How to Choose a Lawn Sprinkler? – [5 Tips Shared!]

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We all want beautiful, lush looking lawns, but we don’t necessarily want to spend hours tending to it to make it look immaculate.

It takes plenty of effort and time to create a perfect lawn that will be the envy of your neighborhood, but if you install the correct lawn sprinkler system, you can save money and time while achieving lawn success.

How to Choose a Lawn Sprinkler? [Everything Explained!]

Permanent or Portable sprinkler?

Portable sprinklers come in various styles, application rates, and application patterns. They also vary by the amount of lawn you can water at a time, and that amount is further influenced by how much water is coming through the hose and the water pressure.

Portable sprinkler prices vary greatly, from very cheap to very expensive. The biggest disadvantage of a portable sprinkler is that they need to be moved around manually.

If you have a large lawn, this can become a real chore. Another disadvantage is that they may have an uneven water distribution within the sprinkler’s pattern, meaning some parts of your lawn get more water than others.

You’ll find many traveling sprinkler reviews online and many people prefer them primarily because they move on their own and ensure an even distribution of water.

Permanent sprinklers, or in-ground sprinklers, are systems that are installed on your lawn to provide an even watering application. If you have a large lawn or live somewhere that has very hot or dry summers, permanent sprinklers may be best for you.

The main downside of a permanent sprinkler is its high cost as well as the labor needed to install the system. The best time to install one is when you lay down your lawn, which means will need to dig up your yard to install the irrigation if it was already planted.

Choose the Best Sprinkler Head for Your Lawn

Fixed Spray Heads

These sprinkler heads are small and spray water in a fan-shaped pattern, much like a shower nozzle. Most fixed spray heads have interchangeable nozzles that allow you to select the radius and pattern of the water.

There are specialty patterns available if you have a narrow, long lawn. The heads are placed 6 to 18 feet apart depending on the spray radius.


Rotors are the sprinklers that rotate back and forth or in a full circle over your lawn, spraying water as it goes. The most popular rotor sprinkler head is the “impact” or “rainbird” rotor sprinkler, which moves back and forth while firing bursts of water.

Choose a Sprinkler System with a Timer

If you are guilty of turning on your sprinklers and forgetting about them or you forget to turn them on in the first place, ensure that your lawn sprinkler has a timer.

These devices are inexpensive and hook up between your garden tap and the hose. Set the on and off time or the duration that you would like it to water for and it will turn off automatically without you worrying.

Ensure the Timer Can be Adjusted

Even if your irrigation system is fully automated, you still need to ensure your sprinkler system works correctly. You need to adjust the timer as the seasons change. Make sure your timer can be adjusted so these changes can be made as required.

Buy a Good Hosepipe

The most vital part of a lawn sprinkler system is the hose pipe. Spend some money on your pipe and buy one that is made from high-grade rubber or laminated filament. Make sure that it rolls up easily and that it doesn’t kink. Cheap hose pipes are a curse and should be avoided.

Wrap Up

Growing and maintaining a lush, green lawn starts with selecting the right lawn sprinkler for your garden. There are so many different sprinkler systems available that it can be hard to choose one.

Use the above tips to narrow down your search. Make sure you have checked your lawn size and shape to assess accurately which sprinkler will get the job done and have your neighbors as green as your lawn with envy.

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