Best Pruners for Arthritic Hands

Best Pruners for Arthritic Hands 2021: Top 5 Picks

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The best pruners for arthritic hands are specifically designed to provide relief for people with limited hand strength and flexibility.

These tools are made for folks with arthritis in the large joints of their hands and fingers, and will probably be able to fulfill all your gardening needs.

What Are The Best Pruners for Arthritic Hands?

Felco F-2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner – Best Overall

Color Red
Material Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH 9.25 x 4 x 1 inches
Style F 2
Item Weight 8.8 Ounces

The Felco F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner, F 2, Red is an ideal pruner for light applications and easily adjustable. It is ideal for either dough-related work or light breadcrumbing. The Felco Pruner is less expensive than its various competitors and has earned a reputation as an accurate and economical tool based on a lengthy history of quality control. The design is unique and original, boasting of its unique combination of features. It features a tough yet flexible all-metal blade, as well as a rubber cushion and shock absorbing system, which should ensure an exceptional amount of safety even during light to moderate handling. The sophisticated design allows every 2″ circle to cut through the dough as neatly as a knife through butter.

Felco F-6 Classic Pruner For Smaller Hands

Color Red
Material Stainless Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH 11 x 1.5 x 3.75 inches
Style F 6
Item Weight 1 Pound

A favorite among gardeners and landscapers alike, Felco pruning shears are the only hand-cutting tools that are fully forged and have replaceable blades. Felco F6 pruning shears (also known as anvil pruners) feature a steel alloy handle with a rust-resistant chrome-vanadium steel blade that easily cuts branches up to 4.5 inches in diameter. Perfect for porch or patio, Felco pruning shears are a high-performance pair of garden shears that never need sharpening.

Felco F7 Pruner

The Felco F7 pruner, the smallest one-handed pruner in the Felco line, cuts cleanly and quickly with the same dependable cutting performance as all other Felco pruners. The V-shaped spring exerts 10 times more cutting power than a standard leaf spring and holds its shape with minimal maintenance. Lightweight hardened steel blades are fully adjustable with a stainless-steel cam locking mechanism.  A soft elastomer handle absorbs pressure. All this adds up to great pruning performance that won’t break your back or easily go dull.

Corona Bp 4840 Pruner

The Corona BP 4840 Bypass Hand Pruner features a fast-action wire cutter that makes quick work of small, medium-size trees and garden bushes. It is also constructed of durable 0.050 in. carbon blade steel that resists rust in moist climates. These pruners are built to last to ensure you have them for many years, with smooth lever action and precise 1 in. cutting capacity.

Fiskars Powergear2 Ultrablade Softgrip Pruner

Make fast work of clean cuts with the PowerGear2 UltraBlade Softgrip Pruner. This pruning shear features a super sharp, high-carbon steel blade that delivers precision to the tip and extends the life of blades. The anodized aluminum handle is lightweight and long-lasting while delivering more power for better cutting performance. Durable soft grip inlays add comfort during extended use. Feel confident in tackling a variety of tasks around the yard or garden with this versatile pruner.

Fiskars PowerGear2 Softgrip Pruner is a lightweight, ergonomic pruning shear with an extended blade and an improved gearbox for powerful cutting. The Fiskars UltraBlade is up to 30% sharper than other leading brands, while the patented Softgrip handle provides comfort and reduces hand fatigue.

How To Choose The Best Pruners for Arthritic Hands?

This brief purchase manual will allow you to find the correct shears for your purposes, detailing all the variables you need to consider before making a purchase.


Buying products made from quality materials is essential, everyone understands that. This implies an alloy blade for gardening shears, such as carbon steel, which is both sharp and durable and relatively lightweight. Equally essential is the handle material.

Strong and durable are aluminum or steel handles, but they weigh more than plastic handles. In contrast, plastic is less resistant to extended use and certainly not as comfortable.

The coating is essential for extended life, protecting the blades of your shears from rust and normal wear and tears. Different materials are used for coating, but the best ones are chrome-plated and nickeled.

Blade Length

This problem relies on the purpose for which the shears are needed.

Longer blades are good to trim hedges, particularly larger ones, while smaller blades may be better for operations that do not require you to reach hard-to-reach angles, such as pruning.

Bent long blades, especially if you don’t want to bend a lot, are great for edging the lawn. But there are some shears that can be used for grass cutting with smaller blades, so what’s the distinction?

Well, for extended edging, the first sort of garden shears is better, while the second is better for tweaking and perfecting hard-to-reach angles.

Handle Length

In the event of long-handled garden shears, handles are too short disadvantaged, while handles that are too long are a nuisance for brief individuals.

An inappropriate length of the handle leads to awkward bending or incorrect gripping of the handles, resulting in back pain associated with extended use.

On the other hand, most people benefit from telescopic handles with an adjustable handle length. But even if you don’t want long-handled garden shears, the handle length is equally essential.

That’s because a handle that’s too long may require you to apply more force, posing issues to your wrists, while a too brief handle may lead you to cut your hands.


A nice grip for prolonged use makes the shears more convenient. You should, therefore, look for an ergonomic design that suits your hand’s anatomical structure.

A reinforced rubber patch on the handles softens the grip a little, which helps prevent blisters from getting on your hands.


Different problems related to the type of blade joint. For instance, because it lasts longer, a screw is better than a pivot cap. But just as essential is the sort of screw that joins the two blades together.

A screw that provides enhanced safety may prove too rigid, so the shears would need to be constantly re-adjusted or oiled.

On the other hand, a screw that’s too lax makes the shears lack control, which decreases the overall accuracy of your cutting.

Single-hand vs Double-hand

Some people find single-hand shears less comfortable than double-hand shears, but you need to consider other factors when making the choice.

As such, single-hand shears are intended for precision cutting, such as pruning or trimming difficult to reach corners. On the other hand, double-hand shears are intended for prolonged periods of time and bulk work.


Before purchasing the best pruners for arthritic hands, the multiple factors we mentioned above must be taken into consideration because each pair of shears serves a distinct purpose.

You are bound to discover the correct shears for your requirements after you have a clear image of what you need.