Best Single Stage Snow Blower for the Money

The 15 Best Single Stage Snow Blower for the Money [2020]

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Looking for the Best Single Stage Snow Blower for the Money? Single-stage snow blowers are always recommended as they possess a higher capacity than most of the double or triple stage snow blowers.

They are maneuverable enough and super easy to conduct. They clean the driveway more gracefully as well. But it’s tough to pull out the best single stage snow blowers among hundreds of them.

Also, an ideal single-stage snowblower meets the expectations level without causing any trouble. Thus, to get a proper view of the right single-stage snow blowers, we’ve come with a lot of standards and competitive snowblowers after conducting a bunch of research.

In a Hurry? Here is Our Best Pick:

Briggs & Stratton 1022E 22-Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower with Push Button Electric Start
  • 22 inch wide clearing path with a 12.5-inch intake height
  • 950 Snow series 208cc engine with 9.50-foot-pounds of torque
  • Electric start for effortless starting and a wear-resistant, polymer auger
  • Manual chute rotation and quick deflector and wheel size- 8 inches by 2 inches
  • 3 year limited warranty

Single-Stage Snow Blower: Comparison Table

Product Name Key Features
Troy-Bilt Squall 208cc Electric Start 21-Inch Single Stage Gas Snow Thrower
  • Powered by 208cc, 4-cycle OHV engine
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Weighs only 93.7 pounds
Greenworks 20-Inch 13Amp Corded Snow Thrower 2600502
  •  Flexible and extended cord
  • LED headlight
  • Easy gliding tires
Briggs and Stratton 1222EE Single-Stage Snow Blower
  • Provides 250cc engine
  • Serrated augers
  • 180-degree movable chute
Ariens Path-Pro Single-Stage Snow Blower
  • Provides 208cc tank capacity
  • Weight is 117 pounds
  • Maximum auger facility
Snapper XD 82V MAX 1688054 Electric Single-Stage Snow Blower Kit
  • Brushless motor technology-based
  • Double lighting system
  • 4.0 Lithium-Ion battery facility
PowerSmart PSS1210M Single-Stage Gas Snow Blower
  • Easy assembling method
  • Steel made auger
  • Ergonomic handlebar
WORX WG650 13Amp Electric Snow Thrower
  • 13amp boastful motor
  • Perfect wheel diameter
  • Rubber-tipped paddles
Craftsman 179cc Electric Start Single Stage  Gas Powered Snow Blower
  • 4cycle engine advantage
  • 190-degree movable chute
  • Easy start electric button
YARD MAX YB4628 Single-Stage Snow Thrower
  • Self-propelled
  • Ergonomic material based
  • Offers folding options
Snow Joe iON 15SB-CT 40-Volt iONMAX Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower
  • No troubles of tangled cord
  • Plastic made auger
  • Brushless motor advantage
Snow Joe iON 18SB 40-Volt iONMAX Cordless Brushless Single Stage Snow Blower Kit
  • Rechargeable ion battery
  • LED headlight advantage
  • Plastic made body
Snow Joe SJ625E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower
  • Auger comes with 2 blades
  • 3W LED headlights for night work
  • All-terrain easy gliding wheels
Briggs and Stratton 1022ER Single-Stage Snow Blower
  • Provides a deflector
  • Edged blades
  • Maximum moving power
Snapper XD 82V MAX 1688054 20-Inch Electric Single-Stage Snow Blower Kit
  • Rechargeable technology
  • Double LED headlights
  • Shard blades in the auger
Briggs and Stratton 1022E 22-Inch Single Stage Snow Blower
  • Comes with 9.50foot of torque
  • 208cc engine start
  • Heavy deflector connector

Best Single Stage Snow Blower for the Money – Reviews

We are concerned that your money should not go wasted because of a fragile snowblower. As a snowblower requires a hefty sum of money, one should know where their hard-earned money is going and if it’s bringing any good in return.

Snowblowers are at its best when they are single-staged. It enhances the maneuverability twice for some unavoidable reasons. So, let’s explore the vastness without wasting any time. But before that, for a quick glance, we’ve prepared a comprehensible table. So, let’s have a quick check on it.

1. Troy-Bilt Squall 208cc Electric Start

Troy-Bilt Squall 208cc Electric Start 21-Inch Single Stage Gas Snow Thrower
  • Powered by a dependable 208cc 4-Cycle Electric Start OHV gas engine for maximum power, performance, and durability
  • Clears snowy walkways up to 21 inches wide and 13 inches deep in one pass and equipped with deluxe reversible skid shoes for more control
  • E-Z Chute technology with manual pitch control lets you adjust the direction of snow discharge up to 180 degrees.
  • Durable 8 x 2-inch Deluxe tires provide good traction in snowy conditions
  • Backed by an extended 2-year warranty.

