The 11 Best Rated Outdoor Storage Sheds Reviewed [2021]

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Are you having a hard time organizing tools in your garage? If you are then you need a storage shed. It’s where you can organize your garden tools and lawn supplies with great ease.

There’s no outdoor equipment or supplies a storage shed can’t lock up whether it’s a lawnmower, trimmer, chainsaw, or a pressure washer, even your tractor mower before adding a storage shed to your yard. There are things to consider to ensure that you get the perfect shed for your belongings.

This review will help you narrow down your choices by sharing with you the Best Rated Outdoor Storage Sheds on the market today. Including their advantages, key features, and materials used.

Best Rated Outdoor Storage Sheds – Reviewed

1. Rubbermaid Resin Vertical Outdoor Shed

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Very similar in a lot of ways to the sun cast variation. The major differences to the Rubbermaid version are that it’s a smidge taller and that you can build five shelves instead of four. The shelf mounts are not evenly spaced on the Rubbermaid unit.

The top two shelves end up being more narrow where the lower shelves can hold larger items. One like the locking mechanisms of the handle of the sun cast unit. The Rubbermaid has separate metal locking tabs that go through one of the doors to hold the unit closed.

One of the largest complaints against the shed though is that it’s not both together. So the pieces slide easily together during assembly and slide just as easily apart.

If one doesn’t drill holes and add some securing screw. All in all the sun cast appears to have a slight leg up on the Rubbermaid version. If you need extra shelf space go with Rubbermaid.

2. Suncast BMS2500 Horizontal Storage Shed

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These small outdoor storage boxes cheaper in terms of square footage, it’s a vertical counterpart. However, it is really more box-like than a shed. It can hold square off trash cans quite effectively offering a more appealing landscape option.

It also works well for the storage of such things as generators or other shorter equipment. The drawbacks are twofold one issue is the size to fit some long-handled tools like rakes inside. They will have to be like, actually which makes it hard to put other larger items inside.

Also and license lock the lid has the tendency to get jerked open by the wind if it’s oriented the wrong way and that’s your fault in the design pro tip. If you don’t want to lock it all the time at least sliding downhill through the lock holes to keep the lid in place.

All in all, if you’re putting this in a sheltered area you and you don’t need a lot of storage space. It’s a sturdy option and well worth it for keeping cans or gear out of sight, but if it’s going to be directly exposed to high winds or you do have a lot of items to store, this may not be ideal for you.

3. The YardStash III

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This is an interesting pop-up solution literally. Yardstash 3 is a 1/10 like storage option that easily is put in place in a matter of minutes and we can hold a couple of adult-size bikes with ease. As it’s obviously not a permanent structure.

You should not have issues with the zoning. Although some pickier as may not like that. There’s a tent in your yard and with polyester framing and a vinyl top. It does protect its contents from rain. Here is a problem is with longevity not with this construction.

If you need a short-term storage option, this is fantastic, but like tents used for camping. It’s not meant for permanent long term use.

Ironically the storage shed also needs to be stored itself. As its fabric. It’s not as durable in high wind or snow conditions and it isn’t security-minded as it can be easily cut through.

If you need a short-term solution for summertime pool storage, or you’re camping with a bike and want a secure place to keep the bike out of the elements. This is a fantastic pic. But if you want a year-round shed, I recommend that you look at other alternatives.

4. Arrow 8′ x 6′ Hamlet Storage Shed

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For large storage building, this steel option is fantastic. It arrives as a kid, which takes two people to assemble but includes all of the components. It does not have a floor so you will need to either purchase a floor separately or install it on an existing floor.

A concrete pad or deck boards work fine. Price-wise it’s not that much more expensive than the plastic options, which may come as a surprise. If you need enough storage space for a few bikes and your lawnmower the smallest size of this model will easily handle that and the largest version provides a whole lot more room.

Its major drawbacks are that its metal which heats up rapidly during the summer and that you will want heavy gloves when assembling is to avoid cutting your hands on the steel sheeting. Also, you may want some silicone caulking to ensure that it’s watertight at the joints.

