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Whether you have got a small patch of land or acres of lush green lawn, mowing is always difficult! And this task becomes even more difficult when you have a sloppy lawn or a lawn situated on a hilly area. The untidy cutting and collecting up the grass clips consumes a lot of time while making your hands and clothes look dirty. If you are keen of having a maintained garden or lawn that looks amazing and has equal shaped grass, then there is something you need to buy at the earliest. It’s none other than a lawn mower that is suitable for hills!

Maintaining a steep lawn is a time consuming and daunting task, but a lawn mower for hills can make things go smoother than ever. With the help of a basic lawn mower, you can get an appealing lawn without the need of labor people or spending a whopping amount every time.

A lawn mower that is suitable for hills will not only reduces your efforts but also makes it extremely painless to maintain your lawn. If your lawn has a huge slope, then just pull the motor rope and start roaming all around with a multipurpose and multifunctional lawn mower as it is the best option for you.

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Best Lawn Mower for Hills in 2019

It’s always hard to select the ideal lawn mower for hills; no matter you are a novice or an experienced person. So we have brought this comprehensive guide that will deliver a detailed comparison between some best-in-class hill terrain lawn mowers while highlighting their pros and cons. One should definitely go through this complete guide review to take out the best from his purchase.

Markets these days are flooded with a vast range of lawn mowers from propelled, riding to manual push. You will get to see multiple products in every range. So, how to make sure that you have opted for the best product for your lawn without spending too much? This review guide will assist you at every phase, from model comparison to a significant column of what to look for in a best mower for hills. Let’s get started.

Before getting into a detailed comparison of the best lawn mowers, here are some things you should know:

Basically, there are three categories of lawn mowers:

  • Self-propelled lawn mowers
  • Riding Lawn Mowers
  • Push Lawn Mowers

So, if you want to know more details buying guide part.

Top Lawn Mowing Products that can add charm to your lawn

Ever had a feeling that you should reduce your lawn area because you are not able to maintain it without external help? And that external help always costs you much as labor charges are increasing day by day? The solution is here! Getting home a lawn mower will diminish the need of external help as a mower not only trims the grass and weeds but also collect them in the collecting bag. This makes things really easy for you as you don’t have to get down every time to collect the residue and throw it away.

Just remove the bag from the lawn mower and put it in the trash box and you are done. Isn’t it the most convenient way? Yes it is!

Here are some top lawn mowing equipments you need to check, before stepping into the market.

Push Lawn Mowers for Hills:

BLACK+ DECKER BEST A5 12 CM 12″ 3 in 1 Compact Electric Lawn Mower- (Cordless Trimming)


For those who are looking for a multipurpose lawn mower, this equipment can be a fair choice. This lawn mower can become an edger and trimmer just by with some simple transformations.  BEST A5 12 CM 12 is loaded with a 6.5 ampere motor that does its job efficiently while saving a lot of electricity. Even the robust of weeds can’t survive a blade hit. No matter you want to chop the complete grass or want to trim it to a certain length, you can adjust it accordingly.

Automatic Feed Spool (AFS)

There is an automatic feed spool that saves your time and efforts of adjusting the spool after some time. The cutting height varies between 1.6 and 2.4 inch, while the width of blade deck is 12 inch. The device fits your hand so you get the full functionality and control with optimum comfort.

Cord Retention Technology

It is corded equipment but that doesn’t mean that it will unplug every time you push it to extreme length. The cord retention system prevents the machine from unplugging and you can trim the entire lawn easily.

For the house owners who have no access to electric plugs in their lawn and don’t have extension cord, there is good news. BESTA512CM 12 comes in multiple variants that are cord-less. So you can charge this device overnight and get a subtle backup for cutting the grass next morning.

Compact Designs

In terms of performance, you will not be disappointed. Despite having a small motor, this mower performs well. It can easily cut the type of grass and weeds that occur in the house lawns. The gross weight is 13 pounds, which make it easily storable and portable. The product dimensions are 15 X 7 X 37 inches.


  • Light in weight and very compact
  • It has a robust built since it is manufactured with plastic
  • Adjustable and easily movable arm
  • CRS (Cord Retention System)


  • Can be used for a small lawn only
  • Difficult to use for longer durations
Bottom Line:

This is a lawn mower that you can easily pick up and can shift the trimming places. The 3-in-1 functionality makes it a trimmer and an edger as well. So, now you can take care of your lawn and plants with single equipment.