Our first pick, Troy-bilt squall electric start single-stage gas snow thrower is efficient enough to do its job correctly. This outstanding featured gas snow thrower will never let you down because it is well-rounded and can clear snow more than your imagination.

The auger that the snowblower comes up with is arguable enough. It can cut deep-rooted layer snow and clears a satisfying wide of snowfalls in just one pass. This snow blower is dependent fully on gas and has a large gas holder for easy conduct.

only one push on the button and your single-stage gas snow thrower is all ready to serve you. The EZ chute is quite adept and can be moved to a satisfying level of degrees. Thus, you can discharge the pulled snow in any direction away from your driveways.

The handle of this snow blower is very appreciable as it provides many facilities. The ergonomic handle keeps your hand from getting hurt. Also, it can be folded. And the wheels are also strong enough. And the overall weight of the snowblower is light.

Overall, Troy-Bilt squall electric start gas snow thrower has enough recognition for its long time capability of providing service. Also, the features of this snow thrower have made it already the best one.

  • Strong, durable, and smart-looking snowblower
  • Provides easy maneuverability
  • Clears 13 inches deep and 21 inches wide snow
  • Easy gripped the nice handle
  • Clears a lot of snow in just one pass
  • Does its job real quick
  • Can not work without the gas

2. Greenworks 2600502

Greenworks 20-Inch 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower 2600502
  • 13 amp motor delivers powerful results for gas alternative ; Dual LED lightsfor greater visibility any time of the day
  • Adjustable 180 degree directional chute makes snow throwing manageable ; Easy electric start for hassle free operation
  • Discharge snow up to 20-feet. 7-inch wheels for greater mobility
  • Only works on 120 volts ; 20-inch clearing path and 10-inch clearing depth

This great looking snow thrower is our second-best option because of its reliable features. The snow thrower is much durable and has a sleek green and black combination of color. With the extreme capability of sucking up snows to clear the path, the snow thrower is one of the best.

The snow thrower comes with cords as it runs on electricity. The powerful auger can suck up a hefty amount of snow, and the chute can get through it in the determined direction.

For the gas alternative, the snow thrower comes with a motor for greater deliveries in any situation. However, the snowblower is best for places where heavy snowfall is a regular thing, and it jams the walkways by creating layers of snow.

The whole compound of the snowblower is very easily featured. The tiny tires can move despite the heavy load of the snows. Besides, the machine weighs less and has a LED light for nighttime work as well. And the handles are friendly to the palm of the hands.

This snow blower is already hit the market for its attractive look and compact feature. Also, being an electric machine, it requires the right voltage to get started and clear the paths.

  • Sleek color combination evokes sophistication
  • Can cut 10 inches long and 20 inches wide snow
  • Advantage of working in the darkness
  • Provides incredible mobility through the tiny towers
  • Spacious handle for better moving formula
  • Hassle-free starting point
  • It also works on 120 volts

3. Briggs and Stratton 1222EE

Briggs & Stratton 1222EE 22-Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower with SnowShredder Auger and Push Button Electric Start
  • powerful 1150 snow series 250Cc engine for 11.5-foot-pounds of torque with snow shredder auger
  • 22 inch wide clearing path with a 12.5-inch intake height
  • Electric start and electric chute rotation with quick deflector
  • Ergonomic handlebar for enhanced comfort
  • Headlight for better visibility

In extreme conditions of snowfall, Briggs and Stratton’s single-stage snowblower has tremendous benefits. With unique and ultra functioning, this snowblower knows its job fairly as well. The snowblower has come with an exposed look, and the OHV engine is always ready for providing service.

It comes with a convenient electric start and augers that are more capable. Augers help to tear the jammed snow up and send those to the chute for the next movements. The 14 advanced serrated surfaces of the auger help hugely.

Chute, on the other hand, can be moved from right to leave or left to right. A definite switch can conduct the business. The whole machine is not so big. The snowblower can be worked as a dual-stage snow blower without any trouble.

It can clear up from mid to heavy snowfall of the driveways, pavements, and other narrow spaces. The ergonomic-based handle offers a lot of comforts. It offers the largest engine for convenient work.

