How to Attach Garden Hose Fittings

As a gardener, you surely use a garden hose regularly to keep your plants revitalized. But attaching garden hose fittings is a messy task, especially if you are new to this.

You need to connect a good amount of fittings to make your garden hose ready to use. And connecting them is tedious work to do. The simplest mistake will run you into problems in water irrigation.

That’s why today I have decided to share with you a complete guideline on how to attach garden hose fittings. So, without any further, let’s get into the business.

Garden Hose Connector Size

Garden hose thread (GHT) is a commonly known term when it comes to standard thread size. And it’s known as National Hose (NH) officially.

The most popular garden hose connector sizes are ¾ and ⅝ inches in diameter. However, in the US, gardeners generally use a ⅝ inch diameter size hose connector.

Fittings Required to Attach Garden Hose

To make your work easy and smooth, make sure that the below necessary fittings are close to your hand.

  • Hose
  • Hose Connector
  • Double Male Connectors
  • Three-way connectors Y shape connectors
  • Hose Repairer
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How to Attach Garden Hose Fittings?

Garden hose is used for different kinds of purposes. And, two types of garden hose connectors are widely used. They are two-way connectors and three-way or y shape connectors.

Now let’s take a look at both types of connector fittings process.

Two Way Hose Connectors

Double male hose connectors are used for basic purposes. To set up two-way hose connectors, a hose connector and water stop hose connector are needed.

At first, attach the hose connector with the hose pipe. Make sure that there are no gaps left, as it will make water scattered while watering. Now add the hose connector with the tape connector.

Now go to the other side of the hose and attach the hose connector there. Then add a water stop connector with the hose connector.

Three-Way or Y Shape Hose Connector

A Three-way hose connector allows you to connect and separate hoses in three different ways. In three-way hose connectors, the water pressure is evenly distributed in all the hoses.

Start the process by connecting a three-way hose connector with a 2x hose connector. Now connect the 2x connector with the two-way hose pipes.

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Finally, attach 2x water stop connectors with a two-way hose pipe.

Now go to the other side of the hose and connect it with a hose connector. Lastly, connect this with the tape connector. Now you are all set to water your garden using the three-way hose connector.

Do You Need Hose Repairer Connector?

Hose Repairer connector is used when you need to water a long distance. What you need to do is, connect two hosen using a hose connector and water in distant places.

To use a hose connector, first, add a hose connector with a tape connector. Now add hose 1 with whose two using the hose repairer connector.

Finally, go to the other end of the hose and attach a water stop connector there.

Connecting Sprinkler to Hose

Connecting sprinklers to water hoses is a relatively easy task. There are fittings on the sprinkler likewise tape connector. You just need to push the hose into the sprinkler connector to set it up.

Connecting Washing Machine to Hose

If for whatever reason, the laundry machine is not properly plumbed or the house undergoes repairs, you should use a garden hose to provide the machine with water.

In the USA washing machines have inlets of 3/4 inches of volume. You can screw on a garden tap connector and then push the hose to the connector.

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Quick Release Fittings

Quick-release fittings are updated than the usual hose connectors. Usually, you need to tighten up the grips using a wrench to connect different fittings.

But quick release fittings don’t require these types of instruments. Fittings are pre-set to connect with different objects easily.

People are using quick-release fittings more and more for their convenience and ease of use.

Brass or Plastic, Which Fittings You Should Go for?

In the market, you will find two types of fittings; they are brass and plastic. If you consider the price then plastic fittings are a good choice.

But I would like to go for brass fittings. As brass fittings last for a longer period. Apart from that, there is a good possibility of breaking down the plastic fittings with simple causes.

But in the case of brass fittings, you won’t need to worry about that.

Final Word

Attaching garden hose fittings is not a difficult task at all if you do it the right way. Nowadays, quick-release fittings are available in the market which makes the attaching process extra convenient.

That said, I wanted to cover the major aspects of how to attach garden hose fittings in a simple manner.

Lastly, I hope your garden hose fittings get easier.