22 Interesting Uses for Herbs to Start a Herb Garden

Uses for Herbs to Start a Herb Garden

You are constantly hearing people say, “Grow a herb garden.” However, it leaves you wondering why because most people don’t use enough herbs to justify increasing herbs. Every year I develop a herb garden. It’s a lovely addition to my estate, and from moment to moment, I love using herbs.

A few years into it, however, I started to wonder why I was growing a herb garden. I started researching extra uses for herbs and started making my herb garden an asset to my estate instead of just “something you’re doing.” If you’re asking what’s behind a herb garden, here are a few reasons to use herbs and make your herb garden function for you:

1. Infused Oils

A beautiful and fragrant oil is one of the first things that come to mind when growing herbs. Whether you’re using them to cook with body oils or oils, you’re going to be happy you’ve got herbs on hand to create as much as you want. Infused oils create beautiful DIY gifts and look beautiful in transparent bottles as kitchen decor.

2. Herbal Butter

I enjoy it when they take out the bread and serve delicious herbal butter with it when I go to restaurants. Why wait for you to dine out? You can create herbal butter and integrate it into your bread recipes or place a dollop on grilled meats when you develop your own herbs.

3. Herb Jellies and Syrups

You are searching for and making a variety of recipes that you probably wouldn’t have thought about before planting these plants when you plant certain plants. Herbs are included in this category. You suddenly realize when you plant them that they are not just for garnishing. You can also produce herbal jellies and herbal syrups.

4. The Chickens Love Them

If you have chickens, they’ll be happy you’re growing herbs. My chickens appreciate a new piece of greenery munching on them. You can also put them in their nesting boxes. This helps to maintain your chickens healthier and run away from unwanted pests.

5. Herbal Body Soap

Would you like to make your own soap? It’s nice to add the ingredients that you like, skip those that you don’t, and be in the loop as to what’s in the soap. You can add herbs for a new fragrance to your soap recipes. Some soap recipes have even been developed with herbs in mind. Embrace your herbs and begin to make your own soaps of herbs.

6. Herbal Decor

Making your own home decor is a great saver for cash, and it also enables you to decorate your home precisely as you want. Try to create your own wreath using herbs. It will be a beautiful addition to your home, adding new fragrance wherever you hang it.

7. Wash Your Hair

Washing your hair with store-bought products can feel like an ongoing process because at the end of the wash process they strip your hair of their natural oils just to add the oils back. Why don’t you skip all the fuss and rinse your own hair? It needs a couple of distinct herbs, but it is a herbal vinegar that naturally produces good hair.

8. Smell Like Your Herbs

As you wash your hair in herbs, you might find out how to create your own herbal perfume as well. This will allow you to smell all the way around with fresh herbs. You’ll know, not to mention, what you spray on yourself.

9. Fire Starters

When attempting to figure out a wonderful, natural fire starter, your mind may not go straight to herbs. You ought to consider them, though. Herb fire starters are wonderful because they can be produced readily, and if you have a meeting around your firepit, they can also assist maintain bugs away.

10. DIY Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are a needed component of the laundry because they offer a new fragrance to the garments while working on some of the static sheets. Consider producing them yourself rather than spending a fortune on dryer sheets. You can place and seal fresh herbs in a pillowcase. Toss the dryer pillowcase, and you’ve got herbal DIY dryer sheets.

11. Herbal Dish Soap

Washing dishes isn’t my favorite, but it definitely beats having a dirty sink. Did you understand that with this chore, herbs can also come in handy? The herbs are used to infuse the soap of the homemade dish. Without using synthetic chemicals, it will offer your dishes a beautiful scent.

12. Bath Salts

Do you like to soak in a warm bath? I didn’t understand what an amazing Epsom salt product was until I began soaking muscles with it. Try using herbs and Epsom salt both the next time you take a warm bath. Naturally, it will assist you to feel and smell better.

13. Herbal Medicine

For many things, herbal medicine herbs are fantastic, but you may not be acquainted with how they can help with prevalent ailments. If you experience swelling or a mild headache, consider testing your medicinal herbs.

14. Give Pests and Bugs the Boot

Give the boot pests and bugs a lot of herbs don’t like. Mint is a large herb that drives in or around your home a range of unwanted visitors away. If you have a root cellar or other region to which mice and bugs tend to be attracted, consider drying your herbs in these fields or using herbs to create a spray where you can spray the region with herbal scent.

15. Herbs in Your Salad

Do you love salad herbs in your salad? Easily grow the ingredients, even if you don’t have much room to grow. Salads are also nice for you. Try to add your herbs to the blend if you get tired of the same ancient traditional salads. It will offer flavor and additional nutrients.

16. DIY Salad Dressing

Herbs are not just good to go to your salad. They’re wonderful to go in the salad. Rather than sticking with the same fundamental dressings attempt to mix stuff up a little bit. It doesn’t take much time to make homemade herbal dressings and can be a great way to increase the flavor of a traditional salad.

17. Cook with Herbs

We all heard that we should cook with herbs, but what does this mean beyond garnishing a dish? In a ton of creative ways, you can use herbs. You can use them when making a homemade tart, create delicious herbal sauces, or create a delicious whole fried herbal chicken.

18. Herbal Pesto

Although basil is the prevalent ingredient in most traditional pesto sauces, we all understand herbs make an excellent pesto. You can use a range of other herbs, however, to create a delicious home-made pesto sauce like cilantro, mint, and parsley.

19. Make Your Own Bouquets

Herbs are most frequently thought of in the kitchen, but they can be used outside culinary purposes in other respects. They create excellent home decoration products all the way down to a bouquet of flowers. Incorporating herbs into your fresh cut flowers add a distinctive scent and a lovely look.

20. Herbal Potpourri

Making your own potpourri is an excellent way to save cash, add a touch of home to your home, and also add a pleasant fragrance to your home. Get your own potpourri out of the cabinet. Incorporate your herbs into the blend and see if a herb garden could be your new favorite use.

21. Infuse Simple Syrup

Our last stop is to infuse simple syrup with herbs on this fun exploration of distinct ways to use herbs from the garden. If you sweeten cold tea, warm tea, or other ##s where you would use traditional simple syrup, you can use the syrup. This will add some of your favorite ingredients with a distinct but fresh flavor.

22. Herbal Teas

Don’t miss the fun of producing your own herbal teas and infusions with the flavors and fragrances you love to experiment with while talking about sweetening teas.


There are more ways to uses for herbs. To get the best use out of them, you don’t have to restrict yourself to cooking. Instead, jump outside the proverbial box and think about fresh ways of using herbs. You may be surprised, and you may be given a whole new appreciation for fresh herbs. Consider a vertical herb garden, an indoor herb garden, these perennial herbs of long-term importance to get you began, and then appreciate all your flavorful creations!

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