The Briggs and Stratton 1222EE series of the single-stage snowblower is quick and skilled for the determined job. Also, the quick deflector helps the other parts to act as an efficient machine.

  • Easy electric start
  • Ice-breaking facility
  • Advantage of electric chute rotation button
  • Easily gripped handles offer gloves on hands
  • Pavement can be easily cleaned with little effort
  • Ultra-smart design advantage
  • Clears 22 inches wide and 12.5-inch intake high ice
  • Auger requires the right preservation

4. Ariens Path-Pro Single-Stage

Ariens Path-Pro 21 in. Single-Stage Snow Blower-208cc
  • Price For: Each Fuel Type: Gas Item: Snow Blower Engine Brand: Path-Pro(TM) Inlet Height: 12-7/32" Wheel Dia.: 7-1/2" Drive Type: Auger Auger Diameter: 8-13/32" Wheel Width: 1-3/4" Torque: 9.5 ft.-lb. Clearing Path: 21" Displacement: 208cc Drive Gears: 1 Forward Start Type: Electric/Recoil Stages: 1 Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.9 qt.
  • Country of Origin (subject to change): United States

Ariens path-pro single-stage snow blower comes with a compact and precise feature to win the heart of the users. The snowblower is single-staged, and on top of that, it requires gas to start. The tank is quite big and can hold the desired gas in it.

The snowblower has tires more resilient than most of the snow blowers. The auger diameter is optimum and can cut through the harder ice effectively.

Anyone can maneuver the machine with easy instructions. It brings less injury to the main pitched path. The chute has a movement facility. The seamless finishing between the chute and auger is very appreciable.

The ergonomic material has made the snowblower richer in every perspective way. The reliability starts with the materials, and the materials are top-notch for a snowblower.

Overall, the creation of a path-pro brand is a huge help for rough weather as it can clear hurriedly. It doesn’t consume time much rather the skilled parts can discharge all the snow from the snowblower quick and flawless.

  • Easy start method
  • Resilient wheels for better movement
  • Can cut up to 21 inches wide snowfall
  • Easy holding system
  • The chute can be moved easily
  • Lightweight and bearable
  • Useful for extreme snowfall
  • The belt can be broken for want of carefulness

5. Snapper XD 82V MAX 1688054

This battery conducted Snapper XD 82V MAX 1688054 electric single-stage snow blower is a dream come true for its capability of running. As the snowblower is made with the technology of brushless motor, the premium level is carried anyway.

With an easy operating system, the snowblower can clear paths going beyond our imagination. One single run and the road is fully ready without any snow. The blower has got a charger as well.

It gets charged in the fastest way because of its high endurance features. Also, for better lighting, the snowblower provides two LED lights. Each time you want to play the snowblower, you have to push one button.

Without any hassle, the snowblower can get started and clears deep-rooted snow from the compact spaces. The silver serrated auger provides several blades to cut the ice from the roads. The blower has a nice combination of sleek black, red, and silver colors.

Overall, Snapper XD the electric single-stage snowblower has great maneuverable power for real quick finishing of the work. The battery system also allows the blower to work in a rural place without electricity.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Optimum maneuverability
  • Better visual system
  • Follows the fastest charging process
  • Can be worked 75 minutes at a stretch
  • Can cut up to 10 inches deep and 20-inch wide snow
  • Can work legit quick.
  • The chute can throw snow up to 20 feet away from the destination.
  • The battery needs to get changed after a certain period

6. PowerSmart PSS1210M

PowerSmart Snow Blower, 21-INCH Single Stage Gas Snow Blower, 196CC Powered Snow Blower, Snow Thrower 180°Chute Rotation, PSS1210M
  • POWERFUL SNOW REMOVER: 196cc OHV engine Gas Snow Removal provides ultra removal performance. Up to 13-inch clearing depth with optimum clearing power make this snow blower leaves a virtually clean surface.
  • WIDE CLEARING WIDTH: The POWERSMART snow blower able to clear a path with depth to 13 inch and a width of 21 inch, snow can be thrown to a distance of max up to 25ft. Its strong Zag Tread design wheels assist in moving snow on different types of terrain.
  • 180° CHUTE CONTROL: With 180 degree rotating chute for desired snow displacement, and the snow blower can easily adjust deflector and allow you to change snow throwing direction and distance.
  • VERSATILE FUNTION: Ideal for quick snow pickups on mid-sized driveways, walkways, sidewalks, patios and other residential or commercial places. POWERSMART Snow Blower with safety design can prevent accidental start-up and quickly stop the spinning auger and impeller when you release the handlebar grips.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFICATION: PowerSmart is always aiming on providing great consumers value with the absolute best price and quality entire line of products. All of our products qualify for a 2 years warranty, Our service team will provide premium service to help solve any problem.

