How to Fix Root Rot Hydroponics

How to Fix Root Rot Hydroponics

How to fix Root Rot Hydroponics; that is basically the science of growing plants without soil. The theory is that giving the plants the water and the nutrients they need will keep them growing healthily without ever needing soil. There are a lot of variations in hydroponic techniques.

The plant is grown in a healthy medium that is perfectly adjusted to deliver all its needs. With the right PH level, the right amount of nutrients in a highly soluble form and air, your plant will have all its needs.

In fact, because the plant will have direct and easy access, hydroponics usually grow better and faster than plants grown in the soil. Traditionally the roots of the plant should dig into the soil and search for the needed nutrients, while with hydroponics the process is much easier and more straightforward.

What is Root Rot?

Root rot happens when the roots of the plant are oversaturated with water so they start to rot. Overexposure to water creates a welcoming medium for bacteria, microorganisms, and fungi that invade the roots and spoil them. The first warning sign would be to see your plants regularly and gradually wilting and your leaves turning yellow.

Sometimes the leaves will have curly ends which is another sign that there is something wrong with the roots. Rotten roots are mushy and usually black in color. They are so fragile that they might immediately fall off upon touch.

Root Rot Remedies

Why is Root Rot Common in Hydroponics?

Root rot is very common in hydroponics systems because the technique greatly depends on growing your plants in deep water cultures. With the roots already submerged in water and having no excess to air, the problem usually persists.

However, there are other factors that could cause root rot even if you don’t use too much water in your plant. One of them is overheating. With a warm environment and a lot of water, the environment will be perfect for the nasty microorganisms to grow and infect your plants.

Moving your young roots can actually weaken them. This makes them vulnerable and subject to infections. Also not cleaning your reservoir frequently can leave some dead leaves in there. These could be the beginning of root rot.

How to Fix Root Rot Hydroponics?

The first thing you can do is to make sure that there is no excess water. Water can actually suffocate your roots as it deprives them of air. An excellent hydroponic bucket system will help you get rid of the extra water that your plant doesn’t need as it allows you to control the flow. Always change your reservoir water regularly and make sure that your water is clean and not contaminated.

Keep your reservoir cool to prevent the growth of bacteria, microorganisms, and fungi. These organisms love heat and will probably grow to infect your roots if you are not careful about the temperature. Light leaks can actually serve as a boom for these little creatures messing up with your plant. You can also use alcohol to disinfect your container and equipment. This will prevent the transfer of bacteria and germs to your plant.

Clean your reservoir regularly and remove all the dead plant parts. You also want to aerate the nutrition solution to make sure that your plant is going to receive air and nutrients at the same time. Use an air pump or an air stone to keep the level of oxygen high. Root rot is a common problem but knowing how to fix root rot hydroponics can actually save your plant.

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