Greenworks 20 Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25022- (Saves Electricity and time)

Greenworks Corded Lawn Mower
Greenworks 20 Inch 12 Amp

This lawn mower from Greenworks is really easy to use, durable and dependable at the same time. It is consisted with a 12 Ampere powered motor that produces and delivers excellent power to the 20-inch deck. The gross weight of this lawn mower is about 56-pounds that make it really easy to push on a sloppy and steep terrain.

Ergonomic Design

Coming to the design side, 25022 comes with an ergonomic design that makes it really light in weight, which makes it really easy to push against gravitational pull on a hilly zone. This functional machine has 10-inch back and 7-inch front easy roll wheels that stick to the surface like clay and trim the grass in a same fashion while making your steep lawn look appealing and adorable.

3-in-1 Functionality

The main highlight of 25022 is the 3-in-1 functionality which allows more grass to be trimmed and collected in the rear bag for easy mulching. This lawn mower is ideal for lawns that are short to medium sized; or we can also say for the homeowner’s lawn.

Par Performance

When talking in the terms of performance, 25022 is nothing less than an impressive one. The huge cutting deck is loaded with sharpened blades that cut every obstacle coming in its way, no matter you are cutting the grass in uphill or downhill position. Just plug in the cord, turn the safety knob and push the button to start this best corded electric lawn mower.


  • Electric powered motor produces zero harmful emission.
  • Comes with push start/stop button functionality
  • Lever height adjustment with 7 height options
  • Multiple functionalities


  • No extension cord available with the package
  • Can’t be used for a huge sized lawn
  • No self-propulsion results in difficult trimming.
Bottom Line:

If you have the zeal and required time to pamper your lawn with an eco-friendly product, then Greenworks 20 inch lawn mower can be your trusted partner. This product performs well on all terrains including the steepest one and collects the waste residue in the rear bag for easy cleaning.

American Lawn Mower 1204 14 14-Inch 4-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower- (Easy to use and assemble)

American Lawn Mower
American Lawn Mower 50514

Do you own a small lawn and don’t want to spend a huge sum for a lawn mower? This lawn mower can be your perfect inmate. American Lawn Mower 1204 is a manual machine that allows you to cut the grass without any electricity and gas. The reel design trims the grass perfectly and multiple moves can help you in getting a smaller grass length. With the help of 1204, you can get the job done in the perfect way just like a gas or electric lawn mower.

No gasoline required

Manual lawn mowers are capable of handling small tasks without the requirement of external gasoline sources as there is no motor fitted in it. When it comes to no air or noise pollution, this is a perfect choice. The design of this lawn mower produces less sound when you are mowing the lawn, plus you can take it on your vehicle at any place effortlessly.

Zero Maintenance Required

There are no spark plugs, no tangled cords, no motor and no filters to clean. All you have to do is using your lawn mower regularly to maintain the sharpness and smoothness of the blades. The 14 inch cutting deck is easy to handle and turf the grass and bushes in a small yard effectively.

It’s inexpensive, eco-friendly and light in weight. The 3 spider shaped reel blades have high impact and the rotation of the reel requires less manual force.


  • No need of maintenance, just oiling and regular usage is required
  • Zero harsh and harmful emissions
  • High impact wheels are very durable
  • Hand-reel design suitable for all types of lawns


  • Takes up time to trim even a short lawn
  • Multiple moves are required to chop the bushes
Bottom Line:

If you have no access to electricity and gasoline, then this reel lawn mower deserves a place in your lawn. The storage and assembly of American 1204 is easy. Also, you can keep it behind the bush if storage place is an issue for you.

Tools Centre Incredible 1600W Powerful Electric Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher-(Collecting Grass Clips)

Tools Centre Incredible Electric Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher
Tools Centre Incredible Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher

This mowing machine from the house of Tool Center is a really powerful machine, backed up by an electric motor. The capacity of the electric motor is 1600 W, which means you will be able to do the trimming job without any complexities. All the four wheels are of same size and dimensions for a quick walk on any type of terrain.

Easy to turn

The rear wheels are connected directly with the push bar, so you can turn the lawn mower with extreme ease. There is a grass catcher attached at the back for mulching process. You just have to press the lever mounted on the push bar and the mower will start trimming the grass.