With a sturdy wheel and appeasing power engine, PowerSmart PSS1210M single-stage snow blower is one of a kind. The snowblower has a quite fascinating look. Also, it has a shape that is convenient for easy mobility.

The blower has an auger with premium material. It cuts through the hard ice and still remains strong and perfect. The handlebar offers spacious space for easy moving of the hands.

Again, the chute is also capable of throwing the snow to the determined place far away from the driveways or sidewalks. It comes with thin wheels, and those don’t get stuck in the icy ground.

The gas tank can load optimum gas. The auger passes the pulled snow to the chute without making a delay. And chute throws the snow moving in the right direction. The easy assemble has made the snowblower more demandable.

In fine, the PowerSmart PSS1210M single-stage blower easily meets the expectation level by serving its best performance. Also, the compact design and simple assembling method give the advantage of right storing.

  • Easy gas refilling system
  • Enough space in the handlebar
  • Powerful auger for chopping off the hard ice
  • Comes with a compact size
  • Simplest assembling instructions
  • Easy to carry
  • Can cut 21 inches wide and 12.5 inches deep snow
  • Easy storage facility
  • Scraper bar causes problems sometimes

7. WORX WG650

WORX WG650 13 Amp 18" Electric Snow Thrower
  • 30-foot throw distance
  • 180-degree adjustable chute with oversized handles
  • Quick clamps for handlebar adjustment and assembly
  • Handlebar mounted chute control
  • Collapsible tool-less handlebar

This incredible small looking WORX WG650 electric snow thrower’s job is not small at all. Rather the capability of this thrower is more than any other giant snow thrower, so to say. The spider looking front body part is exquisite in look.

However, the material is ergonomic so that your body and hand remain away from any kind of fatigue. The handlebar has a specialty for several reasons. It offers an option to adjust it as per your height.

Moreover, you can fold the handle to make more space and an easy storage system. The rubber-tipped auger evokes ultra easiness in throwing the snow to a greater extent.

The technology-based wheels have a modern touch in it. It provides versatile mobility for easy work without making the user tired. The chute is powerful enough to discharge the snow away from the destination.

The overall picture of the WORX electric snow thrower is pretty convincing. You can use the snow thrower for years after years and still will get the new vibe each time you start the snow thrower. It has a pretty charm.

  • The handle can be folded
  • Very light in weight
  • Can be hung in the wall for easy storing
  • Adjustable handlebars require no fatigue
  • Advantage of working with gloves on
  • Chute throws the snow 30 ft away
  • Auger cuts up to 9 inches deep and 18 inches wide ice-covered snow
  • Wheels provide easy mobility
  • Spreads smoky smell sometimes

8. Craftsman 179cc Electric Start

Craftsman 179cc Electric Start Single Stage Gas Powered Snow Blower with 21-Inch Clearing Width
  • POWERFUL AND DEPENDABLE SNOW MACHINE: 179cc OHV Craftsman engine with electric start. 4 Cycle engine provides maximum power, performance, and durability when clearing snow
  • WIDE CLEARING WIDTH: With a 21 inch clearing width, this snow blower clears snow up to 13 inches deep from your driveway and walkways. Its strong 8 inch by 2 inch Zag Tread wheels are prepared to assist in moving snow on different types of terrain. Ideal for 6 inch snow fall
  • AUGER ASSIST DRIVE: While this snow thrower is not self propelled, its rubber auger grips the ground for easier forward movement of your unit. It also includes a user friendly mitten-grip starter handle and an ergonomic gull wing handle
  • EASY CHUTE CONTROL: Change direction of snow discharge up to 190 degrees. Paired with its optimum clearing power, this snow blower leaves a virtually clean surface
  • WARRANTY: 2-year limited for peace of mind. This Craftsman snow machine is proudly made in the United States with global materials

This craftsman electric start single-stage gas-powered snow blower has a four-cycle engine that boosts up the power twice than any other gas-powered snow thrower. The instant starting method fastens the work and consumes less time.

All-time prepared parts of the snow thrower assist to a great extent. The snow claw paddled auger clears the road smoothly and perfectly. The chute has the maximum movable capability.

Also, the starter handle can be easily gripped without any special requirements. The spacious handlebar adds extra comfort to do any kind of tough job regarding snow.

