Garden Project for School: 8 Ways to Do With Your Kids

Garden Project for School

Once the nice warm weather hits, adults and kids want to be outside enjoying it. These are some fun and educational activities that you can start doing a garden project for school with your kids.

8 tips to share on a garden project for school with kids involvement.

Paint a Birdhouse

Making a birdhouse is a great starter project for you to get your family and kids into woodworking. But even if you don’t build it yourself, you can still get a blank canvas birdhouse and let your kids help decorate them.

paint a birdhouse

Painting is a really fun exercise for kids and since the project will end up outside any way you don’t have to be overly concerned about the finished product.

Starter Seeds in Egg Shells

If you love the egg carton seed starter then you must try using eggshells as seed starters. Using eggs shells as the seed starter is great because it offers many benefits to your plants.

Eggshells can be planted right in the soil once the plant is big enough to be moved into the garden. The shell itself add calcium to your soil which is great for certain plants that need it to grow.

Make Cheerio’s Bird Feeder

Find fun ways to treat the birds around your home with a kid-friendly Cheerio bird feeder. It’s super easy to make, string cheerios on pipe cleaners and then fastens the pipe cleaner off.

You can bend the pipe cleaners into fun shapes like a heart or triangle. Then you will connect three of these cheerio filled shapes together and hang it on a tree for the birds to enjoy.

Build a Pallet Flowerbox


Pallets are usually free and easy to find around your neighborhood. And, by putting one out in your backyard on the ground, you have the beginnings of a great little flowerbox that you kids can plant and tend to.

Fill the gaps in with dirt, and help your children plant flowers in between the wood slats. For bonus points, stain or paint your pallet wood before you add the dirt. This will help your wood to last longer outdoors.

Create an Egg Carton Greenhouse

This is a great way for you to teach your kids about starting seeds for a garden and it is a much cheaper seed starting option than the plastic containers sold in stores. All you need is some dirt, seeds and an egg carton.

  • Cut the top off of the egg carton.
  • Fill the egg carton with dirt and place seeds in.
  • Use a spray bottle to lightly mist the dirt.
  • Cover the egg carton with a clear plastic wrap to create the greenhouse effect.
  • Place the egg carton in a window seal or warm sunny place.

It’s best to use the cardboard type of egg carton since this one is biodegradable and able to be planted into the ground once the seedlings are ready. Using clear plastic wrap over the egg carton will create the greenhouse growing effect for this fun craft.

Paint Garden Pots

Add some color to your potted plants when you let your kids decorate standard terra cotta pots. They can paint it their favorite colors, add designs or for older kids they can paint what will be planted inside of it, like herbs and spices.

paint garden pots

DIY Popsicle Plant Labels

These are super easy and fun to make. Attach two vertical popsicle sticks to two horizontal popsicle sticks. Glue them together and write the plant name on the two horizontal sticks, then stick them in the ground.

Create a Lady Bug Motel

Ladybugs are a must-have if you are into organic gardening since they eat tiny mites and other pests that can get into your fresh veggies. Making a ladybug motel is pretty easy, you will need the building supplies to make an open-faced birdhouse and then various sized bamboo sticks that will go into the open front of the house. Let your kids help by painting the ladybug motel and helping find and gather ladybugs to add to it.


Finding fun ways to teach your kids about the outdoors and gardening can seem like a difficult task, due to short term attention spans. However, when you make it fun by adding in painting, the kids will be able to make fun crafts and learn more about the garden project for school.

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