All in all, this is an excellent option for someone who wants a medium to large walk-in shed as a long-term storage solution and the company seems to agree. Its metal storage shed comes with a 12-year limited warranty.

5. Suncast BMS8100 8′ x 10′ Tremont Storage Shed

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in terms of large storage sheds the sun cast and bs 6810 d is a good all-round. Customizable with additional storage racks, including an addict style rack and wall mounted hanging rack.

It has small skylights and door windows to provide some natural interior light. The roof is metal-reinforced to provide stability during periods of heavy rain or snow. Double-wall resin construction provides a slight insulating effect.

The roof height is 8 ft. So it’s not a small or low profile shed. It’s truly a walk-in option. It’s also capable of being a drive-in for riding mowers.

It’s an easy assembly, but it does require a flat surface to be placed on. Overall, it’s one of the best home assembly kits available right now.

6. Rubbermaid Big Max Ultra Storage Shed

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This shed has an adorable and sturdy plastic structure for storing different kinds of outdoor equipment. It is great for storing riding mowers and other lawn and garden tools and equipment.

The shed is intentionally designed to be stylish enough to complement the outdoor vibe of your place. Rubbermaid big max shed has 467 cubic feet capacity. Which can give you enough room to store various kinds of outdoor and garden tools.

It has a lockable door for added security. At the back part of the shed seated event to let air and light come in. Rubbermaid promises a maintenance-free shed as it’s a dent leak and weather-resistant shed.

Rubbermaid gives you a 10-year limited warranty. The shed can withstand rainstorm heavy wind and snow. It can be reinforced easily with harsh weather conditions happen.

When it comes to assembling to shed, you won’t be misled for every panel that has labels in it. It’s just as easy as putting together puzzle pieces.

It’s really simple to put together and also customize the interior of the shed by installing 12 adapters included with the package which allows you to add shelving pegboard and accessories.

The doors of this shit have built-in windows that are opaque when the doors are closed giving you a safe place to store tools and equipment. And nobody will be able to see it from the outside.

The shed is truly a value for the money or it’s build to even last in heavy use harsh weather conditions. The best part of the shed is it slight you can take it apart.

So when you plan on moving is easy to reassemble it in your new place.

7. US Leisure 10 Ft. X 8 Ft. Stronghold Resin Shed

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This shed has a wider area for people that want spacious and brought it said this one would be a good product to consider. It gives you a high pitched roof for ample headroom. The shed has 540 cubic feet of storage capacity.

Provides has space for your tools. Unlike the other sheds US Leisure door with a built-in window is located on the wider side of the wall giving you a huge door opening of 62 inches for storing large equipment this one of the downsides of the door its locking mechanism, which is not secure and durable enough.

US Leisure 10 ft by 8 ft resin storage shed also features a full-length skylight for ambient light. It also has two side windows that you can open to let the air circulate inside. It’s best for people who want to have a bright and clear atmosphere for their storage shed.

However, building a shed is quite tricky. You need to get all the parts from the box before assembling because the other parts are not easily found. It also has a lot of steel braces to install.

Another thing to be aware of is the way they mark the parts because some of the parts are reversible which may confuse you while building it.

But if you’re looking for inexpensive and spacious storage sheds, this US Leisure 10 foot by 8-foot resin storage shed might be one of the best options for you to consider.

8. Suncast 7′ x 7′ Cascade Shed Outdoor Storage

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Suncast Corporation is one of the leading brands in providing wood structures and resin product solutions for a better organized and beautiful home. One of these is the vista storage shed. That’s perfect for any outdoor space.

The vista storage shed is designed to be weather resistant to protect the interior contents and eliminate any risk of frost over the lifespan of the product. The walls are built with multi-wall panels for strength and stability.

One of the best features of this shed is the innovative aluma vent system, which is designed to reduce humidity temperature and provides light and air circulation.

However, it takes a lot of time to put the roof on which is the most tedious part of the installation process because the connections are quite tricky.

