7 Best Three Stage Snow Blower of 2021 [In-Depth Guides]

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As snow season is around the corner, you would want a 3 stage snow blower at your side to cope with snow piling. If you live in an area where snow is more prevalent, you know how tedious it is to clear snow from the yard and streets.

In that case, a snowblower can lighten your burden and let you enjoy your day with friends and families. Finding the best three stage snow blower isn’t that easy as it sounds. You will see diffident types and brands to choose from.

For the individual in a hurry, we highly recommend the Troy Bilt Vortex 2490  as the best 3 stage snowblower. Because it’s technologically more advanced and efficient. It features all the essentials and performs well enough to get the job done.

With that said, you shouldn’t skip here and miss the in-depth knowledge about each product. We also have a buying guide to help you out with an informed decision in the end.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top 3 Picks:

Best Overall
Troy-Bilt Vortex 2490 277cc Electric Start 24-Inch...
Runner Up
Cub Cadet 3X 24 in. 277cc 3-Stage Electric Start...
Also Consider
Cub Cadet 3X 26 in. 357cc 3-Stage Electric Start...
Troy-Bilt Vortex 2490 277cc Electric Start 24-Inch...
Cub Cadet 3X 24 in. 277cc 3-Stage Electric Start...
Cub Cadet 3X 26 in. 357cc 3-Stage Electric Start...
Brand Troy-Bilt Power Source Gas Powered Item Dimensions LxWxH 48.63 x 26.75 x 32.75 inches Item Weight 230 Pounds Engine Type 4 Cycle Engine Displacement 277 Cubic Centimeters
Brand CUB CADET Power Source Gas Powered Engine Displacement 277 Cubic Centimeters
Brand CUB CADET Power Source Gas Powered Item Dimensions LxWxH 49 x 28.5 x 34 inches Item Weight 265 Pounds Engine Displacement 357 Cubic Centimeters
Best Overall
Troy-Bilt Vortex 2490 277cc Electric Start 24-Inch...
Troy-Bilt Vortex 2490 277cc Electric Start 24-Inch...
Brand Troy-Bilt Power Source Gas Powered Item Dimensions LxWxH 48.63 x 26.75 x 32.75 inches Item Weight 230 Pounds Engine Type 4 Cycle Engine Displacement 277 Cubic Centimeters
Runner Up
Cub Cadet 3X 24 in. 277cc 3-Stage Electric Start...
Cub Cadet 3X 24 in. 277cc 3-Stage Electric Start...
Brand CUB CADET Power Source Gas Powered Engine Displacement 277 Cubic Centimeters
Also Consider
Cub Cadet 3X 26 in. 357cc 3-Stage Electric Start...
Cub Cadet 3X 26 in. 357cc 3-Stage Electric Start...
Brand CUB CADET Power Source Gas Powered Item Dimensions LxWxH 49 x 28.5 x 34 inches Item Weight 265 Pounds Engine Displacement 357 Cubic Centimeters

Top 7 Best Three Stage Snow Blower 2021 – Reviews

It’s not uncommon to find tons of snowblowers in the market. You may find a similar product with virtually identical specs.

But that doesn’t mean the performance will be the same as the other one. There are several factors in play that guarantee you will get optimum performance.

Honestly, it’s not that easy to find the Three-Stage Snow Blower within a short period. Unless you spend a huge amount of time, the perfect product won’t come to you. Many individuals don’t like to take the hassle on their own.

Don’t worry. Because our experts have done the research on your behalf and found the top 7 Best Three-Stage Snow Blower that may fit your need.

#1. Troy Bilt Vortex 2490 – Best Overall

Troy-Bilt Vortex 2490 277cc Electric Start 24-Inch...
  • Powered by a 277cc 4-cycle All-Wheel Drive OHV Electric Start gas engine equipped with Touch 'N Turn Power Steering for easier operation
  • Clears snowy walkways up to 24 inches wide and 21 inches deep in one pass with Just One Hand Operation that lets the snow thrower do the work for you
  • The Three-Stage design incorporates the 12-inch accelerator that spins 10x faster than augers to break down heavy, wet snow with powerful snow discharge

Among the dozens of snow blowers, this particular model is most popular. Why you may ask? It’s the most affordable option available for a 3-stage snow blower and that doesn’t mean it doesn’t perform well.

In fact, it packs some excellent features and is easily considered among the top 3 stage snow blowers available.

