Best Salt Spreaders

Best Salt Spreaders of 2020

During the winter, you can expect a lot of snow. One of the hassles, that snow brings when it melts it starts to freeze up and piles up in your driveway or lawn. The best way to prevent the snow from forming when the temperature drops lower it to spread salt all over the place using a spreader.

The salt spreader is convenient to use and distribute the salt evenly on the ground the walk behind spreaders requires less effort helping you cover more areas in a short time. If you’re looking for the best one on the market, then we got you covered.

We reviewed and picked five of the best salt spreaders for your perusal. All you need to do is find out which among them suits your taste and needs.

Top-Rated Salt Spreaders

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Best Salt Spreaders Reviews

1. Buyers Products 3039632R Grounds Keeper Salt Spreader

This 20 x 24 x 32 inches spreader candy ice the walkway, driveways, college campuses, and different types of terrain with ease with a 100-pound capacity and adjustable spread radius up to 24 ft. It can quickly cover huge areas with ice melt or bag salt.

There’s no need to stop and reload when you’re in the middle of the action which means getting your chore done at the soonest time possible. This efficient and reliable salt spreader has a rust-free and dent-proof poly rubber hopper. It has a fully enclosed gearbox with commercial grade alloy parts and grease fitting shields to protect all the moving parts.

The fully welded carbon steel frame has a black powder coat finish to improve its resistance against all types of weather elements reducing the maintenance cost and promising long years of use. It’s equipped with an easy to operate lever that helps you control the amount of salt flow.

It comes with a sturdy solid axle and 13-inch pneumatic tires that keep the spreader stable. It’s also ideal to use an uneven terrain sludge and mud making this walk behind salt spreader a poppy.

The choice among homemakers and property managers who want to stomp the ground surface quickly and conveniently this 43-pound groundskeeper walk-behind spreader is covered by a one year warranty the package contains the nylon rain cover and hopper screen.

2. Chapin 8201A 80-Pound Residential Salt Spreader

With an ergonomic design that can support up to an 80-pound weight of salt or ice melt highlight the simple and adjustable slide gate opener is also good for spreading seeds and fertilizers, but never use it with magnesium chloride.

This multi-purpose all seasoned salt spreader redefines, the expectations of users who want a comfortable efficient, and easy to operate the handy machine. It’s powered within a 360-degree baffle system that controls the spread pattern with precision allowing you to cover a big area as you go through your task.

It comes with an aggressive toothed poly conical auger that promotes the better movement of salt while the u-shaped handle that uses a release bail system. Once you use the right or left hand which reduces hand strain and fatigue.

The large hopper design which is characteristic of all Chapin pro products is reinforced by the powder-coated steel frame that resists corrosion and rust and uses 12-inch pneumatic tires that offer swift movement on the icy surface or any terrain.

This highly functional spreader is one of the best rated in the market because of its capability to spread salt evenly at the soonest time possible. Every purchase comes with free salt grade and snow rain cover there goes the first batch of salt spreaders.

3. Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push Broadcast Spreader

It’s a must-have spreader for residential or commercial properties that requires a lot of salt spreading. There’s a large aperture drop hole that delivers high-volume spreading. It can spread ice and snowmelt quickly with the spread pattern of 10-12 ft. reducing the time you spend in the cold and enjoy having a cup of warm coffee inside.

The 13″ x 5″ pneumatic tires keep it steady as you work on any kind of ground including rocky or rough surfaces. The red hopper is made of premium polymer material which ensures long use and durability. You don’t even have to worry about rusting or corrosion issues because the frame and other metal components have a powder coat finish.

It weighs about 40.26 pounds and measures 18.9 x 10.68 x 13.24 inches. You get a one year warranty when you choose this Agri-Fab 45-0462 snow spreader as your handy companion.

4. Pure Garden 50-LG1081 Lawn and Garden Spreader

This product aims to make your task easier and faster year-round. It’s your prepping aid during summer or spring helping you with the gardening chores and become extremely helpful in the wintertime when you keep the walkway and driveway safe from the icy ground that can cause falls or slips.

This 19.75 by 16.75 by 11.75 inches’ open bin is capable of holding up to 66 pounds of salt ice melt grass seed or fertilizer. It’s constructed using durable plastic material that insurance rust resistance and longevity you use simply white the bin after use to keep it clean and ready for the next spreading session.

It features a long handle that greatly reduces the risk of back injury or fatigue due to bending while pushing the spread around the work area. Another use of the handle is the hang it up in the shed or garage wall and keep the floor space clutter-free.

The black powder coating steel frame can handle any kind of harsh elements in all seasons. This garden spreader is easy to use simply push the lever in the forward position to dispense the ice melt or sand evenly across the ground.  It’s equipped with two 8-inch rubber wheels that can handle the challenge of gravel concrete and asphalt sidewalks.

5. Titan 50 Pounds Fertilizer Broadcast Spreader

Despite the small structure, it can accommodate 50 pounds of salt ice melt fertilizer or seed. This 43″ tall x 45″ long x 21″ wide spreader features of the robust frame that supports up to the maximum load of 50 pounds lessening the need for frequent refilling in most applications.

This heavy-duty hopper is crafted from tough plastic material that resists corrosion rust and fading. It guarantees long years of use and value of your money while serving a purpose. It’s ideal for residential owners who want a lightweight and compact spreader to de-ice the walkways and easily and evenly spread salt or ice melt.

A reliable debris screen eliminates clogging the system which can lead to abrupt interruption of the task or urgent need to clean it up. The heavy-duty gearbox is designed fully enclosed with the vital gears for optimum protection and improved performance.

It comes with an adjustable handle that lets you choose from two available height positions helping you work with comfort for ease of movement in uses pneumatic rubber studded tires.


That ends our 5 best salt spreaders reviews now. It’s time to make a choice and make your winter season stress-free and more fun.

Remember the time you save from clearing the snow can be used for more quality moments with family. Choose wisely and enjoy the perks of having a salt spreader at your home or property.

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