For maximum power and clearing ability, the engine plays a vital role. The wheels which are made of rich materials contribute a great deal of assistance to do the whole chore. Overall, the parts of the snow thrower complement each other.

Overall, the high performance of the craftsman electric start single-stage gas snow blower attracts a lot of consumers. Besides, the high end making process of the steel made auger and chute slay completely.

  • Durable and boastful creation
  • Auger can cut up a great deal of snow
  • 21 inches wide and 13 inches deep-rooted snow can be cleared at a time
  • Can clear the pavement smoothly
  • The adjustable chute can throw snow beyond expectation
  • Easy movable wheels can run through 6 inches deep snow
  • The surface of the auger is all cleared
  • The easy gripped ergonomic handlebar helps a lot
  • The starter handle can be held with the gloves or mittens on
  • Sleek design for sophistication
  • The snow thrower is not self-propelled


YARDMAX YB4628 Single Stage Snow Thrower, 87cc, 18"
  • 18" snow clearing width
  • Removes snow up to 11" deep
  • Powered by an 87cc 4-cycle engine
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Compact design and foldable handle for easy storage

This single-stage YARDMAX YB4628 snow thrower is prominent in red and has a suppressed black color surrounding the machine. However, the color combination is as great as the features of the snow blower.

The four-cycle engine embodies the whole functioning of the machine. Also, as the snow blower is powered with gas, it has an easy start point. The compact design enhances the beauty of the snow thrower very much.

With the steel made auger, the snow thrower is capable of cutting the ice and can transfer it to the chute. The auger has the right sharpness.

The handle is made with high-quality materials, and it can be folded. By folding it, the snow blower can be carried through a vehicle. Also, it can be stored nicely for many years and still won’t be fragile.

With an overall feature, the YARDMAX YB4628 single-stage snow blower is not a loss project at all. It has this compact-sized look and better maneuverability for any tough weather.

  • Compact sized snow thrower for easy maneuverability
  • Very much lightweight and precise
  • 18 inches wide and 11 inches deep cutting auger
  • Easy to store the machine
  • Small but strong
  • Easy start process
  • Offers two years of warranty
  • Budget-friendly price
  • The wheels tend to come out easily

10. Snow Joe iON15SB-CT

Snow Joe iON15SB-LT 40-Volt iONMAX Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower Kit | 15-Inch | W/ 2.5-Ah Battery and Charger
  • Versatile: small driveways, sidewalks, and walkways
  • Eco sharp technology: exclusive no fade power and maximum performance
  • Clearing width/depth: 15 in. (38 cm)/8 in. (20 cm)
  • Throw distance: 20 ft. (6 m) Max.Auger Diameter:8 inch
  • POWERFUL: 500 W brushless/2-blade temp-resistant durable plastic auger , Directional control: 180° adjustable chute
  • We’ve got you covered! : your new snow blower is backed by the Snow Joe + sun Joe customer promise. We will warrant New, powered products for two years from the date of purchase. No questions asked. Contact Snow Joe + sun Joe customer support at 1-866-766-9563 for further assistance.

The Snow Joe iON15SB-CT single-stage snow blower is a great snow thrower of the Snow Joe Series for certain accurate reasons. The cordless snow thrower can throw up the snow to a huge range away from the destination.

The practical features made the machine workable. The plastic made auger offers a cutting process of deep-rooted snow and hard ice at the same time.

The whole design is made with an Eco-sharp technology for optimum upbringing. The scraper bar in the design section helps a lot in making a buttery smooth road by abolishing unwanted heavy-layered snow.

The machine is all ready to provide a powerful performance by clearing up to pounds of snow in a single run—no unnecessary sounds or smoking problems. The snow thrower can run half an hour at a stretch.

The Snow Joe iON15SB-CT 40-Volt iONMAX single stage snow blower has a great trouble-free advantage in an overall feature. Besides, the iON battery advantage makes the whole work convenient for anybody.

