Liberty Garden Hose Reel 704 Review

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Liberty Garden Hose Reel 704 wall mount design is outstanding. It has a sturdy aluminum frame that has spiraled flourishes, which are usually coated using a powder finish of your choice. It is made using cast aluminum, to prevent rusting. Its plumbing fixtures are made of brass to prevent leakage.

This Liberty Hose Reel 704 is a beautiful unit that firms quickly with home and wall. It holds up to 125 feet by 5/8 inches garden hose, which you can easily pull when you want to use and retract quickly when you are done.

Liberty Garden Hose Reel 704 [Review]

Besides, it features a 7” by 14” shelf, where you can place your garden and watering tools

Liberty Garden Hose Reel 704 Review in Details

Liberty GARDEN 704 Decorative Cast Aluminum Wall...
  • Holds 125-feet of 5/8-inch garden hose (hose not included)
  • Constructed of non-rust, cast aluminum and feature brass and aluminum plumbing fixtures with a durable powder coat finish that is weather resistant
  • Easily pull your hose out for use, then rewind for storage, Comes fully assembled

Key features that make the model remain in demand in the competitive market include, this hose reel is the best wall-mounted hose reel on the market today.

Comes fully assembled

The Liberty Garden Reel 704 Wall Mount is the easiest to install. It comes fully assembled, hence ready for use. You only need to mount it on the wall.

The only challenge with the device is that it does not come with mounting hardware, forcing you to use screws of your choice.

However, the greatest advantage of the model is the ability to mount it at your convenient height.

Antique finish

This Hose Reel has the best finish you will ever across on the market. Its frame is made of spiraled flourishes, which are coated with durable powder, making it classy.

Sturdy design

Liberty Hose Reel 704 is well-engineered, making it suitable for use even in cold winter weather.

It is made using cast aluminum and coated with durable powder, preventing it from rust. Also, it features brass fittings that ensure no leakage and cranking of the hoses.

The Liberty Garden 704 Decorative Hose Reel Wall Mount model incorporates a shelf that allows you to handle your garden and watering tools while in use.

The design makes it the best model to use for home gardening requirements.

Leader Hose

It incorporates a five feet leader hose, which makes cranking with your hose easier. The leader hose makes the winding of the hose easier, by aligning it on the reel. Besides, it ensures there is no leakage.

Large capacity

The product has a large capacity with dimensions of 15 inches in length by 22.8 inches in width and 15.4 inches in height. The large size fits 125 feet hose correctly.


The Liberty Garden 704 model has a handle made of brass. The handle makes the winding and unwinding of the hose easy. Also, the reel rotates smoothly.

High performance

The hose reel functions well, enabling you to handle a heavy garden hose quickly. You require less energy to pull out the hose since the reel glides with the slightest pull.

Likewise, rolling the hose back is smooth. You only need to turn the crank with one hand while guiding the hose with the other.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • It has lightweight hence easy to handle even by petite individuals
  • Highly functional
  • Easy to install and use
  • Strong and durable
  • Well-engineered
  • Has a great finish which makes it attractive
  • Does not rust­it is coated with durable powder It is of high quality


  • The significant disadvantage of the model is a lack of mounting hardware.
  • You need to get your mounting screws.

Final Verdict

The performance of the device is far much better, compared to plastic hose reels. The cast aluminum frame has spiraled flourishes, which makes it beautiful even when in front of your house.

Besides, it has a stylish finish. The cast aluminum used is coated with durable powder, which prevents it from rusting. The Liberty Garden Hose Reel Wall Mount is easy to use and install.

It comes fully assembled, hence no struggle in assembling. The hose reel glides smoothly with the slightest pull, which makes it simpler to handle your heavy garden hose.

The model also features a storage tray, which handles your watering and garden tools while in use. It’s constructed using quality materials, hence it is reliable. It has proved to be reliable and efficient, having existed in the market for over fifteen years.