Husqvarna Vs Ariens Snowblower

You may know the necessity of having a snowblower. Every snow blower’s purpose might be the same, but some are exceptional in their efficiency and durability.

The most popular snowblowers Husqvarna and Ariens, are robust and reliable snow blowers on the market.

But every mower must get confused in the battle of Husqvarna VS Ariens Snowblower.

These two tools provide you with individual advantages as well. So, you have to be a little picky to choose the right one for you.

However, choosing the perfect snowblower is quite challenging for you, so here we are with these snow blowers’ timely information.

After that, you will be able to choose the right one for the job.

Husqvarna vs Ariens Snowblower: Comparisons

Husqvarna Snow Blower

When it comes to lawnmowers, Husqvarna is one of the best trustworthy brands. The brand is identical to high-quality power tools.


Those features of the Husqvarna snow blower express the user experience.

  • Clear-cut Technology: The Husqvarna comes with Clear-cut technology, which helps you make cutting and care more accessible.
  • Heavy-duty Auger: The strongest auger can give you outstanding results for operating in frozen along with too wet snow.
  • Electric Starter: The Husqvarna comes with a power outlet connection. It can be beneficial with the electric starter handle when the engine is too warm.
  • Rotating Chute: The rotating chute is one more looked-for feature. It would help if you wanted to control the throwing direction, and in that case, the rotating chute helps you.
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Husqvarna Range Series:

At present, there are mostly ten different models presented dealing with three series. They contain:

  • 100 Series: The 100 series snow blower is ideal for you if you see efficient and accessible ways for removing snow.
  • 200 series: The 200 series snow blower is the best series to remove the snow for extensive paths with high performance. They are best for residential use.
  • 300 series: The 300 Series snow blowers are appropriate for heavy-duty use. They work correctly in large areas and all snow conditions.


Since a mower needs enough horsepower and a sizable cutting deck, the snowblower can give you an extensive cutting deck and higher fuel capability.

The Husqvarna can go up to the cutting height of 6.5 mph and 4 inches.


It can give you an unpleasant experience if you are riding on an uncomfortable mower for a long time.

The snowblower covers a thick padded seat that allows providing the proper comfort. It also has the open design back for validation fact which doesn’t allow it to get hot.


  • Smooth start in freeze weather
  • Effective durability
  • Wide range of model sizes
  • Huge housing capabilities
  • Comes with LED lights
  • Powerful augers


  • Limited throwing distance
  • Not suable over 30 inches clearance width

Ariens Snow Blower

Ariens snow blowers are known as the King of Snow. They are considering high-quality machines. Moreover, they are ideal for all sorts of needs.


Let’s get to know some features of Ariens Snowblower:

  • Engine: Ariens snow blowers afford the Polar pressure engine or AX series engines. They are ideal for the ease of using a reliable machine. Moreover, you can get the performance and reliability with the convenience of an electric start.
  • Auto-Turn Steering: The auto-turn steering system gives you the correct efficiency. It offers you smooth, precise, and effortless control of your snowblower.
  • EFI Engine: The Electric Fuel Injected engine allows you more consistency and efficiency with its power. They use less fuel and start easier.
  • Impeller: The three-blade impeller allows to throw snow far and faster. The impeller is good enough to keep the inner area clear and efficient to pull in snow.
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Model Range Series

At present, there are mostly 25 different models presented dealing with nine series. They contain:

  • Path Pro: The path pro series comes for compact and domestic use. They are perfect for driveways and pathways as wide as 20-inches.
  • Professional 21: The series is the most influential model to clear heavy snow for medium driveways.
  • Classic: Classic series is the perfect compact residential blower. The snowblower works well on light snowfalls.
  • Rapid Track: They are made with adjustable wheels suitable for every snow condition.
  • Compact: They made for serious residential power to clear large areas of more massive, deep snowfall.
  • Deluxe: The series is built for extreme, large-scale snow-moving power for maximum efficiency and run time.
  • Platinum: The series is excellent for your comfort with heated handgrips and auto-turn steering technology.
  • Track: The series is made as a professional grade that can survive any terrain when it’s icy, slippery, and hilly.
  • Professional: The commercial series allows us to move snow from large areas in a short time.
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Ariens snowblower is faster with its maximum speed of 7 mph and a maximum cutting height of 4.5 inches. They have an even larger cutting width and more fuel capacity.


They are also better for your comfort ride. Moreover, it has a plush seat with a high back. It also has padded armrests. But unfortunately, it doesn’t have anything for ventilation.


  • Comes in numerous sizes
  • Auto-turn steering
  • Excellence metal frames
  • Compact design
  • Commercial system accessibility


  • More Expensive
  • Limited by size

Final Thoughts

Well, you can see that both snow blowers can be an excellent choice for you. Moreover, there will be only one winner in the battle of Husqvarna vs Ariens snowblower.

Hopefully, now you are aware of their various series, with their terrain, driveway size, amount of snow that can clear, and the multiple purposes for home and commercial use.

And then you will have a better idea of which brand would be best for you. You should choose the one which offers the maximum amount of shelf life with no added stress.

No matter what you purchase, both will do the best use of them.