OUTDOOR SEATING: Lightweight and durable construction makes this bench an easy addition to your porch, patio, deck, or garden nook
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Crafted with an all-steel frame and a rustic, weather-resistant finish to accent your porch or patio for years to come
  • COMPACT, 3-PERSON DESIGN: 39-inch seat comfortably holds up to 3 guests with a weight capacity of 300 pounds

A customer favorite, the Best Choice Products outdoor bench loveseat offers a great opportunity to relax and share a few minutes with friends and family.

Designed with charming floral vintage-style rose accents, it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for any outdoor activity.

For extra convenience, the bench also features a large storage tray and cup holders at each end of the seat. Made of high-quality steel, the garden bench is sturdy and durable to ensure your enjoyment for many years to come.

#3. Outsunny Wooden Wagon Wheel Bench

Outsunny Wooden Wagon Wheel Bench Rustic Outdoor...
  • RUSTIC STYLE BENCH: Our elegantly designed rustic style bench adds beauty and country charm to your patio, garden, or other outdoor area.
  • WAGON WHEEL ARMRESTS: The armrests feature a unique wagon wheel design that is sure to make this bench a conversation piece among your guests.
  • DURABLE WOOD CONSTRUCTION: Made of heavy-duty solid fir wood construction for a truly authentic look that is built to last and will have you sitting comfortably for years to come.

The Outsunny Wooden Wagon Wheel 2-Person Bench is an affordable oasis perfect for your outdoor needs. Whether it’s time to take a load off or have a picnic with friends and family, this bench is always ready and waiting to provide the perfect seat.

It’s uniquely designed so that you can enjoy extra seating and storage without using up too much space when not in use. Being lightweight, it is easy to move around but also durable enough to stay put when fully loaded.

#4. Best Choice Products 50in Steel Garden Bench

Best Choice Products 50in Steel Garden Bench for...
  • VERSATILE OUTDOOR SEATING: Lightweight and durable construction makes this bench an easy addition to your porch, patio, deck, or poolside
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Crafted with a sturdy, all-steel design and a weather-resistant finish to remain on your porch or in the backyard for years to come
  • 3-PERSON SEATING: Comfortably seats up to 3 people with a weight capacity of 400 pounds

Enjoy your outdoor room to the fullest with this Best Choice Products 50in Steel Garden Bench. This garden bench has all of the qualities you could ask for in a garden bench, including being rust-resistant, weatherproof, and durable.

It is designed to look good and last long. It comes in black color and would be perfect as an extra seat in your sunroom or on your patio.

#5. VIFAH V1620 Atlantic Slatted Acacia Weathered Wood Bench

VIFAH V1620 Atlantic Grey-Washed 5Ft Slatted...
  • Protective qualities: Rot and decay-protected..
  • Contoured seat, slatted back design and curved armrests.
  • Weight: 40 lbs. Product Dimensions: 57"L x 22"W x 35"H

Add to your outdoor seating ensemble with the VIFAH V1620 Atlantic Slatted Acacia Weathered-Wood Bench for 3 Seater Entry Way, Porch, Balcony, Deck, Garden, Patio, Backyard, Outdoor Seating.

It features a solid acacia wood frame and powder-coated steel slats. Create an inviting living space with this bench that will last for year-round comfort and use.

How to Choose a Outdoor Benches?

Obviously, there are some tastes and styles to pick your outdoor benches, but first of all, the solid material, which is the first aspect to evaluate.



It can be wrought iron, or simply die-cast and worked in the finishes. This material certainly makes the structure heavy to move, but equally robust, resistant, and durable even against atmospheric agents, especially if treated with anti-rust paints.

It is advisable to carry out routine maintenance, perhaps annually, cleaning up any hints of rust and possibly repainting the damaged parts with special products.


With characteristics very similar to iron, but with the advantage of being much lighter and decidedly more modern as a material. Clearly, the style of these benches will be more suited to a clear and elegant environment.


They are among the most classic models, reminiscent of rustic environments surrounded by greenery. It is widely used for garden, park, or picnic benches, as well as for outdoor chests as it is a very resistant and aesthetically impacting material.

It certainly requires some extra attention, as it must be treated with the right products and above all, it requires periodic maintenance, especially if left outdoors all year round.

If the wood is of quality, such as that of eucalyptus, the price will be clearly higher than for a rough matchboard.


This material has several advantages. First of all, perhaps the negligible cost when compared with models in wood or wrought iron.

Secondly, can be noted the resistance to atmospheric agents such as rain and the incredible lightness that distinguishes plastic from other materials, in addition to the wide availability of different shapes and colors.

And for those like me who have an eye for the environment, there are also models of benches in 100% recycled plastic, very resistant thanks to the steel core, thin and resistant which makes them cutting-edge products.


