Best Snow Plow for Polaris Ranger

The 5 Best Snow Plow for Polaris Ranger Reviewed [2021]

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Every year in the snow season, your driveway and streets got covered in deep snow. Unless a plow service comes to the rescue in a moment of notice, you’ve to do your own plowing.

Frankly, that’s not an easy job as you might think. Today we are going to review Best Snow Plow for Polaris Ranger in the market that deal with snow plowing.

For your easy reference, we have also added a buying guide & FAQs at the end so you can understand what’s best suited to your specific condition.

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Best Snow Plow for Polaris Ranger Reviewed in Details

The snow plowing process includes a lot of preparation and effort. Without the right tools, it will not only get cumbersome, but you will also lose precious time.

For that specific reason, we bring to you the five best snow plows for Polaris ranger owners. Take your time to read each product review. You never know you may just find your perfect match for the next snow plowing.

1. DENALI 66 inch UTV Snow Plow Kit

We will start off with the DENALI 66-inch UTV snow plow kit from Moto Alliance. They have been in the market for quite some time providing some of the best tools for your special work need.

Right off the bat, we see the center-mounted kit length is 66 inches in total. With that kind of length, snow clearing will be much easier than any handheld plow kit. It’s great for the streets, driveway, and so on. Did I mention that the design of this kit has carried out in the US?

On the specs, Denali mentioned the compatibility of this kit has quite a range. The specs also point out Ranger EXT from 2015-2017, Ranger 400 (2010-2014), and Ranger 500(2017-2020) are well supported. Besides the midsize Ranger 570 and 800 are also on the list.

Sometimes heavy blizzard at night leaves a thick layer of snow. It can be stubborn to scrape with the usual tools. But the DENALI kit ensures its durable 11-gauge steel plow would be no match for that. Knowing that amazing strength property you can sleep worry-free.

Besides that, the ribs of the plow are also 7-gauge steel. That does not only add rigidity to the 65-degree curved structure, also increases efficiency. That said when it’s time for plowing action; the DENALI kit can easily roll and push snow out of the way free of lag.

There are other accessories the kit comes with to make your snow plowing session more pleasant. Such as straight-blade, mount-plate, wear-bars, skid feet, and installation hardware. All these features make it the best snow plow right now.


  • Great for small driveway and streets.
  • Curved structure easily scoops and roll snow.
  • 3 years long warranty.


  • Height adjustment winch is not included.

2. Polaris Glacier Pro Plow Blade – 66″ Poly

Believe it or not, this plow blade is from Polyethylene materials. Our all other plow product has steel in it but this one is different. In general poly, plow blades won’t be as strong as steel but can be light and more resilient to atmospheric degradation.

Glacier Pro plow poly blade is a great example of manufacturing advancement. Even though this is not a steel unit, you will be underestimating the features of its process. Let me clear some of it for the sake of review.

The plow unit design is nothing like anything you typically see in snow plowing jobs. It has a 66-inch cornered blade. What it does is it scoops the snow from the ground with a forward angle blade. Its wide surface can cover a large area which can increase plowing efficiency.

This being a poly blade is usually more lightweight than a steel one. If you think of Polyethylene as a common plastic you will be mistaken. The strength of this advanced plow kit is fairly close to a steel plow. This makes it a great choice for residential use.

One great advantage of poly materials is their flexibility. Literally, this blade can flex without breaking the structure. This plasticity also works as an outstanding shock absorber.

With a steel blade, there is always a fear of rust. You need to take extra care just to make sure oxidization does not happen. But in the case of the ploy blade, this extra maintenance task merely trivial. Plastic does not rust nor does it sustain any scratches. On top of that highly functional at all temperatures.


  • Extremely Lightweight.
  • Rustproof, weatherproof, Impact proof.
  • Suitable for residential small tasks.


  • May need additional brackets for install.