45 L Grass Box

The overall built of this lawn mower is plastic, so you have to take extra care while handling in rough terrain. On the other hand, when it comes to corrosion, you don’t have to worry as plastic material doesn’t catch rust. The grass basket or box that is attached to the bag has a capacity to store 45 L of material to reduce the time for emptying the bucket.

E-Drive Technology

It has a design featuring low profile built for easy access to bushes and shrubs. The RPM (revolutions per minute) of this equipment is also impressive. It can go up to 3200 revolutions per minute and that can easily chop soft and hard grass.

Some advanced functionalities that make this mowing machine different from others are Edgemax and E-drive technology, which enables you with a longer lawn mowing duration and the machine didn’t exhaust too easily.


  • Electric motor produces zero pollution
  • Handle lever for added convenience
  • Light in weight
  • Grass box is of good volume


  • Can’t be used for large land patches
  • Plastic built makes it fragile

Bottom line:

Emptying the grass collecting bucket many times is tough but this is not the case with Tools Center Lawn Mower. With a bigger grass box, you can chop the grass and can empty it after you have trimmed the entire lawn.

Goplus Poly Push/Tow Lawn Roller Heavy Duty Poly Roller Filled W/Water 16-Inch by 19.5 Inch – (Multipurpose operations)

G-Poly Push Tow Lawn Roller Heavy Duty Poly Roller Filled
G-Poly Push Tow Lawn Roller

A trimmed lawn is something you should definitely feel proud upon and for that you need a lawn mower. If you don’t have storage space to park a huge lawn mowing tractor, then you have to look at this product. Goplus is a U-Shaped handle bar lawn mower that has smooth surface which does not easily catch corrosion. When it comes to features, this machine doesn’t lack behind any high-end machine.

Water Spraying System

Mowing and watering are two different processes and require much time, but with Goplus you can do these processes at the same time. The roller is equipped with an empty vessel that can be filled with water for green spraying. So you are not just mowing your lawn, you are watering it too.  The gross weight of this push lawn mower is 20 pounds with the water vessel empty. You can fill the vessel up to 16 gallons.

Easy to assemble

The drum is fabricated from high quality steel. The spray surface is also coated with a layer of protection that can tackle corrosion. You can drain all of the filled water with the drain plug after the completion of the task. Coming on the assemble process- it’s a child’s play. Just place the drum between the U-shaped handles, and screw the nut-bolts and your lawn mower is ready.

Detachable Drum Mechanism

Side edges of this lawn mower are rounded that prevents any damage to your lawn. The storage is also an easy task, as the drum is detachable. The black color looks beautiful, so you can keep it in your lawn if you don’t have a storage space.


  • Doesn’t require any gasoline or electricity
  • Easy assembly process and detachable drum
  • Spray pores for watering and mowing
  • Anti-corrosion protection keeps rust at bay


  • Only a small piece of land can be mowed
  • This equipment requires much manual efforts if the water vessel is filled
Bottom Line:

With the 2-in-1 functionality, you can water the lawn and trim the grass. The huge vessel can water the entire lawn in one fill. If you ever feel the vessel heavy, simply unplug the drain plug for easy drainage.

Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers for Hills

Honda Self-propelled, Variable Speed Select Drive Hrx2175hya

Honda Self propelled lawn mower for hills
Honda Self propelled

Honda is always admired due to its quality and powerful engines; its lawn mower machine line is also no exception. This self propelled lawn mower from Honda is the type of lawn mower you are looking for your sloppy lawn. It has the capability to chop the grass smoothly. The blades are designed with micro-cut technology for cutting the grass clippings into fine pieces.

Powerful Engine

This machine is loaded with a 190cc motor that generates enough power to serve even the sloppiest of lawns. The gross weight is about 96 pounds which make it easier to crawl across the lawn. While talking in the terms of efficiency, Honda products never disappoint. Being powerful the engine is enough efficient, so a mid-sized homeowner can handle its maintenance and utilization cost.

Sleek and Height Adjustable Handle

The most important part of a lawn mower is the handle. While mowing the hilly zones handle needs to be comfortable and height adjustable in order to help the operator with an upright body posture. The handle height in this lawn mower is around 41 inches which is enough for people of all height groups. The handle comes with a 3 shift functionality that lets you set the right height position as per your requirement. Along with this the handle folds easily, all thanks to the quick-release feature!

Thumb-Lever propelled wheels

Unlike other self-propelled lawn mowers that are controlled by a handle bar, this one can be controlled with a thumb lever. The controls are located in the middle of the handle bar and there is functionality that you can adjust it easily. You will never feel that your thumb is tired and paining while using this lawn mower to mow a steep lawn.

