7 Amazing Lawn Care Tips to Make Your Lawn Lush Green

7 Amazing Lawn Care Tips to Make Your Lawn Lush Green

Go through the works of 7 well-known lawn care tips and you will surely find lush green hills and emerald-hued fields in common. The green looks awesome from any angle.

The good news is that you can recreate the same magic in your backyard or garden with a little bit of hard work that goes beyond simply mowing and trimming. You also need to have basic scientific knowledge of gardening and tons of patience to back it up.

Here are some lawn care tips that will spruce up your patch of green.

Remove the surface dirt

Your lawn continuously accumulates dirt near the surface which mainly comprises of decomposing or dead stems, roots, and leaves. This is called “thatch” and needs to be periodically removed. Doing so ensures healthy growth of grass as water and nutrients can easily flow to the roots.

How do you go about doing away with the thatch? First, mow the lawn to about half of what you generally maintain. Then use a dethatching rake to clear out the decomposing layer. The equipment will be available for rent at your local home improvement store.

For example, if you are a resident of Victoria, Australia and have carried out lawn mowing in Sea ford, a town in the State, you can hire the rake from your town’s local store. You can also choose to buy it outright and add to your collection of gardening tools.

Control the trimming

Carefully monitor the height of the blades of grass when you mow. Do not trim the grass too close to the soil. Not only does it slow down lawn growth, but it also adversely affects the aesthetics, making your patch of green look less lush. The general norm is to keep one-third of the grass when you mow.

Another tip from the experts – Do not clear the clippings from the yard as it turns into excellent but cheap lawn nutrient. And unless you are allergic to grass, the leftover clippings smell wonderful too, especially when moist.

Have color bursts all year round

The most envied yards and gardens are the ones that always have color throughout the year, even in the harshest of winters. And you can replicate the same looks in your garden too with a choice of flowers and shrubs that gives your garden an evergreen touch and increases the curb appeal of your home.

You will not have a problem in spring and summer because seasonal shrubs and flowers provide a burst of color to the surroundings. Plant evergreen trees and foliage in fall and winter and complement them with brightly colored props like red flowering quince, winter jasmine, and hellebore also known as Christmas roses.

Remove deadwood

Nothing destroys the landscape beauty more than dead wood and ugly stumps lying around after tree removal. Not only are they eyesores, to say the least, they also become a breeding ground for pests and termites. Have stumps removed as soon as possible after a tree is removed?

If you feel that removing a particularly large stump with deep flowing roots is beyond you, call in local arborists to do so. They have heavy stump removal equipment that can grind stumps to mulch in no time, regardless of its size.

Provide rich nutrients to the grass

Providing adequate nutrients for your grass is critical to a beautiful lawn. In this regard, the key component is fertilization which supplies adequate micronutrients to the soil thereby aiding lush and green growth of grass. However, forgetting the right fertilizer for your type of soil, you should know the basics of this topic.

Soil contains three major nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Fertilizers contain all three but different ones have them in separate proportions. Hence you should first have the soil tested to know which fertilizer will be just right for your lawn.

Your lawn might need a dose of lime too. Talk to Jim’s Mowing agency which is a garden store specialist after getting the soil test report for the best fertilizer.

Fertilize the lawn when it is growing and not when it is dormant. Warm-season grasses need fertilizer throughout summer while for cool-season grasses it is early fall and early spring.


For keeping your lawn lush and green, it is important that you sufficiently water your lawn throughout summer which again depends on the temperature and humidity of the area you are located. When grass needs water and ample supply is not provided, the blades will take on a blue-gray tint and the leaves will wilt and curl up. For a new lawn, watering is required once a day so that the seeds can germinate and form a solid root.

Watering the lawn should not be a problem for you regardless of its size. There is a range of equipment that you can use. There are mobile and stationary devices for watering a lawn. You can also install computer-controlled intelligent systems. All that you have to do is programming it according to your convenience and the sprinklers will take care of the rest.

Be an expert in lawn maintenance and gardening

This will be the defining difference between your lawn and the neighbors and will be the main reason why the aesthetics of your lawn will be a cut above the others. Be an expert in lawn maintenance and landscaping by doing extensive research that is relevant to your location.

This is because plant care is not standardized and differs from country to country and even State to State. By following the usual and common patterns, you might be damaging the grass either by overwatering or under watering as compared to specific requirements.


These are some of the lawn care tips that you can follow to have a lawn and garden that will be the pride of the neighborhood and increase manifold the curb value of your home.

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