What to plant in April?

What to plant in April

What to plant in April?

In the month of April spring begins to really notice in the garden, although it is important not to neglect, the time is still not stable and can play a trick on us. Always have at hand a protection plan for your seedlings or seedlings; a portable greenhouse, protective plastics, or even putting the seedlings indoors are solutions that are worth having planned in case of cold weather threatens our young crops.

April is the month in which we can start to plant everything we want to grow in summer. Tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, watermelons, courgettes, cucumbers, corn … the list is immense. In addition, if we have already made seedbeds in March, we will have some seedlings ready for their final location. That is why the month of April for me is the month of planning, design, and preparation of what will be my garden during the next months.

The tasks of the garden in April

  • Preparing the terrain. Whether you enjoy a garden or if your urban garden is a small corner of the terrace it is essential that you leave everything ready for when the seedlings are ready for transplantation.
  • In the garden, it is important to provide a good dose of compost and clean of unwanted herbs. Provides padding to protect the soil from temperature changes, improve water retention and prevent weeds from coming out. It is necessary to make a calculation about the amounts of substrate needed.
  • We recommend choosing substrates of good quality and suitable for organic farming (the typical ones that we can find in the whole to a hundred, although they are very cheap, they are of dubious quality and can have heavy metals).
  • One option that never fails is the recipe “40% earthworm humus and 60% coconut fiber”, this recipe guarantees a light substrate, with great water retention, aeration, and nutrient content.
  • Design your garden: The design phase is important to enjoy a healthy and beautiful garden.
  • Do not lose sight of the snails:  The tender shoots are irresistible for the voracious snails, do not lose sight of them! To not dawn one day and find all the lettuces or the newly planted seedbeds, the best remedy is to sprinkle diatomaceous earth around the seedbeds.
  • Set up your irrigation system:  Although it seems soon, there is not much left for the hot summer months, do not let it catch you off guard and tune up your irrigation system, check its status and if it needs expansion.
  • Prepare seedbeds:  April is a month of making many many seedbeds, it is one of the best months to start summer crops since most of the peninsula has already passed the risk of frost and it is very easy to make seedbeds.

Seeds to plant in April:

Crops throughout the year:

These crops, although they can be grown throughout the year, are especially easy in the spring and autumn months, when temperatures are milder.

Lettuce – Spinach – Parsley – Chard – Carrot – Radish – Turnip – Beet – Rucola – Leek

Sowings of spring crops:

If you want to enjoy spring crops, such as tomatoes or eggplant, it is time to plant them.

Tomatoes – peppers – eggplants – zucchini – cucumber

Sowing of edible flowers :

April is the recommended sowing month for many edible flowers, including thoughts, nasturtiums or marigolds. Edible flowers are rich in vitamins, have medicinal properties and provide different and new flavors to salads. Do you dare to try them?

Crops to plant in April:

If it’s the first time you’re adventuring in the gardener’s world, or just this month you have a lot of hustle and bustle, you can start the garden with the staff. It’s faster and easier, although it raises the cost a little and you have fewer varieties at your fingertips, it’s worth it to get you out of a hurry or to make things easier for you at first.

Tomatoes – peppers – eggplant – zucchini – cucumber – strawberries

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