Huge Cutting Deck

The 21 inch cutting deck on this lawn mower is really appreciable, along with that there is easy height adjustable option that ranges from highest 4 inches to lowest ¾ inches. Other self-propelled lawn mowing machines have a mulching capacity of 2 bushel, on the other hand Honda HRX has a mulching capacity of 2.5 bushel which makes it value for money and best self-propulsion lawn mower for hills.


  • Great balance between wheels that is beneficial for hilly areas
  • Advanced drive system with rear wheel drive
  • Automatic choke system for easy start in winters
  • Best-in-class product for mulching


  • Produces a lot of sound while operating
  • Annoying vibrations can be felt at the handle
Bottom Line:

This is one of the most trusted and reliable lawn mowers for hills. Its size is huge despite of that the functionality and operation are very quick and smooth. The thumb lever responds quickly and self-propulsion power is also commendable. Honda HRX217VKA can be e great choice for the homeowners who are seeking a walk-behind lawn mower that requires less maintenance and can work for longer durations.

Troy-Bilt TB330 163cc 21-inch 3-in-1 Rear Wheel Drive Self-Propelled Lawnmower- (Trims all forms of grasses)

Troy Bilt TB330 163cc Self-Propelled Lawn mower
Troy Bilt TB330

Troy-Bilt TB3300 is one of the reliable lawn mowers that can deliver true value for your every penny. This lawn mower has a decent and conventional built while the efficiency makes it stand out from the crowd. TB330 is an all-rounder mowing machine that cuts all type of grass- from smooth to the rough surfaces flawlessly.

Small, yet extremely powerful

If you are going to bring home your first lawn mower, then this can be a great choice. The self propelled motor rotates the blades and wheels at the same time, so you don’t have to push it in the entire lawn. It comes along with a 163cc engine that delivers adequate power to trim the grass and can reach to a speed level up to 3 mph with its rear wheel drive. You will have full access of the speed to regulate the cutting process.

Other convenient functionalities that come with TB330 are mulching kit, rake guard and a rear collection bag for grass clippings. There is also a side discharge if you know how to use it properly. The height is easily adjustable between 1.25 -3.75 with the help of a lever that is mounted on the handle.

Subtle balance at its best

The gross weight of TB330 stands near 80 pounds if you are not using any additional accessory. The wheels used in Troy-Bilt TB3300 are 8X8 which provides a perfect balance and make it easy to move inside bushes. When it comes to mow slopes, this can be the best self propelled lawn mower for hills. You can easily navigate it around your lawn for a quality rich experience.


  • This lawn mower can easily trim grasses of all heights
  • Easy to operate and can easily cut grass on a hilly slope
  • Briggs motor is more than reliable
  • Easy to store, all thanks to the foldable handle


  • Can’t be stored in a sideway position
  • Plastic levers are easily breakable and are fragile
Bottom Line:

Troy-Bilt 163cc lawn mower is best for those who are not able to push a lawn mower. Being self-propelled, it delivers great efficiency and there are multiple speed settings in it. People of all age groups can use this product with utmost comfort.

Dirty Hand Tools 106717 Tow Behind Mower – (For spikes and rough terrain)

Dirty Hand Tools 106717 Tow Behind Mower for hills
Dirty Hand Tools 106717

As the name of this product suggests, you can’t push it or ride it. You have to tow it behind any other vehicle to mow your lawn. This machine has a perfect design and a long tow bar that allows easy towing with any tractor or rancher. The robust 597 cc motor is very powerful and can produce 19 horsepower for completing even the toughest of tasks in a short period of time. The versatile hitch option can be adjusted easily so there will be no problem while locking it behind your trailer.

Chain guard for debris

There are front and rear chain guards that prevent rocks and other sediments to get in touch with the blades to maintain the sharpness. Cutting deck is 46 inch in width for cutting a huge piece of grassy land. The engine motor is manufactured by Kohler so you don’t have to worry about its reliability. There are a few controls that are mounted on the pull bar.

These controls are used for height control and adjustment purposes. You can set the blades at a height of 4.5, 5.75,7 and 8 inch. So the length of grass will not be a problem with the help of blade adjustability.

