Urban Gardening Small Equipment Set

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GARDENA gardening planting gloves can provide special protection during planting, especially when working in contact with wet soil. The latex coating on the palms and fingertips of the gloves ensures that the hands are always dry and clean. The elastic knitted fabric guarantees matching, wearing comfort and breathability, and will not stuff your hands due to sweating!
Non-toxic materials:
The quality of GARDENA means non-toxic. The glove material is comfortable and durable to wear.
Comfortable to wear:
No matter where you work hard, GARDENA Gardiner gloves are comfortable to wear while taking into account durability, breathable materials and flexible use experience.
Selected durable materials and reinforcement of the fingertips, gloves provide a better hand feel and particularly good protection when gardening or doing other tasks.
Modern and stylish design:
Gardening planting gloves are not only practical, but also beautiful in design, structure, shape and color.
Convincing performance:
The non-slip and water-resistant latex coating keeps hands clean when in contact with moist soil, and at the same time makes it easy to hold garden tools.

Wide gardening hand shovel–The hand shovel is made of high-quality steel, and its surface is coated with a thermosetting plastic coating to protect the product from corrosion and be durable.

The special black non-slip ergonomic handle allows you to use it safely and comfortably, and enjoy gardening.

Suitable for planting and transplanting

GARDENA classic garden shovel is the best tool for planting and transplanting in flower boxes, flower pots and flower beds. The shape of the handle conforms to the ergonomic design, which can be comfortably held in the hand, and the end has angles to prevent slippage. The garden shovel is 8 cm wide and made of high-quality steel. Duroplast coating ensures a long life of the product.

Comfortable to use
The shape of the handle conforms to the ergonomic design and has a higher operating comfort. The corner end of the handle prevents the handle from slipping.

Premium quality steel and Duroplast coating prevent corrosion of hand tools, making them stain-resistant and particularly strong

Type: Pruning Shears

Professional gardening pruning shears,Fine grinding stainless steel blade,Cut quickly and smoothly without damaging branches,Red Dot Award Innovative Built-in Spring,30° comfort handle

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