Scotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini Broadcast Spreader – Review

Scotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini Broadcast Spreader

If you propose to have a very attractive lawn, you may try utilizing the Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader. It’s a pre-calibrated spreader that ensures even and consistent unfold of seed on the soil.

This best-selling broadcaster is designed for smaller lawns with areas which are tougher to succeed in. In specific, this miniย broadcast spreader spreads materials in an arc for a fast and constant spread over lawns for giant and small.Scotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini Broadcast Spreader

As such, the Turf Builder Mini is both compact and light-weight, making it simple to maneuver and simple to store with a foldable handle.

t is a product that has been built with Scotts exclusive EdgeGuard Engineering, and I promise you that there isn’t a need to worry, you should consider that the product you unfold is going to be spread completely.Scotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini Broadcast Spreader

The EdgeGuardยฎ feature lets you simply hold fertilizer away from landscaping, driveways, sidewalks, and away from waterways.

Less waste a lesser amount of cleans up, and better for your atmosphere. It might cover up to 5, 000 sq. ft and splendidly easy to navigate.

Looking rather a lot as being a wheelbarrow, having a selection will significantly lessen your planting effort while expanding the percent of germinating vegetables.

Consider how your back garden is formed: is the idea round? Squared? Perhaps oval-shaped?

Having either sharp or rounded edges might make a giant difference while choosing out your transmitted spreader since some have features to let your catch show and be additional flexible than others.

Features of Scotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini Broadcast Spreader

Much more Accurate CoverageScotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini Broadcast Spreader

Precision rate settings control panel to make sure accurate coverage. Only needs one refill stop to pay for 1/3 acre.

Easy to deal with Smaller Areas

Scotts smallest walk-behind spreader that stands up to 5, 000 sq. foot. of Scotts Lawn Items.

Exclusive Scotts EdgeGuard TechnologyScotts Turf Builder Edgeguard Mini Broadcast Spreader

When engaged it’ll block off the correct side of spreader pattern to avoid the product from distributing onto non-lawns areas.

Made to ensure superior results when combined with Scotts lawns products Absolutely no assembly required and pre-calibrated and prepared to use.

The Good Stuff:

  • Simply needs one refill stop to pay 1/3 acre
  • Wastes less material using a more controllable spread
  • Deal with folds down for safe-keeping
  • Seed drop is quickly adjusted
  • Much easier to utilize than a hand spreader
  • Worked well well for spreading garden insect killer
  • Came totally assembled – All I did so was fill her upwards and go
  • Even though this spreader will be lightweight it doesn’t look like wobbly.

The Bad Stuff:

  • Often the trap door sticks when handling snow and salt
  • Plastic is too lightweight along with the wheels are flimsy in addition to thin
  • The plastic spindle that converts the spreader paddle snapped with at least pressure.

Final Verdict

This spreader is one of the most commonly utilized by gardeners with this one purpose: it’ll obtain the job completed for a minimal worth.

Scotts Turf Broadcast Spreader arguably works more effectively compared to different merchandise with a double as well as triple its price.

The actual Turf Builder Mini’s overall performance is hardly surprising, provided Scots’ sturdy popularity with regard to high-quality garden care companies.

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