Puncture-Resistant and Sturdy Tires

106717 has small tires that can move on any terrain and are puncture resistant. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the hidden spikes inside the grass. Just tow this machine and make your lawn clutter-free again. Overall the material that is used in the manufacturing of this equipment is of heavy-duty steel. Due to which, it is able to sustain a long shelf-life while tackling corrosion up to some extent.


  • Controls are mounted on the tow bar for convenience
  • Low impact on drive train by breakaway blades
  • Pull and push bars
  • Chain guard to control debris entry


  • You require a towing vehicle for mowing the lawn
  • You need to get down the vehicle for height adjustment
Bottom Line:

If you don’t like to push a mower or drive it, then you can consider this one. This lawn mower has tow functionality, so with your existing equipment, you can tow it while making sure that nothing can damage the blades; all thanks to the rear chain guard!

Riding Lawn Mowers for Hills

Husqvarna MZ61, 61 in. 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Zero Turn Riding Mower- (Best traction on steep hills)

Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Riding Mower
Husqvarna MZ61

So you don’t want to run behind a lawn mower on a downhill route? No worries! Controlling a lawn mower in hilly zone is something tough. But this riding lawn mower from Husqvarna can make things go easy for you. MZ61 is commonly recognized as a semi-commercial lawn mowing machine that can produce 27 horsepower with its endurance series motor, which helps you to cut the grass in any direction whether in the direction if slope or against it. The complete machine is fabricated with 11-gaude high-end steel so there’s no fair chance that it will break.

Durable and reinforced built

The bottom material is also reinforced for added durability at every pass, because hill terrain is not smooth and contains rough edges. The aluminum spindles are accessible effortlessly and there is an option to grease them. The side chute has a plastic built and the deck is provided with 12 cutting height features that can be accessed with the help of foot pedal.

Multiple functionalities

The operator’s seat has all the controls including the hour meter. When it comes to comfort, then this machine is nothing less. The standard seats are made up of pure vinyl material with armrest functionality and a cup and bottle holder.

Best-in-class Transmission System

The transmission that is used in MZ61 is ZT 3100 that is commercial grade and helps the mower to reach up to 8 mph. At this high speed, you can easily trim acres of land in a single day without any push or pull. Thus lawn mower is meant for large areas slope and hard bushes where manual lawn mowers fail.

The front wheels are 6 inch and the rear ones are a bit larger to set a perfect balance and a great riding posture. ZM61 is the best zero turn mower for hills and can tear the grass on flat lands as well as hilly areas as the traction control of the rear wheels is huge.


  • Easy to operate and comfortable for long duration operations
  • Powerful and reliable motor
  • Excellent controls and zero turn makes lawn mowing easy
  • 61 inch cutting deck can cover a large area in a single move


  • Price is a bit on the expensive side
  • Beginners need to practice for perfect cutting
  • This lawn mower needs timely maintenance
Bottom Line:

A home owner must have this lawn mower if his lawn is steep and located on a hill. The zero turn ability makes this mower to turn on its axis for a perfect trim without damaging the soil and the terrain.

Troy Bilt 382cc 30-Inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower- (Easy and efficient controls)

Troy Bilt 382cc Riding Lawn Mower
Troy Bilt 382cc

This sturdy lawn mower can trim the grass into fine residue with a single move. If you have a lawn and empty land that is spread across few acres then Troy-Bilt 382 can make your job pain-free. This entry-level lawn mowing machine is light in weight and is smaller than most of the commercial grade power equipments, while delivering the matching performance.

6 speed transmission motor

This brand has been producing farming equipments since ages and with their vast experience they have come up with this product. Troy-Bilt Neighborhood Lawn Mower has the capability to offer tremendous durability and performance. The lawn mower is powered with a 6-transmission motor that can produce immense power and can reach up to a speed of 4.25 mph. So it becomes really convenient to mow 1 acre land within an hour or so.

40-inch huge blade deck

The 40 inch deck allows the operator to cut shrubs and grass beds evenly. You can store this machine in a tool-shed or inside a one car garage. Riding posture of Troy-Blit Neighborhood lawn Mower is also commendable. You can adjust the blade up to 5 height option for the type of cutting your lawn requires.

There is a steering wheel which makes the riding experience similar to a tiny car. The gross weight of this machine is 340 pounds but the 382cc engine affords to mow the lawn efficiently.


