Garden Hose vs Pressure Washer

What is the difference between a garden hose vs pressure washer? What is the best way to find oil spots and gum from car parks, garages, and sidewalks?

Well, they both spray water, but can they both clean up your parking lot and parking garages in an acceptable way?

The answer is no. A hose does not produce sufficient pressure to clean up most stains on the parking lot like oil spots and gum removal.

Pressure washers also have a much higher PSI than hoses. PSI refers to a pound per square inch, or pound strength per square inch, more accurately.

In terms of the layman, it sprays much harder. Garden hoses are 40PSI, while pressure washers can be between 1500 and 3300 PSI, depending on what type of machine you use.

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If you need to clean a surface outside of your home or business, you may wonder whether a pressure washer is needed.

Perhaps a regular garden hose would be enough. Take a look at all these factors before you decide:

Comparison: Garden Hose vs Pressure Washer


Some power washers are able to increase water pressure levels more than 50 times. This enables them to banish the stubborn grime that can not be removed by a regular garden hose.

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Examples include old gum chewing, algae, mildew, and petroleum stains. Certain handheld products claim to convert hoses into pressure washers easily and inexpensively.

However, news reports and numerous reviews have shown that the results are inadequate. A pump and motor are required to increase water pressure genuinely.

On the other hand, power washing involves more potential danger than using a garden hose. This applies to most power instruments.

People should only use this equipment if they have the right expertise and protective gear.


As opposed to hoses, power washers need an energy source. Electrical outlets, rechargeable batteries, or petrol are used for different models.

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Some units improve the results by using part of this energy to heat water as well as increase the pressure.


The pressure washer cost significantly higher than the garden hose.

However, the pressure washer performs tasks much faster and delivers superior results in most applications. You can employ a contractor to do this at an affordable rate.

Water Capacity

Pressure washers also save water, money, and resources more efficiently. While pressure washers use 10-50% more pressure than the garden hose, they use 80% less water.

Final Word

In general, a pressure washing machine is the best choice except for sensitive or fragile materials.