  • Very light to carry
  • Wheels are more resistant
  • Heavy-duty auger cuts 15 inches wide and 8 inches deep-rooted snow
  • The chute can throw snow 20 feet away from the direction
  • The battery provides 30 minutes of nonstop quiet run-time
  • Advantage of the adjustable handle
  • No hassle of gas, oil, tangled cord
  • The iON is capable of moving 440 pounds of snow at a time
  • The battery and snowblower charger has to be bought differently

11. Snow Joe iON18SB

Snow Joe iON18SB 40-Volt iONMAX Cordless Brushless Single Stage Snowblower Kit | 18-Inch | W/ 4.0-Ah Battery and Charger
  • Lightweight: lightweight design (Only 32 lbs) to easily clear sidewalks, driveways and decks
  • Cordless: 40V 4. 0 Ah iONMAX rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery provides up to 50 minutes of whisper-quiet runtime
  • Auto-rotate Chute: 180° auto-rotate directional Chute throws snow up to 20 feet
  • Clearing path: cuts up to 18 in. (45. 7 cm) wide and 8 in. (20. 3 cm) deep in one pass.Body Material:Plastic
  • We’ve got you covered! : your new snow blower is backed by the Snow Joe + sun Joe customer promise. We will warrant New powered products for two years from the date of purchase. No questions asked. Contact Snow Joe + sun Joe customer support at 1-866-766-9563 for further assistance.

Snow Joe series again reveals another rechargeable iON18SB 40-volt iONMAX single-stage snow blower which is supreme in practicality and can be worked through the rough weather. The 40V 4.0Ah eco-sharp battery system uplifts a snow thrower more capable of anything.

The whole design is made for coping up with the most challenging situation. The cordless system made the snow thrower more resilient and trouble-free. The plastic made auger works through the hard ice, and the adjustable chute throws the unexpected snow in a directional way.

The battery is eco-friendly as it can be disposed of properly after it loses its liveliness. The handle has a lot of space for gripping.

The rubbery scrape allows you to pull out the left snow and clear the narrow little space more patiently. Also, your deck or pavement remains unhurt through the whole procedure.

The overall appearance of this great Snow Joe iON18SB iONMAX cordless single stage snow blower is quite appealing as it is small and bearable at the same time. Besides, the whole machine would be a very good option for the elderly in any sense.

  • Very much lightweight than most other gas or oil oriented snow blower
  • Advantage of carrying it to the far place
  • Provides 50 minutes of nonstop whisper-quiet service
  • Can cut up 18inches wide and 8 inches deep hard ice and snow
  • The chute can throw snow 20 feet away
  • Advantage of working at night for the existence of the headlight in front of the machine
  • Convenient handlebar
  • Can steer up to 500 pounds of snow per minute
  • Gifts a buttery smooth road
  • The chute can get clogged several times

12. Snow Joe SJ625E

Snow Joe SJ625E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower | 21-Inch | 15 Amp Motor
  • VERSATILE: Ideal for quick snow pickups on mid-sized driveways and walkways
  • POWERFUL: 15-amp motor moves up to 800 lbs. of snow per minute
  • MAINTENANCE-FREE: No gas, oil or tune-ups make it effortless to start and maintain. Chute Rotation Turning Radius (Deg) - 180
  • LED LIGHT: 3 W LED light for safe nighttime clearing.Tires: 8 inch (2.5 inch width)
  • WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!: Your new snow blower is backed by the Snow Joe + Sun Joe Customer Promise. We will warrant new powered products for two years from the date of purchase. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Contact Snow Joe + Sun Joe customer support at 1-866-766-9563 for further assistance.

Among all the Snow Joe series, Snow Joe SJ625 electric single-stage snow thrower is one of the best single stage snow blowers for many reasons. First of all, the single-stage snow throwers of the Snow Joe brand are made with resilient quality.

The extreme making process made them rich in nature and high in performance. With full facilities and ultra technology, Snow Joe knows very well how to tackle the heavily falling snow within very less time.

Also, the easy electric system keeps you away from filling gas, oil, or tune-ups. An easy maintenance facility is required by everybody, especially, those who have to go to the office or orning work.

The versatile snow blower fulfills every expectation without losing any part. Also, the snow blower can be the very first option for the seniors as it weighs very little, and on top of that, it is made with some qualitative materials.

In fine, the whole Snow Joe SJ625 electric single stage snow blower creation is a blessing for all kind of people, including the most senior citizens. The snow blower comes with an easy bending process, and it resists to have terrible back pain and body aches.

