Window Box Planting Ideas – Grow Your Window Box Color

window box planting ideas

Most garden centers, nurseries, and DIY stores stock a spread of winter interest shrubs, flowering perennials, bulbs and seasonal bedding plants.

These may be combined in window box ideas for a rapid splash of color that will last through spring.

They’ll be mixed with plants prized for their foliage, such as trailing ivies, young shrubs, and conifers in tiny pots.

Expect to seek out wallflowers, polyanthus, primroses, myositis, and bellies, besides a range of pansies and violas in several vivid shades.

Down at the garden center, you have to pick cyclamen, ivies, some golden leafed Mexican orange blossom in 3in (7.5cm) pots and a pint­sized Cupressus macrocarpa ‘Goldcrest’, to make the centerpiece of the grouping in your window box.

Start a daily gardening journal notebook.

You may use your diary to record the names of plants you purchased, addresses of nurseries and jobs you’ve been doing.

During the year, you’ll note down when you’ve planted seeds, once they’ve germinated and when plants flower.

There are several fancy gardening diaries on the market, however, to be honest, all you actually need is a simple hard backed pad of paper.

Window Box Planting Ideas – Infographic

Final Verdict

check out the in­depth range of window boxes on sale, plumping for an inexpensive and cheerful plastic model with a drip tray to keep your window ledge clean.

Armed with the container, you might place plants within to see however they’d look together. Don’t rush this part.

Add plants, take them away and usually move them regarding till you are pleased with the display. Back home, planted up the window box and place it in a position outside the room windowsill, wherever the colorful arrangement transformed your usual dreary view of the shed.

It won’t last forever, so once plants have gone past their best you’ve to eject them and replace with new occupants.

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