3. WARN 78950 ProVantage Plow Blade 50″ Steel

Warn is a US company that specialized in off-road equipment and accessories. If you are a handyman or like to do stuff, chances are you may have seen this brand around your tool inventory. Here we will take look at the 50-inch 78950 Pro Vantage Plow blade.

First of all, this giant 50-inch blade built from the ground up to be more versatile, high performing, and durable. Snow plowing isn’t child’s play. If you want the best result, you will need the best tool for the job. And WARN Believes, their 78950 Pro vantage can do exceptional work.

The snow plowing blade is as strong as its ribs. If ribs have a flaw, the blade won’t be as sturdy as you think. With that in mind product engineer designed the ribs to be heavy duty with high gauge steel. It’s capable of withstanding snow piles whenever and wherever necessary.

One common issue with snow plow people face is with the mounting mechanism. If it’s front-mounted, every time you try to push a huge pile of snow you will feel the whole impact. For some people, it can be annoying. Moreover, your front axle may take damage because of this.

Given that is not a safe way of plowing, WARN sticks to the center-mounted plow system. You will get better stability in plow operation and rigidity will increase at the same time.

In addition, this center mount also features large pivot assemblies for smooth rotation of the blade. This feature also allows blades to trip slightly so you can avoid any immovable object. WARN claims the blade can pull up to evade the tallest curbs on the road.


  • Low friction coated blade.
  • High performing steel blade.
  • Adjustable Blade angle and rotation.


  • The mounting base is not included.

4. Kolpin UTV Switchblade Plow – 17-5000

If you are looking for a UTV plow tool, Koplin Switchblade 17-5000 could be a great option. Aside from making other garage tools, Kolpin done a wonderful job going for a switchblade type plow. If you are not familiar with a switchblade, let’s see why this is the best snow plow.

In simpler words, two sides of the blade have an extra portion which is easy to extend to 72-inches max. When extension blades are close, the size is 60-inches. This feature is quite handy especially if you are on a wide path. The extra length will cover more surface area.

The whole blade comes in a single box. But there is a catch. If you want to move the blade up and down, you will need a winch. That’s come separately. Meaning you need to buy that separately too.

For attaching system of this snow plow uses a good old tube mechanism. Kolpin reinforces the tube system with strategically placed bars to enhance firmness. This comes in very handy when dealing with a large snow deposit.

Manufacturers claim that with their intuitive design, the blade is effortless to assemble and attach in just 1 hour. Thanks to their universal body mount that fits in almost any UTV on the market. For more details, you should check their supported UTV list.


  • Stamped steel technology.
  • 5 blade position.
  • 12 inch sideway blade extension.


  • Need to buy Winch separately.

5. Extreme Max 5500.5097 ATV UniPlow

Extreme Max is another popular brand name in the tool industry. Their ATV Uniplow system is the only thing you will ever need in lighter duty applications in residential use. And the good news is this unit is specially designed for Polaris 570 ranger models.

The dimension of the unit is 50 inches in width and 16 inches in height respectively. For added strength, the steel plow blade is 3/16 inch grade 50 Gusseting. High-quality steel always yields better results and not to mention longer service time.

Unlike other plow mounting systems, this kit is simple to mount on any ATV. This intuitive mounting system allows users to attach the plow from the back of the ATV wheel.

As this is directly connected to the ATV frame the pressure distribution will be even throughout the ATV. That means smoother operation and effective results.

When it comes to installing the plow kit, many prefer to push the tube system. Because it tends to simpler than any other system in the market. As a result, this can relatively shorten your preparation time. The Extreme Max ATV UniPlow delivers exactly that for a better user experience.

In general water and steel do not mix too well. Technically snow turns to water if the temperature goes up. So if your snow plow sits with water for too long, you will see rust starting to form. That’s never a good sign!

With that in mind, Extreme Max decides to do the black powder coating on all the parts including blades, skid plates, and other accessories. It does look aesthetic from the overview but most importantly it protects the components from rust.

