How to Grow Broccoli from Seeds?

How To Grow Broccoli From Seeds

In this article, we are looking at how to grow broccoli from seeds – gypsy hybrid broccoli and this variety is actually one of the favorite varieties to grow.

Broccoli is becoming a more popular crop to grow within the home backyard as a consequence of its popularity of being a wholesome food source. It’s a delicious crop that may be either eaten raw or cooked and is excessive in a lot of vitamins and minerals.

This step-by-step guide on how to grow broccoli from seeds:

Growing broccoli in raised beds, and even in containers isn’t as difficult as you thought it to be. This article gives you all the information regarding rising this tasty, nutritious vegetable in your home garden.

1. Sowing Broccoli Seeds

Sowing broccoli seeds and sowing the seeds in November which is the fall season almost leaning towards winter. If you have very cold winters what I would suggest is sowing your seeds somewhere around January or February

seed starting mix

So that you get about six weeks till your last frost date and then what you can do is transplant your seedlings. You can easily buy these seeds at any garden center and the hardware improvement store like home depot or Lowes in your area. Very easy to get these seeds. You can also buy these seeds on Amazon.

2. Preparation of Soils & Other Organic Matters

Now we have added a lot of organic matter into the raised bed. Broccoli requires a good amount of nitrogen to be present in the soil. We have been working in compost into this raised bed for quite a while now. We have been working in compost into this raised bed for quite a while now.

Remember that your organic supplements or organic additions to your garden bed do take some time to break down. So prepare your beds well in advance. I would say the best way to accomplish this is to keep adding organic matter every time you plant new seedling or new plants into your raised bed that way you can get the best available soil for your raised bed.

3. Transplanted To Raised Bed

Now  21 days since we sowed these seeds. You can see that the seedlings have emerged and at this stage, they are free to be transplanted into your raised beds or your containers. The reason we wait for the seedlings to grow this big is that you don’t want to cutworms eating away into your young seedlings.

As you can see here this is our raised bed where we will be transplanting our seedlings and I’ve tried many variations of how many broccoli plants grow in one raised bed properly. This is a 4 foot by 4 foot raised bed’s and I’ve grown about 16 plants.

Raised beds

So 4’x4’ raised bed, 4 plants in a row, 4 plants in each column and that gives me a total of 16 plants. In this 4’x4’ raised bed and this has been working very well so far for growing broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower.

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4. Maintenance & Care

Now at 66 days, you can see that the plants have grown pretty large and at this level, you can add the next round of fertilizer to your plants.  Now you can use either liquid fertilizer or water-soluble fertilizer. That’s meant for vegetables or you can use compost tea which is a great fertilizer when used every three weeks or so and broccoli must be grown in full sun.

Fertilizer mix

You need about six to eight hours of sun to grow your broccoli plants and that will give you the best testing broccoli that you’re ever grown. Another important thing to check is your soil pH. Broccoli loves pH which is between 6.5 to 6.8. You can easily test the pH level. Most broccoli varieties must be uncovered to winter chilling earlier than they’ll flower closely, but plants die if uncovered to single-digit temperatures. Due to this, most seed is produced in gentle winter areas.

5. Pest Control

As far as insects and diseases go, I try not to use any insecticides or pesticides at all. Even if I do use them I use organic methods only like water or soap or neem oil. But in this case, I didn’t have to use any kind of insecticides.

The broccoli plants were very healthy throughout the growing season. They produced excellent quality broccoli heads. This is one good benefits of growing broccoli in your garden you can get to harvest your broccoli heads for a very long time.

Now once your broccoli grows to what you are seeing broccoli heads, broccoli florets flowers? It’s just that you need to remove them to avoid butterflies laying their eggs on your broccoli plants which in turn will have caterpillars, eat your plants up. So for the best results just try to harvest the heads when they are young tender.

6. Harvesting Time

About 101 days after sowing the plants have grown pretty big.  These are the first signs you can see the broccoli buds emerging and they will grow larger as time goes by. It’s time for us to harvest our first broccoli head as you can see here the heads are very firm very nice. If you are growing broccoli in the right way this is how your head should look like.

Sowing Brocolli

They should not belong and stringy and lose when you harvesting them. At about 139 days since sowing, some of the other broccoli head started showing up the plants that were the last ones to catch up and you can see that the heads are very beautiful.

We were able to harvest this throughout January and February and also towards the beginning of March. So all in all this was a very long harvest season and I again recommend this broccoli variety to every one of you.

Final Thought

Now the kind of broccoli that you get – the taste, the size depends on a lot of the variety of broccoli that you are growing. So I would suggest that you try out growing different broccoli varieties and then see which one is the best that works out for you.

Broccoli has a lot of health benefits. It’s extremely nutritious and it’s known to prevent some forms of cancers because it contains substances which are called isothiocyanates. Which ward off some forms of cancers like prostate cancer. When we harvested and prepared this broccoli the kids loved it a lot. The taste was excellent and we could make a lot of dishes with this broccoli.

I hope you like this step-by-step guide on how to grow broccoli from seeds. I would like to know my blog viewers what variety of broccoli do you like to grow in your garden. Do leave in the comment and if you like this article just share with your friends. See you soon. Happy gardening!

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