How to Clean Hedge Trimmer Blades

As a landscaper or hobbyist yard owner, you surely use a hedge trimmer frequently.

Since you are a regular trimmer user you might have noticed a degradation in the performance as time goes by and also figured out the reason; for not cleaning the blades properly.

Though you have understood the importance of keeping the hedge trimmer blades in tip-top condition, still you can’t do the cleaning efficiently if you don’t know how to clean hedge trimmer blades the right way.

If you are one of them just sit and relax. Because here I am going to walk you through a complete guideline on cleaning your hedge trimmer blades perfectly.

I will also discuss lubricating the trimmer blades for their longer life span and better performance.

How to Clean Hedge Trimmer Blades?

Hedge trimmer blades get affected by dust, sticky sap, leaves, resin, etc. The accumulated residue of the hedge trimmer resists it to perform at its peak.

Grimes also prevents smooth sliding and sharpness of trimmer blades.

With all those words on the importance of neat and clean hedge trimmer blades, now let’s dive into the process of cleaning it perfectly.

Necessary Supplies

  • A Stiff Brush/ Used old truth brush
  • A Bowl
  • Warm soapy water
  • Old but clean clothes
  • Sponge
  • Hand gloves and goggles

How to Cleaning the Blades?

Now That you have gathered all the necessary tools, it’s time to get into the actual cleaning chore.

  • In the beginning, wear hand gloves and goggles for safety concerns. Otherwise, you may hurt yourself unintentionally.
  • If your hedge trimmer runs on battery then remove it first. If it is run by electric power then unplug it from the power source. By doing this you won’t switch on the hedge trimmer accidentally. Thus you will be safe from any unusual accident.
  • Now keep your hedge trimmer downward and remove the loosened dirt using your hand. Alternatively, you can use a stiff brush too.
  • Now dip the sponge in the soapy water and soak it perfectly.
  • Hold the hedge trimmer in a standing position and rub one side of the blades carefully. Ensure that no residue is left. The reason behind holding the hedge trimmer in a downwards position is to make sure that no water gets into the trimmer motor.
  • Now take the stiff brush and scrub it thoroughly to clean the remaining debris. Finally, finish the side by rubbing the soapy sponge again on the blades.
  • Now go to the other side of the hedge trimmer and clean it like the one mentioned before.
  • After that run the hedge trimmer for a few seconds and then give a final rub on both sides of the trimmer blades.
  • Finally, dry out the trimmer blades using a clean arid cloth.
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You see, many of us use tools for different purposes in our daily life. But then we lose the desired performance from them after a certain period of time. We also see the tools get unusable and the reason is quite simple. Most of us tend to ignore the maintenance and get busy blaming the appliance.

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In case don’t realize it, lubricating the hedge trimmer blades is an important part of the maintenance and now we are now going to discuss it briefly.

How to Lubricate Hedge Trimmer Blades

As you use the hedge trimmer the blade will be clogged up with tree sap and debris which will make the blade sticky. Lubricating the blades will solve these types of problems easily.

  • Firstly remove all the dirt from the blade. I have already discussed cleaning the dirt in-depth above.
  • Make sure that the blade is dry before starting lubricating it.
  • Now put the trimmer flat on the surface. It resists the trimmer slipping away from your hand.
  • For the Electric Hedges trimmer firstly spray lubricant on each of the skimmer teeth. You should do it on both sides of the blades. Spray Lubricant on the body of the blades too. Make sure that you don’t miss lubricating any patches of the trimmer.
  • In terms of a manual hedge trimmer, simply dip the blade in an oil pan. Dip it for a few seconds and then remove it from the pan.
  • Finally, wipe away any extra lubricants from the hedge trimmer blades.

And that’s all for the lubricating process of hedge trimmer blades. If you wish, you can use oil instead of lubricant.

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Check out the manufacturer manual whether they recommend any specific lubricant for the blades or not.

How Often You Should Clean Hedge Trimmer Blades?

Although many of us realize the importance of keeping the hedge skimmer blades clean, we get confused regarding how often we should clean them.

I would suggest cleaning the hedge trimmer after every use for better working outcomes. That way it won’t get rusty when you don’t use it. I would suggest, giving a simple clean-up with a soapy sponge too before you use it.

Because when you stored it idly, bacteria may have attacked the blades and when you use the hedge trimmer in that condition those bacteria may harm your plants. Thus the health of the plants will degrade eventually.

Finally, comes to the point of lubricating or oiling the blades. It’s unnecessary to use lubricant or oil after every use. You should rather oil or lubricate the blades before storing them for a long time.

Alternatively, a set of routines for lubricating hedge skimmer blades will work great.

Final Words

Cleaning hedge trimmer blades isn’t a difficult task. Anybody can clean the trimmer blades easily in a short period of time given that the right information is available about how to clean hedge trimmer blades.

And that’s what I wanted to share in this blog post. Hopefully, you’ve gone through the entire article and are able to make the best use of it in the future.