The shed is strengthened with steel supports to ensure the stability of the structure. It also features interior metal latches at the back of the door for added security and for keeping the doors closed. The door also comes with pad-lockable doors to ensure tools and equipment will remain safe and secure all the time.

With a 327 cubic foot space is plenty of room for storing tools and equipment from summer staples to cold weather tools. If you want to get the most of this shed storage space there are available accessories.

However, these are sold separately and are not included in the packaging. The storage shed has a classic shed design with decorative architectural designs for aesthetic appeal.

The roof panels are shingles style design for a classic look. The stylish design complement any yard or living space. It perfectly balances form and function and we’ll definitely elevate the look of your outdoor space.

9. LIFETIME 60075 8 x 15 Ft. Outdoor Storage Shed

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If you’re looking for spacious heavy-duty attractive storage, either for your garden lawn or pool supplies this is definitely the one for you. As its brand name suggests the storage shed is strong enough to last a lifetime.

It’s made of double-wall high-density polypropylene HDPE panel with steel support. It has five skylights 2 shatterproof polycarbonate windows steel door shelves and a 10-year limited warranty a combination of the models 6402 and 6422 extension kit you’ll feel at home with his roomie storehouse.

The double doors make a large entryway for bulky equipment such as lawnmowers and all your tools can be squeezed. If you’re in it all together, no matter how big or bigger they are.

There is indeed plenty of room for your tools and they can be arranged on the shelf so that your things will look clean and organized. There are five shelves included in the package. Two of which are corner shelves equipped to keep your tools safe the doors.

Have an exterior padlock loop while the windows can be securely locked. So don’t lose sleep thinking about your precious tools because they’re in good hands for a lifetime.

Rain or shine this storage is built to withstand any kind of weather. The steep angle keeps the interior dry as it allows quick drainage of rain and snow. In addition to the windows, the storage shed has to screen vents for air circulation.

The screen vents also prevent pests from entering and destroying your price tool. Make this fun project is this storage will be delivered to you in three boxes. The company makes the installation manual as easy as possible.

So take time and reading and following the instructions carefully. By the way, assembly time is 6 hours so patience is a virtue. It’s all worth the wait.

10. Palram Skylight Storage Shed – 6′ x 8′

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With 250 cubic feet of storage space, this is a perfect fit for your lawnmowers wheelbarrows garden tools bikes & more. This storage shed is simple yet stylish. It will surely make your outdoor living experience a breeze.

Anchor this to your concrete patio or wooden decks. Anchor screws can be bought separately. Despite its simplicity, the storage shed is durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions because it’s made up of polycarbonate aluminum and metal.

It has a snow capacity of 15 pounds per square meter and can resist strong winds too. It’s also UV protected so harmful rays from the sun cannot damage your shed.

The storage shed is virtually unbreakable. It’s maintenance-free and comes with a 10-year limited warranty and we’ll never rust peel fade or get brittle over time.

What a great value for your money. Double doors make the entranceway wide enough to accommodate various tools storage and to keep your tools safe. Doors are lockable for better organization and storage equipment and other tools can be arranged in an optional shelf kit.

The interior is illuminated through the skylight panels which allow only 10% of sunlight to penetrate your storage. Meanwhile back and front vents allow circulation. The floors have an anti-slip mat to keep your valuables dry all the time.

Comes with an easy DIY installation manual in follows a slide and lock paneling system. But again, like other storage sheds installation takes time. It requires extra effort to build this one on your own.

However, in the end, the outcome will get you satisfied. Just read and follow the installation manuals carefully.

11. Suncast BMS1250

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The best vertical shed is Suncast BMS1250 know where tackle utility shed. If you limited on space for a storage shed or only want to store your basic yard work tools or potting soil, this is a great option.

While its internal dimensions don’t allow for storage of larger equipment like motorized lawn mowers. It will handle most push mowers with easy as well as all manners of rakes shovels and light.

Shelves do not come with this tall storage cabinet but are easy to build for yourself and the instructions show how to construct and insert up to four fixed point shelves.

