Best Truck for Snow Plowing

Best Truck for Snow Plowing Reviews [2020 Update]

Looking for the best truck for snow plowing in the winter?  If you aim to get either a clean driveway or start a snow plowing business, a plow on a truck is your best option. Don’t think it would be easy, as not all trucks are equal.

And it’s a challenge to find the perfect one through hundreds of contenders. A quick peek, Ford F-150 is the best overall truck with out of the factory plow package. Its massive V6 engine and roaring 375 HP make snowplowing a child’s play.

That said, in this article, I will discuss more of the widely held trucks with their best features. For a deeper understanding, you will also find a comprehensive buying guide at the end.

Sounds interesting? Let’s get started.

Truck for Snow Plowing: Comparison Table

No.Truck NameFeaturesRating



Ford F-150 (2020)

  • 375 Horsepower.
  • Add-on plow package.
  • 500 lbs. plow blade capacity.





Dodge Ram 1500 (2020)


  • Easy-fit plow mount.
  • 305 HP engine.
  • Fuel efficient.





GMC Sierra 1500 (2020)

  • Quick Plug-in Electronics.
  • 17-inch large tire.
  • Premium Tow-package.





Chevy Silverado 1500

  • 170 amps alternator.
  • Heavy-duty engine.
  • Improved transmission cooling.





Toyota Tacoma (2020)

  • Durable suspension.
  • All-purpose tire.
  • Large towing capacity.




Best Trucks for Snow Plowing Reviews

1. Ford F-150 (2020)

Ford F-150 is one of the most popular full-size pickups not just in the US but in the whole world. This truck is very versatile and powerful for any work including snow plowing. The Ford F-150 gives you the ultimate freedom of work and play without compromise.

Military-Grade Build

The main reason behind this much popularity partly comes from the military-grade build. High strength alloy body and steel frame last longer than usual.

V6 Engine

Every pickup truck’s performance lies on the engine performance. The greater the engine power the more it can do on the field. With a V6 engine and 375 HP capabilities, the pickup is ready to face anything.

Plow add-on package

It is very rare to see factory-ready pickup trucks on the market. Here Ford taking a different approach to fulfill plow need with an add-on package. It means if you want one, you can surely have one from the manufacturer.

Plow Capacity

Another great feature of this beast pickup is plow mounting capacity. You can easily attach up to 500 lbs. plow blade. That feature alone makes this one of the best pickup truck for snow plowing.

  • 500 pounds blade capacity.
  • Durable military grade body.
  • Blade capacity is a bit low.

2. Dodge Ram 1500 (2020)

Speaking of Dodge, you will find that very few people have any issue with this full-sized pickup. It seems the manufacturer of this amazing brand takes good care of the customer. They made this possible by providing the best plowing truck and after-sales service.

Powerful Engine

This capable pickup truck was originally made for dominating the Rocky Mountains. It would be no surprise to see this pickup prevailing on snowy streets. All thanks to its 3.6-liter V6 engine that can put out 305 HP of raw power with just a press of a pedal.

Snow-Plow Mounting

Unfortunately, the Ram 1500 model doesn’t come with a factory-ready plow kit. But not to worry as most plow tool will have the mounting kit for this particular model. You just have to contact your plow manufacturer to provide the specific mounting kit.

Highly Fuel Efficient

The new Ram 1500 2020 comes with a lot of modern technology and features. It would be a shame if I don’t mention the remarkable fuel efficiency of this truck. It’s 20 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. Now you tell me how great it is.

Galvanized Exterior

If you are planning on plowing snow with pickup trucks, it should have the necessary strength. Otherwise, the stress of snow and the plow blade will wear your front end. With the galvanized steel and aluminum exterior, you can do your work carefree.

  • Better mileage in city and highway.
  • Built-in blade mounting point.
  • The manufacturer doesn’t offer a plow kit.

3. GMC Sierra 1500 (2020)

GMC is by far the best heavy-duty truck for snow plowing in the industry. Well, there are a few key features to back that claim. One of them is their premium package for the plow kit. This package alone can serve your plowing need without third-party intervention.

Improved Electrical System

This might not seem very appealing at first but think again. A plow kit that has an electric controller, needs to connect with the vehicle’s power system. If you do it manually that means a lot of work. Luckily it’s so easy on the Sierra 1500 due to the improved quick plug-in option.

Strong Bumper

Individuals doing regular plow jobs sometimes face a problem with a truck bumper. It scratches a lot with the plow blade and the mounting bars. The GMC has a special mounting arrangement in front of the vehicle to prevent unwanted scratches. The strong bumper also helps to maintain its new look.

4.3 L Engine

Ever feel helpless in the event of heavy snowfall? It’s understandable to overwhelm by a thick snow pile in front of your driveway. But if you own a Sierra you don’t need to worry. The massive 4.3L engine with 305HP is more than capable for any snow operation.

Large Tire Size

It’s not uncommon to get stuck in the snow pile on an unlucky day. Nevertheless, luck has nothing to do with it as snow tire is a bit different. More surface cover normally prevents unnecessary slip. Therefore 17-inch large tire does assist to keep your tires running.

  • A large engine makes it suitable for tough jobs.
  • Factory ready premium plow kit package.
  • The plow package is a bit pricy.

4. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (2020)

Generally, snow plowing operation is not possible on all pickup trucks. The truck needs to be strong and powerful so the plow blade and the snow move easily. Silverado 1500 is a formidable 4 wheel-drive vehicle aim to tackle any tough work.

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High Capacity AMP Alternator

Vehicle alternator handles electrical need when there is a growing demand. Such a process includes various components like headlights, AC, and fuel pumps.

In some case adding a plow kit drastically impact alternator performance if it isn’t a high capacity alternator. With Chevy’s 170 amp alternator underperformance will be a thing of the past.

Improved Transmission Oil Cooler

While covering a deep snow-filled area, it’s likely to get your transmission heated up pretty quickly. Here transmission oil works as the heat dissipating agent. So to make the transmission work properly, its improved oil coolers works like a charm.

Extended Cab feature

Along with all the latest features and technology, this truck has also an extra sitting option. So, apart from its unparalleled plowing capacity, it’s a good option for going out with friends and family too. But the unfortunate thing with the extended cab model is the manufacturer doesn’t offer any plowing package.

Heavy-Duty Engine

The truck comes with 6 different engine options to choose from. If you are on a tight budget you can go for a V6 engine that provides 300 pounds of torque power. That’s comparatively enough for residential snow clearing.

  • Easily fulfill power demand with 170 amps alternator
  • Great for snow plowing and making trips with friends.
  • No add-on plow package.

5. Toyota Tacoma (2020)

Do you know this specific model of Toyota Tacoma is from the US? Yes! The Tacoma is specially made for US citizens curating to their need for power and performance. And all the features suggest this model as the best compact truck for snow plowing.

Durable Suspension

Pick up owner often have a question about suspension while plowing snow. They fear the plow blade will damage their suspension. In most cases this is true. But Tacoma isn’t just an average truck with generic suspension. It’s more sturdy and durable for any intense task like a snowplow.

Potent V6 Engine

I cannot stretch enough how important the engine power is when it comes to snow plowing. You will be pushing and scraping a huge pile of snow on regular basis. A weak engine will have a hard time moving snow. The latest V6 engine and 300HP will make sure you have all power you need.

Enormous Towing Ability

This is just another way to show you how versatile the Tacoma. From the spec sheet, we see it has 6800 pounds of towing capacity. If we put a plowing blade in front of this truck, it will crush snow like a bulldozer.

All-Terrain Tire

Tire traction is a key feature of a pickup truck for running on a snowy surface. The 16” all Terrain tire and pronounced traction of Tacoma comes in handy in this regard.

  • Strong suspensions give longer service time.
  • Capable of pushing lager blade.
  • The tires are a bit small.

Best Truck for Snow Plowing – Buying Guide

Ok, I understand you are looking for the perfect pickup truck for snow plowing. At first, you may think any good truck will do the job.

Best Truck for Snow Plowing

Well, you are not entirely correct. There are a lot of things to consider before getting the best truck for snow removal. Below I tried to mention some vital aspects of the best snow plowing pickup trucks.

Engine Power

Most pickup trucks are already powerful enough for tough jobs. But Snow removing needs extra horsepower. To be exact, you need at least 300 or higher Horsepower to deal with a thick snow pile.

Drive Train

Snow pile can be sometimes hard to move. If the snowfall was heavy on the last night, you will face a taller snow stack. In this situation, 4 wheel-drives seem to have a better advantage than a 2 wheel drive vehicle.

Robust Suspension

In the work of snow cleaning, Suspensions tends to take notable wear and tear. Make sure the truck you want has an adequate amount of strength to it. Otherwise, you will face early breakdown or premature wear.

Mounting option

While the majority of pickup truck brands do not offer an extra plow mounting system, you should check first. If you already have a pickup truck, search for instruction in the user manual. Some manufacturer also offers a package for towing

Electric System

Often snow plow kit has a controller to navigate various moving functions of the blade. These controllers connect with the blade through electrical wires. If your vehicle already has a supported alternator and wire harness, it would be much easy to connect.


On snow regular tire often slips and gets stuck due to lack of traction. It would be a great idea to go for a larger tire. A vehicle that has an option for snow tire also helps in the cause. Consult with your dealer or local tire shop for actionable advice.


What brand truck is best for plowing snow?

Any reputed brands offering a powerful pickup truck can the best choice for you. For example, Ford F-150, Sierra 1500, and Ram 1500 are a very popular selection for snow plowing. Just pick any model that fits your need and budget.

Does snow plowing ruin your truck?

Honestly, Snowplowing does take a toll on trucks at times. It’s more of general wear and tear if your usage frequency is under the acceptable range. But if you use your pickup truck in commercial heavy snow plowing, you may see the problem much sooner.

Is there any size requirement for a Snowplowing truck?

For most residential snow cleaning job half-ton pickup truck will do just fine. But, if you are into heavy work, ¾ ton will give you the most benefits.

Which tire I should use for snow plowing?

There are special types of tire that run great on snow. Contact your local tire store for more details. Also, you can wrap a chain around your tire to give more friction.

How to maintain your truck while snow plowing?

Choosing the right pickup truck alone can reduce the maintenance significantly. After that, you just keep an eye on the various parts like the bumper, mounting base, suspensions on regular basis.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to choose the best truck for snow plowing lets you do your work more confidently. No one wants to get stranded with dead-weight that costs thousands of dollars. I hope with my comprehensive buying guide, you can easily make your final decision.

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