  • Easy riding for easy and fun lawn mowing
  • Steering wheel is padded with soft grip for extended comfort
  • Height adjustment and paring brakes make it premium in this segment
  • Detachable deck for easy cleaning and washing


  • The plastic footrest is slippery and can lead to accident
  • Assembly and set-up process is very difficult
Bottom Line:

If there is something that is easy to ride being a lawn mower, then it is the Troy-Bilt Neighborhood Lawn Mower. You can ride it easily without any training session. Just learn about how to use the controls and you are set free to trim the lawn in a couple of minutes.

Ariens IKON-X 52″ Zero Turn Mower 23hp Kawasaki FR691 Series- (Rapid Grass Trimming Action)

Ariens 915223 Zero Turn Mower
Ariens IKON-X

If you want to cover more lawn area in less time, then this product can help. This mowing machine delivers optimal cutting experience and has a gross weight of 300 pounds, which is much lighter as compared to the functionalities it offers. You can even tow an additional accessory behind this riding equipment for smooth and flawless cutting. The 52 inch blade deck allows more area to be chopped at once. There are total 13 distinct cutting positions that make it possible to get the grass trimmed as per your choice.

Can reach to 7 mph

IKON-X has a hydro-gear transmission mechanism that makes it similar to driving a car. The highest speed you can reach is 7 miles per hour, which is more than enough for a lawn mower. When it comes to comfort, the machine is loaded with a high plush seat for all day comfortable lawn mowing.

Reliable Motor from Kawasaki

The Kawasaki engine is powered with 727 cc motor and can produce 23 horsepower to breeze through the rough land. You can easily cruise through the flat land and hilly slopes without any external assistance. The control arms are also adjustable; so the operator of all heights can use this equipment.

Rapid operation

The best thing about IKON-X is the ability to do short jobs in a quick time period. Let us take the example of a golf course. Mowing a golf course is really challenging, but IKON-X can deliver what it promises. No matter what trimming job you need, you can adjust this lawn mower as per your needs and start riding it for a brilliantly trimmed lush lawn.


  • Powerful and efficient Kawasaki motor
  • 13 height adjustable cutting positions
  • Extremely durable and useful in hilly areas
  • Twin transaxles for enhanced performance


  • This product requires timely maintenance
  • Difficult to store or park
Bottom Line:

This lawn mower can work for hours without a single stop as it is powered with a Kawasaki motor. The deck is extremely large and can cut a large area of grass while delivering comfort to the operator.

Husqvarna YTH20K42 20HP 725cc Kohler 7000 42″ Lawn Tractor- (Can tow other equipment)

Husqvarna YTH20K42 20 HP 725cc Lawn Tractor
Husqvarna YTH20K42 Lawn Tractor

This tractor-shaped compact machine is featured with a 20 horsepower motor that easily pushes the mower on all land terrains. YTH20K42 is operated with the help of pedal which makes the controls convenient and accessible. The ergonomic design of this best garden tractor for hills requires less storage space and you can park it anywhere around your lawn or parking with a cover on it.

Height adjuster

The functionalities YTH20K42 offer are cutting height adjuster, a fender mounted at the front, height adjustable seat and much more. There is a small steering wheel that makes driving fun while enabling you to take the tractor in the right direction. Just like all mowing tractors, this one also provides smooth transmission along with variable reverse and forward speed.

Induction Air for Cleaning

For easy cleaning, Husqvarna has induction air technology that enhances the air flow inside the deck and ensures quick cleaning. The operator is allowed to tow any small equipment behind this tractor -say a mulching kit or some fertilizers.

Great balance between wheels

The front wheels are smaller than the rear ones and that’s the major reason why this mower has superb traction and makes it the best lawn mower for steep hills. You don’t have to do any adjustments for sloppy areas and can mow your lawn due to its V-Twin engine.


  • Added options for towing other equipments
  • Powerful motor produces great power
  • Durable and extremely reliable tires
  • Can be parked in a small place


  • Plastic mud-guards can break easily
  • No free mulching kit
Bottom Line:

This lawn mower not only looks like a car but also drives like a car too. The four wheels have a great balance and the reinforced steel built makes sure that it remains as-it-is for more than a couple of years.

What are propelled, push and riding lawn mowers?

There is a major difference between these three types of lawn mowers. Let us describe them one by one.

Push Lawn Mowers:

This is the most basic type of lawn mower. As the name suggests, you have to push it around your lawn while trimming the grass. These lawn mowers are electric based that exactly perform like the gas ones. Additionally, push lawn mowers are the quieter, which helps in maintaining the noise level every time you step in the lawn for some touchups. Push lawn mowers are only successful for small and tiny land patches.