The price on this unit is quite good for what you’re getting but in comparison to a larger shed, you’re paying more per square foot of storage space, than you would on a larger unit.

The handles are molded plastic as well and have holes that allow for the addition of a lock but may not be as secure as metal handles would be in a high-crime area.

And as tall storage shed instead of a wide model you would have difficulty storing bicycles for other wider items in the relatively compact space.

Best Rated Outdoor Storage Sheds – Buying Guide

It is not always easy to choose a storage shed adapted to your needs. We, therefore, suggest that you guide you by making you discover the main criteria that should guide your quest.

Types of Sheds

You can choose between 3 types of a storage shed: sheltered wooden sheds, the storage shed or PVC resin, and has b metal outdoor laughed.

While all have the option of using additional or annex storage space, some can be useful for many other things, hence the need to take their needs into account when choosing the type of storage shed they are looking for. you need.

The resin or PVC storage shed is a model that can be adapted to different uses. However, its fragile nature makes it delicate, so it is not the best option for very long term use.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking for extra storage space, a metal storage shed is what you need. For example, it has the advantage of being robust, making it a model that can be used over a long period.

Additionally, you can repaint it to make it more attractive or give it a youthful look when you feel its color is fading.

In addition, a storage shed can serve as a workshop, a secure play area for your children, or as a bedroom. For such uses, nothing better than wooden storage shed. It is design, resistant, and offers fairly good thermal insulation.


They vary from model to model and should be chosen according to your needs. So, for the storage of a few tools, an area of ​​about 5 square meters or less can satisfy you.

On the other hand, for a workshop, a play area for children, or a garden chalet, an area of 15 to 20 square meters is recommended.

However, there are regulations that govern the installation of a storage shed. They may vary from one region to another, hence the importance of finding out about those in your region so that you are in good standing.

In some areas, a storage shed of less than 5 square meters can be installed without any administrative authorization.

For shelters of 5 square meters to less than 20 square meters, it is necessary to declare the work you want to start. As for shelters of 20 square meters or more, you must obtain a building permit before starting your work.


The material of the roof is just as sensitive and important as that of the body of the shed, as it also ensures the protection of the objects stored in the storage shed.

The material used for the design of the roof is often different from that used for the body of the storage shed.

In addition, depending on the model, the roof is covered with protection to strengthen its waterproofing. This protection can be flat bitumen felt, tarred plates, shingle, or steel.

However, of all the materials used in the design of the roof, steel is presented as the least practical. Indeed, if in terms of solidity, it offers good guarantees, it is not very suitable, because it is very noisy during the rains.

In addition, for damp areas, flat bitumen felt is ideal. You can also opt for a green roof.

Besides, it can also be practical to think about the shape of the roof. You have the choice between sloped roofs (single slope and double slope) and flat roofs.

If for sloped roofs, it is possible to install a channel for the drainage of water during and after a rain, this is not really necessary.

On the other hand, for a flat roof, you must necessarily install a water drainage system for the roof in order to avoid any stagnation of water on your roof.

Assemble Options

As recommended with any construction, your storage shed should have a solid foundation to prevent it from blowing away or collapsing in the wind.

You can, therefore, make a concrete slab on which you can then fix brackets. In addition, you can also opt for concrete studs that will be fixed in the corners of your storage shed to better secure it.

When it comes to assembly, the difficulties you might encounter will vary depending on your DIY experience and the base material of the shelter.

Metal shelters are sometimes difficult to assemble due to the many screws that must be used. In addition, in some cases, you need to carry out preliminary work on the metal storage shed to properly assemble it.

So, assembling a metal storage shed can take you more than a day. The wooden shelter is easier to assemble and will only take you a few hours. It is the same for the PVC one.


For the protection of your objects, many storage sheds offer a door locking system. This can be a hasp that the user will associate with a padlock or outright a door with a key lock.

Besides this, a storage shed can offer small windows for better air circulation inside the shed.


For better storage or use of space, some storage sheds are equipped with small shelves. You can, therefore, store small items there.