  • Simple electric start
  • Easy to carry for less weight
  • Extreme maneuverability
  • Can cut 21 inches wide and 12 inches deep snow from any congested place
  • Can throw 800Ibs snow per minute
  • No trouble with gas or oil
  • Efficient cleaning procedure for scrape blade
  • Immense visibility power at a dark time for the headlight
  • Easy to turn and conduct
  • Easy bending formula
  • demands extended cord

13. Briggs and Stratton 1022ER

Briggs & Stratton 1022ER 22-Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower with Push Button Electric Start and Remote Chute Rotation Crank
  • Briggs & Stratton 950 Snow Series Engine specially Designed to start strong and Power through in the toughest winter conditions
  • Push button electric start offers quick and Easy starting, down to 20 degrees below Zero
  • Handle mounted remote chute rotation handle allows for Easy chute direction changes on the go
  • Quick adjust deflector allows for an Easy change of the height and distance snow is thrown with a Simple Squeeze of the chute mounted handle
  • Wear resistant rubber edged auger clears snow down to the pavement and helps propel the snow blower forward
  • Compact size makes for Easy maneuvering and Control plus it saves storage space in a garage or shed ; Chute Rotation :200° Manual ; Tyre Size (in) : 8" x 2"

This powerful Briggs and Stratton 1022ER single-stage snow blower have a premium feature for all kind of rough weather. The snow blower knows very well how to tackle a rough snowfall in an easy way.

The compact and concise size evokes more efficiency of the product. Also, the height deflector makes it easy to bend. Otherwise, back pain would get started, and it would call a legit problem in the middle of the work.

The Briggs and Stratton power products manufacturer provides snow blower made with a plastic body and sharp auger for better cutting process of the snow.

The adjustable chute helps a lot in completing the whole work. Also, the adjustable deflector controls the snow stream big time. The snow blower can blow snow from small range to the medium range and the OHV engine boost up the power to clear the path on just a single run.

Overall, the Briggs and Stratton 1022ER single-stage snow blower provides high manifestation power which can lead the upcoming model of the brand efficiently. Moreover, in tough weather, the sleek black snow blower is a great help.

  • Wheels glide up to the snow easily
  • Easy mobility and functioning
  • The chute can pitch snow up to 30 feet away
  • Advantage of getting cut 12.5 inches deep and 22 inches wide snow
  • Clears the pavement without harming the pavements
  • Can throw huge pounds of snow per minute
  • Adjustable chute and deflector make the work easy
  • Extremely durable and powerful
  • It requires proper storing for better service

14. Snapper XD 82V MAX 1688054

With brushless motor technology, Snapper XD 82V MAX 1688054 single-stage snow blower is a name of satisfaction and appeasement. Its red and black sleek color combination has made the snow blower more efficient in work.

Among other snow blowers, this snow blower provides two sets of lights for maximum visibility. The chute possesses amazing power to throw the snow in a certain direction and keeps your driveways clean and clear.

The real and raw battery helps the snow blower to work in places where you don’t require electricity at all. Also, the 4.0 battery has an extreme capability to run nonstop for more than an hour.

The easy push-button doesn’t create any fuss, and rather it starts too easily that it ends up your work within an unexpected time. Thus, your time consumes less, and you do an effortless job saving your labor and precious time.

This easy weight, compact-sized Snapper XD 82V MAX 1688054 electric single stage snow blower has great charms to attract the consumers. Also, the visibility power and other features are more convenient than anything.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Can cut 20 inches wide an10 inches deep snow
  • The chute can throw snow up to 20 feet away
  • Can carry a lot of snow per minute
  • Easy push-button start
  • Works nonstop 75 minutes and clears the whole driveways
  • Throwing capacity can be varied at times

15. Briggs and Stratton 1022E

Briggs & Stratton 1022E 22-Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower with Push Button Electric Start
  • 22 inch wide clearing path with a 12.5-inch intake height
  • 950 Snow series 208cc engine with 9.50-foot-pounds of torque
  • Electric start for effortless starting and a wear-resistant, polymer auger
  • Manual chute rotation and quick deflector and wheel size- 8 inches by 2 inches
  • 3 year limited warranty

Like other Briggs and Stratton production, this 102E series with a 22-inch single-stage snow blower slays the market to a huge extent. The design is equipped with advantages and facilities.

From auger to the chute, everything is well manufactured. The snow blower helps a lot to tackle heavy snowy weather. As it comes with a deflector, you can choose an adjustable height and control the heavy snowy streaming.

The OHV engine, on top of everything, boosts up the high technical power and makes the whole product conduct nicely. The easy controlling method attracts elderly consumers a lot.

Overall, this series of snow blowers of Briggs and Stratton has the immense capability of conducting this little heavy machine. Still, the high-end and top-notch features compensate for the heaviness and provide high performance.

