Best Solar Lamps for Garden

Best Solar Lamps for Garden 2021: Top 5 Picks

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How many times have you vowed to fix the lighting in your garden? To finally place that spotlight under the veranda?

And how many times have you promised yourself not to pull cables and extensions for the whole garden just to light up the table under the gazebo?

If before these operations required long and demanding works, with excavations and electrical wires.

Solar garden lamps will illuminate your environment and your evenings in a pleasant way. Refer to this list of the best solar lamps for garden to find the most suitable ones.

What are the Best Solar Lamps for Garden?

In an increasingly large market, finding the best products is not easy, especially if you don’t know where to look.

This guide was created precisely to provide an idea to those who are entering the world of outdoor lighting and solar technology for the first time.

Surely the life of the lamp and the battery are the main aspects in choosing a good lighting system.

However, we must not underestimate all the devices that may be supplied with the kit, such as the motion sensor and the twilight sensor.

Even having the ability to adjust the light intensity can ensure that a system adapts perfectly to your needs. But these are just some of the basic aspects of a solar lamp. Let’s see them all.

GardenBliss solar garden lamp

Set of 10 solar floor lamps with a simple but elegant design. They are ideal for flower beds, borders, and walkways. They are resistant to atmospheric agents, thanks to the ip65 waterproof certificate.

They have an autonomy of 8 hours, thanks to the LED technology that guarantees efficiency as well as power. The LED technology then ensures up to 20,000 hours of life for this light.

They are equipped with a twilight ignition system and are very easy to install so as not to steal even a second longer than necessary. They have a height of 30 cm. I advise you to place these lamps in well-lit areas to have a satisfactory yield.

Albrillo solar garden lamp

This is by no means the usual garden light. Already from the shape, you can see that it is an object of furniture and design.

The spherical shape, which refers to the moon will seduce you once it lights up at dusk. It is equipped with a remote control, and a range of colors that can be changed remotely.

Obviously being outdoor, it is resistant to atmospheric agents and has the certificate of conformity for waterproofness ip65, which guarantees continuous use even outdoors in all seasons.

This model is equipped with an electric socket and a separate photovoltaic panel, with a USB connection, to position the sensor in the sunniest areas.

GolWolf solar garden lamp

This set of 6 lamps is very decorative. Suitable for environments rich in details, they reproduce a particular motif on the ground, with silhouettes of moons and stars to create a magical, almost dreamlike atmosphere.

You can place them along the path, around your gazebo, or scattered in your favorite corners of the garden.

They are also ideal as Christmas decorations, simple and in good taste. They will turn on automatically when the sun goes down thanks to the twilight sensor.

LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights

This is the best amazon choice of the moment, it will be the excellent value for money or the numerous functions of these 12 spotlights but you will hardly find better for your needs.

They are ideal for illuminating the landscape but can also perform a more intense but less-lasting light function.

These spotlights can be installed on the ground using the special inserts or on the wall, thanks to the specially designed connection. They are ideal for lighting hedges, paths, and flower boxes but also for placing by the pool or on the veranda.

LITOM Original Solar Lights Outdoor

When it comes to lighting efficiency, this 2-piece wall set is definitely the best on the market.

First of all for the light intensity which is among the best, but above all for the efficient yield of the solar panel, able to recharge even on the most cloudy days, shining with its own light in the night.

It is equipped with a motion sensor with a 270 ° reception range. It is able to cover an area of about 30 m².

Even the ‘ installation is very easy, with just two anchors and a screwdriver to assure the house wall without fear.

What are solar lamps?

Surely many of you will know solar lamps, a cutting-edge technology: modern and eco-sustainable capable of transforming sunlight into electricity and thus allowing us to illuminate even at night where we want it most, without having to dig and work too demanding.

Despite their popularity, however, not everyone knows how this advanced technology works.

How do solar lamps work?

Their working principle is very simple to understand. The photovoltaic panel is the heart of the device. This is able to collect solar energy through sunlight. Once collected, that energy is transformed into an electric current and stored in a rechargeable battery.

As the sunlight falls, these lamps turn on to bring illumination to different types of environments. Since they are powered by sunlight, they will need to be placed in an area where there is enough.

Furthermore, the solar lamps are fitted with a regulator, specifically designed to be able to efficiently manage energy, transforming it into electric current and subsequently light energy through the LEDs.

