Best Snow Shovels for Seniors

Best Snow Shovels for Seniors of 2020

Winter is approaching and, if you live in a colder climate, it is time to invest in a durable snow shovel to keep your sidewalks, trails, and driveways clear and usable.

The options in our selection are available in all sizes and shapes, from large plow-shaped models to small units for cars, and are suitable for pushing and scooping on all kinds of surfaces, from stone to composite terraces.

Top-Rated Snow Shovels for Seniors

Best Snow Shovels for Seniors Reviews

Whether you need the best of best or just the most affordable option will relay all of the great items for you.

1. Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution Snow Shovel

This 18-inch snow shovel offers an ergonomic design that requires less bending. It’s designed to promote better posture for the user to shovel is made of sturdy and impact-resistant blade assuring its durability and long-term use compared to ordinary snow shovels.

Snow Joe handle is a bit modified the spring-assist handle serves as the fulcrum after an hour or so of shoveling. You’ll feel less restrained from doing the activity. It’s also easy to use with this item lifting heavier snow piles will be easy.

Thanks to the lifting leverage in the lower hand. That way you can lift more snow and get it out of your way without compromising your upper body muscles.

The lifting Leverage is also a great help to throw the snow farther. It quickly returns to its usual form after throwing the snow just in time and ready for the next load on top of that the aluminum shovel blade runs 18 in the wide base to get a lot of snow in one scoop.

The polypropylene blade is also shattered resistant to store this snow shovel properly by making a loop in the strap around the spring handle on the other end secured to the knob on the upper pole the company that holds this brand offers a two-year warranty for this snow shovel.

2. Vertex Power Dynamics Snow Shovel

This brand greatly boasts its cordless future. It’s the perfect winter tool to clear your patio, driveway, pathways, and walkways during the winter with this item.

You no longer need to manually shovel the snow forward but usually risk your muscles and strains them when you back. You just need to invest force through your weight for momentum and make the work of a 10-inch wheel with this rolling power.

The blade runs 30-inch which can last through many winners. You can push up to 3 in of snow to clear the area that handles stands above 35-inch from the ground when the blade is flatly laid on the ground.

Going in any direction won’t take much of your time or energy as you can quickly and efficiently navigate to any direction you prefer. In a nutshell, using the snow dozer simply looks as if you’re just plowing or mowing the lawn.

Pushing the snow instead of scooping it and transferring it to another place saves you time and effort. For easy storage simply folded and hang it in the days of heavy or light snow you can count on this snow shovel.

3. True Temper 1603400 Poly Snow Shovel

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It might seem like an ordinary shovel at first plant, but it’s regarded as one of the top line products of its kind. The 18-inch blade makes an ideal tool for snow shoveling and pushing.

The surface is big enough to chuck a pile of snow quickly to do the task. The nylon wears strapped is also responsible to extend the life of the blight. It features its ergonomic steel handle, which is your convenience while shoveling.

You might have to use gloves while shoveling to get the same quality of an efficient snow pushing and shoveling thanks to the oversized D grip handle.

The edges of the shovel do not directly affect or scar your patio or driveway. However, there are possibilities that it may incur scars and brick if you exert too much effort in the activity. So be extra gentle when using the shovel.

Also, snow does not stick to this shovel the winter tool weighs about 4 to 5 lb the blade is made out of durable good quality plastic. It’s also helpful, even on 10 to 12 feet of snow.

It’s light and so you’re back will thank you as he won’t be needing to be too much while clearing off your path.

4. SNO go Snow Shovel

The shovel will ensure that you don’t have a hard time pushing and scooping snow in your driveway halfway patio or walkway during the winter. The brand features an ergonomic T-handle design which guarantees its speed also it promotes a reduction of 50% clean up time.

The shovel is an ideal winter tool for alternating use between pushing and scooping health-wise. This item is great when it comes to your back using it. You’ll no longer need to band push to scoop more than a handful of snow.

You just need to stay behind it and it’ll do the rest. That way it’ll lessen the possibility of back pain and your arms will feel relaxed to thanks to the reinforced fiberglass pole which will allow you to push with full force and throw the snow.

Get a huge amount of snow with its 32in ample enough finish the activity as fast as you can the back and sides of the shovel are intended to have durability and extra strength.

It’s engineered with extensive wear life the Sno go works quietly and doesn’t make that scraping sound as compared to other shovels.

5. Snow Joe SJ-SHLV02 Snow Shovel 

Ergonomic design features the spring assist handle and it’s strained reducing capability. And no longer need to bend much when shoveling and pushing snow which can cause muscle strain.

It is a 3.6-pound item that is ideal for snow clearing for your driveway pathway and walkways. The snow-clearing technology lies to go through the routine quicker and smarter.

Say goodbye to back pain with the traditional manner of shoveling it pushing because the clear blade is made out of polycarbonate which is impact-resistant.

It’s engineered to be translucent so you’ll be able to get a clear view of where you need to go this spring assist handle acts like the fulcrum in which it drastically alternates the mechanics of shoveling.

After throwing the snow it will quickly reset to its original form making you ready for the next load. Snow Joe provides the lower hand with lifting leverage together tons of snow in one scoop with is the stools not only helpful during winter.

But you can also use it to load mulch for gardening purposes. This is all-around to land a must-have for all seasons.

How to Choose a Snow Shovel for Seniors?

There have been major developments in snow shovel technology recently which have left the market with new, improved shovels for all consumer categories.

Although these upgrades are a blessing to snow shovel users, they do have the effect of making it more difficult to choose the right snow shovel.

Many forms are designed to match senior citizens by making them more user-friendly, less fatiguing, and less strenuous. However, there are still a few valuable tips you might use when picking one of those shovels.

Below are a few tips on purchasing snow shovels to help you along.

Shoveling Needs

While the tool work is usually put under the same bracket as shoveling, not all of them perform the same functions. Some designs are just to push the snow and others to lift while others can do both.

So, be sure if you need a shovel to move, raise, or both, before embarking on your search.

Blade And Handle Size

People have different body sizes, different heights, and different energy. Although the shovels are for seniors, a user with 7 feet would prefer a more extended handle than a user with 5 feet.

If you are medium in size, your choice of the blade may not be the same as a bodybuilder’s. Look for a shovel with a blade and handle the size that suits you.


It doesn’t feel good every winter having to get a new shovel. You will save the dollars quickly by having a long-lasting shovel. Check the handle make, blade, and wear strip material and make sure it is of high quality.

Metal blades can be much larger, but they are robust compared to light plastic blades. You’ll have options for the handle such as plastic, wood, metal, fiberglass among others. Some may be susceptible to rusting, in addition.

On the other hand, fiberglass is quite strong and durable and has the added benefit of not rusting. Besides, the metal handles are as unlikely to break.


This article has helped you find the best snow shovels for seniors. Not just for seniors. You can also use certain shovels if you are an adult. These shovels, in fact, are for adults too.

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