When breaking snow, you would want your engine to operate consistently. The 277cc powerful Gas engine in Troy Bilt Vortex 2490 delivers just that.

The engine also allows users to take advantage of all-wheel-drive with 6 different forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds. In addition, the touch & turn power steering system tremendously helps with smooth controlling in knee-deep snow.

When cleaning a walkway, a small intake snowblower machine will have a hard time getting the job done.

This is because you will need to make more than one pass to cover full-length sideways. You will waste more gas and time to complete the task. Trust me; this is not how you want it to go.

Fortunately, Troy Bilt Vortex 2490 comes with a wide 24-inch wide and 21-inch deep intake design. This form factor will obviously help you to cover more area in one pass with low gas consumption.

If the accelerator works slower than the auger, the auger will have to work hard to get the desired result. The machines employ 12 -inch accelerator that spins faster than the auger. This will ensure smooth operation without any unnecessary pressure on the auger.

With 4-axis pitch control of the chute, you can easily throw snow at a safe distance. You don’t have to worry about redoing the same work again and again.

You know very well how hard it is to run tires on a snowy surface. No matter how hard you try, it will stuck at some point. But in this case, the machine comes with X-TRAC tires famous for maximum grip on a snowy track.


  • Powerful 277cc Gas Engine
  • Wide 24 by 21-inch snow intake
  • Larger and Faster Accelerator
  • 4-Way Innovative Pitch and Chute Control
  • Durable X-TRAC Tires


  • Bigger intake bucket for covering a wide area.
  • 4-Axis movement and chute control
  • Faster accelerator operation
  • High friction tires.


  • Cant effectively process wet snow

#2. Cub Cadet 24 in.

Cub Cadet 3X 24 in. 277cc 3-Stage Electric Start...
  • Three stage snow blower
  • 21" clearing width
  • 277cc engine

This is another best 3 stage snow blower likely to be well within your budget. If you are a person cleaning snow in the old way with a shovel, this is a perfect upgrade for you.  It’s lightweight, compact, and ready to tackle any snow situation on your streets.

With most of the snowblowers in the market, the bucket tends to leave scratch marks on the floor. If you own Cub Cadet 24-inch you won’t have that issue to worry about. Thanks to its unique skid shoe implementation. It will save your driveway from ugly scratches.

When working in cold, your hand seems to take a toll. In this situation, it’s even harder to navigate. Wouldn’t you agree? Luckily this particular snow blower model thought of that and made the handle warm enough to tolerate cold. So next time you are on the snow cleaning task you would have one less thing to worry about.

This is a machine capable of crushing a huge pile of snow with its 277cc engine. And the good part is it’s easy to turn on the machine with the included electric start option. No need to prime your engine first, one push of a button wakes the engine in a matter of sec.

I am talking about the electric start. Till now a lot of snowblower model doesn’t have that option available. The old ways of starting your engine often don’t work in a cold atmosphere.

It’s very important to have a clear view of the way ahead when working in a hazy environment. You could hit something or may lose track of pathways. It’s more prevalent in snowstorms due to heavy snowfall. With that in mind, this snow blower comes with a powerful LED headlight to light your way.

As I said earlier clearing length is too imperative for work efficiency. If your snowblower happens to have low clearing width, forget about finishing the task in time. Moreover, it will eat up fuel as you go for another pass.

With that in mind, the 21-inch clearing width seems to have a huge advantage in this regard.


  • Clever skid shoe design
  • Warm Handles
  • Electric Start Engine
  • Large Headlight
  • 21-inch Clearing Width


  • Warm handles for working in extreme cold
  • Work with ease in a challenging situation like a snowstorm.
  • Quick electric start system for reducing downtime


  • Could leave snow residue on its way

#3. Cub Cadet 3X 26 in. 357cc

Cub Cadet 3X 26 in. 357cc 3-Stage Electric Start...
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

If you are still looking for the best alternative, you wouldn’t want to miss this. The Cub Cadet 3×26 is a bit bigger than the previous Cub Cadet 24-inch. With an increase in size the 26 inches Cub Cadet is more powerful than the previous one. And yet maintains an inexpensive price tag.

Compared to the 24-inch bucket, this one is slightly bigger. That means it would be easy to deal with a larger work area. They claimed the intake bucket can go through the toughest snowpack like no other machine. And the user feedback seems to back that up pretty well. So it’s not just the size increment, it works just as intended.