For electronics enthusiasts and for those who want to find out more about the operation of photovoltaic panels instead, the following lines will be interesting.

The panels are made of multiple layers of crystalline silicon and chemical compounds, capable of generating a negative charge of electrons on the layers and a positive charge along with the spaces between the layers.

The photovoltaic panel is a black plate that is usually found on the head of the lamps.

Types of solar lamps

The right solar lighting is a compromise that depends first of all on our needs. These needs are closely related to the type of lamp we are going to use.

For example, a safety lamp will be significantly more expensive than a walkway or open space light. Here are the most common types of solar lamp you should know:

Walkway lamps

Sidewalks and walkways are the ideal places to place these lights. Of course, it also depends on the effect you want to achieve. Usually, this kind of lamp is quite bright.

They are simple to install: Just plant them on the ground or hang them on the fence. They are often equipped with an on / off button.

If you decide to keep them off, they will accumulate energy without turning them into the light.

These lights can also be used to illuminate paths in parks and gardens, as they can stay on for up to 10 hours. Thanks to them, in fact, you can extend your outdoor activities well beyond the sunset, be it a dinner, a party for the children, or a football match.

Obviously, solar lights are more efficient in areas where direct sunlight is always present. In these situations, in fact, they offer the best performance in terms of brightness and duration of the charge.

A bright environment will make your entire home more fascinating, enhancing its details and shades even at night.

Solar garden lamps

These lights will make your garden brighter and more vital, highlighting planters and greenery. Their light function is also useful for security situations.

In fact, these lamps often also have motion sensors that allow them to turn on as soon as they detect movement in that area.

Again thanks to the photovoltaic panel they mount, energy can be stored in the built-in battery. Once fully charged, the lamp will have enough power to stay on all night.

These lights, like all photovoltaic ones, can be used almost anywhere, as long as they are located in a sufficiently bright position.

Check that there are no trees or obstacles in the way blocking the light, otherwise, the charging will be interrupted at the expense of the lamp life the next night.

During the winter season, it may happen that your lamp does not receive enough light to stay on all night. Be careful even in snow. The photovoltaic panel on the top of the lamp must in fact be kept clean and free to be reached by sunlight.

Panoramic lamps

These lamps have been developed to bring superior lighting to your garden, elegantly enhancing the details you love most. Don’t expect the type of lighting typical of walking lights, however.

The comfortable glow produced by these lights certainly does not have the intensity of the light beam of other lamps, but its effect will pay off in a big way.

When you decide to build a garden according to landscaping techniques, whether it is a pond or rocky setting, placing some of these lights in the ground will help you to highlight the characteristics of your garden.

The effect that this type of lighting gives to the vegetation, creating a play of light and shadow is truly evocative.

Furthermore, by choosing a solar lamp, you will save on your bill at the end of the month and on installation costs.

Let’s not forget that you won’t even have to do new digs in the garden and you can even move them whenever you want to give a new shape to the environment.

The twilight function is typical of these lamps. In fact, they accumulate energy throughout the day, turning on once the sun sets and turning off at dawn the next morning.

Like all outdoor lamps, they are equipped with an ip65 waterproof certificate and also do not require the installation of cables and various power supplies.

Railing lamps

Who has never wished to have a lighted staircase at home to access the garden? Or maybe a beautiful bright railing from which to lean out to observe the starry sky?

The best solution for your verandas and railings, in general, is certainly a specially designed solar lamp. It does not require special installations and like all photovoltaic models, it does not need wiring that would be unsightly.

Sun exposure during the day is always important, to have an efficient yield during the night. With these lamps, you will intelligently illuminate your veranda, your stairs, or your balcony.

Once installed, all you have to do is sit back and watch them shine like stars in the night sky. They will turn on automatically thanks to the twilight system, autonomously converting the electric current into light energy.

Many of these lamps are also studied in design, with a body designed to be decorative elements suitable for the environment.

In fact, there are both Chinese lantern-style models, and with a vintage design, but not only. You just have to choose which model suits your style the most.

Street lamps with solar lamps

To be clear, they are very similar to the street lamps used for public and park lighting. Obviously being home models, they are available with different heights and shapes.

Their basic feature, however, is the very intense beam of light, able to illuminate the areas below.

They are an ecological alternative to the lighting of public roads, as they use energy from renewable sources and also do not require wiring for power supply.

This kind of solar lamp can be mounted in height or on the wall, bearing in mind, however, to orient them towards the south.