In addition, it would be practical if, for the storage of objects which must be placed on the ground, the storage shed is equipped with a floor.

In particular, you will avoid placing objects directly on the floor, which can make them dirty or absorb moisture from the floor.

Also, in terms of maintenance, you don’t have to worry because a storage shed is easy to maintain. A simple wash or rinse is usually sufficient to restore it to its former elegance.

How to get good storage sheds?

Owning a storage shed is really practical when you do not have large indoor storage space. Indeed, a storage shed allows you to store objects such as tools, toys, and sometimes larger objects such as a bicycle.

It will all depend on the model you choose, however. Higher-end models have the advantage of offering more storage space than low-cost models.

Still, that doesn’t make the cheap storage shed an unreliable and serious option. Moreover, the inexpensive storage shed is what you need if you only have a small outdoor space to set it up or if you don’t have much to store.

However, it is necessary to be careful in choosing an inexpensive storage shed or a used storage shed. Indeed, some models are unfortunately very difficult to assemble due to poor hardware.

Also, for other storage sheds, you may need to do additional work before you can perform the proper assembly.

To minimize the risk of stumbling upon a cheap model that is difficult to assemble, we recommend that you first read the opinions of users of this model.

They will allow you to have a general idea of ​​its advantages. Besides, you can find spacious and quality storage sheds at a really reduced price by taking advantage of the sales period.

How to maintain your storage shed?

Maintaining your storage shed is essential to preserve its elegance and robustness. While regular maintenance is recommended, however, you must consider the type of material to properly maintain this outdoor storage space.

For a wooden storage shed, cleaning with water and organic soap is sufficient to preserve the color of the wood.

However, a simple cleaning will not be enough to ensure a good lifespan of your storage shed. You have to fight against insects and humidity that attack the wood and weaken it.

To protect your wooden storage shed, we recommend that you apply a layer of insecticide to the wood.

This treatment must be done before assembling the wooden storage shed so that the wood is fully protected. Repeat as soon as you see the protective layer starting to whiten or show signs of weakness.

For a metal garden shed, maintenance with water and a cloth is recommended. In addition, like a wooden model, it is necessary to protect your storage shed to ensure its longevity.

Since corrosion is the main enemy of metals, the application of anti-rust paint is necessary.

For a resin or PVC model, maintenance will not cause you any concern, because the resin or PVC storage shed is the easiest model to maintain.

Unlike metal or wood models, you don’t need to apply a coat to protect the base material. Cleaning with water is more than enough to preserve the elegance of your resin or PVC storage shed.

However, we advise you to avoid the use of a hard brush, an aggressive detergent, or any other corrosive product for cleaning your storage shed because these two polymers (resin and PVC) are more fragile than wood and metal.

For a composite storage shed (a mixture of resin and wood), no particular maintenance is recommended. In addition, you do not need to apply a protective layer due to the nature of this tough material.

Also, think about the maintenance of the roof which is sometimes not designed with the same material as the body of the shelter.

Consider the material of the roof to protect it as needed and ensure its longevity. The maintenance of this part should be done with care, as a damaged roof will expose your items to the elements, which is not at all pleasant.

How to pick a small storage shed?

We call small storage shed, any model having an area less than or equal to 5 square meters. Such dimensions are basically suitable for storing a few accessories that you cannot store inside your house.

These include gardening tools, bicycles, toys, etc. You can opt for a wooden storage shed for the storage of these different tools and accessories.

In addition, for easier storage, you will find it very practical to have a small storage shed with shelves for storing small items.

A small garden shed can also be used for the storage of firewood. To properly store your wood, choose a model that has a floor. This will allow you to avoid placing the wood directly on the ground.


We’re done now is our best rated outdoor storage sheds review with the right storage shed. You can properly organize all of your things and be more productive than before.

All of the products we reviewed are manufactured by the trusted name in household consumer products. So don’t hesitate to buy it if you see the storage shed you need. Please let us know if there’s a product you like us to review.