6 DIY Garden Edging Hacks that Bring Beauty to Your Garden


Those with a garden or landscaping know that having incredibly beautiful and well put together gardens often comes down to the edging.

In fact, the edging of your garden can make or break the way your garden looks.  If you don’t have any edging, your garden is apt to look unfinished.

Too much edging can give your garden a cluttered look. With a few DIY garden edging hacks, you can successfully finish your garden to help it look complete and impressive at the same time.

Here are six DIY garden edging hacks you should try yourself.

Use Old Wine Bottles

One edging hack that is perfect for all you wine lovers out there is using wine bottles to edge your garden or landscaping area. You can use clear bottles or find those classic colored glass bottles to make it even more unique. Combine colors or make an edging out of the same color.

It doesn’t matter what you plan to do, using wine bottles is a great edging hack. To edge your garden or landscaping area with wine bottles, you need to build a bit of a trench to put them in.

Break the tops of the bottles off to give them sharp edges, dig a short trench, stick them down with the bottoms up, and fill in the gaps with dirt. This makes a unique and interesting edging hack for any garden.

Using Bricks

This is a common edging hack that many people enjoy trying for themselves. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using bricks for your edging. You can simply lay the bricks down on their sides, align them vertically or horizontally, or even add two bricks with one flat and one raised to create a new dynamic.

brick edging

Luckily, using bricks is fairly inexpensive, and it is simple to do. Plus, bricks usually complement the colors of your flowers or plants well, helping them to be the focus of the garden.

Trying River Rocks

There is something about river rocks that just makes them an ideal garden edging option. They often come in both small and larger rock sizes, and you can mix and match them to create unique looks that best complement your garden. River rocks are easy to lay as well.

You can try using bigger rocks to outline your larger garden areas or make a three-inch row of smaller rocks to give your garden a new look. Either way, river rocks can be picked up outdoors, or you can purchase them from your local home and garden center. They are usually inexpensive when purchased in larger bags.

rocks edging

Go for the Mold

Concrete makes a great sidewalk and DIY garden edging option, especially if you have landscaping right up against a walkway. One easy way to take care of both your sidewalk and your garden edging at the same time is to use quick drying, easy mixing concrete in a bag and a concrete mold to make stepping stones of various shapes and sizes.

Luckily, there are molds out there that can give you just the right look you want, and since the mold makes it so easy, you can make it a one-day project. Quick drying concrete can be purchased at a home and garden center, and often the molds can be purchased there as well.

Add Rope Lights

Walking around in the backyard at night might be fun, but if you have a dark backyard, that could put a damper on how you spend your time in your space. Instead of buying expensive lights to line your walkways and landscaping, why not add some weatherproof rope lights to your garden edging on the inside.

Rope Lighting For Cool Looking Garden

Courtesy:  plantcaretoday.com

You can use any type of material to secure them to the ground or the edging, so they don’t move, but the rope lights can be turned on or run by solar power to give your walkway and garden light when the sun goes down. Not only can this help you save money on outdoor lighting, but it can help give you light to see to enjoy your space after dark.

Combine Anything

The best part about edging your garden is the ability to edge it any way you want to with whatever you want to. One of the most exciting ways to edge your garden is by combining any of the hacks above to give you something unique and interesting.

Try adding some river rocks with a concrete walkway for a great edging. Use bricks, river rocks, and rope lights to create a peaceful atmosphere in your garden. Whatever you want to do, any combination can produce a gorgeous effect that simply highlights your garden’s beauty.


Picking the perfect edging doesn’t have to be hard, and it certainly doesn’t have to be expensive. Just by following a few hacks, using some things in your backyard, and more, you can create a great place to spend your time and showcase a garden that you worked hard on. DIY Garden edging is important, and it should be unique and interesting just like you.

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