How to Roll Up a Hose on a Reel

The garden hoses become tangling, kinking, and finally leaking. For young children and animals, there is a grim chance that strangulation may happen if the hose is not carefully coiled or rolled up in a designated location.

Technology has developed a comfortable storage method so that the task of storing and coiling by hand is not almost as much a stopping process and thus avoids neglect and safety risks.

You can avoid these problems to a certain extent by getting a high-quality hose reel and keeping your hoses as short as possible.

If you need a longer hose, use a second or third faucet and link the hoses together for use. A few simple tricks make it much easier how to roll up a hose on a reel.

How to Roll Up a Hose on a Reel?

Step 1

Straighten the hose as straight as possible until the entire length is untangled as you continue along with it.

Disconnect the end of the hose from sprinklers or other yard equipment.

Step 2

A hose reel consists of a hand crank handle to the left or, if a model to the left or to the right, if a model to the right.

Use your hand to operate the crank to determine which of the two types you have on your property.

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Use the free hand to push the hose to the left or right side of the reel and then begin to crank.

Step 3

Turn the reel on a full turn, clockwise or reverse, and use the other hand to “guide” the hose to create the first layer of the hose onto the entire surface of the reel.

When you have started pushing the hose to the left, lead the hose to the right and keep the hose windings in touch with the previous winding.

Your first layer of the hose should be like a horizontal coil from one side to the other. This shapes your first hose layer.

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Step 4

Continue to turn the reel crank after the hose has been rolled from one side of the reel to the other.

But reverse the direction you are guiding the hose, making them roll into another layer, moving to the side from which you started.

You now have two layered hose coils on the reel.

Step 5

Continue to guide the hose to the reel and guide the left-right alternating pattern until the entire length of the hose is placed on the reel.

Final Word

Always purchase the best quality hose you can afford. Cheap hoses tend to kink, leak, and break.