To take advantage of a larger intake, other counterparts like Accelerator and Auger have to work more vigorously. Don’t worry the new engine is bigger and more powerful. It won’t be a problem for the new engine to supply appropriate crushing power to challenge any snow pile.

Like the previous model, it also features LED light on the blower machine. But the difference is instead of a single LED it comes with two LEDs on each side of the handle. As far as the illumination goes, two LEDs will always be better than just one.

Therefore, never be afraid to go out if visibility is low due to harsh weather conditions. You will be more confident with this snow blower doing your job.

Crushed snow usually ejects through the snowblower chute. If your engine is powerful and you have a powerful impeller, the show powder falls far from the machine. To be able to adjust the throwing direction, you will find a crank. Not just any crank for this machine it’s an OHV crank.

With that, you can turn the aluminum chute 2.5 times to adjust up to 200 degrees. This comes in handy to discard snow out of the way effectively.

A snow blower only works fine according to its internal combination of parts. Such as the accelerator, auger, and impeller. According to the manufacturer, the 3x technology does a 50% faster job of processing snow from any 2 stage snowblower.


  • Larger 26-inch Snow Intake
  • Bigger 357cc Engine
  • Dual LED Headlight
  • OHV Crank for Chute Control
  • Unique Accelerator Technology


  • Can do more intense snow cleaning
  • 50% efficient with 3x technology
  • Powerful dual LED headlight


  • May need to Plug into a 110v outlet to start

#4. Cub Cadet 28in. 3528SWE

The Cub Cadet 3528SWE is slightly bigger compared to its little brother’s 26-inch snowblower. Apart from that, all the features are almost the same. The engine, handlebar, chute, and so on. But a wide 28-inch intake bucket really makes difference in clearing a large area in one run.

So if you need a bigger snow intake this could be your best easy start 3 stage snowblower.

Let’s address the obvious changes first. Among all the Cub Cadet’s best 3-stage snow blowers, one thing you can find common is their ability to perform well. But sometimes individuals have specific needs and price ranges. It wouldn’t be ideal to spend money on unnecessary features.

With that in mind, Cub cadet retains its perfectly balanced hardware and made the adjustment that affects the variable need. If you only need work in a small area, you can always take any small size variation available and save some money along the way.

But if your work demands it, you can take the 28-inch size intake with a reasonable increase in price. And the good part is your efficiency will be higher than other small machines. Isn’t that all we want with our hard-earned money?

Another clear change you can see in this model is the bigger wheels. With a larger intake bucket, maneuvering is not that easy if you rely on small wheels. So changes had to make with wheel size. Now it is 16×6.5 inches in dimension.

The traction control is still present providing you with maximum grip on the snow. So with the 2 X-Trac tires, you won’t have to concern yourself in the deep snow fill street.

Likewise, Cub Cadet has been taking advantage of the well-designed control system. There are only a few buttons for ignition, headlight, and turning off the machine. The simple crank system for chute control is still effective now. It’s so easy even a beginner can operate.

When you have a 357cc powerful engine, your overall operation will be that much easy. So, cleaning some deep snow in 3 stages won’t be a problem anytime soon.


  • 28-inch Large Intake
  • Bigger 16×6.5 wheels
  • Intuitive Easy Control
  • Powerful 3 Stage Operation


  • Ideal for medium to large snow cleaning
  • Big wheels for easy maneuvering
  • More efficient in covering a big area


  • A bit heavy


CUB CADET Three Stage Snow Blower 3X 30 PRO
  • Three stage snow blower
  • 30" clearing width
  • 420cc engine

Do you ever feel your current snowblower doesn’t seem to cut the exact way you want? And you spend extra time covering every inch of the road. Even that is not enough? If that’s the case, behold the mighty Cub Cadet 3×30 PRO.

It’s not your typical snowblower by any means. It’s got the power and all the bells and whistles for a mean snow cleaning work. It’s big, it’s heavy and eventually, it’s a bit expensive too. But that’s fair when no other snowblower comes close to this.

When I said it’s got a powerful engine, I was not kidding. With its 420cc engine, you can almost sweep clean a snowy mountain. Well, don’t just go for it right away! All the pun aside, the machine is meant for cleaning large streets and driveways.

The bigger engine helps a lot in removing heavy snow piles more easily. It would be like a knife through butter. You won’t need to stop or redo the whole work again to achieve the desired result. On the plus side, the engine can start with an electric start button instantly.