  • Easy to handle
  • Clears 22 inches wide and 12.5 inches intake deep snow
  • The chute can be thrown to the maximum distance
  • Auger drives a great deal
  • Less bending system
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy-gripped handle without causing fatigue to the palms
  • Requires right preservation

Best Single Stage Snow Blower for the Money – Buying Guide

As a snow blower requires a hefty sum of money, buying it would be risky if you do not insert enough knowledge about a single-stage snow blower.

Also, there have snow blowers of different types and efficiency. Inserting the right buying guide before investing money on a snow blower will be a great help indeed!

Weight and Size

Snow blower with less weight is recommended worldwide. Still, the heavy ones may fit your satisfaction level as well. But to choose one, you have to consider certain facts like the space of storing and their bearable characteristic.

If you have a small storage space, then buy the compact and lightweight one. Again, if you see, you have to carry your snow blower to a definite space then buy a bearable one for your lifting convenience.


It’s an important part to check on. Some snow blowers are made with a plastic body, and some come with an ergonomic body structure. Both are resilient enough in that case. Also, the auger and chute materials are important. Auger made with steel, and sharp blade provides the best kind of service.

On the other hand, if the chute can be moved, then you can have the snow thrown in a directed direction. That appeases a mindfully. Also, your driveways remain safe from getting layered snow again.

Electric Snow Blowers

Electric snow blowers are more convenient as they do not require extra hassle for filling up gas, oil, and other elements. They provide a button, and you are just one step away from getting your device started.

The electric snow blowers are more compact, and they seem to weigh less than the snow blowers that are run by gas and oil equipment.

  • Cordless single-stage snow blower: Single-stage snowblowers come without the cord. As they don’t have a power cord, they are run by gas. Even there are self-propelled models that don’t have cord as well. It generates extra strength to reduce the internal effort to clear the driveways.
  • Single-stage corded electric snow blower: These snow blowers are run through electricity, and that’s why they have extended and flexible cord. The corded ones don’t make that much trouble. Rather, the efficiency is worth a shot.

Gas and Rechargeable Snow Blowers

Gas snow blowers are another type of blower that can come with a single-stage snow blower as well. The gas snow blowers require a tank that is efficient enough and prominent in work. You need to fill the gas tank after a certain period to get full-time service from it.

Again, the rechargeable snow blowers come with a separate battery and charger. After the snow blowers get enough charge, the snow blower starts to work regarding its efficiency. The whole process of recharging a battery requires the right voltage.


If you are a night worker or the weather gets too darker to work, then you should check if your required snow blower provides the service of headlights or not. Some single-stage snow blower provides different watt headlights to brighten up both auger surface and the front face.

Again, some come with only one headlight in the front. If you require maximum visibility to clean the surface of the pavement, go with the dual headlights visibility system. Otherwise, a single headlight in the front has pretty much good results as well.


As a snow blower is a regular companion in a snowy country, it is usual that you may have some legit questions about it. So, here we are with some useful FAQs for your better understanding. Let’s check them out,

What is the benefit of a single-stage snow blower?

The single-stage snow blower has special benefits for obvious reasons. It’s easy to carry a single-stage snow blower and has compact features. It functions, causing less trouble. For heavy weather, anyone can conduct or operate the snowblower.

Also, the single-stage snow blowers carry a small weight. For the elderly, snow blowers like that are recommended hugely.

How much snow can a single-stage snow blower lift?

As a single-stage snow blower, most of the snow blowers are 18-22 inches wide. And they can suck up to 22 inches wide snow in one pass. Also, each single-stage snow blower can lift from 300-500 pounds of snow per minute.

In cases like that, the single-stage snow blower can clear a huge driveway within an hour or an hour and a half minutes. It’s not at all time-consuming.

Can a single-stage snow blower beat a double-stage snow blower?

While a single-stage snow blower’s auger does all kinds of jobs like pulling out the snow, crushing it thoroughly, and transfer it to the chute, the auger of a double-stage snow blower doesn’t have to do all these works alone.

Some single-stage snow blowers are self-propelled and they have another resource of energy. But a two-stage snow blower has separate parts for separate jobs. Considering all these, it’s a little challenging for a single-stage snowblower to beat a double-stage snow blower.

Final Verdict

Overall, a fine single-stage snow blower can blow your mind right away if you buy it regarding all the guiding thoroughly. Among all the best single stage snow blower for the money, choose a particular one according to your convenience and advantage.

Invest your rightful money on a worthy snow blower, so you don’t have to repent afterward. However, recommending our best pick, Briggs and Stratton 1022E 22-Inch Single Stage Snow Blower again, we’ll be waiting for your comments after you give it a shot.

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