Benches with curved back

These models are the most classic, ideal for several people, equipped with a backrest to rest the back and keep it in the correct position without effort.

The characteristic shape of the curved backrest, higher in the center and less at the edges, also makes it a design object that has always been appreciated among the branches of the garden.

Benches with straight back

Similar to the curved back models, however, they have a characteristic that distinguishes them, namely the slatted backrest. This is certainly an important aspect for the comfort of sitting and for the back of all users.

Outdoor chest

The outdoor chest, usually in wood treated to resist atmospheric agents, is a very useful element for verandas and balconies but not only. Thanks to the ends without armrests, it is possible to compose the chests at will to recreate tables with friends and particular furnishings in which the imagination is king.

Fixed benches on the ground

These models are designed to be fixed to the ground and provide a comfortable stable seat. The seats are well-circumscribed, to leave everyone their own space as well as a rather ergonomic seat.

Often these versions are used as stands for sporting events in general, both for the public and for the players; but also for parks and outdoor environments.

Park benches

These are typical models of playgrounds and public gardens. They are usually made of wood or metal, with different shapes and with the ability to customize the color according to your needs. They are very comfortable, thanks to the comfortable seat, the fixed backrest, and the four feet that allow excellent stability.

Picnic benches

This type of bench can be seen in several ways. In fact, there are compact versions, where seats and tables are joined, often in wood, to furnish parks and nature trails.

Other models are mobile and modular, more often in aluminum to allow you to always carry them with us. They are in fact designed to be resealable and being made of aluminum, they are extremely light.


Profiled seat

This term refers to the benches that mount a seat with a curved back, designed to support the back and torso in their natural position. The models in question often tend to be curved even towards the center of the seat, to better adhere by supporting the natural curves of the back. Ideal for relaxing moments or to read a good book.

Single session

The benches that use this type of seat use a single piece for a seat and back, which are angled according to a gentle curvature, to respect our posture and an almost straight back, to sit comfortably but also for an arrangement with a dining table. which may require a more appropriate position.


Backrest with a particular texture

There are definitely elegant as well as comfortable benches, which aim to be furnishing objects. They are recognized because the backrest is not made up of simple slats but of artistic and imaginative designs and shapes.

Reclining backrest

Some of the most advanced models are also equipped with a reclining backrest, to meet everyone’s needs.

In different colors

The possibility of choosing a model in different colors is also an aspect that should not be underestimated. In fact, it allows you to truly customize your garden or terrace.

Other coordinated products

Also for the garden, there are many lines that in addition to the benches produce other garden objects such as wastebaskets and pots, which follow the same fantasy, to complete your location.

Instruction manual

Although it may seem like a simple object, to assemble a bench, it could be useful to have the assembly manual available with the appropriate instructions.

Reinforced structure

In the joints of the reinforced benches, angles and blocks can be seen to further support the weight and not suffer from wear.


#Q1 How do maintenance on your outdoor bench?

The maintenance your bench requires is closely linked to the climate to which it is exposed. Surely the first thing to do, in addition to choosing the right material, is to choose a quality material.

Like solid wood or otherwise treated for outdoor environments, in the case of wooden benches. Usually, whether it is iron or wood, both materials are treated differently to preserve the best characteristics and strength of the materials.

The wooden benches are treated with water-resistant impregnating paints, while the iron ones are covered with powder paints or galvanized, depending on the quality of the product and the final appearance it must have.

Surely, if you have the opportunity to shelter our bench during the winter, it will thank us. Over time, however, wear will show itself. Here we can carry out small jobs such as scratching the damaged parts with sandpaper and painting with special products (from iron or wood) of the same shade, to make them like new once finished.

If your benches are equipped with cushions, I recommend that you always keep them away from sun, rain, and humidity, to avoid mold and bad smells. Periodic washing is highly recommended and if you do not want to leave your seat without a cushion, you can always buy a spare cushion kit.

If mold appears, it is obviously time to wash. Wash in the washing machine, with detergent and a spoonful of white wine vinegar will make your pillows look as good as new.

#Q2 How high should an outdoor bench be?

Usually, the seat of a garden bench is around 50-70 cm. Obviously, this must be compared to that of the combined table, if necessary.

#Q3 What is the best wood for the outdoor benches?

Canadian red cedar is certainly the most used for cost and quality. Its duration, if treated properly, can reach 20 years. Eucalyptus is also among the most precious and lasting choices.

#Q4 Why are outdoor benches expensive?

Outdoor furniture is expensive because to ensure an acceptable duration it is necessary to choose quality materials and carry out water-repellent and protective treatments. They are also objects of furniture and are often treated in detail.

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