How to Remove a Stuck Garden Hose from Spigot

It can be frustrating and inconvenient to deal with a hose pipe that is stuck on a spigot. It may also cause significant damage in some cases.

If you can not remove the hose during freezing weather, the water in the hose or even the pipes for your plumbing can be broken when it freezes.

Fortunately, even the stuck hose can be removed by some simple tricks.

Do you find this because you have to know how to remove a stuck garden hose from the spigot?

You’re here because you were trying to get the hose off just outside, and it was so stuck that you came to Google?

No worries, we have covered you.

How to Remove a Stuck Garden Hose from Spigot?

Our hose has recently bumped up and gathered a hole. First, we tried tape, but the water still leaked so we decided to get a new hose.

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It was stuck on the spigot when we went to remove the old one. It was screwed on for nearly three years, and it was built up.

Try with Wrench or Pilers

Try using a wrench or piler first. Sprinkle some WD-40 or another lubricant in the threads first and leave. Then use the wrench or piler to loosen your hose. Don’t be afraid if that doesn’t work.

Try with Hacksaw

To get our stuck hose from the outdoor spigot we had to use a hacksaw. The way to do this is to see the threads upright.

Work your hacksaw slowly through the couplings of the hose, but be careful not to see the spigot itself. Use something like a flat head screwdriver or a small pry bar to work the cut.

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Turn it inside the cut to try to snap the hose coupling. It could take a few attempts. Use your hacksaw more and then try again to twist your pry bar, finally, the hose coupling should snap.

Once it snaps, you should be able to twist off the hose easily. Now that it’s loose, it’s easy to come off.

Step 1

Turn left, or counterclockwise, the hose collar when attempting to remove it. If you accidentally turned the pitch right, you might have tightened it wrongly.

Work the hose forward and back, then side by side a couple of inches below the hose to release any scrap which can jam the spigot files. Try again with additional grip while wearing leather or rubber gloves.

Step 2

Tap lightly around the side of the spigot on the base where the hose is attached, with a hammer or a screwdriver handle several times.

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Be careful not to hit the spigot or the hose so hard. Spray the joint with WD-40, try to stretch it into the thread, and wait 10 minutes or so.

Adjust a set of locking pliers to the right width, pin them on the spigot and try to loosen the hose again.

Step 3

Heat the spigot with a hairdryer or heat gun, if the hose is not yet loose. Heating the metal causes it to expand and the hose to loosen.

Re-join and use the locking piler after heating the metal to unlock the hose. Put in your new hose.

Final Word

Removing stuck hose from spigot is tiresome work. I just covered all the possible tricks on how to remove a stuck garden hose from the spigot.