Mulching Blades vs Regular Blades

Since you are looking for the best mowing blade, in today’s writing piece, we are going to talk about two of the most crucial tool for your healthy and elegant-looking lawn, the mulching blade and the regular blade.

Well, every homeowner must get into trouble while they step forward to take a side in the battle of mulching blades vs regular blades.

The purpose of both blades is the same. But still, there are certain things that can make a difference between them. So, you have to be a little picky while choosing the right one.

Mulching Blades vs Regular Blades: What’re the Differences?

So without any further ado, let’s get discussed the mulching blade and regular blade in an elaborated form so that you can pick the right tool for you.

Mulching Blades

Mulching blades are generally known as 3-in-1 blades. Moreover, they can be used for mulching, discharging, and bagging, as well as mulching the cut grass. They are also known as all-purpose blades.

Moreover, mulching blades can be an ideal tool for you if you want your grass clippings to nourish the garden.

They allow you to give natural fertilizer into the soil. These blades are also best if you want a clean, pristine, and eco-friendly lawn.

Let’s get to know some features of a mulching blade:

Blade Shape

The easiest way to see the primary difference between the lawnmower is its blade shape. A mulching blade has several cutting shapes and curved shapes.

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The curved shape makes the edge different from a regular blade.

The curved design shape can give it a curved surface. This shape provides the mulching blade with the ability to keep the grass clippings moving in a circular motion into the mower deck.

It allows the blade to cut the clipping again and again into tiny pieces in a very efficient way.

Natural Fertilizer

Since your garden soil needs natural fertilizer, the mulched grass clipping and leaves might be an ideal option to act as a natural fertilizer. Grasses and leaves get the essential nutrients from the soil.

Mulching blades are designed in that way so that they can provide potash, nitrogen, and phosphates into the soil. This organic material can help the plants to be healthier and greener.


Mulching blades are mostly called 3-in-1 blades since they can perform three jobs which are more than a regular blade.

You can use the blades to discharge, bag, and also mulch grass clippings. They can fluently do their multipurpose tasks.

As they are excellent to get their active job done more efficiently, they can cut down your mowing efforts and save your time and energy.


A mulching blade creates a circulating airflow that allows the clippings back after they’re cut. Your mower can work harder because of the re-circulating airflow design.

The high lift blade can increase the airflow while doing the ” move the grass” process.

Since the mulching mower generates airflow for the blades, they go onto the mower deck. And finally, they make sure that all of the grass clippings can be distributed equally on your lawn.

Regular Blades

Regular blades can be the ideal choice when mulching the grass clippings is not an option. However, the standard blade is essentially designed for cutting grass and discharging the clippings out from the deck.

Regular blades are generally known as 2-in-1 blades. They are used for discharging and bagging as they are designed to create high lift airflow, so they are also known as high-lift edges.

Now, let’s know about some features of a regular blade:

Blade Shape

A regular blade has fewer cutting edges on its surface. As they have more irregular cutting edges, the blade is known as a straight blade shape.

On the other hand, the straight shape of the regular blade surface helps the clippings to cut and discharge efficiently. The condition is beneficial while mowing grass clippings, which get lifted in an upward direction.

Wind Wings

Due to the large wind wings, the regular blades are very efficient in cutting giant grasses.

You don’t need to be worried to have mulching issues with long size grass. In that case, the large size blade can stand at a high position on the ground.

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Regular blades are generally referred to as 2-in-1 blades. Since they are called high-lift blades, so they allow discharging grass clippings out from the deck.

And also fling them into a clipping collection bag. The 2-in-1 function of a regular blade works less than a mulching blade.


Since regular blades are designed to create aerodynamic lift or higher-lifting airflow into the cutting deck, they are called high-lift blades.

They allow to pull grass clippings upward. The strong airflow also flings them through the discharge chute. As no air is lost, the discharging of grass clippings works very efficiently.


  • Easily removable and replaceable
  • Discharge grass clipping very efficiently
  • Ideal for long grass
  • Bag the clipping for a cleaner lawn
  • Few chances of getting clogged


  • High power capacity needed
  • Not efficient for dust condition

Final Thoughts

Well, look at the debate between the mulching blade vs regular blade, we can see both of them are well-featured packs and an excellent choice for your lawn.

In fine, both the mulching blade and regular blade have different individual facilities. Your arsenal would want both in that will best suit your needs.

As a new gardener, who is not sure about buying a mulching blade or a regular blade?

These tools give you the best of both with great value. Finally, if you have to pick the best one, then the mulching blade can be the clear winner.