How to Install Mulching Blades on Riding Mower

If you’re looking for proper orientation on how to install mulching blades on riding mower, this article will help you in the process.

Not to mention, mulching is the best way you can cut grass more efficiently, and help them decompose faster.

This, in turn, will allow more nutrients to be deposited on your lawn and make it healthier. Many of us thus opt for a mulching blade to install on our lawnmower.

However, given the size and somewhat complex mower deck assembly, replacing the blade could be quite confusing in the case of a riding lawnmower.

Over the years, I went through the installation quite a few times in my garage and got familiar with the technique.

And below I’m about to share the exact step-by-step process I’ve learned to get it done. This might help you release your confusion and get through the process.

So, without delay, let’s get things underway!

What is a Mulching Blade on a Lawn Mower?

Unlike regular blades that we often see in a lawnmower, a mulching blade presents a curved surface with three cutting edges.

And, with this special shape, mulching blades create a constant motion in the cutting deck. This helps them cut grasses multiple times and into smaller pieces.

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The curved frame also generates a divided airstream. While some of it circulates inside the deck, others work to push the clippings down on the ground instead of throwing them out in the process.

Why Would You Use Mulching Blade on a Riding Lawnmower?

Using a mulching blade ensures that the grass clippings are distributed equally in your garden and not wasted for further process.

Additionally, since the mulch will lay on the grass nicely, it will provide natural fertilizer to your lawn and helps it grow organically.

Apart from mulching these 3-in-1 blades can discharge and bag clippings as well. Thus, mulching blades save time and money knowing that you can use your lawnmower for different purposes.

Necessary Tools

  • Wrench Set
  • Pliers
  • Wood Block
  • Work Gloves

How to Install Mulching Blades on Riding Mower?

Step 1:

At first, you have to turn off the ignition switch on your riding mower and remove the key. Then uncovered the mower hood and disconnect the spark plug wire from the engine.

Now you’ve eliminated the risk of accidental start while accessing the blade. Also, remember to engage the parking brake before going to the next step.

Step 2:

Next, it’s time to lower the mower deck height to its lowest setting and disengage the blade clutch.

Step 3:

Now you have to reach the blade belt at the belt keepers and roll it off the engine pulley. After that, get the front lift link support released from the deck. To do it, simply remove the retaining pin and washer at the joint.

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Step 4:

At this stage, we would disconnect the mower deck’s left suspension arm. You can use a plier to remove the retaining clip at the end of the arm and thus detach it from the mower frame.

Near the suspension arm, you’ll find the rear deck bracket. Pull the clip and washer off and release it too. Repeat the same thing on the other side of the mower deck.

Step 5:

Now you will bring out the deck to the extent where you can access the blade cable. And, you will see it locked to the deck bracket.

So, remove the locking tab and pull the cable out of the deck bracket. Also, remove the cable spring from the idler arm and keep it aside.

Step 6:

You should now be able to remove the deck entirely from the mower frame. Wear a pair of thick gloves if you haven’t already to save your hand from the possible hazards of sharp blades.

Following this, gently flip the deck over. The spinning blade will be exposed now. However, before you access it, put a wood block between the blade and the deck to keep it from rotating while you work.

Step 7:

Now the time has come to remove the old blade from its spindle assembly. For this, you have to loosen the hex flange nut at the blade center.

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Use a socket or wrench (15/16 -inches) to unlock the nut and isolate the blade carefully.

Step 8:

Following the previous step, now you need to install your mulching blade. To ensure that you’re mounting it on the accurate side, flip it to see which one has the word “bottom” or blade part number marked.

Then line up the blade center hole with the spindle star pattern in a way that the marked side faces you. Tighten the flange nut firmly with your wrench and secure the blade.

Do the same to replace all the blades you have at the cutting deck. Remember to set them in different directions so that the blades face each other at a 90-degree angle.

Step 9:

If you’ve managed to secure the mulching blade properly flip the deck over again and slide it under the mower gently.

Lastly, looking at steps 3,4,5, and 6 above, reattach the deck to your mower just following them in the opposite order.

Final Words

Knowing how to install mulching blades on riding mowers is important if you’re looking for ways to improve the aesthetic of your lawn and make it environment-friendly.

And I believe reading the article is of use to you in this regard. However, if you’re still puzzled, I would highly recommend you seek professional help instead of messing around with it.