Suncast Aquawinder Hose Reel 125 Ft. (Review)

Suncast Aquawinder Hose Reel

There are hundreds of uses for your garden hose but only one way to store it. The Suncast Aquawinder hose reel 125 Ft. water powered only storing your hose never been easier.

You do not have to wind up to the garden hose all by yourself the automatic hose reels have allowed it easier to wind up the hoses no matter how much they are lengthy.

Product Info

Weight: 21 pounds

Product Dimensions: 21.7 x 16.6 x 21.1 inches

Material: Durable plastic

Capacity: 125-Foot of 5/8 hose capacity

Type: Water powered automatic hose reel


Features of Suncast Aquawinder Hose Reel

Key features which make the model remain in demand in the competitive market include, this garden reel is another best hose reel in the market today.

Comes fully assembled

The Suncast Aquawinder Hose Reel 125 Ft. is the easiest to install. It comes fully assembled, hence ready for use. Just flip the lever and the hose rewinds automatically.

High performance

The unique water piston engine converts water pressure into rewinding power. No electricity, no batteries, no springs just water as the hose rewinds. It tracks neatly and evenly onto the reel without hang-ups, tangles, or kinks.

Things We Like:

  • The electronic track guide makes it easier to retract the hose.
  • It has a built-in slide rail hose guide. The hose guide makes it easier to retract the hose back into the storage unit.
  • The hose guide makes the unwinding and winding simpler and unpretentious.
  • The users have to face no tangling or twisting while the water pipe is unwinding.

Things We Don’t Like:

  • 150 ft hose full of water is too much weight for this unit to the wind.
  • It will deform under the heavy load and gears will slip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ )

Q. Does this have a manufacturer warranty?

A. Yes, 3 years limited warranty.

Q. How can I get a replacement handle that activates the auto rewind?

A. The manufacturer sells replacement parts online.

Q. Does it come with a hose?

A. No.

Final Verdict

I urge the customers to buy the Suncast Aquawinder 125 Foot Capacity Hose Reel which provides you an easy watering experience.

Suncast innovation is found in a variety of hose reel options as well from hose hideaway and hose reels. They all offer quality, durability, style, and value from Suncast.


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Suncast Aquawinder Hose Reel 125 Ft. (Review)
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