Best Rated Patio Umbrellas [Buying Guide]

Best Rated Patio Umbrellas

One of the important things to make as part of your outdoor décor is Patio umbrellas.  These umbrellas provide the much-desired protection from the sun, the wind, rain and even from natural elements. Patio umbrellas provide that overhead comfort and thus they ensure your outdoor space is serene and relaxing. It is therefore important to consider the following factors before buying the best rated patio umbrellas.

Different Categories To Choose the Best Rated Patio Umbrellas

These umbrellas come in several different shapes, styles, weights, forms and even in different sizes suited for every outdoor need and aesthetic preferences. Patio umbrellas can be split into two major categories, that is, the market umbrellas and cantilevered umbrellas.

Cantilever umbrellas

Which do have a sturdy base, pole which is curved and canopy offset from the umbrella’s base? They allow shading of other areas which may prove difficult to shade without the hindrance of the pole in space’s center. Even though small umbrellas of this category are available, the cantilever umbrella is always larger in size.

Market umbrellas

These are upright, having a straight pole at the center. The market umbrellas can be used as a standalone shade solution or even with a dining table. Their standard shape is straight and symmetrical.

Deciding what size and shape of Patio Umbrellas

The next thing to think about after selecting between the cantilever or market umbrella is to decide the umbrella size that will best suit your outdoor space. But the best umbrella size for your outdoor space is in most cases determined by the pertinent size of the patio furniture you have and by the size of your patio.

Your personal preference should be your ultimate size in deciding your best umbrella size. You can choose from 7-Foot Umbrella canopy, accommodating 2-4 chairs, and you can pair with up to 36-inch table. The 5-6 foot Umbrella canopy, accommodating 2- 4 chairs and you can pair with up to 30-inch table; among others.

The umbrella shape is among the first things to determine when going for your preferred umbrella. It’s important to note that in most scenarios, the shape you go for is always a great choice. Though, certain spaces, for example, the balconies which are small will need a model which is half-umbrella or rectangular.

Deciding Best Rated Patio Umbrellas material

umbrellas material


The umbrella canopy is what adds a beyond-doubt beauty to your outdoor space. The overhead material that will protect and give you shade from the outdoor elements like rain and the rays from the sun is also the umbrella canopy. You should choose an umbrella with the best material made to crest these harsh conditions of your outdoor space. There are a variety of materials, for the frame and the canopy. Each has its own outstanding traits that will make perfect for the different locations and lifestyles.


There are so many reasons why you should pick an aluminum patio umbrella. Aluminum is lightweight, highly durable as they are less likely to break no matter the weather conditions. The aluminum patio umbrella frames have a treated coat of powder making them resistant to corrosion and also other signs of wear. They are pocket-friendly and do last long making them a great deal.


Fiberglass umbrellas have popularity in extremely windy environments. This material is highly bendy, implying that fiberglass umbrellas won’t jinx in most conditions. Fiberglass patio umbrellas thus tend to be more expensive majorly because of their appealing durability


Wood is also used to make umbrella frames. They are not that flexible, making them unsuits in extremely windy weather.

For the Canopy; in most cases, umbrella canopies are made of fabric, a cloth material. Such as the,

  • Polyester fabric-Dries faster after the rains thus ideal in environments that are rainy. It’s strong and durable.
  • Acrylic- The material is light and can be easily dyed shades that are lively and colorful. This material for the canopy can be sensitive to temperatures that are high. It retains its shape very well as it with sets shrinking
  • Sunbrella fabric- It comes together functionality that can’t be matched with a great design for fabrics that are water-resistant.

Look out for your suiting features in Patio Umbrella

Several umbrellas have features that are designed to make it simpler to operate. The size of the umbrella you want to pick and your budget is the guide to deciding what features to look for in the umbrella. The features range from lift to tilt mechanisms.

umbrellas in garden

For tilt mechanisms

Some umbrellas allow this feature such that the umbrella canopy can be inclined to conform to changing positions of the sun. This feature enables patio umbrellas to shade a space that will be maximum, regardless of that days’ time. This mechanism is operated by a push system. The umbrella is manually moved for suiting position; by the crank system and by the collar system where once you’ve fully opened the umbrella, you twist the collar in order to tilt it.

For the Lift Mechanisms

This is enhanced by the push-up system where you simply push the umbrella upwards and open its hub; or the pulley system where a wheel and rope is used to easily raise the umbrella canopy; or even the crank system.

Consider a design that suits your personal desires

If you like an umbrella that will provide shade on a separate part of your patio such as over the poolside lounge chairs, pick the freestanding design. It will allow you to use a patio table incomplete for food space or playing games. If you plan to serve and entertain often at the table, pick the table design as you can change it frequently for a new appearance without spending a lot of cash.

Final Words

Picking the best rated patio umbrellas requires several considerations just as clearly outlined above in a bid to pick the patio umbrella that will suit you best. Before you buy a patio umbrella, go through this guide and you will have no trouble picking the best.

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