5 Savvy And Low Cost Ways To Light Your Landscape


Light your landscape is one of the best home improvement efforts that increase the beauty and value of your home. During the day, your plants, shrubs, and blooms take center stage.

But as the sun sets, the darkness wraps garden’s beauty into pitch black, unless you provide ample outdoor lighting.  In the summer, your outdoors becomes an easily favorite spot for gatherings, and it’s even more essential now to give your landscape its fair share of illumination.

Here are the top ways to create a more dramatic and appealing look for your garden for the coming summer nights.

5 Way to Light Your Landscape

DIY Candlelight

Candles burning inside transparent mason jars emit a soft and romantic glow. Hang them up from a tree or set on the table or picnic blanket along with a bottle of wine and you have the perfect set-up for a garden date. Alternatively, you may place the candles inside dotted tin cans or use the traditional paper lanterns to light your landscape for summer event at home.  

Solar-Powered Garden Lamps

Brighten up your yard while diffusing some of your electric costs through solar-powered lamps. You may DIY these lights using mason jars with solar-powered lids or just purchase and install right away in your garden. You need to correctly position the lamps where they receive ample sunlight during the day, and they’ll take over the lighting tasks during the evening hours.

Aluminum Bullyte by Hadco

Source: Lightology.com

Christmas Lights

You may put away all the decors from the holidays, but let the Christmas lights stay. Transfer the string of light your landscape and wrap them around the shrubs and trees to create a really dramatic effect. You may also consider putting the lights on your fence or decorate your garden table with them.

Battery-Powered Lights

Since the introduction of the LED technology, several manufacturers have come up with battery-powered lights that you illuminate and beautify your landscape. These lamps can vary in sizes and forms, as well as battery powers them. Most of these lights are rechargeable so you can use them again and again, while others may need total battery replacements. These lamps are excellent lighting sources for  

Electric Lights

Perhaps the most common option for most homeowners is electric lights. Outdoor lighting fixtures can add a flair of sophistication to your landscape; at the same time enhance the level of security in your home. Outdoor wall lights do more than illuminate; they also emphasize the beauty of your yard focal interest, whether it’s a clean swimming pool, gazebo or fountain.

Additionally, post lights can light your landscape walkway and prevent accidents while hanging lights set the mood. Lamptwist landscape lighting can brighten up your landscape and create a bright, charming and highly comfortable ambiance.

Final Thought

You can expect to spend more hours in your yard or garden come the summer season, and it pays to start considering how you can bring light your landscape to a whole new level this year. Lighting solutions for your home exteriors don’t have to be very fancy or expensive though. Even with low-cost lighting options, you can succeed in creating the ambiance you want for your garden.

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