As I mentioned earlier, this unit is for Polaris 570 ranger. But if you want to use the uni plow in several ATV’s, manufacturers offer an additional kit for mounting. Just make sure your ATV model is on their supported list.


  • Even force distribution onto the frame.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Black powder-coated.
  • Push tube installation.


  • Only the 1-year warranty.

Best Snow Plow for Polaris Ranger – Buying Guide

Behind every great buying decision, a couple of reasoning plays a huge role. Such as work requirements, features, price, and so on. In the same way, before buying a perfect snow plow for yourself, consider the following aspects.

Blade Type selection

If you are new to snow plowing, snow plow uses different blades for a different purpose. Not all blades are the same in size nor they serve a specific situation. So you should have an idea of how these blades work.

Straight Blades

These are the more commonly used blade in snow plowing. As the name suggests, it’s just a straight blade. People use this type of blade for general snow plowing on a flat surface. This beginner-friendly blade type can easily handle small tasks.


This is a special type of blade that looks like a V. The blade is for a specific work type. Like snow plowing on a narrow road. When you run the blade on, it will push snow to the left and right side of the road. That leaves the middle ground clean of snow.

Winged blades

From a perspective, it works just like V-blades only better in some cases. They have three parts to the blade. The middle part works as a pusher or snow roller. And the two sides of the blade can control individually for special work need.

They look like wings hence the name winged blade.  The blade is easy to mount on trucks or large vehicles. Each wing moves according to the control panel switch in the vehicles. These are more advanced and expensive.

Blade Materials

Blade material plays a vital role in achieving the precise result. In addition to that, it also defines durability and longer service time. There are three types of blade materials generally used in a snow plow. Though they have their pros and cons, each kind shines in their relative situation.

Stainless steel: Among the steel blade stainless steel are the most common and widely used. They have a great performance point and last longer. But keep in mind that they tend to bend occasionally.

Mild steel: These are the more versatile material in terms of price and performance. Most plow blades get the advantage of this material to make a durable product. One great thing about mild steel is it’s more resistant to dents and scratches.

Polyethylene: Poly materials are an affordable option and a small task. They are definitely not as strong as steel but they are lightweight and suitable for the smallest plowing task. One more thing, poly won’t rust or doesn’t have any atmospheric disadvantage while working.

Job Requirement

This simply means what type of snow plowing job you want to do. Is it just a driveway cleaning of large street plowing? Snow plow selection also greatly depends on the surface type. For rough surfaces, you would want the most durable plow with anti-friction materials.


There are plow tools for large vehicles and trucks. These are usually large. For the smaller task, you can find a plow that fits in ATVs. There are even handheld plows if you want to do it manually. So pick the best one that suits your need.


Is it safe to keep the mount on for a year?

This entirely depends on the build materials. If your blade is a steel one you might want to take off and keep it in a safe place so it doesn’t rust. But for the poly blade, you can keep it on as much as you like.

How will I know the plow will fit my truck or ATV?

The easiest way to find if the plow fits your vehicle is to carefully read to specs and supported vehicle lit. You can also contact the manufacturer for more information on compatibility.

Is there an easy way to attach the plow?

Most plows come with its instruction manual. Some even provide the hardware you will need to attach the plow. So always follow the user guide in this respect.

How long does a snow plow last?

Generally, this depends on the quality and regular maintenance. Some manufacturers even offer 3 yearlong warranties.  If you can take good care it can last more than that.

Does plow works on any surface?

Depending on the blade type and the attachment it comes along, great quality works on most surfaces.  But there is a difference in blade types that works well on a particular surface.

Final Thoughts

So we have talked about the best snow plow for Polaris ranger with pros and cons. Each product we mentioned has its advantage in a particular working environment and would a great job plowing snow. Hope the above review information along with the buying guide will be of great help to you in your next purchase.

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