  • More reliable and produces less noise.
  • Easy to maintain and can run on electricity.
  • Come with a mulching bag for easy collection of green waste


  • Push lawn mowers are only capable of covering short lawns.

Self-propelled Lawn Mowers

Are you unable to push the mower across the green field? A self-propelled lawn mower can help! These lawn mowers draw the energy from the motor and power the wheels for a quick move. So the user doesn’t have to apply his efficiency to do the same. Self-propelled lawn mowers come in two ranges- the front wheels drive and the all wheels drive.

If you lawn is flat and completely plain, then a front wheel drive will be fine. On the other hand, if you live in a hilly area and have a sloppy lawn then all wheel drive is extremely necessary.


  • Easy to mow the lawn without any manual efforts.
  • Can cut huge area of land in a single day.
  • Comes in multiple variants.


  • These lawn mowers have less fuel efficiency as the wheels are also powered.

Riding Lawn Mowers

Riding lawn mowers are recognized because of their efficiency and fast work capability. Some even say that these can cut 2-3 times faster than a conventional push lawn mower. The reason why people opt for this category is the traction in the hilly zones and the capability to attach multiple tools.

If you are into growing some veggies while maintaining your lawn too, then a riding lawn mower will be your perfect partner.


  • Easy to use even for the old people
  • Optional tools attachment functionality
  • Better cutting and great traction


  • Expensive as compared to push and self-propelled lawn mowers.

What category of lawn mowers can perform well on sloppy hills?

Before stepping into the market and bringing home a lawn mower, you need to know certain things that can help you for getting the perfect deal. If you dwell in a hilly zone and have a sloppy lawn, then a basic lawn mower can’t be enough for you.

Hills require a lot of traction and power, so you need to look for something that has great traction and can climb up even the steepest of hills.  There are three categories of lawn mowers that can be suitable for sloppy lawns.

Push or walk-behind lawn mowers

Push and walk behind lawn mowers are a great choice for those who can’t afford a riding mower. If you have a small lawn, then you should definitely think of having a walk behind equipment. Additionally you don’t have to worry about your riding posture as you are not riding anything; there is no need of helmet or safety gear while you have the best walk behind mower for hills.

Riding or tractor mowers

So you have a huge piece of land to mow and walk behind is not an option for you? For the people who have low sloppy lawn, riding tractor can be really great. You will be able to process a land area of an acre or above in a few hours. (Always keep in mind while using a riding lawn mower that you should wear a helmet or safety gear for added safety and to keep any accident at bay).

Zero-Turn Mowers

Unlike the tractor lawn mower, this machine can move on its axis. You can easily turn this mower for a great cut and even chopping. ZTRs are hydraulic powered which help them to perform well on steep hills. That’s why these are called as best lawn mower for steep hills.

These are the three lawn mowing categories that you should consider for hilly areas. Below mentioned is a definite guide that will assist you with furthermore details about the best lawn mower for hills.

How to get your hands on the right type of lawn mower, while making sure that you will not regret your choice?

Buying a lawn mower for the first time can be daunting. Even the people who are expert in this field need to do some research before making their final purchase.

The choice of lawn mowers completely depend on the type of lawn you have and on what terrain type you are going to mow with it. Every piece of land is different and has some distinct characteristics. Say the density, water holding ability, sand type and there are many things to look for.

Go through this lawn mower guide for a memorable experience of making the right choice.

Things to look for in a lawn mower:

Before we head towards the qualities of a reliable lawn mower, there is something you need to know. You need to study your yard a bit which can really help you to select the right kind of machine that can deliver a great mowing job.

Do you have a huge yard or a smaller one? If you have a huge yard, then you should drop the options of having a push or walk-behind mower. This will help you in funneling down fewer options for making the right choice.

  • What terrain does your yard have?

There are multiple terrain types and for every terrain, there has a different lawn mower. You need to pay attention to the type of terrain you have. Some common yard terrain types are sloppy, flat, flats with steep hills in-between.

The weight of the lawn mower plays a great role. If you are thinking to buy a walk behind lawn mower, then you need to keep extreme control on it if it is bulky. Due to the gravitational pull, the mower will move with a great speed and you have to do some extra efforts to pull it back to the hill.

In case of riding mowers, you need to spend some extra cash on the gas. As in the hilly zones, the fuel efficiency eventually drops. So buying a medium weight lawn mower is always prescribed.