Most narrow streets or pathways are easy to clean with a 24-26 inch size intake. But it starts to choke when the road is a little bit bigger. Luckily, Cub Cadet 3×30 PRO can deal with a wide area like a champ. It will eat snow like a hungry baby. In a matter of minutes, you will be done.

This is very helpful when you are dealing with snow cleaning on large commercial driveways or campus pathways. With its 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, you can enjoy snow blowing. It’s that smooth, you will get a weird satisfaction out of it seeing those snows disappear swiftly.

Like other Cob Cadet Snowblower models, it does feature powerful LEDs. But this time they implement a different placement. It comes with 2 LEDs. One is on the dashboard and the other one is on the intake bucket. If you ever face a harsh weather condition that limits your visibility, you can deal with it effortlessly.

These handlebars can warm up to give you a soothing sensation on the coldest day so you do your job comfortably.

Being with a heavy engine and all steel components, it takes a lot of work control. On snowy surfaces, it may slip or lost control. But don’t worry the large tire and antiskid materials got your back.


  • Giant 420 CC Engine
  • 30-inch cleaning area
  • Dual LED Headlight
  • Heated Handles
  • Anti-slip Tire


  • Meant for removing snow in a large area.
  • A powerful engine makes work easy and efficient.
  • Can clean 30 inches of space in just one run.


  • Can be a bit expensive.

#6. CUB CADET 42in.

CUB CADET 19A40024100 3-Stage 42" Snow Blower...
  • Genuine OEM CUB CADET Part Number 19A40024100 Replaces Prior MPN 19A40024100
  • FITS MODELS: XT1-GT 50, XT1-GT50, XT1-GT54 FAB, XT1-LT42, XT1-LT42 C, XT1-LT42 E, XT1-LT46, XT1-LT46 FAB, XT1-LT50, XT1-LT50 FAB, XT1-LT54, XT1-LT54 FAB, XT1-ST54 FAB, XT2-GX50 FAB, XT2-GX54 FAB
  • ALSO FITS: XT2-GX54D FAB, XT2-LX42, XT2-LX42 FAB, XT2-LX46, XT2-LX46 FAB, XT2-LX46 LE FAB, XT2-LX50, XT2-LX54 FAB, XT2-SLX50, XT2-SLX50 FAB, XT2-SLX54 FAB, XT2-ST54 FAB

Now we are entering into the more industrial-grade snowblower. This type of snow blower hardly uses in the residential zone. But there are exceptions. School, college, wide streets, large driveway these are the perfect candidate for this.

This is enormous compared to the other product we have mentioned. 42-inch wide snow intake is more than capable of getting rid of snow from your streets and driveway. The good thing is you won’t have to struggle in the process. Your giant machine will do that for you.

Being this big of a machine won’t just chop a bigger pile of snow, it needs to be effective. So the Cub Cadet refined the 3-stage technology to be better suited to the machine. They are so confident that they claimed the machine is 25% faster than any same size 2-stage snowblower.

Skid shoes are for protecting your surface from scratches. In addition to that, this also helps intake the bucket from damages. So if your skid shoe wears out, in this machine you can easily change them and adjust them according to your work need.

The steel chute of this machine won’t break down so easily even after continuous use. Being this robust also save you from frequent maintenance. The best thing about steel is its high arc dimensions. This will serve you well in throwing snow more cleanly.

The accelerator in the snow bower can chop up to 18 inches of deep snow from the ground. So if you worry too much about overnight heavy snowfall, know this snowblower has your back.


  • 42 inch Snow Intake
  • Refined 3-stage technology
  • Adjustable Skid Shoe
  • High Arch steel Chute
  • 18 inch Deep Accelerator Action


  • Easily change Skid shoes and adjust to your need.
  • Best suitable for large driveway
  • No more messy snow ejection.


  • Need to attach with a tractor to operate.

#7. Arnold 19A40024OEM MTD

Arnold 19A40024OEM MTD Genuine Parts 3-Stage Snow...
  • Compatible with Troy-Bilt Super Bronco XP riding lawn mower 2015 and newer with innovative three-stage technology that clears snow up to 25-Percent faster than a traditional two-stage snow thrower
  • High volume accelerator cuts and chops snow to quickly and easily remove 18-Inch of snow
  • Robust steel high arch chute provides optimal snow throwing; includes adjustable replaceable skid shoes and scraper blade

This is another large-size snow blower that has a special use case. You won’t see this in a house garage or the back. Instead, you will see this in a large corporation warehouse and so on. Let’s look at the features and decide if this is the product you want.