To install this kind of light, the best advice is to wait for hours when the sun is high in the sky and evaluate the most illuminated areas from there, so as to be able to recharge the battery in the best possible way.

Lighting for fences

They are definitely a style idea. They make the borders of your garden elegant, while also keeping them illuminated. They are usually vertical models, which must be fixed to the wall and not to a pole or to the ground.

They have a mainly decorative and signaling purpose, thanks to the crepuscular function that allows you to save, in favor of the environment.

Instead, choose a model equipped with a motion sensor if you want them to perform a safety function along your borders, emitting a more intense beam if movement is detected.

Solar shed lights

If in addition to a lot of outdoor space, you also have a veranda, a porch, or why not a shed where you want to improve the brightness, these lights are for you.

They usually have a steel frame, which is strong and durable. Synonymous with quality for the type of lighting, which must be strong and intense.

The best models have a double function: with the first, they can produce 400 lumens of light intensity, for a reduced time of about an hour.

Otherwise, with the second function, they emit less intense and bright light, more position, for the whole night keeping a magical atmosphere all around.

Solar balcony lighting

If you also have a balcony in your house, you should consider purchasing specially designed lighting to make your environment pleasant and comfortable.

With the right light solution, you can enjoy the view even after dusk.

to have a good light efficiency, remember to place the panel in a well-lit place.

How To Choose The Best Solar Lamps for Garden?

light intensity

It is certainly one of the fundamental aspects of choosing your lamp. Obviously, this depends on the use you want to make of it.

When it comes to sidelights, you won’t need too high an intensity, which often comes at the expense of battery life and the cost of the lamp.

If, on the other hand, you need to illuminate a nice garden area or veranda, a higher intensity will certainly be better.

Fixing plates with screws

These plates require to be screwed to the lamp, ensuring greater stability in the event of wind and greater security in theft attempts, if positioned in areas adjacent to public passages.

Complete kits

Buying a complete kit is certainly easier than buying single bulbs in bulk. This is because first of all they are often sold in bulk with advantageous offers, moreover, they make installation quick and fast.

There are single lamp kits, or 12V kits including cables and transformer, to recreate your customized lighting system.

Separate solar panel

This type of configuration makes the correct positioning of the panel easier and at the same time the possibility of installing the light point where we like best, without compromising the yield of the light itself.

It will therefore be sufficient to place the panel in sunny areas to ensure the right recharge during the day.

Battery life

The life of batteries and panels usually drops quickly with continuous use outdoors. When choosing a solar lamp.

Always keep in mind the solution that is as long-lasting as possible, even if the initial price is higher, its duration will pay off over time. A battery lasts an average of 2 years.

Motion sensor

It is a useful solution for temporary lighting. In fact, this device turns on the light when it perceives a movement in the surrounding area for a limited time, adjustable through a clock screw.

It is useful for safety reasons or even for the most forgetful who cannot find the switches in the dark.

Light sensor

A sunrise and sunset sensor that perceives the intensity of sunlight, illuminating the garden when natural light is no longer sufficient.


Prices can be very variable. They depend on the quality of the final product, but also on all its components. The main aspects on which to evaluate the ideal expense for a quality product are:

the light intensity, the battery life, and the storage efficiency of the photovoltaic panel, obviously together with the duration of the entire device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are outdoor solar lamps efficient?

If properly maintained and placed in the right position, they can last for years and emit excellent lighting thanks to the LED technology that distinguishes them.

When do I have to manually turn off my solar lamp?

To ensure effective charging, 72 hours without use are ideal.

This is why I recommend that you turn off the switch of your light regularly when you are not using it and during the day, in order to allow a complete recharge.

Can I leave a solar lamp outside in the winter?

Solar lights are made to stay outside all year round, even in the winter. Always check their waterproof certificate.

Surely, their duration will however suffer from a lack of protection from the elements so if you do not use them, store them in the cellar in winter.

How many lumens should it emit?

A solar-led light, which is the most used, will usually emit around 100 lumens per light point.

Do they recharge the solar panels on cloudy days?

This depends on the quality of the photovoltaic panel supplied. Surely the maximum efficiency is obtained on days of full sun

But most of the lamps will work discreetly even in conditions of low light and cloudy days thanks to the irradiation of the ground that reflects the sun’s rays, even if it cannot guarantee the 8 -10 standard hours of work.

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