How to Put a Saw Blade on a Weed Eater? – [Explained]

How to Put a Saw Blade on a Weed Eater

If you are a handyman in charge of keeping your lawn clean, the weed eater is your best friend. But that’s not all a weed eater can do.

When you change the string attachment with a Saw blade, it is essentially a lawnmower that can cut dead branches too.

And, if you are planning to do it here are the steps on how to put a saw blade on a weed eater:

Why Do You Need A Saw Blade On The Weed Eater?

Lawnmower and weed eaters are quite similar in what they do. Lawnmower trims long grass in your yard. In the same way, weed eater trims down the unwanted weeds.

But attaching a saw blade can make it more than a just weed eater. You can cut tree branches and dead roots around your lawn with it.

Unfortunately, your lawnmower can’t do that. Even the weed eater with its stock attachment is meant for grass trimming only.

You can use a cutter to do the job, but that will take a ton of time going through each branch. If you want your garden or backyard free of dead trees, the saw blade is the solution you can consider.

Tools You Will Need

Whether you are making repairs or simple attachment changes, keeping some basic tools near will make your job much easier. Here’s the list:-

  • Nail
  • Saw blade
  • Safety gloves
  • Socket wrench
  • Adapter ring and washer
  • Appropriate size nut.

The mentioned tools are either available in your workshop or you can buy those at a local hardware store. For the saw blade, you can choose which size you want.

Usually, 9 inches blade can be an ideal choice for small to medium-size branch cutting. Don’t forget to get the adapter ring with the blade as well.

How to Put a Saw Blade on a Weed Eater?

If you never replace an attachment on a weed eater, don’t worry. It’s fairly an easy task. You won’t need extraordinary equipment or skills to make the change. It only takes the right steps to follow and it will be over before you know it.

Equip safety gloves

It’s a general idea to equip yourself with safety gear whenever you are working with a power tool. No matter how easy the task seems, it’s never a good idea to overlook safety.

In this case, we will be using safety gloves. Most of the work will require hands to hold something.

Safety gloves not only protect your fingers but also help to get a good grip on the tools you are holding.

Power off the weed eater

Before you make any changes, make sure your machine is turned off properly. If the machine accidentally turns on while you are making the changes, its risks can be lethal. So double-check and confirm if you have turned it off correctly.

Put a nail into the hole on the trimmer head

In order to remove the string attachment from the weed eater, look carefully at the top portion of the trimmer. There you will find a small hole.

Place a nail or screwdriver narrow enough to fit in the hole. While you are pushing the nail, turn the bottom portion of the trimmer. This will lock the nail with both parts.

Unscrew the string attachment

Now you are ready to remove the string attachment. Turn the underside of the trimmer counterclockwise. After several turns, the portion will come off. Store the attachment and washer safely for later use.

Attach blade with the appropriate adapter

At this point, you have already removed the stock attachment. It’s time to attach a saw blade.

Before you do that, keep in mind that the blade needs a special adapter to lock securely with the trimmer head. In case your weed eater has a guard, ensure that your blade size isn’t touching it.

There are several types of blades with different properties available on the market. Read the blade specification carefully and choose wisely.

There will be instruction markings on the blade to make it easy for you. In the end, it is crucial that you are placing the blade properly.

Lastly, use a nut to secure all things together.

After you place the adapter and blade facing the right way, screw a nut to lock all the parts together with a wrench. If everything looks secure, you can take it to your next cutting mission now.

How Do You Know Which Side is The Right Side On The Blade?

Like a lawnmower blade, a saw blade for weed eaters has a right and a wrong side.

To get a good result, you must install it on the right side. Generally, blade manufacturers put markings and instructions on the blade.

But if this is not the case for you, look closely at the teeth of the saw. You will notice that only one side of that is sharpened.

That’s the key indicator of the right side. And it will turn counterclockwise when placed on the weed eater.

Final Thought

Turning your weed eater into a capable tree cutter can give you a huge advantage over a generic model.

With its powerful motor, it will save time and can cover a large area effortlessly. The transformation is not rocket science either.

Finally, we are ending this comprehensive guide on how to put a saw blade on a weed eater.

We tried to cover every relevant aspect of the topic and hope it eases your understanding significantly.