With its 42-inch intake and 18-inch accelerator, it has no problem chopping and cutting snow piles. In the far North East/West area where snowfall is more frequent, snow pile tends to have strong characteristics. So with this, you can effortlessly remove up to 18 inches in height.

Where other snowblower fails to do a decent job, it does exactly what you want. And unfortunately, this comes at a steep price. Those who don’t need that kind of chopping power should go for the other reasonable option.

Being that heavy and able to eat a large volume of snow require a strong build structure. The chute is the part through where chopped snow shoots out. To be honest the amount of snow it can throw is not a joke.

It needs to be structurally firm and be able to take a tremendous amount of pressure continuously. That’s why in response to this they made the chute out of robust steel.

The whole contraption is so big that you’re able to attach it with a lawnmower. The manufacturer mentioned the name of the riding lawnmower from the year 2015. The Troy-Bilt Super Bronco XP is the recommended riding mower you can use.

When you buy a snowblower, it sure has been used in the specific season. Besides, you would want it to last for many seasons as these things are not cheap. Arnold understands that and made their machine in a way it would perform many seasons to come.

That’s why it could be the best snow blower for a large driveway with 3 stage system or for any large snow-removing projects.


  • High volume Accelerator
  • Robust Steel Chute
  • Lawn Mower Compatibility
  • Durable Long Lasting Components


  • Ideal for commercial use
  • Able to remove 18-inch deep snow pile.
  • Able to attach with a riding lawnmower.


  • Very expensive
  • Not for residential use

How to Choose a Three Stage Snow Blower?

In the business of removing snow from the surface, using a 3-stage snow blower is the most effective way. The main reason behind this is the latest technology embedded in this machine.

In numerous cases, the difference is around 25-50% more efficient compared to other snow blowers. So, if you are interested to incorporate yourself into this technology for the next snow season, consider these factors to make an educated purchase-

Engine size

In a snowblower, the engine does most of the hard work. The more powerful is your engine the more challenging work you can do. It’s that simple. But keep in mind that a more powerful engine tends to be bigger than low performing engine.


When you are on the snow cleaning job, it’s imperative to see where you are going. You can’t do a perfect job if you are not sure you’re on the right track. In bad weather, sometimes it’s harder to see what’s in front of you. Here headlights play an important role.

Heated Grips or Handle

Snow cleaning is a long and tiresome task. In colder weather, it’s more uncomfortable as you feel numb due to excessive cold. That’s why heated grips give you a fighting chance by keeping your hands warm. You will feel a lot better and do your work comfortably.

Power source

Most heavy-duty snowblower runs on gas power. But as the technology is advancing you will soon see a more efficient and eco-friendly source of power for the snow blowing machine.

  • Gas: The combustion engine only takes gas. They are usually more powerful and catered towards effective snow removal operations. But one downside is this method is not so eco-friendly.
  • Electric-power: This type of snow blower is relatively new in the market and not very effective. The electric blower uses electricity from your power outlet and runs the motor for chopping snow.
  • Battery: The concept of an electric snow blower with its own battery pack is fairly new and is under development.


3-stage snow blower tends to be heavy as there are lots of components in play. Depending on the machine size the weight of the machine greatly varies. So look for the number you feel comfortable with.

Build materials

Everyone wants their snow-blowing machine to last many years. Here steel materials add rigidity and longer service time. And regular maintenance also helps to keep the machine in shape.

Tires or wheels

Snow-blowing machines are heavy with all their steel components. Proper tire size keeps the machine up straight and helps in easy maneuvering. As you will be working on a wet/snowy surface don’t forget to choose wheels with better traction or snow tire.


If you are going to remove snow from a narrow street, make sure your machine dimensions match that. Whether it’s a large area or a slim driveway, you would want your machine to fit that Dimension.


#Q1 Is it suitable to use Snow Blowing Machines on Gravel?

It depends on the power of the machine. If the engine is powerful enough it will be fine.

#Q2 What steel gauge is best for augers and accelerators?

Thicker steel teds add more rigidity and longer service time.  In the case of Augers and Accelerator, you can use 12-Gauge steel for the best performance.

Final Thoughts

We highly appreciate it if you took the time to read the full article and sincerely hope you found the best three stage snow blower that you are looking for. Dealing with snow is tough. But with the help of our comprehensive reviews and buying guide, you will feel more confident making that decision.