3 DIY Outdoor Storage Ideas to keep your garden organized


The great British weather is fickle, to say the least, but when the sun is shining and the rain clouds stay away, it’s great to make maximum use of your garden.

The problem is that it can be glorious one day and pour down the next, so having proper outdoor storage is a must.

Some garden furniture such as a table and chairs are robust enough to withstand all kinds of weather, but that’s not the case for everything. Soft furnishings and loungers need to be safely stashed when not in use.

Here are three DIY outdoor storage ideas which could come in handy.

Storage Bench

If you don’t have a lot of garden furniture, it may simply be the soft furnishings that need protection. Timber and metal tend to withstand the worst of the weather and can remain outside all year round.

However, although you can purchase showerproof cushions and pillows, it’s not a good idea to let them get thoroughly soaked through. And if the weather is cold and icy, they’ll need to be well protected and tucked away somewhere safe.

storage bench

If you want to keep the pillows and cushions close to hand so they’re convenient to get out and put away, a storage bench can be a great solution. Providing extra seating for family and friends, you’ll find a large space underneath where you can pile up all your soft furnishings when you’re finished for the day.

Other similar options include an ottoman bench or storage stool; functional yet attractive!

Custom Built Structures

If you need extra room for storage and have more than just cushions to protect, you’re going to need a structure of some kind for your garden. The size you choose depends on how much you need to store and it may change throughout the year.

Some types of garden furniture can easily endure summer showers but need to be protected from plunging temperatures, ice, and snow. If you have a large shed, you might be able to find room inside here but many people use their shed for other purposes such as storing lawnmowers and tools.

You might, therefore, find you need to purchase a separate storage outbuilding specifically for your garden furniture. These are available in all shapes and sizes and you can even get custom builds too.

With the choice of metal, plastic or wood, you can pick the design that meets your preferences and your budget. Don’t forget to buy a lock for whatever storage building you choose as they can be targeted by thieves and burglars searching for expensive bikes and power tools to steal.

Utilize Your Garage Space

Many people use their garage for storage and it’s a great idea; practical, economical and convenient, it’s the perfect solution to outdoor storage. Using your garage means that you won’t have the additional expense of purchasing a large storage shed or other structure, but you’ll still have the luxury of space.

As they are designed to hold a car, garages offer lots of room so you’ll be able to store your furniture in a way that’s readily accessible. If you don’t have lots of spare room in your garden, using your garage for storage also means that you won’t be taking up valuable space with a shed or other building.

Conveniently placed, a garage is an ideal way to protect your furniture and cushions from the worst of the weather, all year round. A surprisingly affordable upgrade, an automated roller garage door can save space in the garage and actually give you more storage.

You shouldn’t have to juggle cushions and sun-loungers while trying to operate the mechanism either! A simple click and you’ll be able to move your furniture in and out easily while also enjoying the peace of mind that everything is properly secured.

Final Verdict

There’s nothing more pleasant than a sunny summer’s day followed by a balmy evening watching the sun go down. Keeping your garden furniture well protected and in tip-top condition doesn’t have to be difficult with the right outdoor storage space, leaving you free to enjoy the weather whenever you choose.

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