  • Wheel drive operation as per your need:

There are two types of lawn mowing machines i.e. the ones with all wheel drive and the ones with real wheel drive only. Again it completely relies on you if the bushes in your lawn or field are hard and your lawn has muddy soil then all wheel drive will be a good option.

On the other hand, if your lawn has mushy grass and remains dry for all seasons, then you can go for rear wheel drive. Both the lawn mowers have different efficiency and motors.

The width of blade deck varies from model to model. Every model has a different blade type and deck width. So the question is how to choose the right deck width? The size of blade deck is dependent on the length and breadth of your lawn.

If you have a compact lawn, then small deck width will be convenient. But in case you have a huge piece of land, then you should go with large deck width. You will require less time to trim the whole lawn with a good length deck. Also you need to pay attention to the type of blades and how exposed they are. For the lawns with a lot of gravels, covered deck can be more preferable. The ideal deck width varied between 35 to 50 inches for medium sized lawns.

  • Features and functionalities

Every lawn mower has different features. For sloppy hills, lawn mowers with cruise control are suggested as you don’t have to press the lever for a long time while trimming the lawn with extreme ease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Purchasing a lawn mower is always a pain in the neck. Here are some commonly asked questions that make lawn mowing shopping painless.

Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers:

  • What is the average speed of a self-propelled lawn mower?

The average speed depends on the kind of lawn mower you are going with. Some factors that affect the speed are the type of motor, the terrain you are working upon and the grass type. For an approximation, a self-propelled lawn mower moves at the speed of 2-3 mph.

  • Are self-propelled lawn mowers better than push mowers?

Again it depends on you. If you are not comfortable to push the mower across your lawn, then a self-propelled mower can be great.

  • Do self-propelled lawn mowers have backward moving ability?

Yes, most of the self-propelled lawn mowing machines can move in a backward direction. However, you have to need to make sure that the product you are eying has backward moving function, as some mowers only move back with a manual pull.

  • How to switch on a self-propelled lawn mower?

Turning a lawn mower is as easy as ABC. There is a starter switch, after plugging the cord-in press the start switch and the machine will turn on.

  • What is the cost of a self-propelled lawn mower? Are they expensive?

Self-propelled lawn movers can be or cannot be expensive. It depends on your choice and the brand of lawn mower. If you require more functionality, then you have to shell out more money.

Riding Mower

  • Is starting a riding lawn mower difficult?

No these lawn mowers have a start key just like a car or any other vehicle.

  • Do these lawn mowers have a reverse gear option?

Yes, in case of riding lawn mowers you will get the option to move them backwards with the help of reverse gear. However, the gears can be located at different positions and depends on manufacturer to manufacturer.

  • Is there any need of assembly?

Yes, you need to mount the set and set the steering wheel in the right position. Rest all the parts come assembled as shown in the picture.

  • How riding lawn mowers are delivered?

It depends on the mode of your purchase. If you want to buy this machine from an offline store, then you need to pick it up by yourself. On the other hand, online stores get it delivered to you by courier shipment.

  • Is there any clutch for gear shifting?

Yes, there is a clutch. You need to use it for switching different gears.

Push Mower

  • Can I use push reel mower to cut wet grass?

Yes, you can use a push mower to cut the wet grass. The blades mounted on them are very sharp which can easily cut wet grass.

  • How many types of push mowers are available?

You can select from a range of manual and electric mowers. Either you can get the reel lawn mower or electricity based lawn mower.

  • What are the weak factors of push lawn mowers?

You have to commit your time to trim down your lawn. These types of lawn mowers take a lot of time in cutting a small patch of land.

  • Can we use push lawn mowers on sloppy hills?

Yes, you can trim your steep lawn with a push mower but you need to do great efforts for it.

  • What are the things that make a push mower best?

Less maintenance, ease of operation and zero harmful emissions are some factors that make a push mower perfect for your lawn.


What is the thing you want in your lawn mower- design or reliability? Weight or speed? Well, you have to analyze a lot of factors before you decide to make a final purchase. With this in-depth review guide, you will manage to bag the best lawn mower for hills that satisfies your requirements without much maintenance.

Now you are all aware about how to find the best mower for your lawn. There are some additional things that you need to look for, say the battery is removable or not, the material from which the tires are manufactured, is the lawn mower already assembled or you have to make it up, etc. These things play a vital role and define how long will a lawn mower survive in your yard.

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